Zombie dream - epic shit

Mar 15th, 2013
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  1. 100 people herded up on buss's during a zombie outbreak. Taken to a large secure site. Told to leave our bags in the large reception room and make our way into the hall. One very large rectangular featureless hall.
  3. Small steel door in one far corner. I gather a group of people that look useful. We stand around the door, I pick te lock and open it. Immediatly we are noticed, but i see te room beyond is very small and would only hold two dozen people max. THere are also supplies, but far to little to feed a hundred people.
  5. We rush in, slam the security door, one or two make it inside with us. Immediately we brace the door shut using some sledgehammers and tools from room. And I pick the lock closed again. the small 'safe room' also connects via a hallways to the reception room, we collect our bags etc, but a steel shutter covers the main entrance.
  7. After a few days the people in the other room begin to run out of supplies. Shouting, cursing us through the steel door.
  9. We discover that one wall of the small room is actually just a piece of plywood, painted and propped against the wall behind. There is another security door in this wall, with glass panels. We can see the outside now. The lock is simple, I could have it open in no time. "were saved!, finally we help the other people, let them through to the outside".
  11. Wait...wait just a moment. Think about what we did to them? left them in that hall to slowly die of thirst, as soon as we open that security door tey won't listen to us, they will stampede in here and kill us and take the food.
  13. Either we take all the supplies we can carry, and get out of here. And leave them. Or, maybe we could open the door to the outside first, then unlock the steel door. And just leave, the lock hardly makes a sound when it turns. They wouldn't at first know it was unlocked. But Im positive once they get desperate they will try to break it down again.
  15. Just as we are pondering this i see a high vis jacket, a guy riding a bike over to the main entrance hall.....awestruck i say "that's him, they guy that brought us all here". Why the fuck would be leave us here with no food/water?
  17. Another member of the group grunts, maybe it was an experiment. To see if we could work together as one large group, if we had shared out all the provisions in this room, it would have been enough to keep 100 alive until today, until he returned. AN experiment? now? during the fucking zombie apocalypse, that's bs.
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