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Sep 15th, 2022
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  1. NEW
  3. - Added sandbox option to disable Fake Dead Reanimation.
  4. - Added sandbox option that allows Corpse Maggot spawning to be disabled or limited to corpse inventory.
  5. - Added sandbox option that allows poisoning food to be disabled, or for poisoning food with bleach to be disabled.
  6. - Added sandbox option to disable the Tainted Water Tooltip/Warning for Hardcore Play
  7. - Added sandbox option for enabling/disabling XP multipliers affecting passive skills, which is false by default.
  8. - Added sandbox option that prevents survivor vehicles from spawning.
  10. - Added "Randomize" options to Zombie sandbox options for Memory, Sight, and Hearing.
  11. - Added loot rarity settings "Incredibly Rare" and "None", as well as a "Super Low" option for Fuel Pump content.
  13. - Items from table stories/randomized stories/etc will still spawn when loot rarity is set to none.
  15. - Renamed Item "Weight" to "Encumbrance" in the UI and context menu.
  17. - Added an Accessibility Option that makes the player character automatically walk to a click container within a short radius of 3 tiles.
  18. - Added the ability to set custom "Good" and "Bad" highlighting colours in the Accessibility Options menu. This is applied to things like traits, tooltips, and the aiming outline.
  19. - Added an option to bind "Walk To" to a key instead of having to go through the RMB menu.
  20. - Added highlighting to clicked Crates so it's easier to tell which crate is selected.
  21. - Added a Context Menu entry that enables/disables Auto-Drink.
  23. - Resolutions higher than 1440p will have their zoom levels adjusted to allow closer zoom-in, bringing it more in line with lower resolutions.
  25. - Disabled the Randomized Survivor Safehouses from occurring in instances where a building has over 10 rooms or is a spawn location.
  26. This also means the Toilet Paper story is now disabled in buildings that have over 10 rooms or are spawn locations, which will likely reduce the amount of Reddit posts about it by 50%.
  27. - Added a check to prevent any of the randomized burnt building stories from occurring if the building is a spawn location.
  29. - Added "HasMetal" tag for items. This tag was added to food and water items in metal containers, which will now set microwaves on fire when microwaved.
  31. - Added the ability to destroy only one wall when selecting corner walls.
  32. - Replaced the bucket world static model textures with metal icons and textures and not plastic ones, as buckets are now metal and not plastic.
  33. - Updated the BucketEmpty and BucketWaterFull scripts with tooltips and IsCookable to reflect that they are now metal and not plastic.
  34. - Changed the icon of the Watering Can With Water to match the Empty Water Can and the Watering Can models.
  35. - Added a stale tooltip for perishable food to display, when appropriate, that such food is neither fresh nor rotten.
  36. - Added tooltip to Club Hammers and Mallets explaining that they are unsuitable for driving nails.
  37. - Flatpack model is applied to movable items that use the Flatpack icon.
  38. - Made more food items capable of being added to tacos and burritos.
  39. - Bell Pepper can now be added to Stews.
  40. - Added a check so cooked eggs cannot be used for inappropriate non-evolved recipes.
  42. - Trash tiles (Movable items) and Plastic Bags can now be used as tinder and fuel for fires.
  43. - Changed the Sawed-off Shotgun recipes to only use the hacksaw, and not the garden saw; a wood saw would be unable to cut through the metal barrel of a shotgun.
  44. - Changed the Cigarettes script to prioritize using Matches before a Lighter if both are in the same inventory.
  45. - Added a new Doctor's bag and military duffel bag.
  47. - Vehicle Spawn Chance rate can now be a float value instead of just an int.
  48. - Added a check to prevent items that "weigh" over 50 units from being put in vehicle seats.
  49. This is an ongoing issue with bags/containers that are modded over capacity, which gets stuck once placed in vehicle seats when the bag + contents have an Encumbrance of >50.
  51. - Changed translation strings to make bottle names more consistent.
  52. - Changed IGUI_HouseKey from "House Key" to "Key" to avoid issues with non-residential keys.
  54. - Removed the numeric information tooltip provided when selecting eat all/half/quarter food item context options.
  55. - Commented out the tool definitions in ClothingRecipesDefinitions as they currently are nonfunctional and serve no purpose aside from confusing modders.
  60. - Added server option "KnockedDownAllowed" to enable/disable the PVP knockdown.
  61. This is a stopgap change to give servers an option to make PVP combat less frustrating before we can address PVP combat more directly in the future.
  63. - Added auto-completion for player nicknames when pressing TAB while typing in the Chatbox.
  64. - Added RCON command "checkModsNeedUpdate" to check for mods that need to be updated.
  65. - Allow other non-admin permission levels to delete items in inventory/containers.
  67. - Fixed the multiplayer "whisper" command corrupting the Lua environment due to multithreading.
  68. - Fixed being unable to claim a safehouse unless standing on the ground floor.
  69. - Fixed not checking upper floors for other players or zombies when claiming a safehouse.
  70. - Fixed an exception on the server when food rots into a new item in a container that isn't in the world any longer.
  71. - Fixed new stubble getting added to remote players after each appearance change.
  72. - Fixed text annotations not appearing on annotated maps in multiplayer.
  73. - Fixed Endurance sync in the Admin Health Tool.
  74. - Fixed a bug that didn't display mods in the mod list of a server in the ESC menu.
  75. - Fixed admins being unable to remove car hoods while inside the vehicle.
  76. - Fixed players being unable to interact with Radios they placed themselves.
  81. - Modified the M16 & M14 critical values to be more consistent with other rifles.
  82. - M16 CriticalChance changed from 30 to 25.
  83. - Added CritDmgMultiplier 10
  84. - Added AimingPerkCritModifier 12
  85. - M14 CriticalChance changed from 0 to 30.
  86. - Added CritDmgMultiplier 10
  87. - AimingPerkCritModifier 15
  89. - Set some traits to be mutually exclusive to remove exploits or illogical combinations.
  91. - Hot-Wiring a vehicle will have a low chance of causing a car alarm. The chance for this is decreased further for higher electronics skill levels.
  92. - Zombies pushing up against a previously unentered stationary vehicle have a chance to set off an alarm.
  93. - Removed the undesired RNG check that made vehicle alarms go off only 20% of the time.
  94. - Fixed car hoods being unable to trigger vehicle alarms.
  96. - Trailer capacity now reduces slightly when damaged, as there was no point in repairing them before.
  97. - Changed Bowling Ball Bag capacity from 2 to 8.
  98. - Increase number of Plaster uses to 10, same as Paint.
  99. - Allow plastic bags and money to be used as tinder
  101. - Adjusted the capacities of pistol and revolver cases from 7 down to 4.
  102. - Adjusted Encumbrance of the sturdy stick item to 1 to be more consistent with other items.
  103. - Adjusted Encumbrance of fire extinguishers to 2, to be consistent with other items.
  104. - Decreased Encumbrance of Walkie-Talkies.
  105. - Adjusted Encumbrance of the TreeBranch item to match that of a crafted spear, to 1.7 from 1;
  106. The Encumbrance discrepancy has been remarked upon repeatedly, and this also serves in making item Encumbrance more consistent.
  107. - Adjusted the amount of fuel that spawns in fuel pumps at Low and Very Low.
  109. - Updated the nutritional value for Canned Evaporated Milk. Calories 472; Carbs, Lipids, and Proteins at 23.6
  110. - Changed the days until rotten for Bagels from 2 to 6.
  111. - Gave the Stir Fry and roast script items a default hunger value of 10. This was previously reported as a bug when players the item instead of making it via the evolved recipe.
  113. - Maggots are slightly more poisonous.
  114. - Fewer maggots spawn, especially in spring and fall (maggots don't spawn during winter).
  115. - Additional safeguard to prevent errors when using mods that remove maggots altogether.
  120. - Added a search bar to the LootZed cheat panel.
  121. - Added vehicle distributions to LootZed.
  122. - Improved inventory check-in Check Stats panel.
  124. - Right-clicking on a fuel pump in debug mode will display the amount of fuel in the pump in the right-click context menu.
  126. - Added isStartValid function check for BaseTimedAction. Allows checking if an action is valid before the action starts.
  127. - Added saving ModData from IsoGameCharacter to IsoDeadBody and from IsoDeadBody to IsoZombie.
  128. - Added "OnPlayerGetDamage" event.
  129. - Added event "OnWeaponHitThumpable" (Args: character, weapon, object)
  130. - Added a trigger for the OnFillContainer Event when vehicle part containers are filled.
  132. - Added a toggle option in the vehicle debug context menu to show if a vehicle's alarm is enabled or disabled.
  134. - Fixed characters in godmode still changing body weight.
  135. - Fixed instances of the Cheat Menu not working after a player died.
  136. - Fixed removing bodies via Horde manager not working in SP.
  138. - Fixed issues with the Tile picker:
  139. - Fixed being unable to lock Doors placed via Tile Picker.
  140. - Fixed Tree Tile issues.
  141. - Fixed electronic tiles (TV, radio, generators, etc).
  142. - Fixed Garage Doors.
  143. - Fixed Street Light tiles.
  144. - Fixed Search Bar issues.
  145. - Fixed Light Switches.
  146. - Fixed not showing all tiles.
  147. - Fixed Fireplace objects.
  148. - Fixed Wells and Lights.
  150. FIXES
  152. - Fixed only being able to add Maple syrup to "PancakesRecipe" and not to "PancakesCraft" or "Pancakes".
  153. - Fixed not being able to make 2 or 4 bowls of Rice or Pasta with a Saucepan anymore.
  154. - Fixed lipstick not being appliable when player had Foundation Makeup in inventory
  155. - Fixed Make-Up not being appliable when in a car.
  156. - Fixes and changes to item categories [unsure what changed]
  157. - Fixed destroying a wall with a Lightswitch on it not destroying the Lightswitch too.
  158. - Fixed making 2/4 bowls from a Saucepan returning a Cooking Pot.
  159. - Fixed putting a hat on a Mohawk resetting hair growth timer.
  160. - Fixed not being able to make a Molotov with an Empty Beer bottle.
  161. - Fixed repeatedly building/disassembling some carpentry objects increasing the number of Planks sometimes.
  162. - Fixed Sand/Gravel Bag wall behaviour when built at an angle.
  163. - Fixed selected part of a garment in the "Inspect" UI being too faint.
  164. - Fixed Shirts and other clothing items getting auto-removed from the world.
  165. - Fixed unnecessary extra Muffin recipe. United the two existing Muffin recipes into one.
  166. - Fixed being able to make Cake Batter using rotten ingredients below level 7.
  167. - Fixed unused Zombie Decomposition sandbox option still being listed.
  169. - Fixed NullPointerException in bThump animation variable when the object isn't loaded.
  170. - Fixed being unable to click on open doors in an adjacent room.
  171. - Fixed the starting house in "A Really CDDAy" challenge sometimes not being on fire.
  172. - Fixed possible Lua error in MOBarricade.lua when a barricade sprite is on the east or south edge of a chunk.
  173. - Fixed minor issues in ISZoneDisplay UI and text colours.
  174. - Fixed Foraging icons rerolling when a search focus was selected.
  175. - Fixed ISSearchManager check for valid zoneData when loading icons.
  176. - Fixed not being able to rip Jeans/Leather Jackets when they're on the ground instead of the player inventory.
  177. - Fixed disassembly of Favourited items.
  178. - Fixed randomized crashed cars not having the correct car keys spawned for them.
  179. - Fixed Mouse Trap related collision.
  180. - Fixed sound issue when pressing W and S at the same time.
  181. - Fixed sound issue when switching Seats while Cruise Control was enabled.
  182. - Fixed Refill tool not updating the container visually.
  183. - Fixed incorrectly named recipe for making Wooden Box Traps.
  184. - Fixed several tile and cutaway issues.
  186. - Fixed Lighters draining completely when used with a Molotov.
  187. When a Lighter is equipped it will no longer automatically become lit, instead it will do so only if activated using the flashlight keybind or radial menu, or using the inventory context menu option to activate them.
  188. - Fixed evolved recipe error in scripts for Lemons and Lime.
  189. - Fixed Machetes not losing condition when used to craft spears from branches/planks.
  190. - Fixed Empty Beer Bottle using the wrong icons.
  191. - Fixed the space before commas in evolved recipe item names.
  192. - Fixed missing recipe for Opening Canned Fruit Beverage.
  193. - Changed "Canned Condensed Milk" to "Canned Evaporated Milk" because people are really passionate about milk in can lore.
  194. - Fixed melted ice cream not rotting.
  195. - Fixed house keys spawning with a long string of numbers in their display name.
  196. - Fixed climb sheet rope speed.
  197. - Fixed water collision bug when placing Stairs on water.
  198. - Fixed missing textures for Flatpack model.
  199. - Fixed ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.doEvorecipeMenu error.
  200. - Fixed the on-screen keyboard returning asterisks instead of the actual text when entering passwords.
  201. - Fixed microwaves not stopping the StoveTimer sound when turned off.
  202. - Fixed missing context menu translation string for "Item Water Capacity".
  203. - Fixed missing movables translation strings for Oak Bars.
  204. - Fixed missing translation string for foodtype cocoa.
  205. - Fixed wrong tooltip for Onion Slices.
  206. - Fixed pies and cakes being able to be sliced when uncooked.
  208. - Fixed frozen ice cream cones causing boredom and unhappiness; added the "GoodFrozen" tag for such items that should still be enjoyable when frozen.
  209. - Fixed characters not limping when they had their groin bitten.
  210. - Fixed being able to fill a square over its capacity by using the Place Item interface.
  211. - Fixed cooking rotten eggs producing fresh boiled eggs; now if food is rotten and has a "replace on cooked" value, it will not be replaced but will still be cooked, i.e. you will get a cooked rotten egg when you cook a rotten egg.
  212. - Fixed omission with the stale food tooltip.
  213. - Fixed Propane Torch not being used for disassembling objects.
  214. - Fixed RCON "checkModsNeedUpdate" command.
  215. - Fixed Walking and sprinting not burning more calories than standing still.
  216. - Fixed NullPointerExeption when throwing a bomb from above ground level with a controller.
  217. - Fixed not being able to pick items that were dropped to a removed seat slot.
  218. - Fixed being stuck on a seat when trying to change seat twice in different places.
  219. - Fixed being able to do Fitness during sleep and while sitting in a car.
  220. - Fixed the eternal fire after destroying a lit campfire with a sledgehammer.
  221. - Fixed Map objects disappearing when a player aims at a stealthing player.
  222. - Fixed bug with item icons in halo text when foraging.
  223. - Fixed a bug with locking/unlocking doors inside buildings.
  225. - Fixed different values between standard and evolved recipes for Soup.
  226. - Fixed an issue where the interaction between the two different separate zombie population sandbox settings was inconsistent between singleplayer and multiplayer sandbox setting interfaces.
  227. - Fixed equipping "Bandana (face") placing the bandana on the head.
  228. - Fixed not being able to get a key ring. Some zombies will now have their house or vehicle key in a key ring, and key rings can also sometimes be found in store displays with watches.
  230. - Fixed that it was impossible for a randomized name to be "Pat Bren".
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