Fallout: Beyond Equestria 182: Black Rose (Part 1)

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  1. [2016-05-25 13:11:56] <Kkat> 3Previously...
  2. [2016-05-25 13:16:36] <Kkat> 2A wind of deathly cold blasts across the sky.  The initial spiritual onslaught of the windigo trio is devistating!  CopyCat, Get_Lost and several of the pegasi feel the worst, most hateful feelings in their hearts bubble forth as ice begins to form in their manes and tails.  
  3. [2016-05-25 13:16:42] <Kkat> 2The pegasi holding Golden_Dream falls into snow deeper than the small mare is tall as ice covers the pegasi's wings.
  4. [2016-05-25 13:16:48] <Kkat> 2But likewise, the resistance shown by many of the ponies is enough to shatter the windigo's coordinated attack.  Now, instead of fighting the group, the windigos begin to target ponies in smaller numbers, avoiding those whose hearts defied them most strongly.
  5. [2016-05-25 13:16:54] <Kkat> 2Shatara pulls Get_Lost and CopyCat to his sides with his wings. He sings along with CopyCat, despite not quite knowing all the words.
  6. [2016-05-25 13:17:00] <Kkat> 2Golden_Dream contemplates and sits down, looking at her friends trying to make peace with the fuckers that had just not previously taken away their agency, trying to sing songs (badly) and trying to force what she felt should just come naturally. And then, she fell. She tried to scramble up, but it was just... Snow, snow everywhere. And the mare underneath he
  7. [2016-05-25 13:17:05] <Kkat> 2Golden_Dream ...with. She deserves to die for holding her captive, she deserves this. So why did she want to help her up?
  8. [2016-05-25 13:17:12] <Kkat> 2Get_Lost having an heart of steal doesn't help fighting with warm feelings, the mare feels the ice and starts losing it
  9. [2016-05-25 13:17:20] <Kkat> 2Noble_Heart waves a wings to the others. "Come close! We must stand together or We shall surely freeze apart." She shudders at the cold briefly and shakes her head. "These ponies are not to be hated or spited. They seek to protect their home, their place in the world. We have come to their place." She bows her head sadly. "We shall do what We can to help them
  10. [2016-05-25 13:17:34] <Kkat> 2as We would any pony."
  11. [2016-05-25 13:17:44] <Kkat> 2Get_Lost realization is now more than always evident in her head. she'll always be get lost, no matter how far she goes. nopony wants to make friends with a mad scientist daughter. so... maybe it's better to just sit and die here... it will be a lot better for everypony
  12. [2016-05-25 13:17:55] <Kkat> 2CopyCat, Golden_Dream and Star Dust (the shy little speedster) find themselves facing one windigo.   Get_Lost discovers herself facing the same one as Major Tripwire and Noble_Heart.  The wounded one faces off against Shatara, Bookwright, Major Bloodstreak and the Enclave patrol leader.
  13. [2016-05-25 13:18:03] <Kkat> 2CopyCat sinks to her knees as the ice takes hold. "Though quarrels arise, their numbers are few, Laughter and singing will see us... through..."
  14. [2016-05-25 13:18:09] <Kkat> 2Bookwright smiles sweetly at the windego. "Aren't you just the sweetest little ice monster?"
  15. [2016-05-25 13:18:16] <Kkat> 2Noble_Heart moves to shelter Get Lost as best she could.
  16. [2016-05-25 13:18:20] <Kkat> 2CopyCat reaches out to her friends through the Bonds she had with each of them, sharing the song she felt inside her heart.
  17. [2016-05-25 13:18:31] <Kkat> 2Noble_Heart waved a wing to Tripwire as well. Though she did not have high hopes to cooperation from the pegasus.
  18. [2016-05-25 13:18:40] <Kkat> 2Golden_Dream frowns, then seems pained as she goes for her rope. With some effort and some knotting, she attempts to pull Star Dust out of the snow and comes face to face with one of the Windigoes. Oh, hi.
  19. [2016-05-25 13:19:09] <Kkat> 2Star Dust struggles in the snow.  "Help!"  Tripwire stares at the wing offered as if it was a foreign thing.  Then flinches back as the windigo lands between him and Noble_Heart.
  20. [2016-05-25 13:19:11] <Kkat> 2CopyCat tries her best to support Golden_Dream's effort to free Star Dust from the snow when the enclave pony calls for help. Her song continues all the while.
  21. [2016-05-25 13:19:16] <Kkat> 2The seond windigo stalks towards Golden_Dream, feeding on all the hate and negative feelings pouring off the mare.
  22. [2016-05-25 13:19:24] <Kkat> 2The last rounds on Get_Lost, seeking to squelsh whatever warmth is left in her heart.
  23. [2016-05-25 13:20:01] <Kkat> 2Get_Lost mutters few desperate words "mom... why you abandoned me..."
  24. [2016-05-25 13:20:01] <Kkat> 2Noble_Heart looks through the Windigo and frowns. "Do not be afraid. We understand that you do not trust Us. We do not blame you, nor do We ask that you do. But We will still say that We would not fight a pony without reason."
  25. [2016-05-25 13:20:10] <Kkat> 2Looking back towards Get Lost and crouching down to wrap a wing around her. "You have not been abandoned. We are here. Friends are near, in the darkest times.  That is what friends do."
  26. [2016-05-25 13:20:11] <Kkat> 2...
  27. [2016-05-25 13:21:06] <Kkat> 2The Colonel frowns as well, but looks to Noble_Heart.  "What sort of service did you have in mind?
  28. [2016-05-25 13:21:23] <Kkat> 2Noble_Heart ponders that. "Well, We have already rescued your patrol from an attack by Windigos. Without Our intervention it is unlikely they would have returned." She tapped her chin. "But We suppose it depends a bit upon what it was you needed."
  29. [2016-05-25 13:22:06] <Kkat> 2She shook her head. "But We are quite used to facing danger in the service of lesser ponies, so We should have no complaints about an arrangement such as that."
  30. [2016-05-25 13:22:12] <Kkat> 2Bookwright thinks, <Noble Heart, do you think the good Colonel here has ever done a combat insertion by teleport...?>
  31. [2016-05-25 13:22:19] <Kkat> 2Noble_Heart tilted her head slightly at that thought. <We would be very surprised if he had. Not many but Our sisters know that sort of magic. And they were not on good terms with the Enclave.>
  32. [2016-05-25 13:22:27] <Kkat> 2Snowdrift nods at Noble_Heart's words.  "Sir, permission to speak."  When the Colonel nods, she informs him, "We would have lost a few good ponies if it weren't for them."
  33. [2016-05-25 13:22:44] <Kkat> 2Bookwright thinks <It's just a thought, but between the two of us we could pull it off. It's just another bargaining chip.> "You've heard our skills, and know what we can do. We fought off a windego before we even met your patrol, you know. I am eager to continue our mission, but I'm not averse to aiding you if it will get us on our path again."
  34. [2016-05-25 13:22:50] <Kkat> 2The conversation is interrupted by a rap on the door.  Irritation flashes across the Colonel's face.
  35. [2016-05-25 13:23:07] <Kkat> 2The Colonel scowls at the griffin, who frowns in return and moves towards the door, pushing past Shatara with a little more force than necessary to reach it.  Shatara oofs and stumbles a little, glaring after and brushing himself off.
  36. [2016-05-25 13:23:15] <Kkat> 2The griffin opens the door just enough to look outside, his mustache twitching.  "The Colonel is in a meeting and is not to be disturbed."
  37. [2016-05-25 13:23:31] <Kkat> 2From just outside the room, you can hear the voice of Major Tripwire.  "Urgent message from the northern scouts,"  the Major's voice says, sounding mechanical through his helmet.  "Inform the Colonel: IT has returned."
  38. [2016-05-25 13:23:33] <Kkat> 2...
  39. [2016-05-25 13:25:11] <Kkat> 2Before the creature can respond, a joyfully mechanical voice rings out from the bushes.  "Finally!  Somezebra who can speak Equestrian!  Yes!  Her name is Mitzi and she's totally alone! ...oops."
  40. [2016-05-25 13:25:19] <Kkat> 2...
  41. [2016-05-25 13:25:21] <Kkat> 2Pink-E cocks its flight pattern like a pony leaning it's head.  "Hey, you didn't think I'd let a friend go wandering around out there alone, did you!?  In the *snow*?"
  42. [2016-05-25 13:25:23] <Kkat> 2...
  43. [2016-05-25 13:27:22] <Kkat> 2Noble_Heart scowls and nods her head in agreement to Ditzy's statement. "We have seen the changeling which replaced you. At the time We feared that perhaps you had come too close to become feral. But you have proof that you are who you claim. The Changeling could not replicate the Element of Laughter, even with their disguise magic."
  44. [2016-05-25 13:27:35] <Kkat> 2She sighs quietly. "We intended to send word of the changelings to Equestria, and word that We were coming to help rescue you. But it seems that now We require rescuing as well."
  45. [2016-05-25 13:27:42] <Kkat> 2At Noble_Heart's words, the ghoul pegasus looks hopeful.  She replaces 'replaced' with a new word: family?
  46. [2016-05-25 13:27:57] <Kkat> 2Noble_Heart nods her head. "Your family is safe. We crossed paths with them on their way back to Equestria. Though the Changeling had Lionheart convinced that it was you, and that you had lost the Element of Laughter in the jungle. But they were alive and well when We saw them. By now they are likely back in the NCR."
  47. [2016-05-25 13:28:07] <Kkat> 2"They fear losing you, though perhaps not in the way they actually have."
  48. [2016-05-25 13:28:20] <Kkat> 2Ditzy Doo throws her hooves (and what's left of her wings) around Noble_Heart in an enthusiastic and thankful hug.  She actually manages to ooze tears of joy.  That someone would come after all this time and bring her good news, news of her family... it is more than she could have wished for.  Noble_Heart's words have filled her with joy.
  49. [2016-05-25 13:28:25] <Kkat> 2Noble_Heart gently wraps a foreleg around Ditzy Doo, holding her close. It was perhaps not the best news, but at least it was a reason to know that those she cared about were safe for the moment.
  50. [2016-05-25 13:28:27] <Kkat> 2...
  51. [2016-05-25 13:30:09] <Kkat> 2Beneath Noble_Heart, Roam is a huge, sprawling metropolis build over several hills and the surrounding valleys.  Around the city, she can see a great black ring that surrounds the entire city, like a shadow burnt permanently into the ground.
  52. [2016-05-25 13:30:20] <Kkat> 2 Noble_Heart looks down at the strange scorches. That was... Odd. And worrying. No doubt there were dangerous things lurking in those shadows, things she did not wish to meet. She flew higher until even the clouds were beneath her hooves. Finally beginning to head in the direction of the marker.
  53. [2016-05-25 13:30:43] <Kkat> 2At such a height, Noble_Heart can barely feel the radiation suffusing the land below her as she passes over the Anulus Mortis.  But what little she can feel is wrong, like nails on the chalkboard of her being.  
  54. [2016-05-25 13:30:54] <Kkat> 2Noble_Heart shudders as she pushes past that land. Something horrific happened there. It was surprising that the entire city didn't feel like... Whatever that was. Someone had unleashed a powerful megaspell here, and doubtless the landscape still bore the scars. A form of megaspell so deadly and horrific that even an alicorn would fear its radiation.
  55. [2016-05-25 13:31:06] <Kkat> 2The thought of such a thing made shivers run down her spine.
  56. [2016-05-25 13:31:08] <Kkat> 2...
  57. [2016-05-25 13:31:40] <Kkat> 2Shatara dives back downward. >GIANT FRICKIN SKY BATTLESHIP<
  58. [2016-05-25 13:31:57] <Kkat> 2Golden_Dream  "They're ready to speak like I'm ready to listen. Fire it up, Get!"
  59. [2016-05-25 13:32:03] <Kkat> 2There is a staggering flash, and Golden_Dream finds herself back on the /Shadowbolt/, along with her friends.  Captain Wameli and Mwana appear on the deck of the /Cutlass/, along with Jugeote, Kifaa and the pirates who flew over to welcome them back.  
  60. [2016-05-25 13:32:10] <Kkat> 2CopyCat blinks as she receives the replies. Her eyes are a bit wider when they open again. "Y-yeah, it's Enclave. Shatara reports: GIANT FRICKIN SKY BATTLESHIP!"
  61. [2016-05-25 13:32:16] <Kkat> 2Pan floats in the air between the ships.  "Don't say I never did anything to help."  Then grouses, "Again..."  He looks upwards at the clouds and shouts, "AND THEY WERE JUST MAKING PROGRESS!"
  62. [2016-05-25 13:32:23] <Kkat> 2Get_Lost gets to the helm and starts gaining altitude "do not power up the wepons for any reason. i don't know if a spirit can beguile the sensors of a battleship"
  63. [2016-05-25 13:32:33] <Kkat> 2Pink-E bobs up.  "Hey, look on the bright side.  Maybe they're just here to bring Mitzi her stuff back!"
  64. [2016-05-25 13:32:41] <Kkat> 2CopyCat blinks again as she finds herself and her friends back on their ship. "I hope Pink-E is right!"
  65. [2016-05-25 13:32:51] <Kkat> 2Mitzi growls. "Uh'\ll be takeen more den ur collar back eef uh get up dere."
  66. [2016-05-25 13:32:56] <Kkat> 2Bookwright "Time to find out just how good at subterfuge this airship really is."
  67. [2016-05-25 13:33:05] <Kkat> 2A patch in the storm clouds darkens.  
  68. [2016-05-25 13:33:10] <Kkat> 2Golden_Dream  cranes her forelegs up to Pan and attempts to plant a kiss /right/ on his lips. "Thank you /so/ much." She then swiftly gets ready. "Alright, ladies, gentlecolts. Fasten yer' seatbelt, this is gonna be bumpy!"
  69. [2016-05-25 13:33:20] <Kkat> 2Two large, black stormclouds descend from the rest of the storm, bristling with barely-contained electricity.
  70. [2016-05-25 13:33:28] <Kkat> 2Between the stormclouds comes the body of the Enclave Remnant's Raptor.  The huge ship is like a bogeyman from the past.  It looks constructed from the scavenged corpses of fallen Raptors, but retains all the terror of the original dragon-killers.
  71. [2016-05-25 13:33:34] <Kkat> 2...
  73. [2016-05-25 13:33:51] <Kkat> 2"WE INTEND NO HARM TO THE NATIVE POPULACE.  DO NOT INTERFERE."
  74. [2016-05-25 13:33:52] <Kkat> 2...
  75. [2016-05-25 13:34:08] <Kkat> 2Pink-E noddlebobs.  "That's it.  Look on the bright side!"  She adds helpfully, "Like, if the whole weather thing went as far as Shattered Hoof Ridge, it probably went as far as Roam too.  So it could be worse, cuz it could be the Imperials who came looking."
  76. [2016-05-25 13:34:14] <Kkat> 2Noble_Heart frowns at that prospect. She ruffles her feathers. "That... Is a disturbing thought. Actually a worrying one. Why -aren't- the Imperials here looking into this?"
  77. [2016-05-25 13:34:21] <Kkat> 2...
  78. [2016-05-25 13:34:41] <Kkat> 2Mwana's voice cuts through the air, coming from the speakers of the /Cutlass/. "Thank you for your concern, Equestrians. We regret to inform you that your trip was probably wasted. The magical anomaly responsible for the disturbances has already been dealt with," he announces to the Enclave warship. "But... do feel free to take a look around for yourselves."
  79. [2016-05-25 13:34:53] <Kkat> 2Get_Lost says, "well, they seem to know what battles are worth fighting"
  80. [2016-05-25 13:34:58] <Kkat> 2Bookwright confers with the others. "You know, it'd be swell if we could snooker them into helping deal with Roam. I mean... that is what the Enclave's job used to be, right?"
  81. [2016-05-25 13:35:03] <Kkat> 2Noble_Heart frowns. "And the reason they left, because apparently fighting the zebras was 'not their problem' any more."
  82. [2016-05-25 13:35:07] <Kkat> 2Get_Lost "the only thing that worries me is that they won't be happy to see other ponies around here, especially us... we should stay hidden, maybe?"
  83. [2016-05-25 13:35:13] <Kkat> 2Shatara ponders a little. "We'll have to see how things go. That's a lot of firepower there. Be good if we could get it on our side..."
  84. [2016-05-25 13:35:20] <Kkat> 2Golden_Dream  furrows her brow and watches through her binoculars. Watches carefully.
  85. [2016-05-25 13:35:21] <Kkat> 2...
  86. [2016-05-25 13:37:09] <Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session One Hundred and Eighty-Two: Black Rose (Part 1)
  87. [2016-05-25 13:37:17] <Kkat> 3--- Session Begins ---
  88. [2016-05-25 13:37:50] * Get_Lost leaves the helm giving it back to shatara "here you go"
  89. [2016-05-25 13:41:06] * Golden_Dream  puffs through her nose, still watching though binoculars. "I have the CRUX. That there's a thing that can go down to it. If this goes violent, gimme reasons not to use it."
  90. [2016-05-25 13:47:37] * Get_Lost shrugs "if i get caught in range, it will fry the robotics that keep me alive, but if you are avoiding a zebracyde, i allow you to"
  91. [2016-05-25 13:47:43] * Mitzi snorts. "Dey probly desurve everyting yu can use und more."  
  92. [2016-05-25 13:50:48] * Get_Lost "also, maybe whatever we did in the past changed something in the present? we should investigate, first"
  93. [2016-05-25 13:51:01] * Bookwright "Whether they deserve it is less important than the limiting of choice that comes with using it. I'd rather get the Enclave to work with us than have them fight us, or at best pack up and go home."
  94. [2016-05-25 13:52:11] * Bookwright shakes his head. "The time we went back to was so completely full of chaos and destruction and darkness, we almost certainly had no effect on the timestream besides the obvious."
  95. [2016-05-25 13:52:19] * Shatara shrugs as he drives the ship. "Trying to sniff out space-time inconsistencies would take too long. We've got pressing problems."
  96. [2016-05-25 13:55:28] * Get_Lost "okay, so what? we simply wait for them to leave?"
  97. [2016-05-25 13:58:05] * CopyCat adds, "The Elements of Harmony themselves could not have existed without our presence in that time. I think we were always destined to be there, at that very moment." CopyCat rubs her mane. "Time travel makes my head hurt..."
  98. [2016-05-25 14:02:24] * Golden_Dream  rubs her head. "Fer' now, let's pretend that it never happened. There's Enclave about. Let's sneak on and make our presence known. Or, y'all do. I'll be with th' bomb with a hammer fixin' t' strike it."
  99. [2016-05-25 14:02:29] <Little_Gloom> 3A door slides open in the hull of the Raptor, and pegasi encased in black carapace armor start leaping from it, one-by-one.  They fall a little ways, clearing the thunderclouds, and spread their wings.  
  100. [2016-05-25 14:03:49] * Get_Lost "if they get too close they will see us, i suggest gaining altitude, then dropping the cover from a safe distance and approach hailing them, if we want to make a contact"
  101. [2016-05-25 14:04:36] <Little_Gloom> 3Soon, a flock of pegasi are flying in formation, swooping down towards the airships of the pirates.
  102. [2016-05-25 14:05:11] * Get_Lost "want me to operate the radio and open frequencies?"
  103. [2016-05-25 14:05:44] * CopyCat nods quickly. "Yes, do so, Get!"
  104. [2016-05-25 14:07:54] <Little_Gloom> 3The pegasi formation splits, breaking into two smaller ones.  One dives towards the lake.  The other banks, aiming towards the /Cutlass/.
  105. [2016-05-25 14:09:08] * Shatara ponders as he assembles his proper nutcracker, just in case. "Maybe we should impress on them the importantce of not starting a shooting war...?"
  106. [2016-05-25 14:10:08] * Golden_Dream  taps the bomb. "I think this'll do it."
  107. [2016-05-25 14:10:08] * Bookwright "That sounds like an excellent idea."
  108. [2016-05-25 14:10:40] * Get_Lost "alright. bookie, are you going to be the voice?" turns on the radio and starts scanning frequencies
  109. [2016-05-25 14:10:43] * Shatara frowns a little. "That sounds like starting a shooting war..."
  110. [2016-05-25 14:11:12] * Bookwright flushes. "N-no, please... You're better than me."
  111. [2016-05-25 14:14:27] * Get_Lost frowns "i'm not, and you know it. anyway, i'm calling them before things happen"
  112. [2016-05-25 14:25:18] * Bookwright practices what he's going to say. "Attention Enclave Remnants: Please do not shoot at us with your terrifyingly large guns."
  113. [2016-05-25 14:25:49] * Get_Lost open a communication channel on a pipbuck compatible frequency and starts transmitting "This is sixth class freelance scout vessel shadowbolt. please reply. repeat. this is sixth class freelance exploration vessel shadowbolt. please reply"
  114. [2016-05-25 14:29:15] * Get_Lost "message for enclave flottilla. this is sixth class freelance exploration vessel shadowbolt. do you copy?"
  115. [2016-05-25 14:29:44] <Little_Gloom> 3A voice crackles over Get_Lost's frequency.
  116. [2016-05-25 14:30:47] <Little_Gloom> 6>> This is the Enclave Loyalist Remnant Raptor New Cumulus.  We read you, Shadowbolt. <<
  117. [2016-05-25 14:32:45] * Get_Lost offers the microphone to bookie "all yours"
  118. [2016-05-25 14:33:43] * Bookwright coughs. "Erm. Please do not shoot us, or any of the local zebras, with your terrifyingly large guns."
  119. [2016-05-25 14:34:14] * Get_Lost nods. that was straight to the point. it always works
  120. [2016-05-25 14:36:01] * Bookwright "Also... Uh. How do I put this...? We need your help. The Empire of Roam has a new Caesar, and he is currently moving to subjugate or wipe out the local zebras."
  121. [2016-05-25 14:38:20] <Shatara> "Should we mention that the Emprah is probably an evil bugpone imposter who probably wants to conquer Equestria next?"
  122. [2016-05-25 14:38:51] * Bookwright stage whispers "Maybe? Do you think it would help?"
  123. [2016-05-25 14:39:47] * Get_Lost "not sure about that, but probably. lets see what they say"
  124. [2016-05-25 14:44:41] <Little_Gloom> 6>> Freelance Scout Shadowbolt: it is not our intention to start a conflict.  As we have already explained, we are here for the good of all Equestria. <<
  125. [2016-05-25 14:44:55] <Little_Gloom> 6>>  ...and whatever you call the zebra lands. <<
  126. [2016-05-25 14:45:54] * Golden_Dream  chuckles under her breath. "Buuuuuull. Shit."  Louder, this time for the mic. "Y'all familiar with a stallion named White Lightnin'?"
  127. [2016-05-25 14:47:47] <Little_Gloom> 6>> Is that a Loyalist?  What is his rank and station? <<
  128. [2016-05-25 14:49:28] <Golden_Dream> "Was a Corporal with the MP. Told me that he had th' stuffin's fer a Shadowbolt, back in th' day."
  129. [2016-05-25 14:51:33] <Little_Gloom> 6.+-+\
  130. [2016-05-25 14:52:18] <Little_Gloom> 6;
  131. [2016-05-25 14:57:59] <Little_Gloom> 6>> I do not believe there is anyone of rank by that name serving aboard this ship.  What is this about, Freelance Scout Shadowbolt? <<
  132. [2016-05-25 14:59:11] * Golden_Dream  smacks her lips. "Nothin'." She responded, seeming a tad grim. "Jus' as an aside."
  133. [2016-05-25 14:59:21] * Get_Berry asks for the microphone again
  134. [2016-05-25 14:59:35] * Golden_Dream  tosses the mic to Get.
  135. [2016-05-25 15:01:41] * Get_Berry "sorry for the interruptions. the main point is that we have mostly assisted to what happened here. your readings were about a phenomenon of zebra magic. you should have a similar event from a few days ago a little far from here"
  136. [2016-05-25 15:03:32] * Get_Berry "the zebra vessels in this area are one of two warring factions in the area. they are not hostile to ponies, but there is a second faction, possibly hostile, that could arrive. we wanted to warn you"
  137. [2016-05-25 15:05:33] <Little_Gloom> 6>> Do you have reason to believe this second faction would interfere with Enclave Loyalist operations, or present a danger to pegasi lives? <<
  138. [2016-05-25 15:07:37] * Get_Berry "their reasons are not immediate. but they lost one of their large vessels not long ago and are looking for this faction. the readings of the phenomenon you are investigating were very strong, they could be on their way here. with a large fleet, possibly. mostly balloon vessels armed with various guns. very variable firepower, but swarming"
  139. [2016-05-25 15:09:57] * Get_Berry "oh, and they usually attack first and then ask questions. usual stuff: territorial, guided by a supreme monarch, we witnessed massive use of necromancy spells and various degrees of spirit magic"
  140. [2016-05-25 15:12:41] * Golden_Dream  adds, "And they're also shapeshifters n' eat love, n' want to take over Equestria by killing and assumin' th' role of high rankers."
  141. [2016-05-25 15:13:34] * CopyCat adds, in a clear voice to try and minimise the confusion from having multiple speakers, "The second faction, the Empire of New Roam, present a great threat to pegasus and pony lives. They previously dispatched a Leviathan class flying battleship to this area. It was defeated through sabotage, however we believe there are others still left in their fleet."
  142. [2016-05-25 15:25:51] <Little_Gloom> 3The Raptor's comms are silent for a bit.  Then Golden_Dream, Get_Lost and Shatara all pick up chatter on the military frequency again as the Comms Officer reports what they have just learned back to... somewhere.  
  143. [2016-05-25 15:27:29] * Get_Berry doesn't interfere and waits
  144. [2016-05-25 15:28:34] <Little_Gloom> 3The launch bay of the New Cumulus grinds open.   An Enclave skytank launches, escorted by two lightly-armored pegasi.  
  145. [2016-05-25 15:29:22] <Little_Gloom> 3As soon as the skytank leaves the bay, the massive door begins to close again.
  146. [2016-05-25 15:32:33] <Little_Gloom> 3Shatara recognizes the shimmering contrail of one of the pegasi accompanying the skytank.  It's Star Dust.
  147. [2016-05-25 15:38:49] * Shatara chirps inquisitively, using his scope for a better look. "I think that's one from the patrol we saved back in the mountains..."
  148. [2016-05-25 15:41:13] * CopyCat gasps, peering towards the enclave-specks in the distance and seeing absolutely nothing. "Oh!"
  149. [2016-05-25 15:41:50] * Get_Berry mutes the microphone waiting for a reply
  150. [2016-05-25 15:43:44] * Golden_Dream  huffs. "Tell Star Dust that the Caravan crew said 'hello'."
  151. [2016-05-25 15:44:30] * Get_Berry sighs "we don't want them to recognize us. i muted the microphone, we are just on listen now. so, what now?"
  152. [2016-05-25 15:45:55] <Little_Gloom> 3Something Get_Lost is watching for flashes briefly on her visor.  A signal, both abrupt and encoded.  There is no encryption that her software can break; instead the message itself is a quick flurry of tonal sounds.  There is no clear source for the broadcast, but it is on one of the frequencies she is monitoring.
  153. [2016-05-25 15:46:58] <Little_Gloom> 3The New Cumulus responds simply:
  154. [2016-05-25 15:47:22] <Little_Gloom> 6>> Thank you, Freelance Scout Shadowbolt. <<
  155. [2016-05-25 15:52:02] * Get_Berry opens the microphone "glad to be useful" then closes the microphone again "guys, there could be bad news. i got a signal on one of the empire frequencies. it was crypted and very short, but in range. i couldn't detect the source: too short"
  156. [2016-05-25 15:53:45] <Little_Gloom> 13Pink-E spins around.  "That's strange.  I don't seeeeeeeee an Imperial ship!"
  157. [2016-05-25 15:53:52] * Get_Berry opens microphone again "we will be observing the zebras in the area for a while. if you need us for any reason, use this frequency"
  158. [2016-05-25 15:54:19] * Get_Berry "shadowbolt, closing"
  159. [2016-05-25 15:54:40] <Little_Gloom> 13Pink-E then oohs.  "Maybe the signal is coming from the Enclave ship and it's already infiltrated and full of bug-pegasuseses."
  160. [2016-05-25 15:54:51] * Get_Berry mutes the microphone again "yeah, they could have somepony aboard, or it could be among the pirates. who knows..."
  161. [2016-05-25 15:55:15] <Little_Gloom> 13Pink-E thinks aloud, "Ooooor maybe it's coming from one of the pirate ships cuz they're secretly traitors!"
  162. [2016-05-25 15:56:09] <Little_Gloom> 13Pink-E finishes speculating wildly with, "Or maybe they've got another invisible ship and they're actually right above us staring at us RIGHT NOW!"
  163. [2016-05-25 15:56:24] * Bookwright "I think we should find the Imperial ship right now... So I'm going to try my records locating spell. Maybe we'll luck out and I'll find a glob of documents floating in thin air."
  164. [2016-05-25 15:57:16] * Bookwright steps out onto the f'c'sle and visibly untenses, focussing his magic.
  165. [2016-05-25 15:57:19] * Shatara glances around for secret invisible bugpone spaiships in a paranoid fashion
  166. [2016-05-25 15:59:14] <Little_Gloom> 3Neither Shatara nor Bookwright spot any invisible airships.
  167. [2016-05-25 16:01:10] * Bookwright returns from the f'c'sle, looking slightly tired. "Nothing. Just the airships we already know about."
  168. [2016-05-25 16:24:56] * CopyCat was far too busy thinking about what to say to Star Dust when they met up and got a chance to catch up to be looking around for invisible airships. You couldn't /look/ for invisible airships anyway. They were invisible!
  169. [2016-05-25 16:27:42] * Bookwright "You're right. We can't. But we can inform the Enclave about it, and we can all be more cautious."
  170. [2016-05-25 16:36:25] <Little_Gloom> 13Pink-E asks, "Sooo... if secret hidden Imperials here just sent a message, what's the chance that message is, 'Hey, everything's fine here.  Nothing to worry about.  Oh, and bring lots of cake, cuz there are new friends and we need to throw them a super awesome welcoming party'?"
  171. [2016-05-25 16:38:36] * Bookwright "Probably zero. Get Lost, did you record that signal? Can we give it to the Enclave? I mean, they fought Roam tons of times. They might know how to crack the code."
  172. [2016-05-25 16:39:22] * Shatara hmms. "It seems unlikely they'd be collaborating...but we don't know they arent..."
  173. [2016-05-25 16:51:57] * Bookwright "Well... We trust Star Dust at least, right? Maybe we should approach her first."
  174. [2016-05-25 16:54:46] * CopyCat nods at Get_Lost to open the mic again before broadcasting. "This is Freelance Scout Shadowbolt. We just picked up a strange encoded signal sent on another channel as you were signing off. We suspect Roam has this area under surveillance. Did you detect a similar signal, Over?"
  175. [2016-05-25 16:58:01] * Mitzi sighs, knowing there was little she could do to help her friends now. Her trouble standing up on an airship aside, she had no knowledge of codes or signals or radios beyond listening to them
  176. [2016-05-25 17:00:23] <Little_Gloom> 3--- End of Session ---
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