yooniks Jan 12th, 2019 59 Never
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  1. /itemshop give sponsor %name%   <<-- one sa na cala edycje
  2. /itemshop give vip %name%
  3. /itemshop give svip %name%
  4. /itemshop give smoczycasex8 %name%
  5. /itemshop give smoczycasex16 %name%
  6. /itemshop give smoczycasex32 %name%
  7. /itemshop give smoczycasex64 %name%
  8. /itemshop give smoczycasex128 %name%
  9. /itemshop give smoczycasex248 %name%
  10. /itemshop give unban %name%
  11. /itemshop give turbodrop-1h %name%
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