White Victims of Black Crime - 0859 - Stephanie Lynn Hummer

Sep 6th, 2019
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  1. 0859
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  4. March 6, 1994
  6. Location: Columbus,OH
  8. Victim(s): Stephanie Lynn Hummer 18
  10. Attacker(s): Jonathan J. Gravely
  12. Description: Stephanie was walking down a street in Columbus,OH, when Gravely kidnapped her. He raped her, before killing her by crushing her skull, then dumping her body.
  14. Link(s):
  15. Gravely is linked to the crime via DNA in 2005 when he was required to submit DNA because of a felony conviction in 2004 for failure to pay child support.
  16. Gravely takes a plea deal that sees the rape charge dismissed. He was sentenced to 25 years to life, with parole possible in less than 18 years 9-2007.
  17. Web sleuths entry. It quotes the part of plea deal article that is blocked by the pop-up (last post on page).
  18. My life of crime entry.
  19. A million points of light entry.
  21. A park is dedicated to Stephanie’s memory 4-13-2002.
  22. Stephanie’s find a grave memorial.
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  25. Hummer surname info
  26. Hummer surname info house of names.
  27. Lynn surname wikipedia entry.
  28. Lynn surname info
  29. Lynn surname surname database.
  30. Lynn surname info house of names.
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