HP Spectre (x360 and others) Precision Touchpad Drivers

Jun 16th, 2019
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  1. After hours I have managed to get the Precision Touchpad driver from Lenovo working again:
  3. If anything goes wrong you might end up without having a mouse pointer! In this case you can use an external mouse or the touch screen to proceed.
  5. 1. Download the "Show or hide updates" troubleshooter package from
  7. Note: If this step does not work for you, please
  8. 1. Disable all WiFi and LAN connections before installing the Lenovo driver
  9. 2. Finally block driver updates using gpedit.msc as soon as the Lenovo driver is working - and before reenabling WiFi/LAN connections.
  11. Here's how to achieve that (Please note that this needs to be undone whenever you want to install another driver or the installation will fail for no obvious reason!!):
  14. 2. Run the troubleshooter package and make sure that the Synaptics driver 19.5.x will be hidden. This prevents it from being reinstalled over and over again.
  16. 3. Uninstall the Synaptics device (Synaptics SMBus or similar) via Device Manager (check “Uninstall driver software” on the confirmation dialog).
  18. 4. Reboot (yes, really!)
  20. 5. Download and install the older HP touchpad driver, version 19.3.31.x, not the latest version 19.5.10.x, from the HP support website (you need to look up your specific Spectre model there and download it from the software & drivers page)
  22. Note: Installing the latest version (19.5.x) will stop the touchpad from working - so make sure you really get 19.3.31.x
  24. 6. Reboot
  26. 7. Download Lenovo's Precision Touchpad driver and unpack it anywhere: (uncheck the option to automatically install the driver on the last step of the installation wizard)
  28. 8. Via Device Manager, manually install the downloaded and unzipped "Synaptics Touchpad Device" (n1mgx28w) driver by right-clicking the Synaptics device.
  30. 9. Reboot
  32. 10. If the touchpad still does not work as expected, open settings (Ctrl+I), go to touchpad settings, randomly change some settings an then press "Reset touchpad" on the bottom of the page.
  34. 11. Block driver updates as explained in the "Note" in Step 1
  36. DONE!
  37. For me everything - including 4 and 5 finger gestures - is working again. And the (native Windows) Touchpad settings tell me that my device does have a Precision Touchpad!
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