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  1. <C><P G="0,11" /><Z><S><S X="429" H="10" Y="-19" T="4" P="1,999999,20,0.2,-30,1,,0" L="50" /><S X="208" H="10" Y="295" T="1" P="1,0,0.2,0.3,0,0,0,0" L="273" /><S X="334" H="10" Y="-19" T="4" P="1,999999,20,0.2,30,1,,0" L="50" /><S X="561" H="10" Y="294" T="1" P="1,0,0.2,0.3,0,0,0,0" L="276" /><S X="381" H="50" Y="-6" T="4" P="1,999999,20,0.2,-90,1,,0" L="10" /><S X="381" H="50" Y="-148" T="4" P="1,999999,20,0.2,90,1,,0" L="10" /><S X="431" H="10" Y="-135" T="4" P="1,999999,20,0.2,30,1,,0" L="50" /><S X="332" H="10" Y="-135" T="4" P="1,999999,20,0.2,-30,1,,0" L="50" /><S X="460" H="10" Y="-94" T="4" P="1,999999,20,0.2,80,1,,0" L="55" /><S X="303" H="10" Y="-94" T="4" P="1,999999,20,0.2,-80,1,,0" L="55" /><S X="305" H="10" Y="-50" T="4" P="1,999999,20,0.2,70,1,,0" L="35" /><S X="459" H="10" Y="-49" T="4" P="1,999999,20,0.2,-70,1,,0" L="35" /><S X="385" H="70" Y="-71" T="1" P="1,999999,0,0.2,0,1,,0" L="10" /><S X="368" H="10" Y="-52" T="1" P="1,999999,0,0.2,40,1,,0" L="50" /><S X="403" H="10" Y="-52" T="1" P="1,999999,0,0.2,-40,1,,0" L="50" /></S><D><DS Y="56" X="70" /><DC Y="67" X="706" /><T Y="290" X="384" /><F Y="396" X="384" /></D><O><O X="65" P="0" C="3" Y="86" /><O X="61" P="0,1" C="2" Y="113" /><O X="60" P="0,1" C="2" Y="166" /><O X="60" P="0,1" C="2" Y="219" /><O X="60" P="0,1" C="2" Y="271" /><O X="60" P="0" C="14" Y="140" /><O X="59" P="0" C="14" Y="194" /><O X="58" P="0" C="14" Y="245" /><O X="710" P="0" C="3" Y="90" /><O X="710" P="0,1" C="2" Y="118" /><O X="709" P="0,1" C="2" Y="170" /><O X="708" P="0,1" C="2" Y="221" /><O X="708" P="0,1" C="2" Y="271" /><O X="710" P="0" C="14" Y="145" /><O X="707" P="0" C="14" Y="196" /><O X="709" P="0" C="14" Y="246" /><O X="685" P="0" C="11" Y="92" /><O X="736" P="0" C="11" Y="93" /><O X="35" P="0" C="11" Y="86" /><O X="86" P="0" C="11" Y="87" /><O X="77" P="0" C="14" Y="294" /><O X="693" P="0" C="14" Y="293" /><O X="386" P="0,1" C="3" Y="294" /><O X="431" P="0" C="22" Y="294" /><O X="341" P="0" C="22" Y="295" /></O></Z></C>
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