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  1. Hey guys,
  3. Frontier has started to slow down, which has both its benefits and its downsides. I wanted to slow down the pace so that we could ensure that we did not approach any match hastily; however, I failed to properly organize the rate and order at which we would approach things. I hope to rectify this. Below I have arranged a timetable. It is by no means set in stone; we can change it as we need to.
  5. ---
  7. On matches:
  9. If the challengers I have listed don't want to play a specific brain, that's fine; they'll just have to wait for whomever they want to play to be prepared.
  11. On preparations:
  13. I have included preparations in this timetable, but it doesn't have to be a huge ordeal. All I require is that I know what team you intend on using (and it's good). If you have scheduled a certain date or time or intend to battle as soon as your opponent is online, I would also like to know. Before you play, I also want to make sure you're in a good mental state (well-rested and not tilting, mostly).
  15. On brain challenges: Read carefully.
  17. If you have faced all of the current top 4 (Dice, papai noel, Masterclass, and -Frexa-), then you can start to challenge the Frontier. These matches do not have to be public affairs, but I do want to have record of them. That means I expect logs to be made available to at the very least myself afterwards. I am asking you as a brain for the logs, not a challenger; if you were not a brain and just challenging the frontier normally, I would be able to acquire the log from the brain you challenged, anyway, so I don't find this an unreasonable request. Failure to comply may result in the match being declared void.
  19. Some brains will be able to start earlier than others because they have already battled all of the top 4. Because of this, as of now, I am going to prohibit any brain from playing more than three brain matches, so that all brains have the opportunity to catch up. As more brains complete all their matches with priority players, I will likely relax this number.
  21. Finally, I will not accept continual harassment to play matches. Each match counts for both brains, so it's just as much their challenge as yours. Continual harassment from any challenger, brain or not, can result in a ban from Frontier, no exceptions.
  23. ---
  25. P1
  27. Matches:
  28. Vinc2612 plays papai noel
  29. Ojama plays -Frexa-
  31. Preparations:
  32. BKC prepares for Dice (Dice says he wants to play BKC first)
  34. ifm prepares for -Frexa-
  35. august prepares for -Frexa-
  37. M Dragon prepares for papai noel
  38. reyscarface prepares for papai noel
  39. bro fist prepares for papai noel
  41. dragonuser prepares for masterclass
  42. Philip7086 prepares for masterclass
  44. Brain matches:
  45. ShakeItUp and undisputed can play each other if they wish
  47. Tentative deadline: Let's get this done by the end of this week if possible.
  49. ---
  51. P2
  53. Matches:
  54. BKC plays Dice
  56. To be discussed
  58. Again, this is not a hard schedule; we can work around it, but I hope it will give us some structure so that we can start eliminating these guys.
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