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  1. 01:09] *[user]Nasty Toga Himiko[/user] was in her office finishing up some last minute paperwork. The courts had sent her another victim, another 'patient' for her to 'cure' just like the other girls! Some were harder than others, of course. But it was a task that Toga took due diligence in. Idiots who thought they were people, that they deserved to be free or do whatever they wish with their lives. No, Toga was merely correcting a mistake for girls lesser than herself. Turning those little sluts into shit loving toilets. She had a few brainwashed drones to help her with daily routine and upkeep of the asylum, though most girls who ended up here ended up becoming completely braindead by the time Toga was done with them.
  3. Toga looked at her new files, reading up on her latest patient. Some poor girl they falsely labeled as a kleptomaniac.  Short haired brunette, she looked rather cute. Apparently she had been in for an entire day now, left in her cell since the previous night. "I should go attend to my newest patient." She murmured to herself.
  5. Slowly unlocking the door to the white padded cell, Toga wheeled a cart full of the various 'medical' supplies she would need to destroy the poor trapped girl. She looked over to as she entered, a devilish smile had curled up around her face. "Well hello there! Welcome to the asylum, Miss Makoto. I'll be here to treat your condition. It seems you're not only a kleptomaniac, but you don't believe yourself to be a true and proper toilet. Don't worry, by the time I'm done with you, you'll be cured!" She followed up with a mad wild giggle, knowing the poor girl surely must have seen at least a few of the other 'patients' as she was forced into her room.
  6. [01:21] *[user]Fallen Queen Makoto[/user] had woken up in the sterile padded room the previous day, her hands bound behind her back in a straight jacket, chained to a pipe behind her, that runs from the floor to somewhere above her head, it locked in place with a neck brace, forced to see the sights before her, of other trapped girls, minds already rotted, suckling on their pipes, mewing for filth constantly, to the still unbroken girls horror.                                                                            She spent the rest of that day trying to pull herself into a false sense of hope that this was just a dream, and she'll wake up in bed when she closed her eyes, falling asleep, awakened by the sweaking of the wheels on the trolley, the warden telling her of some bullshit condition she has, not believing her for a moment, unable to voice these hates due to the thick ring gag holding her mouth wide open, her eyes darting around in horror at the other broken sluts in her room, as Toga talked about turning her into another toilet, unable to do anything but weep as the program of torture started.
  7. [01:29] *[user]Nasty Toga Himiko[/user] had a wicked grin on her face as she examined her various tools, making sure she had everything she needed for the poor girl. She grabbed a syringe first, it was filled with some sort of dark purple liquid, it almost looked like some sort of goo. Whatever it was, it was clearly unnatural. "Here we are. Now, Miss Makoto, I'm going to have to make sure you hold still. You still have your bowel and bladder control, and toilets like you really don't need that. So the first order of business is to remove that." She said with an evil look in her eyes.
  9. She tapped the syringe, making sure Makoto could see the contents of the syringe before she grabbed hard around her neck. She knew the poor girl couldn't realistically escape, but she enjoyed the thrill of seeing the helpless girl cry against her touch. She pressed the needle to her flesh, pricking her slightly but not piercing her quite yet. "I hope you're ready, you're going to be much better once we no longer have to worry about washing you, you'll be a natural shit eater in no time!" She pushed her thumb down against the plunger, the thin needle piercing into her neck as she pushed the injection into her poor victim.
  10. [01:37] *[user]Fallen Queen Makoto[/user] eyes the purple fluid within the needle with horror, combined with the vile things it'll do, tether her best to fight against, rattling her restraints, before it was jabbed into her suddenly, unable to do anything but look it horror as the needle emptied into herself, the effects happening almost immediately. she felt her cock start to uncontrollably start urinating all over the place, like a untrained puppy, the warm liquid sending a chill down her spine as she feels her ass start to dialate at the same time, a modest sized turd snaking out of her ass, into a neat pile behind her, the smell of it making Makoto gag, now fully crying, like a child having a accident, horrified by the power this person has over her, and what her fate would be.
  11. [01:44] [user]Fallen Queen Makoto[/user]: (back)
  12. [01:45] [user]Nasty Toga Himiko[/user]: (Welcome back!)
  13. [01:47] *[user]Nasty Toga Himiko[/user] laughed as she watched Makoto's pathetic display. "Jeez! It normally takes at least a few minutes for it to kick in! Ah well, you must be an even BIGGER idiot than the other girls! Don't worry, there's no need to cry. You won't ever become continent again, so you have no need to worry about that! Now. You still have that little pathetic brain of yours, don't you? Let's take care of that.
  15. Stepping away, she put the syringe down on the cart, only now she grabbed a clear jar. It was clearly filled to the brim with insects. There had to have been hundreds in the jar, worms, centipedes, maggots, all sorts of creepy crawlies were wriggling and writhing inside. She slowly unscrewed the jar and opened it. Grabbing the front of Makoto's diaper, she began pouring them out into her mess filled diaper. The little bugs quickly began worming their way up into her ass, and some crawling back out and up her body, going right towards her mouth and nose.
  16. [01:55] *[user]Fallen Queen Makoto[/user] could feel the bugs crawl all over her privates, like 100s upon 1000s of tiny knifes onto her most private parts, feeling the slimy maggots crawling up her gaped asshole, the rotches biting at her cock, crying even more in pain. This is before she feels them climb up her body, over her chest,  unable to scream, as they climb in and around her mouth, some being accidently swallowed, most finding a new home in the sluts open mouth. Her crimson eyes  now gushing with tears of  fear, as she was infested with the horrid creatures
  17. [02:05] *[user]Nasty Toga Himiko[/user] licked her lips as she watched the disgusting display. She had seen it many times before, but it never grew old to the little psychotic bitch. She watched as the bugs forced their way into their victim, surely to infest and make her their new host, a new home. The worms would surely settle within her brain. It would take all of the bugs some time for them to go about their work. "Mm. Now, I have just a few more things before I leave you here for the day, I have many patients you know. Let's see..." She grabbed a strange looking headset, it had a visor clearly design to block the vision of the wearer as well as having several leather straps to hold it in place.
  19. Toga brought it to Makoto's head, forcing it over her head, she carefully secured the straps in place. On the side there was a meter, showing how brainwashed the wearer was. For Makoto, it showed a solid 0%. Flicking the switch, the headset whirred to life, the electrical nodes attached to Makoto's head within the headset. Makoto would only be able to see videos of girls being turned into toilets, girls being broken completely and turned into shit loving sluts. Girls being turned into toilets, being used by normal everyday women, uncaring that they were abusing the poor sluts, and they too braindead to care.
  20. [02:14] *[user]Fallen Queen Makoto[/user] still cried as she was assaulted by the bugs, the idea of being bound like this for another day, half starving, swarming with bugs, filling her with a empty feeling of dread,  before that headset was attached to her head, the hollow feeling growing into a deep almost indescribable state of panic. She felt the nodes to her head zap her as they buzzed to life, now blind like the other toilets in the room, she thought, panicking at the fact she described herself as a filthy, shit swallowing toilet, the bar on the side of the set rising to 2% as she stares at the sights Infront of her, a look of disgust across her face at first, before a indifference spreads, idly watching the screen like it's just another TV show, not knowing the true purpose of the set, thinking it's just a way to pacify rowdy toilets, like herself, the bar rising a few notches.
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