Session Almost-3 in which Lorelei happens

Sep 4th, 2011
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  1. 10:00:47: <Paradox> 90th of Spring
  2. 10:01:36: <Paradox> It's a hot, humid kind of day, but the shade of the tall lovely trees in the Alizarin forest keep Lorelei cool.
  3. 10:03:12: <Paradox> The heat isn't really her main problem though; she seems to have lost the trail towards town. And she was supposed to be meet her cousins Cress and Cedric before even getting to the forest.
  4. 10:03:29: <Paradox> Still, it's safe and peaceful here, and full with the sounds of pokemon.
  5. 10:05:16: Lorelei smiles slightly strained as she walked through the forest with Mai beside her. Pax trotted along behind her sniffing about looking for more food as they wandered while Mai helped by carrying her backpack in her fangs. Lorelei held down a strawberry print bonnet to her head as she looked about.
  6. 10:05:42: <Paradox> ( roll Wis )
  7. 10:05:50: <Lorelei> "Oh my goodness Mai, we're utterly lost", ~Maaawii, Mawi!~ her Mawile chimed in as Lorelei sighed looking around. "We'll find our way someway, I hope...."
  8. 10:06:01: <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, NOT A HERP OR A DERP: 19 [1d20=14]
  9. 10:06:02: <Lorelei> 1d20+5 NOT A HERP OR A DERP
  10. 10:08:23: <Paradox> You hear the cries of pidgey and weedles, and a lonely ninjask - the first of the large swarms that will erupt in the forest in the summer.
  11. 10:08:39: <Paradox> But a bit closer than anything else, you hear an odd noise.
  12. 10:08:57: <Paradox> You're not quite sure what it could be, but it seems to be just beyond some bushes.
  13. 10:09:58: <Lorelei> ~Ma, Ma, Wiiile?~ "Yes.... I'm not sure what that is... Let's go find out, come on Pax" ~M... Munch?~ The munchlax and mawile followed after Lorelei as she walked towards the bushes curiously, a bit nervous but she wouldn't get out of this forest by just standing around.
  14. 10:11:33: <Arawn> There's a somewhat plainly-dressed man standing over what is definitely a dead Pokemon. Or, well, hunched over it; he's got some kind of huge scythe that he's busy using to skin a dead Mightyena. Contrary to the questionable scene, there's a Skiploom sitting on his head with a derpy grin that Lorelei can see when it turns to look at her.
  15. 10:12:51: <Lorelei> "..... ugm....... Eeep" was Lorelei's only response with wide eyed. She of course knew pokemon hunting and the like happened, but... Well she hadn't quite found one in the midst of being skinned yet. She stumbled back and over her Mawile as the two went down in a tumble. "Eeek!" ~MAAAAW~.
  16. 10:13:22: <Lorelei> Pax took the moment to try and snatch the backpack but only got a horn to the tummy from Mai, knocking it to the side into a bush as lorelei tried to get back up
  17. 10:15:14: <Arawn> "Huhn?" Okay, -now- the guy seems to have noticed her. He pulls the fur up with himself as he stands up, turning to look at her. The details are spared for the sake of those for those who might look later; but between the bloody scene and the weird gauntlets he's wearing and the scythe he probably looks a little like a reaper or something. "...Oh. It's
  18. 10:15:18: <Arawn> just some chick I don't know."
  19. 10:16:49: <Paradox> Spring floats over towards Lorelei and smiles good naturedly. "Blooooom~"
  20. 10:17:50: Lorelei stood up and brushed off her dress making sure to look Away from the bloody corpse. Mawile stood up next beside Lorelei as Pax finally began to pull himself up out of the bush. She was cheerfully distracted by Spring, smiling gently at it. "Hello little one. A pleasure to meet you"
  21. 10:19:40: <Arawn> Arawn shrugs, letting Spring do the greeting while he shakes the fresh pelt clear, carefully; then begins rolling it up and putting it in a sack. It'll need to be properly treated soon, but...
  22. 10:20:54: Lorelei offered a hand to the skiploom gently with a smile "My name is Lorelei little one, whats your name?"
  23. 10:21:29: <Lorelei> Off behind Lorelei; Mai is holding the backpack up high with her horns. Pax stood underneath making little jumps, his small hands feebly trying to grab at it
  24. 10:22:14: <Arawn> The Skiploom bounces around on her hands with a big grin as Arawn cleans up. "His name's Spring."
  25. 10:23:11: <Lorelei> "Oh, happy to meet you spring. My friends are Mai and Pax. And whats your big scary friends name Spring?"
  26. 10:24:13: <Arawn> "...I'm not scary," Arawn grumbles as he wipes the blood off of his red scythe, singeing the grass he does it in in the process. "And my name's Arawn. You are?"
  27. 10:24:47: <Lorelei> "Lorelei, just passing through on my way to.... Aran Valley? no... Oran I think.... I haven't been there yet"
  28. 10:26:21: <Arawn> "Oh. Well, it's not far," Arawn shrugs, whistling to call Spring back to him. "Need a guard?"
  29. 10:27:01: <Lorelei> "Ugm, I guess. My cousin didn't show up so I figured I would find my way on my own. A guide would be helpful!"
  30. 10:28:14: <Arawn> "Your cousin? ...Who're you related to?" Arawn gets a little closer, leaving the poor dead pooch behind.
  31. 10:29:31: <Lorelei> "Cress and Cedric? I've never met them but they were the names I was told to find" Mai finally seemed to get sick of Pax leaping for the backpack lightly pushing him with her hands to knock him down before walking back over to Lorelei with a disgusted ~Maaaaaw~
  32. 10:31:12: <Arawn> "Cress and Cedric, huhn?" Arawn ends up walking right past her, heading towards one of the paths back to the village. "No wonder they didn't show up to meet you. Those troublemakers..."
  33. 10:31:46: <Lorelei> "Just like my little brother. likely causing trouble or something rather then helping. Siiigh"
  34. 10:32:11: Lorelei gave a pout as she began following after him, her pokemon trotting happily after her as they finally had a clue where to go.
  35. 10:34:00: <Paradox> (roll 1d100 each~)
  36. 10:34:03: <Arawn> "It's just a little ways. Just try not to fall behind, alright?" Spring turns atop Arawn's head to keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn't.
  37. 10:34:04: <Arawn> 1d100
  38. 10:34:06: <DiceMaid-9001> Arawn, 1d100: 22 [1d100=22]
  39. 10:34:10: <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, Must i repeat, NOT a derp: 89 [1d100=89]
  40. 10:34:10: <Lorelei> 1d100 Must i repeat, NOT a derp
  41. 10:35:10: <Lorelei> "Oh okay?
  42. 10:35:21: <Lorelei> You wouldn't know of any berry fields would you? I was hoping to bring a few"
  43. 10:36:07: <Arawn> "Nearby? Not really, but if you wanted to stop by one of the farms you could probably get some?"
  44. 10:37:22: <Paradox> 1d100
  45. 10:37:22: <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d100: 21 [1d100=21]
  46. 10:37:59: <Lorelei> "Sounds tempting, I haven't had any of the local fruits so I was a little curious. I hope they have some sweet ones" Lorelei cheered at the thought
  47. 10:40:44: <Arawn> "They're not bad. You'll probably have better luck than asking some people in this town to cook for you as far as taste goes..."
  48. 10:41:15: <Lorelei> "Oh that's easy, I'm a cook. I guess I forgot to tell you, if you're hungry I have a few 'samples' on me?"
  49. 10:41:30: Lorelei humms happily picking up her pace a little bit to keep near Arawn
  50. 10:41:39: <Paradox> Lorelei feels a bump against her leg.
  51. 10:42:04: Lorelei looks down curiously
  52. 10:43:13: <Arawn> "Not really. I don't know if your fragile little body could take--" he turns to her as he's saying this, and in the process gets distracted too.
  53. 10:43:26: <Paradox> There's a little oddish there, tapping her leg with a leaf.
  54. 10:43:36: <Lorelei> "Yes? Can I help you Oddish?"
  55. 10:43:36: <Paradox> It's using another leaf to hold out two oran berries.
  56. 10:43:42: <Paradox> "Dish dish!"
  57. 10:43:49: Lorelei tilts her head and takes them smiling "Are these for me?"
  58. 10:44:02: <Paradox> "Oddish!"
  59. 10:44:07: <Paradox> It nods happily.
  60. 10:45:15: <Lorelei> "Why thank you very much, that was kind of you. Would you like a snack? I have a few treats on me if you prefer"
  61. 10:45:45: Lorelei puts the berry into a pocket on her apron, smiling down gently at the sweet little pokemon as Mawile walks over lightly patpating it on the head cheerfully ~Maaaaw~
  62. 10:46:14: <Paradox> The Oddish shakes its ... well, body, they don't have much of a head. "Dish dish!"
  63. 10:47:32: <Lorelei> "Okay. Well thank you again. If I can make it up to you please let me know, alright?"
  64. 10:47:47: <Ilya> It nods, smiling!
  65. 10:47:50: Lorelei gently strokes its leaves with a smile, finding the small grass type adorable
  66. 10:47:52: <Arawn> Arawn looks almost amused by this scene.
  67. 10:47:57: <Ilya> This oddish is so happy. Too happy
  68. 10:48:34: <Lorelei> "He?s so cuute isn't he Arawn?" She giggles softly stroking the leaves, but admittedly she wonders why its SO happy
  69. 10:48:55: <Ilya> The Oddish keeps following. :I
  70. 10:49:02: <Ilya> :D rather
  71. 10:49:14: Lorelei turns back to the oddish tilting her head after a few steps "Do you want to come with me?"
  72. 10:49:24: <Ilya> "Odd-ish, Odd-ish, Odd-ish" it chants quietly as it walks.
  73. 10:49:47: <Ilya> It tilts its head back at Lorelei. "Oddish!"
  74. 10:49:50: <Arawn> "...It's not really very interesting to me." Apparently Arawn doesn't do cute. Despite having a Skiploom on his head.
  75. 10:50:42: Lorelei scoops it up, placing it in the crook of her left arm and stroking its leaves "Is that a yes?"
  76. 10:51:16: <Ilya> The Oddish nods. :D "Dish!"
  77. 10:51:44: <Ilya> Spring hugs Arawn's head. He's totally the cuter grass type.
  78. 10:52:29: <Lorelei> "I guess Odi is coming with me, ne Odi?" Lorelei happily pet it's head as she kept following Arawn
  79. 10:53:19: <Ilya> 1d100;1d3
  80. 10:53:20: <DiceMaid-9001> Ilya, 1d100: 80 [1d100=80]; 1d3: 1 [1d3=1]
  81. 10:55:02: <Ilya> (Arawn, how much longer you got?)
  82. 10:55:31: <Arawn> (About... half an hour that might be a touch sporadic)
  83. 10:57:29: <Ilya> Arawn was hunting quite deep in the forest it seems, so you still have a ways to go before you can see town...
  84. 10:58:18: <Ilya> You both hear a loud CRACK behind you as something heavy snaps a branch!
  85. 10:59:00: <Arawn> "...?" Arawn turns to get a good look oh boy oh boy what is it.
  86. 10:59:06: Lorelei spins around quickly with a little eek, as Mai does as well. Pax is hopping along quietly to keep up with the pair
  87. 11:00:05: <Ilya> "Augh!"
  88. 11:00:22: <Ilya> Cedric climbs out of a nearby brush, twigs and leaves in his hair.
  89. 11:01:01: <Arawn> "...Oh, it's just you." Arawn stops midway through getting into a battle stance.
  90. 11:01:09: <Ilya> "Arawn? What are y- oh, hey, you, are you Lorelei?"
  91. 11:01:26: <Lorelei> "You're Cress?" She says looking him over as she tilts her head confused
  92. 11:02:20: <Ilya> "What, no, thank god for small favors. I am not Cress. I am the least Cress person in all of everything. Sorry, he's the reason we were late! And then I guess you were already in the forest, because I couldn't see you on the road anywhere from above."
  93. 11:02:37: <Ilya> "I'm Cedric Sharp!"
  94. 11:03:09: <Lorelei> "Ah. You're my cousin through..... marriage?" Their family was damned confusing as she stepped forward and held out a hand with a weak smile "Lorelei Baker, a pleasure"
  95. 11:05:17: <Ilya> Cedric shakes the hand empathically. "Yep! Welcome to the family, I guess. Thanks for finding her, Grumpybutt."
  96. 11:06:13: Arawn pats Cedric on the back in return. Except it's more like THUMP.
  97. 11:06:31: <Arawn> "No problem, but do your own job next time, Ced."
  98. 11:06:49: <Ilya> Cedric almost falls over because weak girly strength @_@
  99. 11:07:17: <Lorelei> "Mhmmm, if I didn't have a nice walk I wouldn't give you any cookies"
  100. 11:07:19: Lorelei pouts at him cutely
  101. 11:07:38: <Ilya> "I do my own job very well, thank you! Has your mail ever been late? Even once? Maybe during storms? Or the monsoon? Maybe? No? That's right."
  102. 11:07:54: <Ilya> Cedric struts a bit as he walks.
  103. 11:08:11: <Lorelei> "I guess we should be glad Cress doesn't help you with the mail..."
  104. 11:08:18: <Arawn> "Well, I certainly nearly ended up playing guide for -your- cousin--ahahahah"
  105. 11:08:22: Lorelei scritches Odi on the head with an impish smile
  106. 11:08:29: <Arawn> Lorelei cutting in makes him laugh; apparently he agrees with the sentiment.
  107. 11:10:57: <Ilya> Cedric rolls his eyes. "Yeah, well, he's our town medic, and he's pretty good at that, even if he's a greedy ..."
  108. 11:11:04: <Ilya> Cedric remembers Lorelei's age and gender.
  109. 11:11:06: <Lorelei> "Greedy what dear?"
  110. 11:11:08: <Ilya> "... mean person."
  111. 11:11:21: Lorelei flutters her eyes innocently at him "Oh? That's not what the letter said..."
  112. 11:13:00: <Ilya> "... WELL ANYWAY, Arawn here is our local apricorn smith and hunter!"
  113. 11:14:04: <Lorelei> "Ohh. I suppose not. He did introduce me to spring. I'm just a little girl with a sweet tooth. Hence why Pax is always trying to steal my bag, the cookies and the like in it"
  114. 11:14:34: <Lorelei> On that note, Mai is busy fending off the hungry little Munchlax with a put upon look. ~Maw, Maw, ILE!~ ~Muuuuunch~.
  115. 11:15:09: <Ilya> "Munchlax do that. You have to give them tough and proper discipline!"
  116. 11:15:23: <Ilya> Cedric whistles, and a flying Tirtouga comes down through the treeline.
  117. 11:16:08: <Arawn> Spring salutes it back with stubby arms.
  118. 11:16:19: <Lorelei> "It's..... a flying turtle" Lorelei states with a tilted head, a bit surprised.
  119. 11:19:35: <Lorelei> "Weird...." Lorelei mumbles in a bit of confusion. She was definitely impressed though. "Very cool though, weird still"
  120. 11:19:43: <Ilya> Through the branches you can see a sharpedo flying in circles above your current location.
  121. 11:19:50: <Arawn> "Things are a little different out here compared to the city, Lowly; you'll get used to it."
  122. 11:20:37: <Lorelei> "Fair enough. As long as I can have fun baking I won't mind. You look... like a muffin kinda guy"
  123. 11:20:44: <Ilya> 1d100
  124. 11:20:45: <DiceMaid-9001> Ilya, 1d100: 30 [1d100=30]
  125. 11:23:39: <Ilya> Lorelei trips!
  126. 11:24:10: <Lorelei> "Eeek!" She squeals as she trips over something, arms thrust out. While not protecting her face, it does protect the little Oddish in her arms. None the less though..... ow
  127. 11:24:33: <Arawn> "...Hardly." His tastes are not nearly so common thank you--oh wait something's happening again god this girl's feet attract trouble.
  128. 11:25:41: <Ilya> There seems to be a big chunk of ... glass? Huh
  129. 11:25:55: Lorelei gently pushes herself up with a hand spitting out a bit of grass with a blech noise. "Totally not meant for eating...... huh?"
  130. 11:26:14: Lorelei rolls onto her butt in a sitting position as she leans forward to the glass and tries to pick it up
  131. 11:26:34: <Ilya> It's just a big chunk of raw glass, not really shaped into anything.
  132. 11:26:42: <Ilya> As you look ahead in the road, there's quite a few of these.
  133. 11:27:20: <Arawn> "...?" Arawn is curious, kneeling down to get a better look at one.
  134. 11:29:44: <Ilya> They just seem to be raw chunks of glass, in jagged shapes. They're a bit sharp.
  135. 11:31:38: Lorelei drops it and carefully keeps walking after Arawn and Ilya, while she avoided the chunks of Glass. Mawile and Munchlax followed after also a bit careful of the glass.
  136. 11:32:07: <Arawn> (And now that spacetime has been thuroughly shattered by Cedric swaping with someone from another game, I have to vanish I'm afraid D: )
  137. 11:32:12: <Arawn> (Back to work with me and stuff D: )
  138. 11:32:39: <Ilya> ( I will end of a cliffhanger because Lorelei and Arawn are about to BOSS BATTLE ;D )
  139. 11:32:46: <Arawn> (Then we are TBC?)
  140. 11:32:47: <Lorelei> (Nuuuuuuuuuuu)
  141. 11:32:54: <Lorelei> (Oksies :3 )
  142. 11:33:14: <Arawn> (In before this kills me because of Arawn's new armor and my suspicions about the boss' typing)
  143. 11:33:40: <Ilya> As you keep walking, the bits of glass become more and more frequent ... until you reach a big sandy area in the middle of the forest. Strange. There's a ton of weird glass formations here.
  144. 11:34:01: <Arawn> (Yup, am fucked. TO BE CONTINUED)
  145. 11:34:11: <Ilya> As you approach, a large torkoal steps out from behind one of them, and stomps its foot angrily!
  146. 11:34:12: <Lorelei> "Ugm.... is your forest normally littered with Glass you guys?"
  147. 11:34:12: <Ilya> TBC!
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