Resilient Session 2

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  1. TheResilientGM  Several hours before Dawn, the camp is very active. You can't remember things calming down much during the night, either. The South of the camp, used as the Mess Hall, seems to be eternally occupied by incoming or outgoing patrols. You've hence noticed that the Vonayans have very... unique Sentinels at their disposal. The Colonel clearly has loose standards on keeping standard equipment
  2.         TheResilientGM  around.
  3.         Kass_Yonova     "C'mon Vikk, let's get some chow while we have the chance. I wonder what these Vonayans eat."
  4.         TheResilientGM  Your Squad has been given quarters not far from a watch-tower nearby. You've had the pleaure of hearing the odd dialect all night coming from the sentries posted on guard duty.
  5.         Artem_Gusarov   "Whatever we can get, really. Goes for our equipment in general, too."
  6.         Kass_Yonova     "Hence the comment about the "Badger" tasting like arse?"
  7.         Schneider       "What are you talkin about? Badger tastes great ya just gotta know how to cook the bastards"
  8.         Artem_Gusarov   "Just be thankful we're not in an Underhive. Rat gets old, fast."
  9.         TheResilientGM  One patrol arrives at camp. You notice the Colonel seems to have been leading it. His glowing blue eye gives away his identity. Otherwise, you realize his battle gear is not far from what a simple Lieutenant might be given in Prithia.
  10.         Artem_Gusarov   stops to salute as he passes
  11.         TheResilientGM  "Ugly," the Colonel says to an aide, as he passes by you, returning a quick salute.
  12.         Kass_Yonova     follows Artem's lead.
  13.         Schneider       salutes as well before going back to cleaning his flamer.
  14.         Artem_Gusarov   goes to the mess hall and catch up with some of his comrades
  15.         TheResilientGM  He stops in his tracks, and turns to you, interrupting his aide mid-sentence. He turns back to you, removing his helmet. "Gusarov and his Prithians: get your gear, and come to my quarters when ready"
  16.         TheResilientGM  He turns back and continues on his way.
  17.         Artem_Gusarov   "Sir."
  18.         Kass_Yonova     "Chow first, Artem?"
  19.         Artem_Gusarov   "Yeah, just don't take too long."
  20.         Artem_Gusarov   leads them to the mess hall
  21.         Kass_Yonova     supresses a yawn as he follows Artem.
  22.         TheResilientGM  In the mess, several of the men returning from the Colonel's patrol are finding seats, one of them apparently ingoring a wound on his arm.
  23.         Artem_Gusarov   grabs a tray of... whatever the new brown stuff is and takes a seat next to them
  24.         TheResilientGM  Another of these men turns and stares at the Prithians, eyeing them intently.
  25.         Kass_Yonova     "Vikk grab me a tray as well, I need to see to something." Kass heads over to squad with the arm-wounded soldier.
  26.         Artem_Gusarov   shrugs at their reaction and digs in
  27.         Schneider       sits down with the rest of his squad and starts eating
  28.         Kass_Yonova     "Mind if I have a look, trooper?"
  29.         TheResilientGM  "Aye..." Vikk says with a sigh.
  30.         Kass_Yonova     indicates the wounded arm.
  31.         TheResilientGM  The entire squad stops talking, and turns to the Prithian. Eyeing him suspiciously.
  32.         TheResilientGM  "Who the hell are you?"
  33.         Artem_Gusarov   "One of the Prithians that helped me get here alive. He's all right."
  34.         Kass_Yonova     "I'm a medic, from the Prithian 79th."
  35.         Kass_Yonova     "Now, let me see your arm, if you please."
  36.         TheResilientGM  "Looks like they keep them well-groomed" one comments, his comrades laugh.
  37.         TheResilientGM  The man removes the rags around his arm, and turns to face Yonova.
  38.         Kass_Yonova     "Thank you." He takes the man's arm gingerly and examines the wound.
  39.         TheResilientGM  "I didn't think they assigned medics to cannon-fodder" replies.
  40.         Artem_Gusarov   "So, what happened in the patrol?"
  41.         Kass_Yonova     "You'd be surprised." Kass comments without looking up from the wound.
  42.         TheResilientGM  "Stieglitz had us meet with 2nd Platoon... worked us like dogs."
  43.         TheResilientGM  "Captaim Maxim's men were already there," another adds.
  44.         Artem_Gusarov   nods
  45.         TheResilientGM  The first one nods, and continues, "they were removing trees, clearing land. The Colonel was waiting for a friend"
  46.         TheResilientGM  "A fancy one!" another Vonayan adds from across the hall, walking to get some food.
  47.         Artem_Gusarov   "Ah. Where you guys deployed on the islands a few clicks east of here?"
  48.         TheResilientGM  "Da, Stieglitz had some interest in the small island off to the North-East. Anyway, a small lander arrived a few hours later."
  49.         Artem_Gusarov   "Uh-huh."
  50.         TheResilientGM  An oddly neat man approaches the group, an officer of some sort.
  51.         TheResilientGM  "I think that's enough chatter, Valekk," he interrupts you, glaring at the men.
  52.         Kass_Yonova     finishes cleaning the wound and wraps a clean bandage and tourniquet around it.
  53.         Artem_Gusarov   waits for herr officer to fuck off
  54.         Kass_Yonova     "Make sure you keep it clean, I'm sure you wouldn't want to lose the arm."
  55.         Artem_Gusarov   "Just wondering. I've been south of D1 since planetfall, 8th platoon. We got cut off and wiped out, made my way up here just now, so I don't know shit about what's been going on."
  56.         TheResilientGM  As he turns to leave, the formerly injured man comments, "Colonel didn't seem to want his meeting to be known. Some odd business he had with this odd friend of his" he nodds to Yonova, moving his arm about as if to "test" the medic's ability.
  57.         TheResilientGM  Vikk returns with two trays, and sits at your table.
  58.         Artem_Gusarov   "Just like in fucking Gaudia, right?"
  59.         Artem_Gusarov   guadia*
  60.         Kass_Yonova     takes his tray from Vikk and has a seat. "So, what's in this Vikk?"
  61.         TheResilientGM  "What a fucking mess..." one of the older men says under his breath, and takes a sip of his drink.
  62.         TheResilientGM  "You know, boss... I couldn't tell you."
  63.         TheResilientGM  Vikk's face showing legitimate concern.
  64.         Kass_Yonova     "Well if they can eat it, it must be safe for human consumption." Kass starts eating.
  65.         Artem_Gusarov   nods, and continues in his dialect, "Doesn't help that all of the regiments except ours are fucking Prithians. Bet there's going to be some conflict of interest."
  66.         TheResilientGM  Not far from you, a Vox Operator sits and calls out, "they got another one... entire column wiped out!"
  67.         TheResilientGM  Valekk nods. Pointing to the Vox-operator, he says, "they're getting themselves killed all over. The main island is a bloodbath."
  68.         Artem_Gusarov   "Yeah. These guy's LT kept going to the original rendezvous point, even after the Captain told me we changed it because enemy armor cut us off."
  69.         Artem_Gusarov   "Had to cause some 'vox interference' to stay out of it. Fucking butterbars."
  70.         TheResilientGM  "Valekk's squad was there. We received their call for aid. Suka..." the younger among the group comments.
  71.         -->|    Gru_Persay ( has joined #resilient
  72.         TheResilientGM  Behind you, you can hear the Colonel yelling at a junior officer: "WHO IS IN COMMAND?!"
  73.         TheResilientGM  You can't hear the young man's reply, but it doesn't please Stieglitz. "IF HE IS SO DAMNED EAGER TO DIE, THEN I WILL DO THE FAVOR FOR HIM MYSELF!"
  74.         Gru_Persay      grabs a tray of food and joins the rest of the squad.
  75.         Artem_Gusarov   "Oh boy."
  76.         TheResilientGM  Directing himself to the Prithians, Valekk says in Low-Gothic, "Your armored friends..."
  77.         Artem_Gusarov   finishes eating and puts the tray away
  78.         Kass_Yonova     "Sir?"
  79.         TheResilientGM  "They figure they'd roll up in their shinny tanks, showing off their power" he continues.
  80.         TheResilientGM  "Artillery batteries off-shore have turned them into scrap."
  81.         TheResilientGM  Just then, the very-agitated figure of Stieglitz approaches your table at a fast-pace. He is trailed by a concerned Lieutenant.
  82.         Kass_Yonova     "Emperor damn them. I can only wonder what the Colonel and his staff are thinking." He tosses his utensil onto the tray and throws his arms up in frustration.
  83.         Schneider       "Damn...."
  84.         TheResilientGM  "YOU" he points to Yonova, still approaching.
  85.         Kass_Yonova     stands up and salutes the colonel. "Sir!"
  86.         TheResilientGM  He grabs the medic by his collar and pulls him along back to his Vox-Operator, "You are going to tell that imbecile Zarkoff that his new orders are to stay put and make camp for as long as I need him to"
  87.         Kass_Yonova     "But, sir, I'm but a Corporal. Why would he listen to me?"
  88.         TheResilientGM  The Colonel stops.
  89.         TheResilientGM  He looks intently at Yonova's face. The glowing blue eye more terrifying than the enemy itself.
  90.         Kass_Yonova     gulps, his eyes darting between the blue eye and his normal eye.
  91.         TheResilientGM  He pulls aside the young lieutenant following you two, and rips off his Lt decals.
  92.         TheResilientGM  He stuffs them on your pocket: "You are now Lieutenant Yonova, Aide to Colonel Schoenfeld himself. And you have orders to relay coming from the top, now don't you?"
  93.         Kass_Yonova     stares at the Colonel blankly for a moment, as his brain processes what just happened. "Yes, yes sir."
  94.         Gru_Persay      "Congrats, Kass" and slowly claps.
  95.         TheResilientGM  Without breaking eye-contact, he snaps over the Vox-Operator, who stumbles nervously to your side.
  96.         Schneider       stares at the scene with his mouth hanging open looking extremely confused.
  97.         Artem_Gusarov   returns and stops when he sees what is going on
  98.         TheResilientGM  "So then relay, Lieutenant" he hands you the mouth-piece.
  99.         Kass_Yonova     Kass takes the preferred mouth-piece. He clears his throat, before hitting the send piece on the device. "This is Lieutenant Kass Yonova, currently attached the Vonayan 23rd Recon, personal aide of m'lord Colonel Schoenfeld. Who am I addressing?"
  100.         TheResilientGM  "Zarkoff, Captain. Who... Yonova? What the hell happened to Altmann?"
  101.         Kass_Yonova     "I'm afraid Altmann has been mortally wounded, and I am now filling in for him."
  102.         TheResilientGM  "Then talk, Lieutenant, I'm in the middle of preparing an offensive into enemy positions."
  103.         Kass_Yonova     "Captain, you have new orders. You are to hold your position and dig in, until further notified. The Colonel is quite persistent that you heed to the advice of our comrades-in-arms."
  104.         TheResilientGM  +Dig in? I am a Captain of the Prithian 115th. NOT an indisciplined Vonayan pawn. Why the hell does the Colonel want me to take advice from Recon deployed several kilometers away? We have only taken 1/3 casualties, we CAN push through!+
  105.         TheResilientGM  Stieglitz eyes you intently, as if he could feel the incompetence in his blood.
  106.         Kass_Yonova     +If you'd like, I can take your opinion to the Colonel, and also inform him of the gross waste of resources he has given to you. Can't say he would be pleased to learn an officer of his regiment didn't know how to follow orders.+
  107.         TheResilientGM  There is a pause.
  108.         TheResilientGM  Stieglitz nods at you, and returns to his quarters.
  109.         TheResilientGM  +Digging in. Zarkoff out.+ the transmission finally comes in.
  110.         Kass_Yonova     hands the mouth-piece back to the vox-officer. "This is way above my pay grade."
  111.         TheResilientGM  From inside his office, the Colonel calls: "Get your friends in here"
  112.         Artem_Gusarov   walks over to the table again, a bemused look on his face
  113.         Artem_Gusarov   "You heard him, let's go."
  114.         Gru_Persay      gets up from the table and follows out the door.
  115.         Schneider       follows Artem
  116.         Artem_Gusarov   "Might want to return those chevrons."
  117.         Gru_Persay      "Meat. Follow. Me."
  118.         Kass_Yonova     nods, wiping a bit of swear off his brow. He hands the Lt. back his rank patch.
  119.         Kass_Yonova     he then follows the rest into the Colonel's office.
  120.         TheResilientGM  As you enter the quarters you realize how dark it is inside. Only the glow of consoles and dataslates illuminates the chamber. Several aids are hard at work, thankfully, creating enough light sources to navigate the room.
  121.         TheResilientGM  "Name?" he looks at Yonova, a calm tone in his voice.
  122.         Kass_Yonova     salutes "Kass Yonova."
  123.         Kass_Yonova     "Sir." He adds quicky, still a bit nervous.
  124.         TheResilientGM  "Our illustrious lieutenant Yonova has just made friends with a man who will go down in your planet's history as an unmistakable figure of incompetence" he continues with that odd tranquility.
  125.         TheResilientGM  "The North," he says, opening up a detailed display on his planning table, a well-lit map with several glowing runes on the base. You can see markings of friendly and enemy positions.
  126.         TheResilientGM  His bionic arm, you realize, is able to interract with the holographic image in front of you, as he zooms in, beyond the edge of the forrest you're now in.
  127.         TheResilientGM  "Both Colonel Schoenfeld and I have an interest in the North. He has agreed to spare us some support for an offensive at dawn"
  128.         Gru_Persay      stares at the bionic arm.
  129.         TheResilientGM  he navigates the map to show what seems like a large, well-defended facility.
  130.         TheResilientGM  "My interests" he comments.
  131.         TheResilientGM  moving the display further West, you can see a massive bunkered structure, enormous artillery batteries housed, overlooking the channel, and further... the main island.
  132.         TheResilientGM  "Your interests."
  133.         TheResilientGM  He eyes Yonova. No... he /scans/ him, everyone can see it.
  134.         TheResilientGM  "You're a Corporal. Why?"
  135.         TheResilientGM  He walks out.
  136.         TheResilientGM  "Sir, I..." can be heard just outside.
  137.         Kass_Yonova     "I'm a medic, sir-"
  138.         |<--    Schneider has left (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 32.0.2/20140917194002])
  139.         TheResilientGM  He returns to the room, with familiar items in his hand...
  140.         TheResilientGM  "Don't make me pin them on your chest myself"
  141.         TheResilientGM  He returns to the map.
  142.         TheResilientGM  "I will need you to... /inform/ your comrades that the nature of the assault is a delicate one. Secure the facility. DO NOT destroy it"
  143. TheResilientGM  Placing the regalia on the command table, "you'll need the influence. No one listens to a Corporal."
  144.         Kass_Yonova     "Sir, permission to speak."
  145.         TheResilientGM  "Denied" he replies almost casually. "Once you and your friends punch through the defenses, my men will do the rest to secure the facility. You will then move on to the next position: your interests."
  146.         TheResilientGM  He nods, as if to give you the permission he'd just denied.
  147.         Kass_Yonova     "No disrespect, sir, but can you even promote me? I'm technically outside of your chain-of-command."
  148.         TheResilientGM  "Schoenfeld and I will sort that out later"
  149.         -->|    Schneider ( has joined #resilient
  150.         Kass_Yonova     "Right, sir."
  151.         TheResilientGM  "To be clear, you are likely to be caught in your lie... our lie. Not everyone is as incompetent as Zarkoff. I will smooth things over when that happens."
  152.         Kass_Yonova     "Understood, sir, I just hope I don't get shot for it."
  153.         TheResilientGM  He turns to another table, and grabs hold of a pistol. A very well-maintained laspistol.
  154.         TheResilientGM  He hands it to you, "you need to look the part".
  155.         Artem_Gusarov   eyes the pistol enviously
  156.         TheResilientGM  He retrieves a few items. A gauntlet and a chest-piece with what appears to be a built-in speaker of some sort.
  157.         Kass_Yonova     "I- thank you, sir." He gingerly takes the pistol. Looking at it, the pistol is probably worth more than Kass would have ever made in his entire career as a medic in the Guard.
  158.         TheResilientGM  "Try these on."
  159.         |<--    Gru_Persay has left (Ping timeout)
  160.         TheResilientGM  "You'll need to make yourself heard out there," he grins.
  161.         Kass_Yonova     After clipping on the pistol, he takes the gauntlet and chest piece and puts them on.
  162.         TheResilientGM  "Try it out," he points to the gauntlet.
  163.         Kass_Yonova     thinks to himself, this is way above my paygrade, oh merciful Emperor.
  164.         Kass_Yonova     Kass starts to press all the keys on the gauntlet.
  165.         Kass_Yonova     "Testing? Testing?"
  166.         TheResilientGM  You realize your voice is now being trasmitted, loudly, through every Vox, Speaker, and Commbead in the area.
  167.         TheResilientGM  Stieglitz hurries over to you, making a few adjustments.
  168.         TheResilientGM  "You'll get used to it."
  169.         TheResilientGM  He presses a few runes on the command table, and the Holograph disappears.
  170.         Kass_Yonova     "Right." A puzzled look is plastered to Kass' face as he tries to make out what the keys on the gauntlet do.
  171.         TheResilientGM  "Now go. You have Prithians to meet at the edge of the woods."
  172.         Kass_Yonova     salutes and promptly exits the Colonel's office.
  173.         Artem_Gusarov   salutes and follows Kass out
  174.         TheResilientGM  Outside, you can hear anti-air batteries open up at the distance. An odd thing you realize, in this part of the island. No landing zones were scheduled in your orders this far North.
  175.         Schneider       salutes and exits.
  176.         TheResilientGM  A young man tries to catch up to you in a hurry, you recognize him as one of the aids inside the command structure.
  177.         TheResilientGM  "Gusarov" he asks.
  178.         Artem_Gusarov   turns to the aide
  179.         Artem_Gusarov   salutes
  180.         Artem_Gusarov   "Sir?"
  181.         TheResilientGM  "Colonel's Compliments" he hands you a set of impressibe preysense goggles.
  182.         Artem_Gusarov   takes the goggles and checks them out "Much obliged."
  183.         -->|    Gru_Persay ( has joined #resilient
  184.         TheResilientGM  Vikk catches up with you, and stops to look at Kass... a confused look on his face.
  185.         Kass_Yonova     "Hello Vikk, I seem to be a Lieutenant now." He chuckles worriedly.
  186.         TheResilientGM  "I'm not expected to salute you, am I?"
  187.         Kass_Yonova     "Only when we're with our brother Prithians. I think no less of you for it, Vikk."
  188.         TheResilientGM  "Do I even want to know?"
  189.         Artem_Gusarov   "No."
  190.         TheResilientGM  Vikk shrugs.
  191.         TheResilientGM  A rune on the command gauntlet lights up.
  192.         Kass_Yonova     "Uhhhhh..."
  193.         Kass_Yonova     presses the lit key.
  194.         TheResilientGM  Yonova's commbead picks up a transmission.
  195.         TheResilientGM  +Uhh... Lieutenant Yonova?+
  196.         Kass_Yonova     +Speaking.+
  197.         Gru_Persay      heads towards the quartermaster.
  198.         Artem_Gusarov   "Let's get a resupply."
  199.         TheResilientGM  +Lieutenant Stimmen, 4th Company of the Prithian 115th. We have orders to rendezvous with you. We have deployed and are awaiting your arrival.+
  200.         Kass_Yonova     +I read you, Stimmen, my squad will rendezvous with you as soon as we're resupplied.+
  201.         Schneider       wanders off the quartermaster.
  202.         TheResilientGM  +Understood. For the Emperor, Lieutenant.+
  203.         Kass_Yonova     +Aye, may he watch over us in our endeavors.+
  204.         TheResilientGM  An oddly neat man rests at the quartermaster's office.
  205.         Gru_Persay      approaches the man and says "Hello."
  206.         TheResilientGM  He jumps up, knife in hand.
  207.         TheResilientGM  He looks at Persay, confused.
  208.         Artem_Gusarov   "They're with me."
  209.         Artem_Gusarov   "We just need a resupply."
  210.         Gru_Persay      "Easy buddy. I meant no trouble."
  211.         Gru_Persay      "Do you have any shotguns and ammo for an auto gun and auto pistol?"
  212.         TheResilientGM  He wears an unusual variant of the uniforms you've seen worn by the officers. He's an aged man. He nods to Gusarov, and goes back behind the counter.
  213.         TheResilientGM  "I could," he rplies to the techpriest.
  214.         Artem_Gusarov   "Autoguns are more-or-less standard issue for us."
  215.         Schneider       "How about some flamer fuel too?"
  216.         TheResilientGM  "Flamer fuel..." he looks to Artem.
  217.         Artem_Gusarov   "It's either coming from us, or he's going to steal a Sentinel's gas tank and blow himself up. I'll leave it to your judgement."
  218.         TheResilientGM  "Look, kid, shotguns, autoguns, autopistols... all I can do. Anything else, has a price."
  219.         Schneider       grins at the quartermaster "I know how to siphon fuel really well."
  220.         Gru_Persay      "Great. Hand me a shotgun and some ammo for all three."
  221.         TheResilientGM  "I'd bet you do."
  222.         Artem_Gusarov   sighs and puts his lho ration and some of the random jewelry he's been looting off his kills since planetfall on the counter
  223.         Schneider       frowns at him and grumbles "asshole"
  224.         Artem_Gusarov   "That cover a spare tank?"
  225.         TheResilientGM  He nods, and grabs Gusarov's offering.
  226.         Artem_Gusarov   glances at Schneider "You owe me."
  227.         TheResilientGM  A young boy you hadn't noticed runs back to the depot and returns with some of the equipment.
  228.         Schneider       "You can have the stuff on the next guy I torch!"
  229.         TheResilientGM  He makes several trips back, bringing your requests.
  230.         Gru_Persay      "After you torch them, there won't be a body to loot."
  231.         Schneider       "Not if I do it right!"
  232.         TheResilientGM  "You'll never live long enough" the quartermaster replies.
  233.         TheResilientGM  He nods to the boy, who then retrieves the flamer tank.
  234.         Gru_Persay      "Ouch."
  235.         TheResilientGM  "Is that everything?"
  236.         Artem_Gusarov   loads an empty magazine and looks up at the QM, then the rest of the squad
  237.         TheResilientGM  "Now, Gusarov... those fancy goggles could get you some favor here" the old man suggests.
  238.         Artem_Gusarov   "No thanks."
  239.         Artem_Gusarov   "Don't think it would go over well with the Colonel."
  240.         TheResilientGM  "Didn't think you'd taken that from these rebels. Too good to be true" the old man shrugs.
  241.         Artem_Gusarov   "Yeah. Most of their grunts are lucky to be in uniform. Took me a week to get that much shit."
  242.         Gru_Persay      attempts to attract Knife to auto gun and the Knife bursts into flame.
  243.         Gru_Persay      "MEAT. INSIDE. NOW."
  244.         TheResilientGM  The servitor trips over the small boy as he enters.
  245.         TheResilientGM  "MEAT"
  246.         TheResilientGM  "Get out", the quartermaster growls.
  247.         Artem_Gusarov   "Cogboys..."
  248.         Gru_Persay      "Meat. UP. We're leaving."
  249.         TheResilientGM  Outside, a sentinel powers up.
  250.         TheResilientGM  The Colonel exits his quarters and mounts in.
  251.         Artem_Gusarov   slings his rifle and gets out "Get ready."
  252.         TheResilientGM  +Can't let you do it alone+ he transmits to the squad
  253.         TheResilientGM  +We will be nearby+
  254.         Schneider       hefts his flamer on to his back and readies himself to head out.
  255.         Kass_Yonova     +Yes, sir. We're moving out now.+
  256.         TheResilientGM  The sentinel moves out of the encampment and forms up with several others just outside.
  257.         Kass_Yonova     "Shall we?" He gestures towards the vague direction of the rendezvous.
  258.         Schneider       nods "Mmmhmmm."
  259.         Artem_Gusarov   nods
  260.         Gru_Persay      "Why not? Meat. Follow."
  261.         TheResilientGM  A chimera stops by you. Opening a hatch on top, a man looks around, until he finally finds you.
  262.         TheResilientGM  "Prithians?" he calls.
  263.         Kass_Yonova     "That'd be us."
  264.         TheResilientGM  The rear of the chimera opens up, "Colonel wants you in the front. Seems we're meeting your boys. Hop in."
  265.         Kass_Yonova     nods embarking into the Chimera.
  266.         Schneider       hurries on board the apc
  267.         Artem_Gusarov   turns the safety on and embarks
  268.         TheResilientGM  Inside is a small squad of Vonayans, simple troopers by the looks of it.
  269.         Gru_Persay      hurries in and says "Meat. Inside."
  270.         TheResilientGM  "MEAT"
  271.         TheResilientGM  "Close her up!" the Sergeant calls, banging on the side of the vehicle.
  272.         TheResilientGM  The engine roars, and the vehicle begins to move.
  273.         TheResilientGM  Half hour later, the Chimera stops, the doors open up, and you instantly hear the sound of distant artillery batteries opening up. Large-calibre weapons by the terrifying sound.
  274.         TheResilientGM  "Out you go!" the Vonayan Sergeant calls.
  275.         Kass_Yonova     "Thanks for the ride Sergeant."
  276.         Artem_Gusarov   unslings his autogun, flips the safety off, and jumps out
  277.         TheResilientGM  You see the Prithian troops outside. You notice a single Leman Russ tank surrounded by troops. On the fron sits an officer, he looks down at a map laid on the floor, pointing out positions to the men arouns him.
  278.         Kass_Yonova     Kass makes his way over the officer, pushing through the men around him. "Lieutenant Stimmen?"
  279.         TheResilientGM  You hear yelling near the temporary camp, a Prithian soldier chasing after what appears to be a Vonayan sniper holding a crate of ammunition.
  280.         TheResilientGM  The Lieutenant salutes, "Lieutenant Yonova, I take it."
  281.         Kass_Yonova     Kass salutes him back, "aye I'm him."
  282.         Artem_Gusarov   glances at the sniper and smirks
  283.         TheResilientGM  "We have a large installation up ahead, Lieutenant, heavily defended shit. We're here to take it out" he lovingly taps the side of his Leman Russ.
  284.         Kass_Yonova     "So I've heard. Unfortunately, we have special orders regarding the installation. The facility inside is not to be damaged under any circumstances. This comes from the top, Stimmen. I sure as feck wouldn't want to piss off the Colonel."
  285.         Kass_Yonova     "I know this is going to suck, but orders are orders."
  286.         TheResilientGM  Not far, you see a mortar team checking equipment, a Sergeant calling out items from a list.
  287.         TheResilientGM  Stimmen seems a bit surprised.
  288.         TheResilientGM  "This is the first I'd be hearing of this, Yonova."
  289.         Kass_Yonova     "M'lord Schoenfeld has reconsidered the facility's use in our continued campaign on the island."
  290.         TheResilientGM  "I hate to disagree with a man like him, but this is insane. We can easily get rid of the rebels if we can demolish the damned installation on top of them."
  291.         TheResilientGM  At some distance, you see a group of sentinels arrive at the front. They are accompanied by several Vonayan platoons.
  292.         Kass_Yonova     "Indeed, but we have our orders. Besides, if he did not think it important enough, he wouldn't have sent his aide to the front."
  293.         Artem_Gusarov   "Or himself.", he points to the Sentinels
  294.         TheResilientGM  "Yes, I have heard... though I find it an odd thing, you see..."
  295.         TheResilientGM  "What on earth... if I didn't know everyone here required clearance at checkpoints, I might have thought those sentinels to be rebel-controlled..."
  296.         TheResilientGM  "Sir!" a Vox-Operator approaches the Lieutenant. "Sir, we are to commence the attack."
  297.         Kass_Yonova     "You know the importance of this attack, do not let the facility get damaged, Lieutenant Stimmen, or it's your and my arse on the table."
  298.         TheResilientGM  "We'll talk more later, Yonova. I hear you're to command a segment of the Vonayan attachments. Good luck." He climbs onto his tank.
  299.         TheResilientGM  You can see his adjusting of his comm-set. +Call out the heavy defenses for me. I can lend a hand+
  300.         Kass_Yonova     "Aye, God-Emperor watch over you, Stimmen."
  301.         TheResilientGM  +And you.+ he disappears into the Leman Russ.
  302.         TheResilientGM  You now see the sentinels have already begun their advance. The mortar teams are already moving into transports.
  303.         Kass_Yonova     makes his way back over to the squad.
  304.         TheResilientGM  +Yonova. Stieglitz here. Laking any actual power in your regiment, I've given you command of a segment of my men. Do not get them all killed.+
  305.         Kass_Yonova     +Yes, sir. I'll do my best.+
  306.         TheResilientGM  From where you stand, you can see the facility has a host of anti-air defenses. Some of them have been damaged.
  307.         TheResilientGM  The Sentinels disappear over the hill and the sounds of war mark the beginning of the skirmish.
  308.         TheResilientGM  At the top of the hill, the mortar teams deploy their equipment.
  309.         Schneider       "Should I use the flamer?"
  310.         Artem_Gusarov   "We're a bit too far."
  311.         Schneider       "When we get closer I mean"
  312.         Kass_Yonova     "So long as you don't burn down the facility. I'd rather not piss off the Colonel."
  313.         Gru_Persay      "For the love of the Omnissiah..."
  314.         TheResilientGM  The mortars open up, and several Prithian Infantry squads move to the front.
  315.         Schneider       "Well what's it made out of. If it's metal or rockcrete we'll be fine."
  316.         Artem_Gusarov   "The issue is what's inside more than the buildings themselves."
  317.         TheResilientGM  +Yonova. A weapon depot exists to the East, moderately defended. Take it and find a way behind their defenses.+ Stieglitz transmits, above the sound of heavy fire
  318.         Kass_Yonova     +Affirmative, sir. Moving now.+
  319.         Schneider       grins widely and looks at Artem. "See I told ya I'd pay ya back! That depot is fulla shit for you to loot."
  320.         Kass_Yonova     tunes his comm-bead to address the squads under his command.
  321.         Artem_Gusarov   "Maybe if you carry it. And don't cook off their ammo."
  322.         Kass_Yonova     +We've orders from the Colonel. We're to take a weapon's depot to the East. Once we've taken it we're to find an exploit in the enemies rear defenses and exploit it.+
  323.         TheResilientGM  +Aye Sir. Sgt Moldiev reporting ready.+
  324.         TheResilientGM  +Sgt. Andropov reporting ready, Lieutenant+
  325.         TheResilientGM  +Orders, sir?+
  326.         Artem_Gusarov   "They're vets, they'll know what to do. Just don't give them idiotic orders like a bayonet charge."
  327.         Kass_Yonova     "No kidding."
  328.         TheResilientGM  The Chimera roars its engines as it moves up closer to your position.
  329.         TheResilientGM  +Moldiev here. We have Sgt. Andropov and his men with us. Driving to your location.+
  330.         Artem_Gusarov   "Remember, we're a recon regiment. Our equipment isn't as heavy as yours."
  331.         Kass_Yonova     +Alright. We'll form both squads outside of the Chimera, and use the Chimera as a shield until we're close enough to get into the trenches. When close, the Chimera will pop smoke, the flamers will clear the trenches and the bunker to the sides. Once the trenches are ours, we'll move into the weapon's depot.+
  332.         Artem_Gusarov   "Don't be afraid to ask the Sergeants for advice; they'll take it as a sign of trust, not weakness."
  333.         Kass_Yonova     "Yes, you're right."
  334.         Kass_Yonova     +Moldiev, Andropov, do you have any suggestions?+
  335.         TheResilientGM  +Andropov here, sir. I suggest you lay down the heavy assault. I can infiltrate in the chaos and try to take the gun emplacements.+
  336.         Kass_Yonova     +Alright, we'll lay down some fire onto the trenches and bunker. I'll see about calling some mortar strikes as well.+
  337.         TheResilientGM  The chimera arrives, and Andropov and his squad exit.
  338.         Schneider       "Sounds good."
  339.         Kass_Yonova     +Andropov, get your team into position. I'll see about getting the mortars to smoke the front, we'll start firing as we advance as well.+
  340.         Kass_Yonova     tunes his comm-bead to the mortars.
  341.         Kass_Yonova     +Mortar teams, I have a fire mission. I need you to fire smoke rounds onto the eastern trenches.+
  342.         TheResilientGM  Moldiev slowly begins the advance, putting the chimera at an appropriate angle for maximum protection for the infantry.
  343.         TheResilientGM  +I'm going to need a rank there, son+ an older man replies
  344.         Kass_Yonova     +Lieutenant Yonova.+ He says over the commbead.
  345.         TheResilientGM  +I can only afford you two mortars lieutenant. We have a Captain's fire mission we are trying to complete.+
  346.         Kass_Yonova     +Good enough, just get me those smoke rounds on the target.+
  347.         Kass_Yonova     +Good enough, just get me those smoke rounds on the target.+
  348.         TheResilientGM  +They'll be there.+
  349.         Kass_Yonova     unslings his lasgun and checks it over, while keeping pace with the Chimera.
  350.         TheResilientGM  You lose sight of Andropov and his men.
  351.         Schneider       grins as he falls in behind the chimera making sure he's out of the line of fire so he doesn't magically explode into flames.
  352.         Kass_Yonova     +See you inside the facility, Andopov.+
  353.         TheResilientGM  +We may have found a an angle in, Lieutenant. We'll infiltrate when you start the fighting.+
  354.         Gru_Persay      switches to his auto gun and follows.
  355.         Kass_Yonova     +Affirmative. After the smoke rounds land, fire as you see fit Moldiev.+
  356.         TheResilientGM  +We seem to have caught the attention of a few of them already, Lieutenant. Going to speed up the Chimera. Keep up.+ Moldiev transmits
  357.         TheResilientGM  The chimera moves faster now, a jogging pace now necessary to keep up with it.
  358.         Kass_Yonova     picks up the pace, making sure Vikk is on his six.
  359.         TheResilientGM  Rounds fill the air around you. You can hear them hit the other side of the vehicle.
  360.         TheResilientGM  A round hits Meat, who is falling slightly behind.
  361.         TheResilientGM  "MEAT"
  362.         Gru_Persay      "MEAT. HIDE. or rather PLAY. DEAD."
  363.         TheResilientGM  Part of his forearm is badly damaged.
  364.         TheResilientGM  "MEAT" he grunts, falling instantly over to the ground.
  365.         Gru_Persay      "I'll be back for you later."
  366.         TheResilientGM  Heavier fire is now drawn by the chimera.
  367.         TheResilientGM  "Mmm--
  368.         TheResilientGM  He is interrupted, with his face in the ground.
  369.         TheResilientGM  The terrifying sound of autocannon fire now hits your position.
  370.         TheResilientGM  The chimera takes hits, and the ground around you is scarred by the force of the rounds.
  371.         Kass_Yonova     "Where are those smoke rounds dammit!"
  372.         Gru_Persay      "Now I now what that Sergent felt when we unloaded a cannon on his ass."
  373.         TheResilientGM  +This is not good, Lieutenant.+ Moldiev calls.
  374.         Kass_Yonova     +Can you fire your smoke launchers?+
  375.         TheResilientGM  +We... don't have any, sir+
  376.         Kass_Yonova     sucks in a breath. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, he thinks to himself.
  377.         TheResilientGM  +Moldiev made a deal with the quartermaster+ Andropov adds, holding back laughter
  378.         Artem_Gusarov   "That fucking scumbag."
  379.         Kass_Yonova     +How damaged are you?+
  380.         TheResilientGM  +We'll live. It's the tracks I'm worried about. Getting some bad vibrations to the controls, Lieutenant+
  381.         Schneider       +Get me to that trench and you'll just need to sit there and not worry about those tracks!"
  382.         TheResilientGM  Another set of Autocannon rounds hit around you.
  383.         TheResilientGM  +Careful what you wish for, cannon-fodder+
  384.         TheResilientGM  The Chimera now speeds up even more. You have to run to keep the pace.
  385.         TheResilientGM  A third set of autocannon rounds hits. A horrible mechanical noise is heard. The chimera stops entirely.
  386.         TheResilientGM  +She's hit, Lieutenant. Immobile.+
  387.         TheResilientGM  The Emperor's protection arrives in the form of smoke rounds now able to cover a vast area around you.
  388.         TheResilientGM  The enemy's line of sight is blocked off.
  389.         |<--    Artem_Gusarov has left (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
  390.         Kass_Yonova     "Feck me." +I'll have the Tech-Priest do what he can for her.+
  391.         Gru_Persay      knocks on the Chimera and says "Let me take a look at it."
  392.         Kass_Yonova     "Gru, do what you can for the Chimera, we're moving up. Schneider take point. You're flamer'll do work on those trenches."
  393.         -->|    Artem_Gusarov ( has joined #resilient
  394.         Schneider       nods and moves with his flamer at the ready.
  395.         TheResilientGM  The track damage is too substantial. Several links are destroyed.
  396.         TheResilientGM  +What's the situation, Techpriest?+ Moldiev inquires
  397.         Gru_Persay      +Kass. We have a problem. The machine is busted beyond repair.+
  398.         TheResilientGM  You can hardly see in front of you, but you can hear the enemy as you get closer to the trenches.
  399.         Artem_Gusarov   pulls his preysense on and looks for enemy positions
  400.         Schneider       "Where should I hit the bastards?"
  401.         Gru_Persay      runs into the smoke to catch up with his squad.
  402.         Kass_Yonova     +Moldiev, you'll have to hold position for now. If it gets too hairy, bug out. I'll leave it to your discretion.+
  403.         TheResilientGM  The trench in front has several men Gusarov can spot. They seem to be very alert. Expecting an enemy charge.
  404.         Artem_Gusarov   "They're on alert. Get ready!"
  405.         TheResilientGM  A few of them have climbed out, it appears as though one is a Vox-Operator. The other two men look to be directing orders to him.
  406.         Artem_Gusarov   "Schneider, three guys out the trench, dead ahead. Take them out!"
  407.         Schneider       "Gotchya"
  408.         Schneider       fires his flamer into the trench while screaming "HERE BADGER BADGER BADGER."
  409.         TheResilientGM  "Standard firing pattern!" are the last words transmitted by the enemy vox. Men in the trench are utterly consumed. The men outside are also incinerated; vox operator, and company taking the brunt of the hit.
  410.         Artem_Gusarov   "Great! Now get in the trench, that MG is going to be on our ass!"
  411.         Schneider       "MMmmokay"
  412.         Kass_Yonova     jumps in after the flamer does it's work.
  413.         TheResilientGM  Screams of horror and of panic fill the trench, you can make out the lit figures of several soldiers glowing in the smoke, running down-trench in horror.
  414.         Artem_Gusarov   throws a frag into the bunker "Frag out!"
  415.         Gru_Persay      jumps into the tench and coughs. He disables his smell input.
  416.         Schneider       casually walks down the trench spraying balls of flame into it.
  417.         TheResilientGM  The bunker muffles the sound of the explosion. Several seconds later, you hear the first moans of mortally wounded men inside, and the calls of a few survivors.
  418.         Kass_Yonova     "Schneider, clear the bunker out."
  419.         Artem_Gusarov   "It's clear, I threw a frag in it."
  420.         TheResilientGM  +Breaching+ you hear Andropov
  421.         Kass_Yonova     "I still hear men in there."
  422.         TheResilientGM  The sound of a grenade and solid projectile fire to the East confirms the Vonayan advance.
  423.         TheResilientGM  +Fuck this, Lieutenant. They're firing into the Chimera. I'm abandoning her.+
  424.         Kass_Yonova     +Roger that, get your men out of there Moldiev.+
  425.         Artem_Gusarov   runs up to the other end of the trench and peeks up
  426.         Kass_Yonova     +If you can, try and join us in the trenches.+
  427.         TheResilientGM  +We can see the glow from here, it'll be easy to find our way+
  428. Schneider       fires a blast of flame into the bunker. "HEY HECTOR THIS IS EXACTLY LIKE OUR OLD JOB!"
  429.         TheResilientGM  You don't hear the usual screams of burning soldiers this time.
  430.         Gru_Persay      starts praying.
  431.         TheResilientGM  Through the thick smoke, you see two men charging you, bayonets fixed.
  432.         Artem_Gusarov   raises his rifle and shoots one
  433.         -->|    Victrus_Macharius ( has joined #resilient
  434.         TheResilientGM  The leading soldier drops to the ground, a wound to his neck. You hear him drowning in his blood.
  435.         TheResilientGM  The other soldier lunges out at Artem.
  436.         Artem_Gusarov   deftly jumps to the side and whips out his knife in one swift motion
  437.         Artem_Gusarov   stabs the man in the chest as Oleg distracts him with his knife
  438.         TheResilientGM  The man is badly wounded, though not dead, he lies on the groundapplying pressure to his wound with both arms. You realize he's a medic, his uniform differs from the rest.
  439.         Artem_Gusarov   jumps down on him and stabs him repeatedly in the neck, killing him
  440.         TheResilientGM  A rune in Yonova's Gauntlet lights up. It's the Prithian channel.
  441.         Kass_Yonova     hits the key that's lit up. +Go ahead.+
  442.         TheResilientGM  +Stimmen here. I'm near the East. Are you okay? Saw you lost a Chimera.+
  443.         Artem_Gusarov   wipes his bloody knife on the guy's uniform and searches his corpse for loot
  444.         |<--    Schneider has left (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 32.0.3/20140923175406])
  445.         Kass_Yonova     +So far, we're in the trenches, some of my men are making their way into the depot now, we're clearing the trenches before we head in.+
  446.         TheResilientGM  +Need a round on that bunker?+
  447.         TheResilientGM  Behind you, you hear yelling and struggling men.
  448.         Kass_Yonova     +Negative we're about to go in. Stay on station if you can. I'll need your fire power soon enough.+
  449.         Gru_Persay      "What the hell was that?" And turns around.
  450.         Gru_Persay      switches to shotgun
  451.         TheResilientGM  "Suka! We will gut every one of you!" you heard Moldiev's voice. It seems his squad is engaged in melee behind you.
  452.         Artem_Gusarov   "Moldiev's squad."
  453.         TheResilientGM  Through the now-thinning smoke, you see Moldiev appear.
  454.         TheResilientGM  "Sorry about the delay, Lieutenant."
  455.         Kass_Yonova     "No problem, Sergeant, I'm just glad you made it ok."
  456.         TheResilientGM  "Not all of us did, Yonova..."
  457.         Kass_Yonova     nods gravely. "We'll mourn them later. Are any of you wounded?"
  458.         Artem_Gusarov   packs the loot and stands up
  459.         TheResilientGM  "Nyet, Lieutenant. Is that clear?" he points to the bunker.
  460.         Kass_Yonova     "So far, we're about to proceed through and into the next set of trenches. Artem, you're up."
  461.         Artem_Gusarov   pulls the preysense back on and gets in the bunker, rifle at the ready
  462.         TheResilientGM  +Yonova.+ A familiar voice transmits through the Prithian channel.
  463.         Kass_Yonova     +Go ahead.+
  464.         TheResilientGM  +Schoenfeld, Colonel.+
  465.         TheResilientGM  +Mind telling me just what the hell this mockery of my chain of command is about?+
  466.         Kass_Yonova     +Sir!+ Kass instinctively straightens.
  467.         Kass_Yonova     +I beg m'lord's pardon, I was told Stieglitz would contact you regarding any problems.+
  468.         TheResilientGM  +Stieglitz...+
  469.         Gru_Persay      "Victrus, don't even get me started."
  470.         Victrus_Macharius       "So Gru, where's Meat?"
  471.         TheResilientGM  +I take it you're with the forward assault?+
  472.         Kass_Yonova     +Colonel of the Vonayan 23rd, sir. Yes sir.+
  473.         Gru_Persay      "Here's somewhere over there... being a cow."
  474.         TheResilientGM  +No need to clarify. I know damned well who that is. Complete your objectives, Corporal. We'll have a talk later. Schoenfeld out.+
  475.         Kass_Yonova     +Yes, sir.+
  476.         TheResilientGM  The smoke is now clearing around you. You can can see several meters in front of you now.
  477.         Kass_Yonova     leans against the north facing wall of the trench, and keeps himself from dry heaving. This is too damn above my pay grade.
  478.         Gru_Persay      ducks back into the trench.
  479.         Victrus_Macharius       "Sound like Meat is having a better time then you are having right now."
  480.         Gru_Persay      "shut up and get in the hole."
  481.         TheResilientGM  +Lieutenant, we need immediate support. Two gun emplacements here.+ Adropov pleas
  482.         Kass_Yonova     +Copy that, Andropov.+
  483.         Victrus_Macharius       jumps in to the trench and takes cover
  484.         Kass_Yonova     switches to the Prithian channel. +Stimmen you still on station?+
  485.         TheResilientGM  +About to hit a tower emplacement on that warehouse. Damned smoke had me sitting useless.+
  486.         Kass_Yonova     +Negative, don't shoot that. Direct your fire on the gun emplacements in front of the depot. Can you see them?+
  487.         TheResilientGM  +No...+
  488.         TheResilientGM  +Yes, yes we do.+
  489.         Victrus_Macharius       "so how many enemy contacts do we have up ahead?"
  490.         Kass_Yonova     +Give 'em hell.+
  491.         TheResilientGM  +Autocannons, and... a lascannon? Yeah, he's got to go. We're on it, Lieutenant.+
  492.         Gru_Persay      "No clue. I'm starting to miss Meat."
  493.         TheResilientGM  You hear the gun on the Leman Russ open up to your South. The sound is so percussive, you can feel it as well as you hear it.
  494.         Kass_Yonova     "Into the next set of trenches, go! Keep on point Artem!"
  495.         TheResilientGM  +Blyat! Lieutenant, we are under heavy fire. Took casualties. Falling back!+
  496.         Artem_Gusarov   "Tell your tank to stop shooting my comrades!"
  497.         TheResilientGM  Another round hits an emplacement.
  498.         TheResilientGM  +Targets destroyed. Stimmen out.+
  499.         Kass_Yonova     rubs his face in frustration.
  500.         Kass_Yonova     +Understood Andropov.+
  501.         TheResilientGM  +Sir, we need medical assistance, NOW+
  502.         TheResilientGM  +We are at the end of the trench, holding in the bunker ruins to the East.+
  503.         Kass_Yonova     +We're moving there now.+
  504.         Artem_Gusarov   takes point and moves across the trench
  505.         Kass_Yonova     "Vikk get your medical gear ready. Run Triage as soon as we meet Andropov's squad."
  506.         TheResilientGM  "On it, Yonova!" he nods
  507.         Victrus_Macharius       follows behind Artem
  508.         Gru_Persay      follows Kass
  509.         TheResilientGM  In front of you, a reminder of what's to come. An enemy officer lies wounded, two medics kneeling by his side, trying to save his life.
  510.         Kass_Yonova     "Moldiev, take the medics and officers prisoner. See if you can't get any info out of them."
  511.         TheResilientGM  "Sir" he acknowledges, running up and kicking one of the medics on the side of his face.
  512.         TheResilientGM  Another of Moldiev's men, tackles the second medic.
  513.         TheResilientGM  The Officer reaches for his pistol, and fires at Victrus.
  514.         Kass_Yonova     kicks the pistol out of the officers hand.
  515.         TheResilientGM  "Invaders! Defilers!" he protests.
  516.         Kass_Yonova     "Do as you see fit, Sergeant."
  517.         TheResilientGM  "Aye, sir" Moldiev out his knife, and drives it through the officer's eye-socket.
  518.         Victrus_Macharius       "Fuck you" as Victrus looks at the dead officer
  519.         TheResilientGM  Moldiev loots the officer's corpse.
  520.         Artem_Gusarov   "Defilers..."
  521.         Victrus_Macharius       "Say hi to Billy for me and his father"
  522.         Artem_Gusarov   "It's like we're in fucking Guadia again."
  523.         Kass_Yonova     "Don't kill the medics, get what info you can from them." Kass moves on to the bunke.
  524.         Gru_Persay      "A good Medic is a dead medic."
  525.         TheResilientGM  +We'll get your information, Lieutenant+
  526.         TheResilientGM  Moldiev and his men drag the medics into the bunker to begin their questioning.
  527.         Artem_Gusarov   "Best not to watch that too closely."
  528.         Gru_Persay      looks at Kass and says "Present company excluded."
  529.         TheResilientGM  Ahead, you hear the screaming and cursing of a Vonayan soldier. Only Gusarov can make out the words. The rest of you recognize them by now, even if you don't understand them.
  530.         Kass_Yonova     nods to Vikk, motioning towards the screaming soldier.
  531.         TheResilientGM  A Vonayan sentry waves you over, behind him you see Andropov and his men taking cover a wounded soldier on the ground.
  532.         TheResilientGM  "He lost a lot of blood, Yonova..."
  533.         TheResilientGM  You can see he has severe damage to his right leg. Bits of bone are visible from the outside.
  534.         Kass_Yonova     "I'll see what I can do him. Give me some room. Vikk got pack out?"
  535.         TheResilientGM  Vikk hurries over to him and immediately adjusts the Vonayan's position. He deploys his medicae pack, and cuts the Vonayan's pants with his knife to expose the wounded leg.
  536.         TheResilientGM  "Ready" Vikk nods to his comrade
  537.         Kass_Yonova     sets to work, cleaning what he can from the area, and applying anesthesia . After crimping any exposed arteries he does what can for the protruding bone, it isn't a pretty sight. He finishes with a tight tourniquet and bandages.
  538.         Kass_Yonova     "He'll live another day yet." Kass says after wiping some sweat from his brow.
  539.         TheResilientGM  "Thank you, comrade" Adnropov says with an odd sincerity.
  540.         Kass_Yonova     "It's my job, well my original job. I save whoever I can, Sergeant."
  541.         Kass_Yonova     "What's the situation here?"
  542.         TheResilientGM  "I'm not sure what happened, Lieutenant, but the heavy fun emplacements were taken out. We only need to worry about that tower."
  543.         Kass_Yonova     "Do you think anyone can get up there?
  544.         TheResilientGM  "We can try to get up there from the inside; enter the warehouse."
  545.         Kass_Yonova     "Right then. How are you on smoke grenades?"
  546.         Artem_Gusarov   "Still got 4
  547.         TheResilientGM  "Well-stocked" he replies.
  548.         Kass_Yonova     "That'll make the next part easier. We need to secure the warehouse. Then we'll clear the tower and surrounding area."
  549.         TheResilientGM  The Prithian channel pings Yonova once more, rune lighting up.
  550.         Kass_Yonova     "We'll pop smoke in front of the building. Your squad will breach on the eastern side, Modiev's the west, we'll take the front."
  551.         |<--    Artem_Gusarov has left (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
  552.         TheResilientGM  "Where the hell is Moldiev, anyway?"
  553.         Kass_Yonova     looks down at his gauntlet after issuing his idea. "One moment." He hits the key. +Go ahead+
  554.         TheResilientGM  +Regimental Command. Advising all Prithian troops on the Northern Assault that Valkyrie support is incoming. First payload being deployed on Easter Weapon's depot. Confirm acknowledgement.+
  555.         Kass_Yonova     mouth gapes open for a moment.
  556.         Kass_Yonova     +A-Acknowledged.+
  557.         Gru_Persay      looks at Kass and says "What's going Kass?"
  558.         TheResilientGM  +Over and out+
  559.         Victrus_Macharius       "Kass? is there something we should know?"
  560.         Kass_Yonova     "I think the Colonel's pissed, Valkyries are about to blow the hell out of that warehouse."
  561.         Victrus_Macharius       "shit"
  562.         Gru_Persay      "....Run?"
  563.         TheResilientGM  +Stimmen here. Yonova, do you read?+
  564.         Kass_Yonova     +I read you, go ahead.+ Kass rubs his face again.
  565.         TheResilientGM  +Command's blowing this place to shit. Get out of there. NOW.+
  566.         Gru_Persay      "Book it."
  567.         Kass_Yonova     +Yes I heard. Thanks Stimmen, Yonova out.+
  568.         Kass_Yonova     "Sergeant, gather your man, we're about to retreat back to the woods."
  569.         Gru_Persay      "Some one pop a smoke and let's get moving."
  570.         Kass_Yonova     switches back to the Yonavan channel. +Moldiev, form up with us we're retreating back to the woods. Command is about to blow this sector to bits.+
  571.         TheResilientGM  +What the hell are you talking about? The Colonel is in the front.+
  572.         Kass_Yonova     stops. Oh fecking Emperor.
  573.         Gru_Persay      "Kass, we need to move. NOW."
  574.         Kass_Yonova     sets the channel to contact the Colonel. +Colonel Stieglitz! Please respond!+
  575.         TheResilientGM  You can now hear the roar of the Valkyrie engines. You can see their formation. They are circling the position.
  576.         TheResilientGM  +Stieglitz here. What's going on?+
  577.         Victrus_Macharius       "OH SHIT, WE NEED TO MOVE NOW"
  578.         Victrus_Macharius       "The Valkyries are here"
  579.         Kass_Yonova     +It seems my CO called in air support, you're in the middle of it. You need to get out now, sir!"
  580.         Kass_Yonova     motions to everyone to hussle.
  581.         Victrus_Macharius       points towards the Valkyries circling near by
  582.         Gru_Persay      "Let's go, people." and runs.
  583.         TheResilientGM  +There's a mistake. Vonay doesn't have access to air su--+
  584.         TheResilientGM  +Understood, Yonova. Get out of there.+
  585.         Kass_Yonova     +Colonel is calling everyone to fallback, Moldiev follows us out.+ "Let's move Andropov!"
  586.         Gru_Persay      runs towards Meat.
  587.         Gru_Persay      "Meat. UP. FOLLOW. RUN!"
  588.         Victrus_Macharius       follows Kass
  589.         TheResilientGM  Suddenly, all channels on every local vox, commbead, and speaker is overridden. Stieglitz's voice is heard everywhere: +REGIMENTAL COMMAND HERE. ALL ASSETS FALL BACK. ALL ASSETS ABANDON OBJECTIVES AND RETREAT BEHIND THE HILLS. THIS IS A DIRECT AND OVERRIDING ORDER.+
  590.         TheResilientGM  Moldiev executes the medics and orders his squad to move out.
  591.         TheResilientGM  You can hear cheering from the warehouse tower and positions.
  592.         TheResilientGM  You realize all around you, Imperial troops fall back.
  593.         TheResilientGM  Even the mortar teams are no longer visible atop the hill.
  594.         TheResilientGM  You've lost sight of the Vaklyries now...
  595.         TheResilientGM  But you hear them.
  596.         Kass_Yonova     What an Emperor-damned mess you think to yourself as you haul ass back to the hills/woods.
  597.         TheResilientGM  Louder, and louder, you know they approach.
  598.         TheResilientGM  At last, you see one of them, at low altitude,
  599.         Victrus_Macharius       "shit, shit, shit, shit"
  600.         TheResilientGM  a short flash from the bottom of the hull is seen...
  601.         TheResilientGM  The sound of rocket propulsion is heard throughout the field.
  602.         Gru_Persay      "Meat. MOVE. IT."
  603.         TheResilientGM  "MMEEAAT"
  604.         TheResilientGM  The payload hits the target,
  605.         Victrus_Macharius       "move it Meat and Gru"
  606.         Gru_Persay      "Shut it."
  607.         TheResilientGM  the weapon's depot lights up in a spectacular explosion. The shockwave advances... it is so powerful that it alone kills infantry on the ground far from the explosion, in the bunkers and trenches.
  608.         TheResilientGM  You can see the advance of the shockwave behind you, disturbing the grass in a circular pattern.
  609.         Victrus_Macharius       "SHIT"
  610.         Gru_Persay      "There's no turning back... Triumph or oblivion...."
  611.         TheResilientGM  When it finally reaches you, you are airborne.
  612.         TheResilientGM  Airborne and deaf.
  613.         Kass_Yonova     wonders why he is flying. Humans can't fly.
  614.         TheResilientGM  You hit the ground, mud, blood, and vegetation all over you.
  615.         Gru_Persay      prays in midair "The Omnissiah directs our footsteps along the path of knowledge."
  616.         Gru_Persay      gets up and starts running.
  617.         Victrus_Macharius       gets back up as fast as possible and high tales it
  618.         TheResilientGM  A second Valkyrie begins its approach.
  619.         Kass_Yonova     groans, and tries to pick himself up. He finally does, helping up Vikk and continuing on towards the hills.
  620.         TheResilientGM  The last remaining anti-air turret on the building hits an engine on it, however, and it loses control.
  621.         Gru_Persay      +The Omnissiah... directs our... footsteps... along the path... of... knowledge.+
  622.         TheResilientGM  In a panic, the pilot lets go of his payload, missing his target, and hitting a retreating chimera before the aircraft itself falls out of the sky.
  623.         TheResilientGM  Two more Vaklyries now approach in close formation.
  624.         TheResilientGM  The distinct sound of autocannon fire covers the field.
  625.         TheResilientGM  The remaining anti-air defenses are destroyed, along with several communications arrays mounted atop the complex.
  626.         TheResilientGM  Prithian channels ping Yonova. Runes light up.
  627.         Kass_Yonova     collapses on the other side of the crest of the hill, facing away from the complex. You grogilly look at the gauntlet for a second. Fecking everything hurts, you think before you hit the key.
  628.         Kass_Yonova     +Yonova...speaking. Go ahead.+ You can't keep the pain out of your voice.
  629.         Gru_Persay      falls on his knees and says "How... like a God.. He is... that ancient Machine..."
  630.         TheResilientGM  +Regimental Command here. All clear. Repeat. All clear.+
  631.         Gru_Persay      "....Meat?..."
  632.         Kass_Yonova     lets his arm flop onto the ground. "How you holding up Vikk?"
  633.         TheResilientGM  "Fuck this, Kass. Fuck this hard."
  634.         Victrus_Macharius       falls back down on his ass while trying to now catch his breath
  635.         Victrus_Macharius       "did we all make it?"
  636.         TheResilientGM  You hear meat behind you.
  637.         TheResilientGM  "MEAT"
  638.         TheResilientGM  Half of his face is missing.
  639.         Kass_Yonova     laughs. "Yeah. Join the guard they said, you'll learn new trades and see new worlds, they said."
  640.         Gru_Persay      "Meat. Come. Here."
  641.         TheResilientGM  "MEAT" he approaches
  642.         Victrus_Macharius       "there you are meat, though think there is something wrong with your face"
  643.         Kass_Yonova     sits up, grunting in pain. He switches channels. +Andropov, Moldiev, are you there?+
  644.         Gru_Persay      "Victrus, there's always something wrong with his face."
  645.         TheResilientGM  +Andropov here. I'm with Moldiev. He's... deaf.+
  646.         Victrus_Macharius       "well it looks like he is missing half a face now"
  647.         TheResilientGM  +Too close to the blast. His eardrums are gone.+
  648.         Kass_Yonova     +I think everyone nearly went deaf. Besides the obvious sore arses and deafness, do any of your men need medical treatment?+
  649.         Gru_Persay      "As soon as we get to camp. Let's go kick the Quartermaster's ass."
  650.         TheResilientGM  +Negative. Though we may need it after we get to camp. The Colonel is pissed.+
  651.         Victrus_Macharius       "I would second that"
  652.         Gru_Persay      "What's our orders, Kass?"
  653.         Kass_Yonova     +I can't blame him. We'll meet back in camp.+
  654.         Kass_Yonova     "We're heading back to the Vonayan camp."
  655.         TheResilientGM  As you look back, the Complex is destroyed. The entire Eastern section has utterly collapsed. Any and all satelite dished and other antennae are gone. Nothing heavily reinforced survived.
  656.         Victrus_Macharius       "so what the fuck happen to cause the Quartermaster to call in the air strike?"
  657.         Gru_Persay      "Fucking hell. I need parts to repair Meat and I."
  658.         Kass_Yonova     "Let's move out. Faster we get back, faster we can sort our shit out."
  659.         TheResilientGM  All around you, troops try to gather in groups, and try to find new orders, organizing themselves after the retreat.
  660.         Gru_Persay      "Lead the way."
  661.         TheResilientGM  Near the base of the hill, you spot a Sentinel near a Chimera Command Vehicle.
  662.         Gru_Persay      "What now?"
  663.         TheResilientGM  As you approach, you see two Vonayans standing guard several meters from the meeting of the two vehicles.
  664.         TheResilientGM  One of them signals you to stop. "Move no further."
  665.         TheResilientGM  You are able to hear a comotion behind the chimera: "YOU FUCKING RAT!"
  666.         Kass_Yonova     stops in place.
  667.         Gru_Persay      "Meat. Halt."
  668.         TheResilientGM  "MMMM"
  669.         Victrus_Macharius       whispers to Gru, "I don't like this one bit"
  670.         Gru_Persay      "Ditto."
  671.         Kass_Yonova     takes a swig of water from his canteen as he overhears the shouting match.
  672.         TheResilientGM  You spot Stieglitz behind the men, dragging a Prithian Captain on the ground with his mechanical arm.
  673.         TheResilientGM  He lifts the man, and sets him against his Sentinel's lower leg.
  674.         TheResilientGM  "You two, here. Now!"
  675.         TheResilientGM  The guards in front of you, briskly make their way to the Colonel.
  676.         TheResilientGM  You can't hear the order, but you see the men tie up the Captain to the machine.
  677.         TheResilientGM  Stieglitz catches a glance of you, and stares a while. The glowing blue eye unmistakable fixed on you.
  678.         Kass_Yonova     watches in gross curiosity, wanting to look away, but can't.
  679.         TheResilientGM  Your commbeads overridden, you hear his voice. +Come here.+
  680.         Kass_Yonova     Kass looks back at his squad, and then makes his way to the Colonel. When he arrives he salutes him.
  681.         Gru_Persay      follows Kass.
  682.         Victrus_Macharius       follows kass's lead
  683.         TheResilientGM  "You don't have friends, Yonova."
  684.         Gru_Persay      "Come. Meat"
  685.         Kass_Yonova     "Sir?
  686.         TheResilientGM  "Only cowards willing to sacrifice an entire operation on the grounds of jealousy."
  687.         TheResilientGM  "I was doing my duty in reporting the ab--"
  688.         TheResilientGM  A Vonayan punches the Captain in the gut.
  689.         Gru_Persay      covers Meat's eyes.
  690.         TheResilientGM  "I'm going to deliver Schoenfeld's little lapdog to him myself. Where is his Headquarters?" Stieglitz asks.
  691.         Kass_Yonova     "It should be the landing fields." Kass takes out his map, and points to the Delta 2 landing zone.
  692.         TheResilientGM  "Get in the Chimera. You're going home" the Colonel waves his men into the chimera, and climbs onto his Sentinel.
  693.         Kass_Yonova     "Yes, sir." He salutes as the Colonel leaves.
  694.         TheResilientGM  +And while you're there, get back into your uniform, Corporal. Schoenfeld won't want to see you 'defile' his pretty uniform.+
  695.         Kass_Yonova     It's not really home, though. Kass thinks to himself, remembering Prithia in all it's forested glory.
  696.         Kass_Yonova     with some difficulty Kass gets back into his standard kit. Making sure to bundle the gauntlet, armor, and las-pistol together.
  697.         Gru_Persay      gets inside the chimera and motions Meat to follow.
  698.         Victrus_Macharius       jumps into the Chimera as he wonders how this day can get any worse
  699.         TheResilientGM  The chimera's engine starts, and the journey back begins. While you can't see it, you hear Stieglitz's Sentinel trailing you, along with the screams of protest from the captured Captain.
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