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Feb 28th, 2020
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  4. Let me preface by saying the Coronavirus has nothing to do with POTUS. His immigration crackdown has more than likely helped reduce the exponential spread of disease. Anything coming from the fake news MSM is lies. They have encouraged unfettered immigration for years. So have Democrats, Hollywood, Academia, Social Media and Corporate Globalists etc. They ALL bear partial responsibility for advocating for mass-immigration. And remember that the MSM are the propaganda ministry for all the aforementioned - THEY ARE YOUR ENEMY. Furthermore, this proves Trump’s point that we should close the border…
  6. Whether it’s a Coronavirus, Ebola, or some other deadly pathogen, the Wuhan situation underscores the need to seal the border. Ask yourself: when was the last time immigration helped you or your family? Immigration helps corporate globalists/politician’s. By every metric, it has been a total disaster. You can’t move mass amounts of human beings around without consequences. It is irresponsible of politicians to not close the border to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Immigrants are bringing in deadly diseases and primitive cultural proclivities with them; proclivities conducive to transmission. They don’t even properly screen people anymore. Immigration serves Globalists - it is the engine that drives their 5 star lifestyles. The WHO needs to quit playing politics and declare a global health emergency - our border should be SEALED. The Wuhan novel coronavirus has already reached America’s shores (it was likely created in a lab, making it a biological weapon). It is extremely contagious. Transmission is as easy as being in close proximity to someone without wearing a mask.
  8. Wuhan, novel, virus is not the only Immigration concern. Immigration has poisoned America with a plethora of pathogens. Mass immigration has brought Bubonic Plague, Ebola, Measles, Whooping Cough, Mumps, Scarlet Fever, Tuberculosis, Measles, Rubella, Polio, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis, Influenza etc. Tuberculosis cases have exploded in recent times, the majority of cases from Somalia. Some were actually screened before they came to America. They were KNOWN to be infected and yet were inexplicably allowed in - violating U.S. law. California may be on the verge of a Bubonic plague outbreak. During one of the worst outbreaks of Ebola in history (West Africa) it was NOT medical science which turned the tide (if indeed it was turned at all). It was convincing many of the locals from foregoing the handling of body’s during ritualistic ceremonies for the dead. Many of the natives actually raided hospitals. They stole mattresses and linens (blanket’s, sheets etc.) covered in infected blood. Rumors quickly spread throughout the area that Ebola was a hoax. People believed it was the white man trying to exterminate blacks.
  10. If politicians cause a pandemic due to their negligence, civility will break down. Your family will PAY a heavy price. They will be waiting in long lines or turned away. Politicians (“elites”) will receive the full array of medical services available – in private facilities. We need to produce pharmaceuticals in America as well, why the hell would we depend on China for such a large percentage of medications. Politicians have outsourced almost the entire industry. This leaves America extremely vulnerable – so very stupid. They could do anything they wanted to our medicines. Imagine if China cut off the lifesaving drug supply chain or contaminated it. The irresponsibility of politicians should be a criminal offense. They don’t give a **** about your family, they serve their globalist masters. They’re willfully endangering the lives of ALL Americans. They have no right to control the destiny of America. Multi-culturalism is not a moral value. Mass-immigration will be America’s death knell. To not consider moratorium flies in the face of reason. The audacity of politicians to gamble American lives is unconscionable. Globalist politicians WILL eventually trigger a pandemic and medical science is NOT prepared for full-fledged outbreak. Immigration MUST be frozen to protect Americans against infectious disease. It is a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY. The government must act NOW! It is imperative that we take preventative measures - The border should be sealed FORTHWITH - complete MAGATORIUM.
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