It was a Thursday (Chapter 2)

Jul 5th, 2014
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  1. Two hours... It had been two hours since my adrenalin rush had worn off. Here I was rolling along the highway looking at Pearson Airport. It was odd. I always saw and heard airplanes going out of that place on my trips to see my mom and sister. It was eerie seeing no activity. I focused my eyes over the airport and saw some pegasi flying around. Most likely waiting for planes to come down to land and getting any unturned humans. I continued on, hoping that some can get out.
  3. The road was empty save for me and my loneliness. It was dark. The streetlamps were doing little to light the drive north. Save for the odd wild animal, there was nothing but abandoned cars and trucks as I drove along. It was getting boring just listening to the engine run. I turned on the radio to my usual station. Hopefully the ponies still kept the files for the human music.
  5. "Welcome back to 102.1 the Edge where I am joined by Rainbow Dash talking on the line about-"
  7. "-and then he smacked my face with the door three times! I broke my wing for the first time in months! Ugh, when I get my hooves on him..."
  9. "Rainbow, you're on the air now."
  11. I guess she didn't die.
  13. "Oh, um..."
  15. "You were talking about how humans should come to the cities and become ponies?" The Dj reminded.
  17. "Oh, oh yeah! Um, yeah. Being a pony is great! I bet humans don't get to fly without having to use planes! One of my friends said that being a pony was one of the greatest things to happen to him!"
  19. "But I heard that there are lots of humans still out there that don't want to be a pony. What can you say that could make them change their mind?"
  21. "Well... you're a unicorn right?"
  23. "Yeah that's right."
  25. "Well things around there are a lot easier to do right? You got your levitation, your spells all of that stuff!"
  27. "Well I guess it does make certain tasks easier."
  29. "Not to mention ponies in general are more happy! I met a real grump of a human though."
  31. Ohcrapohcrapohcrap!
  33. "I was relaxing on a car and he was speeding up the highway and he was trying to get out. You know what he did?"
  35. "I think we heard at the beginning of this."
  37. "But still, can you believe it? I was being friendly and showing off my moves, trying to show the great things about being a pony. Next thing you know, he calls me an asshole and how we're KILLING the human race!"
  39. Lord Jesus in heaven, if you're up there and not a pony, you will make that rainbow bitch not say where I am going. PLEASE.
  41. "We're not killing anything! If anything, we're helping humans. I remember my human life." A retching sound was heard over the air. "My pony life is way better! Do me and that human a favour; if anyp0ny sees a car headed-"
  43. I could hear the dial tone on the radio. Praise Jesus, Buddha, Ghandi, Allah and Jazz.
  45. "Well, I guess we've lost the call. It's almost time for our next break. But before that, we've got a song!"
  47. My name is-
  49. "FUCK THAT!" I shouted as I put in a random CD. What played was pure dubstep. I didn't mind it. Anything was better than that fucking piece of shit. God damn, Pinkies song is now synonymous with the fucking Holocaust.
  51. I looked at the dashboard to see I was running low on gas. Just in time, I saw a gas station. I pulled off the highway to see if the pumps were running. As I got out of the car I raised the shotgun to the little booth that would have had the attendant in it. No one was home but the light was on.
  53. I started pumping gas into the car, my eyes scanning the immediate darkness for anyone. Part of me was confident that hoof steps would be audible, but I paid attention anyway. I then looked at the attendants booth.
  55. I might be pulling a Fallout here but I think I need some barter fuel. It's a apocalypse and I'm thinking that people are going to want to trade for supplies. And what is better barter fuel are cartons of cigarettes!
  57. "Show me the- OH FUCK!"
  59. I opened the door to the attendant entrance and recoiled at the sight of the dead attendant. I was retching at. Blood and brains were everywhere on the inside with a double-barrelled shotgun resting on his chest. There was a small TV that was playing the pony news. They kept on broadcasting that humans should come back to the cities.
  61. I turned it off. The dude was dead. He didn't need that shit in his afterlife.
  63. I started filling the trunk with cigarettes and some junk food for when the going gets tough. I also grabbed the mini fridge of Redbull. I know power conservation was a thing we needed to discuss when we got there but having an extra fridge for food is always a good thing. Although I don't know how much power 5 solar panels are going to produce.
  65. I took the gun off of the body and rested it on the passenger seat.
  67. "Hello? Is anyone there?" A voice called.
  69. I turned around and raised my pistol at in the direction of the voice. "If you got hooves, get the fuck away!" I was still trying to see what was approaching. "If you're human, put your hands up."
  71. A woman came out of the shadows. She looked like she was about thirty-ish.
  73. "Please you have to help me, I have family up north and my car broke down. Please!"
  75. "Keep your hand where I can see 'em and come over here." I kept my eyes locked on her the whole time, looking for suspicious movements.
  77. "Please, they're in Thunder Bay. I have no other way to reach them!"
  79. She looked like she had walked a long way and desperate. I sighed "I'm not headed up there, sorry." The disappointment on her face was apparent. Still, I had four extra seats. "But I can get you closer. I dunno who's going up that way, but I guess you could get another car or something."
  81. "Thank you, thank you!"
  83. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  85. Her name was Ghita. As we drove along she was telling me about her and her family were recent immigrants from India. She was on her way to see her husband for his birthday in Toronto when the outbreak happened. She said she had a lot of close calls with a purple pegasus. As she said, it was claiming to be her husband.
  87. "Eventually he gave up and went after others. He then said we would be together again. That wasn't my husband. Even he wouldn't try and force this... Sickness on me. On anyone for that matter." She sighed "What about you?"
  89. I told her about my day. Everything including the run-in with Rainbow.
  91. "You know one of them? W-was she family?"
  93. "God no! I don't think anyone in my family is that douchey. Although Uncle Fred could be an exception..."
  95. "But you speak of her like you know her."
  97. I sighed. "You know what a brony is?" She nodded "I watch the show, she's in it."
  99. "You mean the ponys that are attacking and the ones in the show are similar?"
  101. "Not similar. Same." I took a swig of the tall can of the energy drink. "To think the one thing I liked turned against us all."
  103. It was another hour or so to Bolton. One that was spent in silence.
  105. /////////////////////////////
  107. "Anyone in here?" I called to the empty looking house.
  109. It was my childhood home. It was eerie without the people around it. I unlocked it using my key. It was odd not seeing anyone in there. Usually my mom or my sister would be in there, but no. It wasn't looted at all. If anything people would be looting department stores.
  111. I looked around for any signs of life. There was none to be found. I'm guessing they took Lupo with them. I went into the kitchen to find a note on the counter.
  113. John,
  115. I saw what was happening on the news and Mom and I are headed to Mikes house and to the hunt camp. We're bringing what we can to set up for the long of it. I hope you make it there.
  117. Love, Dee.
  119. I folded the note and put it in my pocket.
  121. "Ghita, you okay out there!?" I shouted.
  123. "Yes!" She was standing guard with a the second shotgun outside. I just needed to grab some stuff here and-
  125. "Well howdy there!"
  127. I turned around to see a pony. It was wearing a Stetson and had orange fur. It's big green eyes were staring into mine.
  129. "Ah'm Applejack, pleased ta meetcha!" She had the same beaming smile like the rest.
  131. "Ghita, I need some help here!" I yelled to the lady as I pulled out my pistol.
  133. Instead of running I heard galloping.
  135. "Oh no..."
  137. "Hey there, John! You needed help?" She was now a maroon earth pony.
  139. "Fuck..." I was backing up into the screen door. My aim was still trained on Applejack. First it was Rainbow Dash, now it's her?
  141. "Now Ah heard what'cha did to my friend Rainbow, and Ah hav'ta say that that wasn't nice at all." She started. "But if ya come with me, Ah'm sure she'll accept an apology."
  143. "Fuck." I wanted to pull the trigger. Why couldn't I pull the trigger?
  145. "Seriously, John. This is great! I feel so much better now."
  147. "You were fine before all of this! Everyone was fine! Even you said this was a sickness!"
  149. "You need to try this! It's great, believe me!"
  151. "John, Ah'm sure that things will be alright. Ah think Dee would be-"
  153. "YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT MY SISTER! " I smashed the window and ran out the opening into the backyard. My hand stung and bled, but I ignored it. I dashed out the gate and ran to the car. I started the car and drove off. Applejack and Ghi- no, not Ghita. Whatever she was now was now in my rear view.
  155. "Come back! Ah swear, everything is gonna be alright!"
  157. I flipped them off. The worst bit is knowing that Ghita is gonna be able to change the rest of her family as well. I looked at my phone. There was still no signal since last night. It doesn't matter. I'm gonna get to the hunt camp, wait this whole thing out, and try to just survive.
  159. //////////////////////////////////////////
  161. "Ah don't get it. Why does every human we try to reason with, always end up running?" AJ asked the voice on her satellite-phone.
  163. "I don't know AJ, it's just the way that their brains are wired. I mean from what I could tell from the time I was human, self preservation was paramount. Between a individual and others." The voice said.
  165. "But still, Ah changed his pardner. When she said she felt great, he had this look of..."
  167. "Horror?"
  169. "Yeah." AJ sighed. "He said that we were a sickness. I dunno, Twi. Ah'm startin' to think they don't want this."
  171. Twilight sighed. "Look, I know we're all having doubts but we have to keep going. But think about it this way: When we were humans, we would have just died out from war or starvation. This is way better. For all of us."
  173. "Ah... Ah guess. But Ah still don't like it."
  175. "Don't worry Applejack. Everything is going to be alright." Twilight said in a warm tone.
  177. ////////////////////////////////////////////
  179. It was getting dark again. I was also getting low on gas. If Herman is still human I have to thank him for making this thing. Normally If I were to make it to Barrie it would take almost 4 hours, depending on traffic of course.
  181. I pulled into another gas station. This one was different from the others as it had a mini supermarket in it. I guess I could get some canned food. I filled up my tank and pulled in near the entrance. I went in and filled a cart with boxes of the stuff. If it were just me eating them, it would last about a month. But with the unknown amount of people at the hunt camp, I made sure to grab some more.
  183. I also picked up a lot of medicine as well. I need to raid a pharmacy or something when I get to Barrie. Just grab six of everything. Logistics be damned, I wanted to see my family alive.
  185. I put it into the back seat as I then continued on the road. I thought about how my weekend was supposed to go. I was supposed to have that fic up on Fimfiction. My college friends are probably having that poker game sans-humanity. I guess I could play vidya still. I dunno how the internet is faring though. Most likely the brony sites are up. I dunno about anything else.
  187. For one of the first times in my life, I prayed. I prayed for my friends and family to be alright. I didn't want to do this alone. I don't think anyone does. I pulled over to the side of the road. I was tired. More tired than most. I've spent the last day and a half running. I needed some sleep.
  189. I reclined my seat and closed my eyes. Letting the darkness of sleep envelop me.
  191. /////////////////////////
  193. I was dreaming at first.
  195. I was dreaming I was with my sister. Taking her out for lunch, seeing a movie. The normal family bonding time and such. On the Lakeshore as well. We were walking past a warehouse. I don't know what happened next. I was running. Running away, while pulling my sister by the arm. I looked behind us. A rainbow explosion. I then looked at my sister. She wasn't my sister anymore. She was a dark blue unicorn. I let go and kept running.
  197. I then stopped. I looked down to see that I was still myself. But at figure landed in front of me. A figure of pure white. Her flowing rainbow mane was dazzling.
  199. "Hello sister." She said to me. At least I think it was a she.
  201. "I think you got me confused with someone else. I'm not your sister."
  203. "Oh, no I think it is you who is confused. After all, you do have her eyes." It said.
  205. My eyes shot open. I was covered in cold sweat and an instinct to get the hell out dodge. I drove. Drove fast and hard. I don't know why or what I was running from. I just knew I had to. I looked in the rear view.
  207. You know, I never knew what my eye colour was. Every time it would be a different shade of green, grey or blue. I could never tell. But now I could tell. For some reason it was more clear than water.
  209. It was light blue. And now I knew that for sure.
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