Dynamic Development mechanics

Apr 19th, 2020
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  1. **********************************
  2. Dynamic Development and how it works:
  3. **********************************
  5. **** Growth ****
  6. - Any 4+ Development province with below 25 Devastation, that is not occupied, blockaded, or under siege, will gain development over time. The development gain is in increments of 20%, shown by a province modifier in the interface. Once the "ticker" reaches 100% the province gains a random point of development, and the ticker resets back to 0%.
  7. - The rate of development gain is modified by Development cost modifiers, Climate, Province Development (provinces under 16 DEV have a lower rate of increase), Devastation, and the owner's Development Efficiency.
  8. - MTTH can vary wildly, but the base MTTH for a 16+ DEV province at ADM Tech 3, with no DEV cost modifiers is 50 years to get a full point of DEV.
  9. - Every DEV cost modifier is in increments of 2.5%. DEV cost modifiers affect auto-Development rate by a 1:-3 factor, ex. -5% DEV cost equals +15% autodev rate. The increase in DEV cost for higher DEV provinces from vanilla has been toned down, as have most DEV cost modifiers.
  10. - Manual Development now costs 120 Monarch Power, up from 50, in return manual developing now decreases Devastation in the province by 40 over 5 years. Basically, Development gain in this mod is split between manual developing and autodeveloping, with the former being best used either to reduce Devastation or to boost a province under 16 DEV so they autodev faster.
  11. - Also, Developing for Institutions isn't a thing in this mod. Instead, there are more options for countries to gain institution progress, that make more sense than just spending mana.
  13. **** Loss ****
  14. - Any province with 10+ Development and above 50 Devastation has a chance of suffering a Famine.
  15. - When the Famine event fires the province loses 20% of its current Development, as well as losing 40 Devastation over the next 5 years. While this 5-year modifier exists the province can neither trigger another Famine nor gain Development Growth.
  16. - MTTH for this event is anywhere from 3 to 40 years, scaled with Province Development, Devastation, and ADM Tech (higher ADM Tech = longer MTTH).
  18. - Any province with one of the following cases has a chance to lose 1 point of Development (Development Decay):
  19. - Over 36 Development and over +15% Local Development Cost
  20. - Over 18 Development and over +25% Local Development Cost
  21. - Over 9 Development and over +40% Local Development Cost
  22. - MTTH for this event is anywhere from 8 to 20 years scaled with Development and Local DEV cost, it basically puts a cap on Development growth relative to the province's "infrastructure", represented by Buildings, Terrain, Climate, etc.
  24. - Certain other events (such as the "Capture of X" event that sometimes triggers when you occupy an enemy province) allow you to commit massacre/enslavement on the province population, these will also reduce Development when they occur.
  26. **** Migration ****
  27. - Any province with 10+ Development and above 40 Devastation has a chance of triggering emigration from that province.
  28. - Once it occurs, the province will lose 3 Development and 10 Devastation, and a random neighboring province will gain 3 Development. If the target province had below 6 Development when the migration occurred, there is a chance that the province culture and religion will change to that of the migrants.
  29. - Each province cannot have emigration or immigration more than once every 10 years, to prevent provinces from depleting too rapidly.
  30. - MTTH for this event is between 5 and 25 years, scaled with Province Development and Devastation.
  32. - Any province with 10+ Development and significantly worse "infrastructure" (Local DEV cost) compared to its neighbors, has a chance of triggering emigration from that province to the neighboring higher infrastructure province, with the same effects as the Devastation Migration event. Local DEV cost is generally affected by events, Devastation, Terrain/Climate, and most importantly, Buildings.
  33. - MTTH for this event is between 20 and 40 years, scaled with Province Development.
  34. - Basically, this event encourages countries to construct -DEV cost buildings like Storehouses, Schools, Clinics in provinces to prevent development from migrating to your neighbors, and to attract development from other provinces.
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