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Mar 29th, 2016
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  1. Stanford University has failed to address issues of
  2. faculty/administrative diversity and curricular, extracurricular,
  3. and residential life equity. The
  4. Who’s Teaching Us Coalition
  5. is calling on the university to implement our demands and thereby
  6. commit itself to the affirmation of marginalized communities. A
  7. summary of the demands can be found below; the
  8. complete demands
  9. are attached to this email.
  12. Please join us this
  13. Friday, April 1
  14. at
  15. 12:30pm
  16. in
  17. Black House
  18. to learn more about the campaign and how to get involved. Our work
  19. is strong, our coalition is growing, and we welcome your
  20. presence!
  23. In Solidarity,
  25. Jonathan Fisk
  26. on behalf of the Who’s Teaching Us Coalition
  27. ______
  29. Demands:
  31. Faculty/Administrative and Student Diversity
  33. WE DEMAND the hiring of at least 10 additional tenure-track ethnic
  34. studies professors and a commitment to the retention of these
  35. professors, prioritizing underrepresented groups within the ethnic
  36. studies programs. In addition, every department affiliated with
  37. both Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity and African and
  38. African American Studies must fill at least one faculty vacancy
  39. using their Faculty Development Initiative funds by June
  40. 2017.
  42. WE DEMAND the development of a recurring and comprehensive identity
  43. and cultural humility training to be instated as a requirement for
  44. all faculty in all departments by September 21st, 2017.
  46. WE DEMAND that the next appointment to the positions of president
  47. and provost of the University break both the legacy of white
  48. leadership and cisgender male leadership. The appointment process
  49. must be a transparent collaboration with current students
  50. representative of campus demographics. The appointees must have
  51. demonstrated commitments to diversifying academia and addressing
  52. systemic inequality.
  54. WE DEMAND that the Acts of Intolerance protocol be reworked to
  55. provide a dedicated, responsive platform for reporting and tracking
  56. microaggressions from faculty. In order for the reporting process
  57. to be successful, it must be transparent, widely publicized, and
  58. include the option for confidentiality. Departments must use these
  59. reports in faculty evaluations.
  61. WE DEMAND all departments publicly release disaggregated tenure
  62. data, in particular separating international professors from
  63. American professors, differentiating ethnicities of professors
  64. within the Asian American Pacific Islander diaspora, and including
  65. data on gender non-conforming faculty and staff.
  67. WE DEMAND the fulfilment of the Stanford BSU demand of 1968 for at
  68. minimum “proportional representation of minority group members” in
  69. both the undergraduate and graduate student bodies.
  71. WE DEMAND that the departments outside of the School of Humanities
  72. and Sciences double their quantities of faculty of color,
  73. specifically hiring Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and Southeast Asian
  74. faculty.
  76. University Curriculum
  78. WE DEMAND the departmentalization of the Comparative Studies in
  79. Race Ethnicity, African and African American Studies, and Feminist,
  80. Gender, and Sexuality Studies programs; a guarantee of security for
  81. their funding; and the expansion of all of their
  82. programs.
  84. WE DEMAND the expansion of the Asian American Studies program to
  85. equally prioritize the voices of South Asian, Southeast Asian, and
  86. Pacific Islander students and issues, as well as the
  87. Chicana/o-Latina/o Studies program to equally prioritize the voices
  88. of diasporic Latinx students and issues.
  90. WE DEMAND that the Engaging Diversity requirement be reformed so
  91. that it only includes classes that address diversity as it relates
  92. to issues of power, privilege, and systems of oppression and so
  93. that students will be required to take two Engaging Diversity
  94. classes instead of one. One of these classes must be on diversity
  95. in the major.
  97. WE DEMAND that humanities majors require double the current number
  98. of required classes on works by people of color and non-Western
  99. subject matter.
  101. WE DEMAND the formation of a working group to reevaluate and reform
  102. Structured Liberal Education (SLE) to oversee student selection
  103. process, hiring and faculty retention, outreach, curriculum, and
  104. pedagogy. The members of this committee will be determined by WTU
  105. in dialogue with the SLE administration, and their time should be
  106. compensated by the University. During this process, SLE will not
  107. count towards the Engaging Diversity requirement.
  109. WE DEMAND alternative Integrated Learning Environments (ILE)
  110. humanities and writing programs be developed that center social
  111. justice and anti-oppression scholarship, with an emphasis on works
  112. by people of color and PoC frameworks. We demand that these
  113. programs receive the same level of funding as SLE.
  115. Residential Life
  117. WE DEMAND that all Residential Education staff be required to
  118. complete comprehensive identity and cultural humility
  119. training.
  121. WE DEMAND that pay for Ethnic Theme Associates be increased to
  122. match that of Residential Assistants by the start of the 2016-2017
  123. academic year. This will recognize the importance of their work in
  124. planning programming and facilitating conversations around issues
  125. of identity, as well as the other work they do -- far beyond their
  126. job description -- to ensure the well-being of communities in
  127. ethnic theme dorms.
  129. WE DEMAND a cooperative theme house for sophomore, junior, and
  130. senior students of color to bring together communities of color on
  131. campus, and to serve their social, cultural, and educational
  132. needs.
  134. Extracurricular Diversity Programs
  136. WE DEMAND that additional staff be hired to each community centers
  137. as needed (need to be determined by each center) and that community
  138. center funding be doubled, as peer institutions like Yale have
  139. done, by June 2017; as a benchmark on the way to this figure,
  140. funding should be restored to pre-2008 budget cut levels, adjusted
  141. for inflation, by June 2016.
  143. WE DEMAND that the Haas Center for Public Service diversify its
  144. staff and reform its partnerships with off-campus communities of
  145. color so that all programs are initiated by and prioritize these
  146. communities, not Stanford.
  148. WE DEMAND that Bing Overseas Studies Program (BOSP) open at least 5
  149. additional programs in non-Western countries within 5 years, and
  150. commit to continue diversifying its study abroad options to reach
  151. regional equity in programs offered. All programs should include
  152. community-engaged learning components, and offer comprehensive
  153. identity and cultural humility training. All programs should also
  154. provide adequate support and mental health resources that are
  155. sensitive to students' experiences of race, gender, sexuality,
  156. class, and religion while abroad.
  158. Divestment From Violence Against Black & Brown
  159. People
  161. WE DEMAND that the University divest from all prisons, including
  162. private prisons, as the University of California and Columbia
  163. University have done, and invest the newly-released funds in Black,
  164. Brown, Indigenous, poor, and undocumented communities, which have
  165. been unjustly and disproportionately targeted for
  166. incarceration.
  168. WE DEMAND that the University divest from Wells Fargo &
  169. Company—a bank that has perpetuated prison privatization and the
  170. disproportionate and unjust incarceration of Black, Brown,
  171. Indigenous, poor, and undocumented people—and invest the
  172. newly-released funds in impacted communities.
  174. Timeline
  176. WE DEMAND that the implementing bodies conduct transparent and
  177. honest monthly meetings with WTU and Students of Color Coalition
  178. (SOCC) to hold the Administration accountable to the fulfillment of
  179. each and every demand.
  181. WE DEMAND that University employees who elect to assist WTU and
  182. similar activist student groups face no repercussions from the
  183. University for doing so.
  185. WE DEMAND adequate staffing and funding to achieve all of the
  186. aforementioned demands.
  188. WE DEMAND that the Administration immediately accept the
  189. aforementioned demands and that a statement of acceptance, a
  190. timetable of implementation for each demand, and an administrative
  191. point person for each demand, be presented to WTU at 3 PM on Friday
  192. April 8th, in open forum at the Native American Cultural
  193. Center.
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