BullySunsetxAnon (Femdom, very light CBT) Unfinished

Jan 14th, 2016
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  1. >You're new in town, you just moved here due to your father's work.
  2. >It's the first day of school and you're ready to spill spaghettis all over the floor.
  3. >You'd thought you'd be used to it by now, you change schools every year or so but nope, you still feel like a kissless virgin in front of a naked Nathalie Dormer.
  4. >Not that you weren't a kissless virgin uh...
  5. >You still liked to think of yourself as somewhat sociable, making friends wasn't too hard for you, but keeping them was obviously harder.
  6. >And you ended up with nerdy hobbies like playing video games and shitposting all day long because of that.
  7. >Or watching shows "made for kids", but that's just the plebs opinion... Right?
  9. >You stand in front of the entrance, you didn't bring more than a couple looks on your way there.
  10. Okay, you can do it, you're a big boii now...
  11. >You soon find your class, first period was math, shouldn't be too hard you guess.
  12. >You take one last breath before knocking and getting a "Come in" in response.
  13. >You open the door and take your first steps inside, the band of your backpack always in your right hand, trying to seem cool.
  15. "I'm a new student, I've been assig-"
  16. >"What?! I can't believe they gave me ANOTHER student.." The teacher grumbles to no one in particular before standing up.
  17. "U-uh well th-" The old guy interrupts you once again, walking towards you.
  18. >"Yeah yeah, whatever I'm too old for this shit, Imma give them a piece of my mind, I got 30 kids while this bitch only has 20?" he says pointing to the wall on your right. "She must be sucking it good, heck I hope she even swallows." He's not shouting but he's clearly angry about this.
  19. >You don't know what to say or what to do, you didn't expect your first contact with your new classmates to be this eccentric. And your new math teacher to be from a fucking anime. Fuckin japan, weebs spreading everywhere.
  20. >Your eyes go left to right, trying to scan the room for ideas of what to do, stepping out of your teacher's way before he reaches the door.
  21. >"Just introduce yourself and take a seat, I need to speak with the old lady." Before stepping out he turns to the class "And don't you little shits start making a mess again, you hear?!" Pointing an accusatory finger to the group of girls in the back. He then proceeds out of the class and slams the door.
  22. Well, that was something, holy shit.
  23. >Every eyes of the class turns to you instantly. You raise a hand in a hello sign to start your introduction.
  24. "U-uh, Hi, I'm the new guy. My nam-" Before you can even end your sentence, you hear the group in the back burst with laughter.
  25. >"Did you hear that?? HAHA HOLY FUCK!" One of the girl screams at the group.
  26. >Before you can start your introduction again, any eyes that were on you before the uproar is now either on another classmate or on a phone. You lower your hand, understanding that no one gives a fuck about you or your name.
  27. Well that could've been worse.
  29. >You eye the class for any free seats and spot two, right next to each other in the back, not too far from the group pointed by the teacher, and make your way there, picking the one furthest from the dubious group.
  30. >You start unpacking and sit down before one of the girls calls for you.
  31. >"You really shouldn't sit the-" Before one of the other girls interrupts her by placing her hand on her mouth and starts whispering something in her ear.
  32. >"Oh!" They both starts giggling, giving you a mischievous look "Nevermind."
  33. What the fuck was that? Why shouldn't I sit there? Is there a problem with the seat or something?
  34. >You start looking around, pressing in your seat, testing its sturdiness but nothing seems out of place.
  35. Okay, maybe I should take the other seat.
  36. >Right before standing up you hear the door slamming open.
  38. >The room goes silent for a couple seconds, all eyes on the person entering.
  39. >Once it turns out it's just another student, everyone goes back to whatever they were doing.
  40. >But the group on your right, with one of the girl just bringing the others attention to who came in, then they all eye you at the same time and starts smirking or giggling.
  41. >A chill runs up your back, you don't know what's going to happen, but it can't be good.
  42. >Before your train of thought stops and you can resume changing seats, the girl that just came in already stood right beside you.
  43. >She had red hair with streaks of gold going past her shoulders and was wearing a black leather jacket, a real biker one with spikes and all this shit. Not something you would expect on a girl, or anywhere else than in an 80's movie really.
  44. >She was an easy 9 out of 10.
  45. >You kept eyeing her for a couple seconds, gulping when your eyes crossed. She kept her eyes on yours, crossing her arms and not saying a word or making a sound, her glare now intensifying. She wasn't happy about something.
  46. "Uh, hi? My name'-" Interrupted once again.
  47. "I don't care, that's my seat. Beat it."
  48. >It took you a second to process the information while trying to understand why there was so much venom in her response.
  49. "S-sorry, I wa-*Slap*" Every eyes that weren't already on you now clearly were. All activity in the class stopped instantly, the only sounds you could hear were the chuckling girls on your right, and a couple phones taking pics.
  50. Why did she do that?
  52. >You take a deep breath, trying to calm yourself, it's a girl. You can't hit her, right?
  53. "Hey! I didn-*Slap*" Another slap, right where the first one hit. She clearly used more strength on this one.
  54. >Your hand found your left cheek, still burning.
  55. >"I told you to beat it!" She nearly shouted.
  56. Who the fuck does she think she is?!
  57. >You turn to her, your eyes instantly finding her own, trying to be clear about the fact you're not fucking around anymore, before standing up.
  58. "YOU BITC-*SLAP*" This one was strong enough to push your ass back on the seat.
  59. Driven by anger and not even thinking about anything anymore, you turn your head towards her.
  60. >*SLAP*
  61. >This one was just as strong as the last one, but directed to your right cheek.
  62. >Another couple seconds pass. A tear forms up in your left eye, caused by the pain, the rage or even fear, you're not sure.
  63. You gulp loudly.
  64. Before long, the door opens once again, the teacher entering and closing the door behind him.
  65. >"Only one year left... fucking bitch..." He grumbles, loudly enough for you to hear before he looks up and his eyes instantly finds bacon hair.
  66. >"What's happening there? Just get your ass on a seat so we can get started..."
  67. >You turn your head towards your bully once again, but this once slowly, and lightly trembling.
  68. >She doesn't slap you this time. She doesn't do anything else, she just keeps her bluish green eyes on you, smirking down on you. He stare unmoving, knowing she won.
  69. This round is yours fucking bitch....
  70. >You don't say anything either, not wanting to bring anymore attention you pick your bag and your stuff and stand up, your head still lowered, trying not to look her way, no reasons to boost her ego even more.
  71. >Unfortunately, the only free seat is the one right next to the right. You'll have to do with this for now...
  72. >The lesson starts the moment you both sit down.
  74. >The rest of the day goes without much happening.
  75. >Other than your heart skipping a beat every time you saw movement coming from your left, at least.
  76. >But she didn't do so much as look your way after the first period incident.
  77. >You also did your best making yourself invisible. No need to lose your shit and get in trouble in your first day because of a random wench with daddy issues.
  78. >You tried introducing yourself to a couple groups during lunch break, with various degrees of success.
  79. >Obviously, you couldn't get to join the cool guys club, yet at least. You ended up eating with two guys a bit younger than you, they fortunately were talking about tech stuff, and you joined in on the conversation easily enough.
  80. >They were called Snips and Snails, the first short and fat and the last tall and thin. What a great couple they made.
  81. >But it was a start, it was enough to get some information about bacon hair.
  82. >Her name is Sunset Shimmer. They told me she used to rule over the school over a year ago, using blackmail and other shady methods, even on teachers and was treated like a princess. You really didn't want to appear on her blacklist, or you could say bye bye to any social interactions and could even end up with "extra homework" which generally resulted on you not passing your marks.
  83. >But then something happened. She didn't get crowned princess of the last ball and since then, she lost her influence. She's not even trying to get it back, it seems like she just gave up on it. She's still a bitch to anyone who so much as look at her tho.
  84. >It means you're lucky you didn't cross ex-SS' path. Or so they said anyway.
  86. >Last bell ringing, meaning it's finally time to go home. You fake using your phone, taking quick glances to your left, waiting for your scourge to finally get up and out of the room, at which point you pack your own things and get to your locker.
  87. Fucking fuck....
  88. >She's there. She's everywhere. Her locker is the one RIGHT next to yours.
  89. >There's hundreds of lockers in the halls. And you end up right next to hers. Lady luck is fucking with you hard today.
  90. >Well fuck it, you're not going to live in fear because of a girl.
  91. >You walk to your locker, open it and start minding your business, doing your best to ignore her and act as if everything was normal. It would even feel like any other day. Except for your heart rate that is. And your eyes jerking her way, scanning her every movements to try and intercept any danger coming your way.
  92. >*SLAM* You gasp, turning and giving her your full attention when she slams her locker shut.
  93. >Only then she seems to notice you, lifting her gaze and finding yours. Recognizing you. Acknowledging your presence.
  94. >A second pass, her expression still neutral, still looking at you.
  95. She's so fuckin hot, sad she has a bipolar disor-
  96. >Your body reacts instinctively, the smallest gasp escaping your lungs and your hands and arms readying itself for any incoming blow, but nothing comes. She just readjusted the strap of her bag on her shoulder.
  97. >She's taken aback for half a second, surprised by your reaction, but then she give a simple snicker before smirking at you, once again, having seemingly found what she wanted to see in your eyes. Your fear.
  98. >She does a 180 and walks away. Still snickering softly. But right before escaping your field of view, she turns her head to get a last look at your miserable form. A smirk still printed on her face. Before leaving for good.
  99. >It's over. Your pride as a man may be in shambles, but you're in one piece.
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