Our Maid is way too Incontinent!

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  1. The bustling morning market customers all turned their attention to the two ridiculously overdressed maids hastily cutting through the crowd of people. Both with goofy smiles drawn on their faces, the two maids currently serving the young Russian-Japanese girl scouted the market for the freshest ingredients to prepare - Tsubame Kamoi eagerly shaking with a blush on her face as she imagined her soon-to-be underage lover enjoying her cooking.
  3. Orbiting behind was Midorin, red in the face as she noticed Kamoi picking up the pace to try and lose her in the crowd of faceless people, her masochist heart fluttering with excitement. Their history in the JSDF was cringe-worthy, as the former First Lieutenant swiftly fell head-over-heels for the transferred Officer - quickly beginning some self-imposed petplay to try and grab Kamoi's attention.
  5. Muttering the notepad's ingredients to herself, Kamoi made quick pitstops to every grocer, picking up enough supplies to feed a family of ten.
  6. <"Is all of this necessary?"> Midorin gulped, struggling to hold twelve of the twenty-five bags Tsubame filled.
  7. <"Of course! Anything M'lady needs, she'll get!"> Her blush reddened, <"The easiest way into anybody's heart - it's through the stomach!"> She nodded with a smug smile on her face.
  8. <"R-Really?"> Midorin shivered in excitement, images of herself with a plate-full of disgusting food shoved back into her face flashing through her head.
  9. <"Hey, don't zone out here, we need to get back before M'lady -"> Looking back at the love-struck masochist, she noticed a girl somewhere around Misha's age, clutching at her skirt - her body red all over as she tightly held her mother's hand. Midorin turns to face the girl, who notices and shrieks, tugging at her mother's sleeve.
  11. The two watched in silence as the mother squats down to meet her child face-to-face, whispering something to her ear as she tugs the girls' skirt - revealing white childish pampers wrapped around her waist. Midorin blinked, but took no second thought, stepping next to Tsubame who continued miring. The mother sighed, patting her small girl on the head before scooping her up and disappearing into the crowd.
  12. <"Poor girl"> Midorin shook her head, letting out a small sigh. Memories of all the times she had to change her much younger brother in public flashed in her head, wondering if that embarrassment could be one of the causes for her deep-rooted masochism. Turning her gaze over to her comrade, her jaw drops - Tsubame was frothing from her mouth, her face red all over, repeating the words <'Cute'> as onlookers gather around her, shouting for an ambulance.
  16. The day after, Misha found herself cornered as the larger Kamoi loomed over her, holding a large, unfolded diaper with both hands.
  17. <"C'mon, try them o~n!"> Kamoi fluffed the diaper in her hands as the smaller girl yelled for help, eventually sneaking between the maids' legs.
  18. <"Bwah! Get away from me, pervert!"> Grabbing her chair, the smaller girl hoped it would deter the maid away.
  19. <"Uwah, think about it, M'lady! Wearing these, you won't have to leave the room!"> Kamoi chirped, rubbing her face against the soft padding. Misha gulped, processing the tempting offer with a deep blush on her face.
  20. <"Ah! No way, you'll just dumpster dive and collect my dirty diapers, you deranged woman!"> She shrieked, poking towards Kamoi with the chair.
  21. <"Dumpster dive? Why I'd never..."> Tsubame clicked with her tongue, <"I'd just bag them up after changing."> The maid blinked a few times as she did rough calculations of just how many of Misha's diapers she'd need to cover her floor with - to roll around.
  22. <"...Seriously!? What is wrong with you..?"> Misha backs away, rolling her eyes - she knows how deranged her maid is, so much so that she's learnt to read her mind when she dozes off.
  23. <"Where's Midorin to control you?!"> She hisses, pulling away towards the wall.
  24. <"The First Lieutenant?" I don't know - she mentioned something about being late..."> Tsubame blinked as the cogs in her head clicked in place. Her face instantly turned sour, as she marched over to the door, causing Misha to flinch and duck behind the chair.
  27. Behind the door, frozen in place, was the white-haired maid, staring wide-eyed back at her. Tsubame sighed, eyeing the girl's new outfit. Her usual maid dress modified, her skirt cut in the middle to reveal the white, oversized diaper tightly wrapped around her butt. A black and white pacifier gagged into her mouth, with a small paw print in the middle and her hands covered by white, cutesy mittens.
  28. The two stared at each other, unblinking, Midorin gradually turning redder until she leapt forward, wrapping her arms around Kamoi who rolled her eyes, trying to pry her off. Misha covered her mouth in disgust, feeling lightheaded at the sight of Kamoi stepping back with the masochist mounted on her, legs locked around Kamoi's hips.
  29. <"Step off."> Kamoi blinked, feeling Midorin rest her head on the girl's shoulder.
  30. <"Nuh-uh."> The First Lieutenant shook her head.
  31. <"M'lady, please dial the police."> She turned to the Russian loli, who nodded while tapping at her phone.
  32. Midorin gulped, slowly sliding off the love of her life, the diaper under her skirt making a satisfying crinkling noise when it made contact with the ground. With Midorin sitting pacified with her legs crossed, Tsubame started circling the other maid with a raised brow, noticing the many other details she'd added to her dress, small things like adding polka dots to her ribbons, highlighting certain colours - a fake doggy tail dangling from underneath her skirt. Midorin's eyes teared up as she let out an unsatisfied sigh, Kamoi was still nowhere near to accepting her proposals of love.
  34. Misha cautiously stepped forward close to Midorin's face.
  35. <"I'll tell you this as a friend - you need help."> She whispered, unblinking. <"That goes for you, too!"> Misha snapped her icy gaze towards Kamoi, whose heart sank.
  36. But the Russian loli flinched and jumped back when Midorin suddenly jerked forward, suckling even harder on her pacifier as the blonde girl shuffled back. Midorin's eyes shining a menacing red as Misha - a preschooler, possibly still wetting the bed, looked down on her degeneracy as the First Lieutenant bounced on her diaper, enjoying the crinkles coming from underneath her.
  37. <"M'lady... I hate to say this, but I think you might've...."> Tsubame tilted her head at the masochist, <"Triggered her."> She added, letting out a disappointed grunt. Misha gulped, watching her baby maid rocking forward like she's on an old-timey wooden horse. However, Kamoi had other intentions, she leaned forward and gave Midorin a small smooch on the top of her head, almost instantly causing her to recoil back and faint, her body shutting down systematically. The two girls watched in silence, speechless at the masochist sleeping peacefully on the floor with a smile under her pacifier.
  40. Misha continued tapping at her phone, legs crossed and resting on Midorin's hip who laid comatose across from her. She occasionally eyed her baby maid, glancing over at the exposed diaper that was just out of arms' reach. Misha even considered taking a photo, after all, spy shots sell well on the internet. Midorin looked surprisingly peaceful while sleeping, making muffled suckling noises in her sleep as Kamoi tiptoed around the living room.
  41. <"Hey."> Misha whispered, clicking with her tongue towards the Officer.
  42. <"How'd you know Midorin would pass out after you - erm - pecked her?"> She blinked, poking at Midorin's diaper with her foot.
  43. <"Well..."> Tsubame crossed her arms. <"One time I brushed past her in the showers, she almost bled out from her nose, the field medic was resuscitating her for almost 30 minutes."> She added, folding some of Misha's clothes.
  44. <"Ah... I see..."> Misha raised a brow, continuing to poke at Midorin's diaper.
  45. <"These look expensive..."> She trailed one of the cosmetic lines drawn on the diaper with the tip of her toe until both girls flinched. Midorin's diapers were decorated with many small comic prints, dyed red with a  yellow wetness indicator going through the middle, obviously some custom-print overseas import.
  46. <"Yuck... What do you think, will she use them?> Misha gulped, rolling her eyes.
  47. <"Oh, I know she'll use them - "> Tsubame sighed, crossing her arms. the <" - The question is when...">
  48. <"No way! What'll we do then?"> Misha blinked, recoiling her foot back.
  50. Tsubame walked over to the girls resting on the sofa, taking a deep breath as that question rang in her head. On the one hand, changing her SO would be one of the most degrading things she'd have ever done, even with her hebephiliac tendencies. However, on the other hand; Midorin would enjoy nothing more than sitting around in her dirty diaper, being denied a clean, fresh nappy - that would be more than indulging her twisted fantasies.
  52. <"We'll cross that bridge when we get there, I'd rather not spend my precious time focusing on Midorin rather than on M'lady."> Tsubame nodded her head, continuing her daily chores.
  53. Oh? A lightbulb lit up in Misha's head, she glanced over to the baby maid and back to Tsubame, connecting dots that would lead to her precious release from this torment. Her genius plan made her giggle menacingly, even glancing over to the warm tea left on the coffee table by her caretaker.  
  54. After snatching one of Midorin's arm, she carefully placed it over the lukewarm tea and slightly angled it - letting Midorin's fingers dip into it. Misha gulped, leaning back against the armrest as she patiently waited for the myth's effect to set in. The looming threat of Kamoi walking past was everpresent, but luckily she was occupied with ironing a pair of Misha's panties. They say the effects take anywhere from 10 minutes to half an hour, so time was not on Misha's side as she sat quietly, poking her fingers together.
  56. But barely a minute after dropping Midorin's fingers in the tea, Misha noticed the muffled hissing noise coming out of her baby maid's diaper. Her cheeks puffed up as the other girl let out a small moan, but continued miring as the wetness indicator slowly started changing colours - the usual yellow lines turning green out from the girls' groin, spreading to the back with the diaper puffing up from the pee. Misha hissed, plugging her nose from the strong scent of urine, somewhat regretting her decision. She quickly removed the evidence and wiped off Midorin's damp fingers, anxiously tapping her foot as Kamoi took notice of the faint smell coming from the other room.
  58. Midorin's face was a joyful expression, her tongue poking out as she rolled over and blinked a few times, catching Kamoi's disgusted expression. She instantly gulped, flinching back as a cold shiver ran down her spine.
  59. That's when she noticed the warm, damp feeling between her legs - her padding thoroughly soaked, even taking her by surprise.
  60. <"You're a real piece of work, you know that?"> Tsubame clicked her tongue, shaking her head.
  61. <"I-I didn't..."> Midorin squeezed the front of her padding, somewhat naughtily enjoying the feeling of her wet diaper - not to mention the glaring eyes of both girls. She hadn't wet the bed since leaving the JSDF and even then,
  62. <"I think it's best for you to pack your things and leave, your very presence is an insult to M'lady..."> Tsubame glanced over to Misha, who had a smug smile on her face.
  63. <"Actually..."> Misha jumped up on the sofa, raising both arms.
  64. <"From this moment forward, you'll be taking care of Midorin as if she was my little sister!"> Misha puffed up with pride, her plan slowly taking root. Tsubame's stomach dropped as eyed her small Master, then looking over at the equally stunned soaked maid. They exchanged looks for a second, then Kamoi hissed and turned her back.
  65. <"M'lady, have you lost your mind? Are you ill?"> Tsubame yelled, crossing her arms. Knowing Kamoi, Misha gambled that she'd follow her every command religiously.
  66. <"Of course not! Now go and change her, it stinks in 'ere!"> Misha chirped, sitting back down with her phone.
  67. <"Kamoi..."> Midorin trailed off, this sudden decision by the small girl was an upside for her, but she felt as though it was undeserved - especially since Kamoi now unnecessarily suffered because of her.
  69. The white-haired girl was about to speak up, when suddenly Tsubame scooped her up, bringing her over her shoulder. Misha yelped in surprise as Midorin's childish heels brushed past her face when Kamoi turned to glance at her. They exchanged looks, and to her dismay, Kamoi had a genuine smile on her face.
  72. Tossing the smaller First Lieutenant over, Kamoi gave the girl a disgruntled look. She blinked a few times, fearing for her life. Midorin watched Kamoi pull out one of the many diapers she'd purchased online, fluffing it up before laying it next to her on the makeshift changing mat.
  73. <"It wasn't my intention for this to escalate - I'm sorry if this makes you uncomfortable."> Midorin cried out a sincere apology, her eyes teary as she buried her face in her hands.
  74. Kamoi sighed, lining all the necessary supplies next to the gothic maid.
  75. <"Well, it did - given our history."> Tsubame, however, gave her SO a reassuring smile.
  76. <"Although, if M'lady commands it, then I have no choice, besides, I believe this could remedy our friendship."> She added, placing the supplies next to the girl.
  77. Midorin gulped, feeling the other girl's hand brush past her soaked nappy. Her heart was barely prepared for the next 5 minutes of masochist bliss, bitting down on her lips as Tsubame started working on her. First came the loud ripping of the tapes, followed by Kamoi slowly sliding the damp diaper from under her, rolling it into a ball and tossing it aside. Many short gasps escaped from her mouth, leaving Kamoi no choice but to silence her by plugging her mouth with the pacifier dangling from her neck. Kamoi took no second thought of the girl's privates and continued the process - sprinkling the powder and sliding the fresh diaper from under her.
  78. Kamoi finished with a small pat on the First Lieutenants' front, who'd almost melted during the whole ordeal, beads of sweat dripping from her when she clumsily hopped off the mat. She'd almost fallen over, but with Kamoi's quick reflexes she'd caught the smaller girl by the ribbon adorning her back, just above her skirt.
  79. <"Just like in the force, although I had hoped you'd grow out of it by now."> Kamoi shook her head, watching the blushing klutz make her way back to the living room with a grin hidden behind the oversized pacifier. For a second she'd considered smacking the girl's padded butt, but perhaps a death in the house would render things grim. Of course, Kamoi was secretly enjoying torturing her SO, glancing over the sewing kit she'd tucked away.
  82. With her two maids now occupied, Misha leaned back in her beanbag chair, enjoying a bag of chips as the game she'd eagerly waited to play booted up. For some time she'd been thinking of different ways this could backfire on her, but each time all of her calculations would round up to zero - this plan was foolproof. Of course, this was if everyone played in character, but to her dismay, a loud knock hit the door.
  83. <"Busy! Leave me alone!"> She screeched, muting the TV's volume.
  84. The door creaked open, and Midorin waddled in, one of Misha's old stuffed bears held tightly in her arms. Her outfit had also changed, no longer was she modelling the modified maid suit, but instead, a black and white onesie, possibly handwoven by Kamoi herself.
  85. <"H-Hey! What're you doing here? Don't you have some maid stuff to do?!"> Misha raised a brow as the other girl sat beside her, peacefully suckling on her pacifier as she watched the draft slam the door. They exchanged disgruntled looks before Midorin removed her pacifier and wiped it clean against her onesie.
  86. <"I'm here to thank you, for letting me indulge in my fantasies for a bit..."> Midorin nodded her head, placing her hand on the smaller girl's shoulder.
  87. <"W-Where's your maid suit!?"> Misha blinked, swatting the baby maid's hand.
  88. <"Well... Kamoi took it upon herself to make me some more 'appropriate' attire..."> Midorin gulped.
  89. <"Wow, just how fast is she?!"> Misha added as Midorin snatched her remote, fumbling as she tried to shut off the TV through her mittens.
  90. <"I believe you should know, your hopes of removing Kamoi from your daily life, well..."> She continued, glaring at the image reflecting in the TV screen. They both shot their looks back, noticing the maid in question dangling from a telephone pole, snapping pictures. Misha was about to scream but flinched as Midorin's covered her mouth.
  91. <"She'll just work twice, perhaps thrice as hard now to meet up with our combined demands..."> Midorin gulped, wrapping her tongue around the pacifier and making her way back towards the door. Before leaving, she turned to Misha once more and mumbled something through her pacifier, nodding, then promptly waddling back into the hallway; leaving the small girl dumbfounded.
  95. Her activities as a maid were still crucial to this household, and even in her current state Midorin sought out to continue her daily tasks - firstly by cleaning the living room. A simple job, considering everything. With the supplies laid out in front, she squatted down to dip the sponge in water and begin removing stains on the window. With her childish diaper wrapped around her waist, hidden by the onesie pushing the diaper up, it hindered her movement. Even with the essentials of basic training in mind, the girl still waddled around like an oversized baby, the diaper under her crinkling with each step. Fatigue quickly set in, only after a dozen steps, she'd stop and question her usefulness as a maid, remember the days she could clear the training course in record time. A bicycle bell outside caught her attention and when she glanced outside; Midorin locked eyes with a bewildered mailman looking at her, white in the face.
  97. Her eyes lit up, she quickly wetted the glass panes thoroughly and began wiping them. Firstly a few individuals had noticed the black and white baby maid cleaning the windows, they'd made eye contact with her red eyes - and she let out a muffled squeal. Others joined in as Midorin continued her daily activities, soaking a mop and cleaning the hard to reach places. Onlookers watched in disgust, eyes glued to the girl meticulously cleaning each plane of glass, sucking joyfully on her pacifier with one hand resting on the back of her padding, squeezing it, enjoying the naughty crinkles. A small crowd had formed, and others soon joined, this scene was so crude that people stopped dead in their tracks to watch, some snapping pictures and others hanging up on phone calls. All of this chatter outside caught Misha's attention, who paused her game to view the crowd of people gathering on her doorway. Her heart sank at the sight of recording cellphones, and she quickly ran over to the living room.
  99. Midorin was glued to the window pane, smushing her padded ass against the glass, teasing the viewers outside by undoing a few buttons holding her onesie together, giving them glimpses of her red diaper. Misha quickly jumped on the maid, pulling their weight to the ground, smashing hard against the wooden floor. Viewers outside collectively blinked, quickly dissipating when Misha closed the blinds all while cursing the other girl in Russian. Kamoi poked her head into the room, whistling at the destruction left by her colleague - puddles of soapy water, sponges and dirty towels left everywhere as Midorin lied in the middle, frothing and shaking violently, soaked with the contents of the buckets. Misha quickly shot up, spitting out the water that had seeped into her mouth - leaving with an angry grunt as she stormed into her room, clothes dripping. Even after all that, Kamoi squatted next to the masochist, checking for a pulse. She shook her head, noting how dirty her outfit was and how she'd need another change, the diaper had ballooned out from the liquids and popped the remaining button holding the onesie in place. She'd started muttering things to herself as Kamoi reached down and buttoned up the onesie, giving a small pat on the girl's stomach - slowly helping her get her footing. When Midorin finally stood upright, half a bucket's worth of liquid spilt out of her diaper, just adding to the pool already forming under her. Kamoi sighed, plugging up the girl's mouth with a pacifier, trying to find time in her schedule to clean this mess the other girl had formed.
  103. Dinner time brought no changes, Misha simply glared at the now presentable maid sitting across the table from her, tightly wrapped in a makeshift highchair's harness. She'd returned to wearing her maid suit, minus the fluffy skirt that stretched down to her knees, instead a pair of plastic panties covered her pampers. The whole house smelled like dish soap, a sickening reminder to the events that happened only a few hours earlier. Kamoi glanced over from the kitchen to the dining table, sighing at the tension between the two. Perhaps her cooking would lighten the mood? Kamoi set up a few pots to boil and a pan or two on the stove - and an additional pot filled with milk for the baby maid.
  104. <"...If I go on Youtube, and see myself there..."> Misha mumbled, tapping away at her phone.
  105. <"I-I'm sorry, I got carried away..."> Midorin gulped, tugging at the plastic panties now covering her designer diaper.
  106. <"That's an understatement."> Misha nodded, checking news under the #obscene tag.
  108. Kamoi happily waltzed into the room, holding a large tray lined with plates of food. Misha's eyes lit up as the perverted woman stacked the plates around her, an original Japanese dish split into eight different parts. Midorin grunted as Kamoi placed the baby bottle filled with milk on the small tray on her highchair. The other maid raised a brow to her reaction.
  109. <"Oh? Not a fan?"> She teased, pouring a cup of tea for herself.
  110. Midorin shook her head, rolling her eyes.
  111. <"That's a shame because I have no intentions of cooking anything for you."> Kamoi tightly grabbed the bottle, bringing it to the other girls' mouth. Midorin quickly covered it - shaking her head. Misha sighed, grabbing all the plates of food and running into her room, looking back to a scene of the two girls on the ground with Kamoi shoving the rubber nipple against Midorin's red face, squirts of milk dripping on her cheeks.
  112. <"Come on, open up!"> Kamoi grunted, using all of her force against Midorin, still trapped in the highchair's harness.
  113. <"No!"> Midorin squealed as the nipple made its way into her mouth.
  114. <"Aha! There we go, come on now."> Kamoi smirked, squeezing the girl's reddened cheeks <"Don't make me spank you!">
  115. Both of their faces reddened up from that sentence, Midorin quickly yielding as the liquid from the bottle started to drain into her mouth and down her throat. Kamoi was shocked with herself, repeating the sentence in her head a few times as she watched the other girl quickly sucked up the bottle dry. <'Just a slip of the tongue'>, is all she told herself.
  116. <"That wasn't that bad now, was it?"> She added, patting the girl's stomach with a warm smile on her face.
  117. <"Disgusting."> Midorin gritter her teeth, Kamoi sighing as she rolled over.
  118. <"Typical Tsundere."> She added, extending a helpful hand that Midorin begrudgingly accepted. Kamoi pulled the smaller maid into her arms, wrapping them around the girls' waist as she crossed her legs around Kamoi's back. Midorin gulped, her heart fluttering as her Officer cheerfully and effortlessly carried her around the house like an infant, keeping her other free hand on the girls' diapered butt.
  120. <"Hey, uhm, I gotta pee..."> Midorin poked her fingers, hoping that Kamoi would sit her somewhere else.
  121. <"Um, alright? I don't know why you're telling me this."> Kamoi raised a brow as she cheerfully danced around the room, mop in one hand and Midorin in the other.
  122. <"Y-Y-You're fine with me going in your -"> Midorin stuttered, her eyes wide.
  123. <"Of course, go ahead."> Kamoi nodded her head, dipping the mop back into the puddle of water.
  124. Midorin rolled her eyes at this new, wholesome Kamoi that was lukewarm to her degeneracy - the satisfaction of her masochism was lost on this new version of Tsubame; however, Midorin enjoyed being indulged for just a bit, even if it lasted a day. She sighed, slowly loosening the tension in her bladder as the yellow liquid slowly dripped out, before turning into a constant stream that quickly soaked through the front of her padding. The wetness indicator quickly changed colours, as the diaper slowly drooped out against the plastic panties, filling them out nicely. Her mind raced, all that petplay she's been practising after leaving the JSDF's gotten her good at peeing on demand, leaving her with a rather niche skill. Kamoi silently enjoyed teasing the other girl, pinching the back of her plastic covers, causing Midorin to yelp and flinch. The sudden shock of the unexpected flinch also made her loosen other parts of her body; she'd let out an accidental backdraft that made her turn redder than tomato puree.
  126. <"Oh? Do you need to go number #2 as well?"> Kamoi cooed, pulling the plastic cover to reveal the bloated pampers, inspecting the back.
  127. <"O-Of course not! Don't even joke about that!"> Midorin shook her head, heart racing.
  128. <"Hey, don't think I don't remember reading your medical file back in the Force, your supplements caused you to develop constipation, right?"> Kamoi patted the girls' back, somewhat reassuring her. <"I'm just wondering if that 'diet' of yours has to do with anything..."> She continued, stepping back into the kitchen.
  129. <"I-I'm telling you, it's fine, I went this morning..."> Midorin sniffled, almost tearing up.
  130. <"Fine, let's check."> Kamoi sighed, sliding the girls' plastic covers off. Almost immediately the girl started protesting, shaking and pulling like a little girl all while Tsubame stuffed the panties into one of her pockets. Midorin squealed as Kamoi undid two of her tapes, letting the diaper droop off on one side. Midorin's heart sank when she saw her caretaker's face change.
  131. <"Tsk, skid marks, you're lying to me now..."> She angrily bit her tongue, taping the diaper back up.
  132. <"I..."> Midorin was left speechless, it's true what Kamoi said; her diet and the supplements she's been taking to maintain her physique have greatly diminished her bathroom schedule. After all, her last longer visit to the bathroom was over three days ago.
  134. Kamoi began warming a teapot to boil, tossing in an unmarked tea bag into it.
  135. <"I slip this tea to M'lady when she's having bathroom troubles, it's a rather dull laxative, but I don't want her noticing its effects..."> Kamoi added, stirring the now boiling mixture.
  136. <"You're even more depraved than me..."> Midorin muttered, resting her chin on her hand as she watched the other girl pour the potion into her bottle.
  137. <"Hey, shush now, you're the one who lived in the kennels for a week..."> Kamoi hissed, bottling off the mixture with the rubber nipple.
  138. <"T-That's a lie!"> Midorin squeaked, but her protest was interrupted when Kamoi shoved the nipple back into the girls' mouth.
  139. The tea shockingly tasted nice, hints of aromatics and with the taste of some unknown herb, Midorin gladly accepted the mix and quickly emptied the baby bottle. Midorin closed her eyes and reflected on her childhood, memories of days when she was the older sister to a baby brother - the jealousy she'd feel whenever he got more attention.
  141. <"How was it? The effect should kick in later, so if you're uncomfortable with letting it out - "> Kamoi paused, pinching the back of the girl's padding. <"You can go to the bathroom if you want..."> Kamoi smiled.
  142. <"I-I'll use my... d-diaper..."> Midorin mumbled to herself, her breathing becoming uneasy.
  143. <"Do as you please, I'll be in the other room ironing. Guess I'll prepare a fresh change for you, then?"> Midorin unhooked from the other girl, barely getting her footing. The First Lieutenant nodded, taking a deep breath when Kamoi left.
  145. The white-haired maid gulped, now left alone, she felt the effects of Kamoi's mystery tea kick in much faster. The pressure in her stomach was now much more apparent to her, yet Midorin chose to ignore it. Messing the diaper, that was still too taboo - even for her. Pushing her fingers under her wig, the girl scratched her temples as beads of sweat rolled down her forehead, her stomach growling like an angry tiger as the pressure kept increasing. Her normality fought for dominance, all she needed to do is move a dozen or so steps to reach the bathroom - yet something was keeping Midorin rooted. Perhaps the same thing that made her wear these ridiculous diapers in the first place - not the love she has for Kamoi or the masochism that drove her all day, but something else. Midorin quickly rolled off the couch, in hopes of not leaking and ruining the furniture, <'I'm more than just my fetish!'> ringing in her ears.
  146. She clenched her stomach, already instinctively leaning forward, raising her butt into the air. Her red eyes lit up, her face turning sour as the first few waves of pain jolted through her. Her butt slowly pushed on its own, a mess slowly filling the crinkly backside of her diaper. She gasped, feeling the weight of her diaper droop down as more of the warm mud filled the space occupying the back and with a final push, Midorin unloaded the rest into her red pampers. The smelly girl had to plug her nose, the noxious fumes quickly spreading through the house - her only hope is that Misha would remain oblivious to the degeneracy happening downstairs. After all, a 33-year-old ex-military First Lieutenant, wearing a black-and-white maids' dress was pushing out days worth of faeces into an oversized, childish diaper.
  148. Midorin bowed her head, blinking a few times. The sagging diaper made sure to remind her just how dirty she'd become, and for a minute she debated simply escaping the household and jumping into a river. She reached back, groping the bulging mess through her diaper, gulping as it spread through evenly with each squeeze. Her mind went blank, and in a moment of weakness, she dropped down with her whole weight onto the stinky mess, causing most of it to spread forward up against her groin. Almost instantly, the shame turned into pleasure as Midorin let out a small moan.
  149. Although, a familiar grunt made her stomach sink and her heart drop - she blinked a few times at the small, looming Russian loli staring at her with wide eyes, white in the face as she eyed the baby maid. Her nose tightly plugged, and with every high-pitched curse coming out of her mouth, Midorin lowered her head further down. Many words latched onto her, she'd known some Russian, and the words <'Idiot'>, <'Pervert'> and <'Disgusting'> rang in her head, causing her to curl her toes as each hit her with a wave of pleasure. That's when the loli snatched onto the girl's arm, pulling with all of her might towards the front door, yelling out even more insults. The grinding feeling under her, the contents of her diaper squishing against her and the hissing from Misha all combined into one large explosion - Midorin came for the first time since leaving the JSDF. She'd completely melted, and Misha noticed it first when all of the resistance dropped, turning her head to a knocked-out First Lieutenant.
  151. Kamoi came running in, still holding a scolding hot iron in her hand to the scene of her SO lying knocked out in a sogging, bulging diaper, with Misha silently suffering in the corner. She blinked a few times, scooping up Misha who was stuck on repeating <'Gross'> to herself and sprinting into her bedroom, tucking the shellshocked girl into bed.
  154. With her focus now on the lying, drooling Midorin; Kamoi firstly wrapped her arms around the lifeless girl, tugging her into the bathroom. Even during basic training, when the rain would cause sewage to rise out into the open fields, the stench was incomparable. Kamoi could only begin her assault by plugging her nose with some toilet paper while unrolling throwaway towels on the ground as she undid the straps holding in Midorin's dress. Neither one spoke a word, Midorin simply accepted that these were some of the last moments she'd be spending with Kamoi and that she's now ruined the innocents of a small girl. But maybe, living behind bars was for the best, it's obvious she's nowhere near to being a functioning adult, spending most of her time as a NEET leeching off of her parents' wealth. The officer simply circled her, glaring at the sight of her sagging padding. Kamoi clicked her tongue, reaching over and undoing the four tapes holding the girls' soiled pamper to her waist. Both gulped as Kamoi wrapped up the toxic waste in a garbage bag, tossing it aside. Next came the wig, and with Kamoi's help, they removed her silver, twin-tailed wig off her head, exposing her tomboyish hair. Midorin was visibly shaking, the cold air in the room biting on her skin. With Kamoi's help, she stepped into the bathtub, her mind completely blank from the embarrassment.
  156. When the hot water hit her back, Midorin couldn't help but yelp - all while Kamoi started scrubbing her; first with the rough side of a sponge, then the soft side, pouring every type of liquid soap and shampoo she could find. Only a few minutes into her bath, Midorin was already looking spotless, but Kamoi continued until every embarrassing spot on her body was wiped clean - also enjoying the smaller girl's moans and grunts. Maybe Misha was right, Kamoi was too cold to her SO, but yet there was still a bit too much awkwardness between them - Kamoi remembering how teary Midorin was when she confessed, then promptly denied. But, as Kamoi finished shampooing the girl's hair, her only hopes were that Misha would forgive the Baby Lieutenant and let her indulge Midorin some more. It must've been one of Kamoi's Misha-related desires rubbing off on another girl since Kamoi rather enjoyed playing mother for a day.
  158. Midorin's sweet hell ended with a hose down with cold water - followed by a final wipe down with towels.
  159. <"You can't wear your wig until your hair dries out, so lets -"> Kamoi's words died out when she switched on the blow dryer, quickly drying out Midorin's natural black hair.
  160. <"Fine..."> She muttered, crossing her arms.
  161. <"We're going to put you back in your pampers - and we'll go apologies to Misha..."> Kamoi added, strapping on Midorin's bra against her small chest.
  162. <"W-What? I thought I went too far."> She stuttered with a genuine look of shock on her face.
  163. <"I'm sure M'lady can forgive you - she's forgiven me for every embarrassing situation I've put her through."> Kamoi gave her a reassuring smile, sliding one of her shirts over the girl. <"That's what I tell myself before I sleep, at least."> She added, leading the other girl to the changing mat.
  166. Misha laid in her bed, unblinking, staring at the ceiling as her mind raced to try and digest all of the awkwardness from today. No way to backfire, huh? Her pets gathered around her, feeling the distress seeping out of her. She sighed, what would her mother say to this? She was open-minded, but this was a bit too much, even for her. But still, her mother welcomed everyone with open arms; she'd always seemed like a saint. Luck was on her father's side when he met her mother all those years back, oh, if only he knew what tragedy would befall on him one day.
  168. Rolling around in her bed, she noticed a crinkling sensation between her feet - lifting the covers, Misha remembered that just this morning, that woman was chasing her around trying to get her into diapers. Misha hissed, kicking the diaper out of her bed, shutting her eyes as she tried her best to fall asleep. Of course, none of that was going to happen as a loud knock shook her room.
  169. <"Misha, are you well?"> Midorin's muffled voice rang in her head, as she gulped.
  170. <"Leave me alone! You two are both fired!"> Misha hissed, crossing her arms and puffing her chest.
  171. Midorin went silent for a bit, leaning her head against the door.
  172. <"I-I'm sorry you had to see that... I went overboard and lost my mind... I hope you can forgive me, please."> Her sincere apology surprised the smaller girl, she'd somehow resonated with those feelings of embarrassment with Midorin, a curious question popping into her head.
  173. <"O-Oi, did you drink that woman's tea by any chance..?"> Misha gulped, blushing.
  174. <"Yeah, never again, huh?"> Midorin chuckled, clenching her stomach.
  175. <"So, it's that woman's fault, huh?"> The loli nodded, letting out a sigh.
  176. Suddenly, Misha's door unlocked, and her blonde head popped out, meeting Midorin. She raised a brow, Midorin without her signature white hair and maid outfit? Unheard of, instead, she wore a slightly baggy shirt and her posh diapers - a simple, yet cute combination.
  177. <"S-Still wearing! Jeez, you're going to get addicted!"> Misha rolled her eyes, blushing at the sight of Midorin's exposed sculpted thighs and stomach.
  178. <"W-Well, your washer ate my panties, so..."> Midorin chuckled, covering her padding with the hanging fabric of Kamoi's shirt and reassuring the smaller girl with a smile. <"I-I'm sorry, I'll come back tomorrow in my usual clothes, everything will be back to normal - I-If you'll allow me, of course!"> Midorin bowed.
  179. <"Psh, fine, you win! Keep that diaper stuff to a minimum - a-and don't u-use your diapers in the living room!"> Misha shut the door, clicking with her tongue.
  180. Midorin was taken back by the girl's sudden hospitality and understanding. She turned to face Kamoi, who stood hidden behind the door, giving the girl a reassuring thumbs up.
  183. <"Well, this it for tonight."> Kamoi said, looking back at Misha's residence, catching the small girl peering through her window and shooting a small kiss towards her.
  184. Midorin sighed, now wearing her usual getup, she'd now felt more comfortable talking to the other maid.
  185. <"I'm satisfied with today, how about you?"> Kamoi sighed, crossing her arms.
  186. <"Well, I'm still a bit nauseous from today's events, my pride's smashed, I'm sure I developed a new fetish..."> Midorin shrugged, <"Must be a Tuesday."> She added, crossing her arms. <"Same time tomorrow?"> Midorin raised her head, giving Kamoi a small smile.
  187. <"...Actually, come here a bit earlier, I'll help conceal that diaper of yours so that M'lady doesn't have to know."> Kamoi winked, giving out a final goodbye with a small smack on Midorin's tush, enjoying the crinkle coming from underneath her skirt.
  188. <"H-Hey!"> Midorin pulled back, flustered as Kamoi waved back, disappearing into the night.
  189. <"T-That woman, I swear... Every time we meet like this, my love for her grows ever so stronger..."> Midorin shrugged, her thoughts trailing off as she waddled towards her home, clumsily trying to keep her movement straight.
  191. [I'll probably write a part 2 after the anime finishes, with hopefully more public exposure.]
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