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  1. ###Uku
  2. My single map I have shown so far;
  4. You will need to import this into the Super Famicom Umihara Kawase ROM using the software Riverback.
  7. ###Mapping
  8. It is in its infancy but thanks to collaboration between Karethoth, Nicole, Naulahauta, and Commando125 it is possible to make your own fucking levels. This is a major thread for this topic so I will be mirroring information from here;
  11. Here is a run down how.
  13. Download the editing software Riverback (kawa, se);
  15. And you will need to find the Japanese Super Famicom ROM
  17. Open the editor and then "File", and "Open ROM" pointing to of course the Umihara Kawase ROM.
  18. Once opened it will display the first level on the ROM. If you edited this and saved it to its own rom, your new level would replace this one.
  19. First of all, under the "Show" category, check "Grid". You select tiles/physmaps with left click (and can select multiple by dragging with left click), and then paste with right click. Basic controls are;
  21. "
  22. • Dragging the mouse on-level shows instant preview of what it would look like if placed.
  23. • Air tiles act as "transparent" (maybe this could be changed on context?)
  25. Left click: select tile
  26. Left hold: select area
  27. Right click: paste tile/tile cluster
  28. Right hold: "paint" with tile or tile cluster
  29. Wheel click: de-select
  31. ctrl + left/right: Palette
  32. left/right/up/down: Select tile next to the currently selected tile in the tileset
  33. 1/2/3/4 (not numpad): View tileset/physmap/etc.
  34. V: vertical flip
  35. H: horizontal flip
  36. O: object priority
  37. D: deselect
  38. Tab: Switch between editing tilemap and physmap
  39. "
  40. To delete a texture or physmap, select an empty slot in the selection section and then draw over the mistake with right click
  42. There are two major editing modes which can be switched with Tab, Field and Physmap.
  44. ###Field
  45. Field are the visuals, the textures, what the players see. You can change palette with the "Palette" selector and can flip the textures with the checkboxes. There are 8 palettes that can be accessed by a level at any time, 0 being no color at all, 1 being a more aesthetic color. The last 6 palettes are decided by the "Palette indices" section in Level Header Editor, the tab next to Field Display. Each block belongs to their respective palette, the first block being palette 2, the last being palette 7. Your options are 1-9 and A-F (be sure to always click "Apply"), each giving an entirely new pool of colors. There is also an option to change your texture bank, which are entirely different sets of textures, by going into Level Header Editor, choosing a bank, and then clicking "Apply".
  47. #Texture prostratz
  48. Direction sensitive textures (escalators for example) have a pattern. They are usually one atop another in the field tiles, top being turn right and bottom being turn left.
  49. Escalator tract with thinner strips is visually slower.
  50. Shading is always done as if the sun was in the top left, the artists designed the textures with this in mind and it wont work if you try the other direction (problems will occur at sides, you would see)
  51. Water is unnecessarily flickery
  53. ###Physmap
  54. Physmap are what gives these textures character, like being solid or being able to climb. It has its own tab next to "Field Tiles" and most of it are byte values.
  56. Note, this all is confusing, I really recommend if you don't understand upcoming information to read the thread;
  59. Also I will try explain some more confusing things later and give examples.
  62. "
  63. Physmap bytes:
  64. • 00: Air
  66. • 01**: always a word where the first byte implies that an action will happen when the player pushes up and the second byte implies what the action is:
  67. Where ** is:
  68. 00: climb a ladder
  69. 01: enter first door
  70. 02: enter second door
  71. 03: enter third door
  72. 04: enter fourth door
  73. 05-FF: the game will crash
  74. NOTE: There can also be only one door instance (0101 or 0102 etc.) per level or the game will crash.
  76. • 02** and 03**: always a word where the first byte implies direction and the second byte implies sprite number (up until 06).
  77. 02: sprite is facing left
  78. 03: sprite is facing right
  79. Where ** is:
  80. 00: Player starting position (There can only be one. If there's two instances of 0200 or 0300, the game will crash)
  81. 01: sprite 1
  82. 02: sprite 2
  83. 03: sprite 3
  84. 04: sprite 4
  85. 05: sprite 5
  86. 06: sprite 6
  88. • 03 07: Spawn-safe area. Enemies killed cannot respawn here. (special case, has nothing to do with sprites or facing left or right)
  90. 04: ?
  92. 05: If the field's sprite 05 is a bird, they can land in this spot.
  93. 06: If the field's sprite 06 is a bird, they can land in this spot.
  94. It would be wise to remember that if you use birds in your levels, set them to slots 05 or 06. Setting them to 02 and 03 will cause a conflict and the game will crash.
  96. For object values, there are 7 spots it can go in. Each spot I think affects tiles $01-$07, $39-3F, $41-47 respectively.
  98. I'm going to work on the enemies first.
  100. object values:
  101. 0x00: nothing
  102. 0x04: escalator slow right. animates palette 7.
  103. 0x05: escalator slow left.
  104. 0x06: escalator fast right
  105. 0x07: causes death
  106. 0x08: rising platform series (bank 0)
  107. 0x09: falling platform series (bank 0)
  108. 0x0B: pullable/moveable wall
  109. 0x0C: door
  110. 0x0E: downward pillar
  111. 0x0F: upward pillar
  112. 0x10: pop-out ceiling tile
  113. 0x11: pop-out ground tile
  114. 0x18: bridge piece
  115. 0x19: bridge piece. collapses when touched.
  116. 0x20: single platform (bank 0, white)
  117. 0x21: single platform (bank 0, blue)
  118. 0x22: waves can push you on platform $41-$47. slippery.
  119. 0x26: rising platform series (bank 0, blue, way less frequent)
  120. 0x28: boss door barricade
  121. 0x29: causes death
  122. 0x2A: ice/glass
  123. 0x2B:
  124. 0x2C: rising platform series (bank 4)
  125. 0x2D: falling platform series (bank 4)
  126. 0x2E: rising spiked platform series (bank 4)
  127. 0x2F: falling spiked platform series (bank 4)
  128. 0x30: rising platform series (bank 2)
  129. 0x31: falling platform series (bank 2)
  130. 0x32: rising spiked platform series (bank 2)
  131. 0x33: falling spiked platform series (bank 2)
  132. 0x34: single platform (bank 1)
  133. 0x35: single platform (bank 5)
  134. 0x36: rising platform series (bank 1)
  135. 0x37: falling platform series (bank 1)
  136. 0x38: single platform (bank 6)
  137. 0x39: single spiked platform (bank 6)
  138. 0x3A: rising platform series (bank 5)
  139. 0x3B: falling platform series (bank 5)
  141. word values: enemy spawn rates (14FF being most common spawns, 7878 being least common behind 0000 of course)
  142. 0x0000: nothing
  143. 0x14FF:
  144. 0x1E96:
  145. 0x1EA0:
  146. 0x1EB4:
  147. 0x2864:
  148. 0x2896:
  149. 0x28B4:
  150. 0x3278:
  151. 0x328C:
  152. 0x32B4:
  153. 0x32DC:
  154. 0x3C64:
  155. 0x3C78:
  156. 0x3C96:
  157. 0x3CA0:
  158. 0x3CB4:
  159. 0x3CC8:
  160. 0x3CDC:
  161. 0x4650:
  162. 0x5046:
  163. 0x5050:
  164. 0x5064:
  165. 0x5078:
  166. 0x508C:
  167. 0x5096:
  168. 0x50A0:
  169. 0x50B4:
  170. 0x5A78:
  171. 0x6428:
  172. 0x6464:
  173. 0x648C:
  174. 0x783C:
  175. 0x7864:
  176. 0x7878:
  178. enemy values:
  179. 0x00: nothing
  180. 0x01: "Poof"-sprite, crashes alone
  181. 0x02: "Splash"-sprite, crashes alone
  182. 0x03: net spawner (byte before this is what's dropped)
  183. 0x04: goldfish
  184. 0x05: eel
  185. 0x06: flying clam
  186. 0x07: brown snail
  187. 0x08: bucket, type 1 (byte after this is what's spouted)
  188. 0x09: bucket, type 2 (byte after this is what's spouted)
  189. 0x0A: flying fish (for bucket)
  190. 0x0B: small fish (for bucket)
  191. 0x0C: UNUSED. Puffer fish.
  192. 0x0D: blue fish
  193. 0x0E: "Poof"-sprite, crashes alone.
  194. 0x0F: red egg-laying fish
  195. 0x10: shark (byte after is what's thrown)
  196. 0x11: shark bait, also can be on ceiling
  197. 0x12: giant tuna fish
  198. 0x13: squid (horizontal) (byte after this is what's spitted)
  199. 0x14: squid (vertical) (byte before this is what's spouted)
  200. 0x15: squid ink
  201. 0x16: tiny fish in water (decorative)
  202. 0x17: brown bird
  203. 0x18: blue bird
  204. 0x19: "Poof"-sprite, crashes alone
  205. 0x1A: "Poof"-sprite, crashes alone
  206. 0x0B: "Poof"-sprite, crashes alone
  207. 0x1C: barnacle (ground) (byte after this is what's spitted)
  208. 0x1D: UNUSED. barnacle (vertical) (byte after this is what's spitted)
  209. 0x1E: UNUSED. blue barnacle, spits cannonballs
  210. 0x1F: barnacle spark
  211. 0x20: UNUSED. blue barnacle
  212. 0x21: blue snail
  213. 0x22: UNUSED. octopus (identical?)
  214. 0x23: UNUSED. catfish
  215. 0x24: "Poof"-sprite, crashes alone
  216. 0x25: "Poof"-sprite, crashes alone
  217. 0x26: "Poof"-sprite, crashes alone
  218. 0x27: "Poof"-sprite, crashes alone
  219. 0x28: "Poof"-sprite, crashes alone
  220. 0x29: "Poof"-sprite, crashes alone
  221. 0x2A: "Poof"-sprite, crashes alone
  222. 0x2B: "Poof"-sprite, crashes alone
  223. 0x2C: "Poof"-sprite, crashes alone
  224. 0x2D: "Poof"-sprite, crashes alone
  225. 0x2E: "Poof"-sprite, crashes alone
  226. 0x2F: backpack (1-up)
  227. 0x30: giant tadpole (boss) (put 0x31 and 0x36 after this)
  228. 0x31: frog (for boss)
  229. 0x32: giant seahorse (boss, enemy #3) (put 0x33 and 0x35 before this, 0x34 after this)
  230. 0x33: vertical seahorse (for boss)
  231. 0x34: small seahorse (for boss)
  232. 0x35: giant ink (for boss)
  233. 0x36: frog egg? (for boss)
  234. 0x37: giant crab (boss) (put 0x38 and 0x3D after this)
  235. 0x38: crab's bubble (for boss)
  236. 0x39: tiger flying fish (boss) (put 0x3A after this)
  237. 0x3A: tiger flying fish second formation? (boss)
  238. 0x3B: flounder flying fish (boss) (put 0x3C after this)
  239. 0x3C: flounder flying fish second formation? (boss)
  240. 0x3D: crab's platform shrapnel (for boss)
  241. 0x3E: "Poof"-sprite, crashes alone
  242. 0x3F: "Poof"-sprite, crashes alone
  244. #Physmap protipz
  245. Always press apply after you've changed something on the Level Header Editor tab, and THEN press save.
  246. The lower water height or spawn rate numbers are, the higher they are (0 water covering half the map, and enemy spawn 14FF covering the WHOLE map)
  247. If your map doesn't load, it is always something relating to physmap.
  248. Many physmap tiles aren't actually used for anything at all.
  249. Objects such as escalators and spikes must be referenced in the object types section under Level Header Editor (check official maps for some great references)
  251. ###SO, what the fuck does this all mean?
  252. First of all, much of these values now have an icon so you cannot see some numbers in this list. Basically these hex values do what you want when you put them places.
  254. For example, to make an area spawn safe, so you wont have to worry about enemies spawning in that area, you go to the Physmap Tiles and paste 03 and 07 next to one another (making sure it ends in 07). So 0307.
  255. You can even make it so no enemies randomly spawn at all by just changing the enemy spawn rate to 0000 (i know some people really dislike this so I can see a mod taking this behaviour away happening in favor of static enemies)
  257. To make a door usable, you would place 0101, first 01 being the instruction to interact with UP DPAD, second 01 being FIRST DOOR.
  258. You can loop levels by pointing a door back to the level you want to loop to, could be useful for exploration like levels with a hub?
  259. To end the game you make a door and point it to field 255, which will roll the credits once the player enters it.
  261. However some information requires a 00 at the end, but since it means nothing you dont actually need to put it. For example, level 0, the spawn area is full of NO SPAWN flags (0307), but immediately above this is 03 by itself. In this case the spawn flag is 0300, 03 itself means face right (02 would be face left, this is for spawn directions) but 00 isn't necessary. Another example is the ladder, 0100. It is only 01.
  263. Enemy creation is different, to spawn an enemy in a specific spot to never despawn you need to travel to the tab next to the Field Display section called the Level Header Editor. Enemy types are the numbers corespondent of the list up above, like level 0 enemy types are 04 (goldfish), 07 (brown snail), and 17 (brown birds). What this doesn't show you is these are taking up sprite numbers too. This is how you would choose spawns. 4 is in sprite 1 (the first section of 6), so goldfish will spawn facing left where you would write 0201.
  265. But what about other objects? They also have their own sections beneath the previous enemies section. There are 7 slots. If you go to level 11 (level 9 in the editor), there are a series of platforms. It will show the object 20 (single platform, white) and 21 (single platform, blue). They are under the 6th and 7th categories, so while I don't know how to deal with this yet I assure you this is related.
  267. For levels, like level 2, with a tutorial involving an enemy, there has to be an enemy in their slot or the level will hang. It doesn't have to be the original enemy, for example you can replace the eel with a goldfish and it wont break, but I imagine this potentially could.
  271. ###Basic stats (counting from the block from the floor the character stands on to where the player makes contact, probably not accurate)
  272. Is 4 blocks tall
  273. Can jump up 4 blocks high (without climbing)
  274. Can climb up to 6 blocks high
  275. Can jump up to 8 blocks across, climb or otherwise, providing both platforms were on the same level
  276. Without having to climb she can fling herself 12 blocks and continue this speed indefinitely
  277. She can fling herself 14 blocks (hooking the ground immediately beneath, pulling back, run and release)
  278. Her hook can reach 17 blocks high
  279. Her hook can reach 19 blocks high if she jumps mid execution
  280. Her hook can reach 16 blocks from either left or right
  281. Her hook can reach 14 blocks down
  283. ###Troubleshooting, quirks, problems, inconveniences, list of crap I feel like should be mentioned for whatever reason
  284. #Game
  285. There are certain levels that don't exist and will just be level 1 repeated over again.
  286. For some reason levels wont load with certain enemy combinations. When you use the catfish (23) you will only be able to have one additional enemy. Don't know about enemies that spit bytes, but you cant have an additional eel AND goldfish for example.
  287. More than one player spawn, doors with the same numbers, and enemies spawning too close to the ground will crash the game.
  288. If there is an enemy in the starting tutorial graphic (level 1 (2) for example) there NEEDS to be an enemy in that slot. Doesn't have to be the original enemy, but this could introduce funny problems.
  289. Make sure enemy and player spawns are at least 1 block above the ground or they will either not spawn or will spawn stuck in the ground.
  291. #Editor
  292. You cannot press 1 - 4 in selection boxes, these keys are alocated as the "Show" section hotkeys (if you have a keypad you can use that though).
  293. You cannot preview where you will paste things you have copied on the field display (left click drag + right click)
  294. You cannot select more than one texture at a time in the Field Tiles section
  295. There is no fast right escalator (game issue?)
  296. Physmap bytes 45 and 47 share graphics but don't appear to do the same thing, escalator (4) will work with byte 47, not byte 45 (though this might depend on object slot in object types used).
  297. Escalator slow right will only work in object field 7, escalator slow left will only work in object field 6. This is the same scheme for a lot of objects, be sure to read the numbers below the object slots as they should match what you are trying to do.
  298. If you make a level and export it, then import the level, it will always replace the level it was initially on AND the current visible level. If you delete textures or physmap on one level it will affect the other, this may be a problem with the game engine as it appears in several other level slots with level 1.
  300. ###Last thread
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