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  1. Machamp[QC2/2][GP0/2]
  2. VGC12 btw
  3. Enjoy :p
  6. I Spam DynamicPunch
  8. [Overview]
  10. <p>Machamp is the perfect definition of a bulky attacker. With base 130 Attack and a wide movepool, Machamp is a force to be reckoned with. If that wasn't good enough, its ability, No Guard, means it can spam 100 base power DynamicPunch with a 100% chance of confusion. Plus, his 90/80/85 defenses means he can take a lot of hits while dishing back powerful attacks. However, it isn't without it's faults. With 55 base speed, Machamp is constantly outsped by Pokemon such as Latios and Tornadus. That, combined with Intimidate being such a common ability used in VGC 12, his attacks won't be as powerful afterwards. Nevertheless, Machamp is a Pokemon that definitely should not be overlooked.</p>
  12. [SET]
  13. name: Physical Attacker
  14. move 1: DynamicPunch
  15. move 2: Ice Punch
  16. move 3: Stone Edge / Bullet Punch
  17. move 4: Wide Guard/ Protect
  18. item: Sitrus Berry
  19. ability: No Guard
  20. nature: Adamant / Brave
  21. evs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def
  26. <p>This set is built around Machamp's great defenses. 90/80/85 defenses are nothing to joke about, and since it only has 2 weaknesses, Machamp will be on the field a while. DynamicPunch is Machamp's greatest asset, as it can be easily abused with No Guard. Ice Punch is used to hurt Pokemon such as Garchomp and Zapdos. Stone Edge can be used to nail Volcarona and Yanmega, and it also hits Gyarados harder than Ice Punch, and it won't miss thanks to No Guard. Bullet Punch is also a nice option, as it gives Machamp priority to finish Pokemon at low HP. Machamp gets a great move for VGC 12, Wide Guard, which protects your team from Blizzard, Heat Wave, Surf, Earthquake, or any other spread move that comes your way, which provides great team support. This provides great team support, but Protect can be used to prevent extra damage on Machamp such as Fake Outs or a Latios' Psychic, which gives Machamp's partner time to take out a threat.</p>
  31. <p>The choice of items depends on what you want to accomplish with Machamp. Sitrus Berry adds on to its overall bulk, as it can gain a decent about of HP back when it's activated. The EVs are used to give Machamp as much bulk as possible. An option that can be used is Brave Nature and 0 Speed IVs, as it allows Machamp to work in Trick Room, as 55 base speed is very usable in Trick Room. As for teammates, Pokemon such as Thunder Wave Togekiss or Cresselia also work well by giving Machamp support, as now Machamp can destroy the opponent with ParaFusion if not being used in Trick Room.</p>
  33. [Other Options]
  35. <p>Machamp gets a huge movepool, and there are a bunch of goodies that it can use. Earthquake gives Machamp great spread move coverage, as well as hitting Toxicroak. However it also means that Machamp loses a coverage attack. It also gets moves such as Helping Hand, which boosts an ally's attack by 50%. Encore also makes a good option for Machamp, as it can lock Pokemon makes pokemon get locked into moves such as Tailwind or Trick Room, though Machamp struggles to find a spot for it. It also gets Light Screen, which gives great team support as it raises both Machamp's and its ally's Special Defense. However as said above, Machamp doesn't want to give up any of its coverage moves. Item-wise, Machamp can use Fighting Gem, as it allows you to OHKO Chople Berry Tyranitar and deal massive damage to anything that gets hit by it. White Herb, though situational, can be used to bypass Intimidate just once, as this helps as it means Machamp retain its powerful attack. Choice Scarf is also a nice option to use on Machamp, as it allows him to fix his speed problems. An EV Spread of 32 HP / 252 Atk / 224 Spe and a Jolly nature means he outspeeds Jolly Garchomps, or a spread of 12 HP / 252 Atk / 244 Spe means he outspeeds positive nature base 105s. However, this means he has to use Jolly, which means his attacks won't be as powerful as the physical attacker set. And, even if you were to run max speed, you would not outspeed things such as Latios, Tornadus, and Infernape. Pokemon like Weavile and your own Latios can be used to get rid of those threats. A Guts set is also viable, but this means you would have to use Close Combat over DynamicPunch, which throws away his great defenses. Pokemon such as Hariyama can pull that off better thanks to Fake Out.</p>
  37. [Checks and Counters]
  39. <p>Pokemon that resist DynamicPunch usually make great checks to Machamp. Reuniclus and Musharna make great Machamp counters since they take little damage from DynamicPunch, are slower (and are therefore not badly hurt by Payback), and KO with Psychic. Slowbro also falls in this category, as Payback and ThunderPunch are the only ways to hit it, and it can deal heavy damage with Psychic, though it, like Reuniclus and Musharna, do not enjoy confusion. Ghost Pokemon such as Sableye and Dusclops are immune to DynamicPunch, take little from its attacks, and can use Will-O-Wisp to cripple it completely. This is especially true for Sableye, who gets priority through Prankster. Intimidate is a nice way to cut his Attack, which makes his attacks weaker and in turn keeps your Pokemon alive.</p>
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