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  1. How It Works
  3. The money system is not mandatory!
  4. You can drive on the server without ever worrying about earning money and unlocking cars.
  6. You have one aim; become the server legend.
  7. You must feel the same emotions you would feel in real life.
  8. This means that if you ever encounter someone driving a Ferrari LaFerrari on the server, you must react the same way you would in real life.
  10. How does it work?
  11. • Whenever someone joins the server, everything and anything they do is logged. You can verify this by visiting our [insert link]Live Map.
  12. • When you create an account on the [insert link]ACPursuit website, we link it to your steam account, however when creating an account, it is mandatory that the nickname you choose is identical to your in-game nickname. If the names are different, we cannot find who you are, and you may not receive rewards.
  13. • Money is managed through a remote database.
  15. Why would I buy a car from the website?
  16. You will stand out from the crowd! If you are the only owner of a car that can’t be matched in terms of performance, or beauty, such as the world-renowned Lamborghini Miura, you would be the talk of the server! No one would forget you!
  18. Why have a money system?
  19. • Every day, the ACPursuit community is getting larger and stronger. We wanted to give the community something to strive for, something to aim towards, something to create a sense of accomplishment with.
  20. • When simply cruising and racing around with nothing to keep you interested, it gets boring and cumbersome.
  21. • With our money system, we will grow into a thriving community, with all sorts of people from all around the globe!
  23. How do I use this money system?
  24. • You will not earn money until you have an account!
  25. • Creating and linking your account on the [insert link]ACPursuit website will allow you to gain monetary rewards for your server activity. The more you drive, the more you’ll earn!
  26. • Once your account has been created, you may never have to see the website again if you so wish, however we strongly recommend visiting it daily, to check on recent updates.
  27. • There are always a variety of ways to make money, and checking the website is the best way to find out how.
  29. Do you have any mod/DLC support?
  30. In the near future, we will be including purchasable DLC & mod vehicles. We will also have a track rotation feature whereby the tracks rotate between Highlands Long, Black County, and Nordschleife Tourist.
  32. What do I do now?
  33. Create an account on the [insert link]ACPursuit website, with your nickname identical to the nickname you have set in-game, and start driving knowing that you are earning money.
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