The Eternal War, Session 06

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  1. Session Start: Sat Jun 09 10:56:06 2012
  2. Session Ident: #eternalwar
  3. 03[10:56] * Now talking in #eternalwar
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  9. 01[19:28] <Staffen> You stand in the comparatively quiet streets beneath the Scintillan Precinct. It is the early afternoon, and you still have a full two days and a half to complete your objective.
  10. [19:29] <Ezekiah> "Well! I suggest that we go and find my fellow brothers and sisters in the Red Redemption and have them assist us on this most holy task! We'll find Schoorl and be done with him quick as we please!" Ezekiah suggests a baaaaad idea.
  11. [19:31] <Varian> "We should get off the street and prying eyes... so we can discuss what we need to do next."
  12. [19:32] <Horace> "Wouldn't suggest finding more gangers."
  13. [19:33] <Horace> "There may be heretic infiltrators."
  14. [19:33] <Ezekiah> "Who suggested finding Gangers?"
  15. [19:33] <Horace> "...Not the first time I've seen heretics hiding amongst the...'faithful.'"
  16. 01[19:33] <Staffen> The guard who stopped you earlier is still on duty, stomping around some ways down the street.
  17. [19:33] <Petruswork> "We should find a safehouse."
  18. 06[19:34] * Varian nods "Indeed, somewhere safe to discuss our plans."
  19. 06[19:36] * Varian looks around, for any apartment-like complexes or directions to a district that might contain such places.
  20. 01[19:42] <Staffen> Varian takes you on a search for the next rough-hour that leads you to an old hab-complex adjoining the burned-out skeleton of a street-shop. There is a distinct lack of traffic here.
  21. 01[19:46] <Staffen> Horace appears soon after, with a confirmed story of a smuggler's entrance to the underhive tunnels. It is noted to be highly inconspicuous and little-travelled.
  22. 06[19:46] * Varian sneers at the mention of the dirty Underhive tunnels. Not that they were much worse than their current locale.
  23. [19:47] <Horace> "Apparently whoever was using was purged recently.  Quite well, as well.  The underhivers probably think they went further underground from their absence."
  24. [19:47] <Horace> "Sorry, young master.  Can't help it.  I can't find abandoned mansions."
  25. [19:47] <Ezekiah> "It's like I'm back home!" Ezekiah feels a touch nostalgic.
  26. [19:47] <Varian> "Needs must I suppose."
  27. [19:49] <Horace> "There's still some furniture laying around."
  28. [19:51] <Petruswork> "This is no more dangerous than the foothills of the karreck mountains I suppose
  29. [19:52] <Ezekiah> "So how are we to find and capture Schoorl, then?"
  30. [19:53] <Horace> "Maybe the young master lion tamer knows something?  He seems clever.
  31. [19:53] <Horace> "He was drawing out some shorthand notes earlier.  He may have a plan."
  32. [19:56] <Petruswork> Well we track him the same way you track any game
  33. 06[19:56] * Varian chuckles under his breath, "This Hab-complex looks good enough. The smugglers cave can be a second rendezvous if this... place... is compromised.
  34. [19:56] <Varian> "
  35. [19:57] <Petruswork> "You find his home and burn him out of it"
  36. [19:59] <Ezekiah> "I like the idea of burning."
  37. 06[20:01] * Horace shrugs
  38. 06[20:01] * Varian grimaces, "Lets keep that one on the... backburner... for now and maybe use it if all else fails?"
  39. [20:01] <Horace> "Fire is always a good fallback plan.  Can't tell you how many problems I've solved by setting homes on fire."
  40. [20:02] <Ezekiah> "73."
  41. 06[20:02] * Varian heads into the Hab complex, inspecting the location for a specific suitable set of rooms inside.
  42. 02[20:03] * Petruswork ( Quit (Client exited)
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  46. 06[20:08] * Varian ushers the other in with him
  47. 06[20:09] * Horace follows along, whistling inconspicuously
  48. 01[20:09] <Staffen> The building is equal parts dusty and moldy. Incidentally, the front door has, among other things, a large orange "X" across it and various eviction notices posted on it. Against the adjoining burnt-down building, several walls have caved in. Otherwise, people seem to be avoiding it.
  49. [20:10] <Horace> "Nice place. Whoever may be hanging around won't be bothering us here."
  50. 03[20:10] * Commando_V is now known as Vlaskiyov
  51. 06[20:13] * Varian tests the door knob
  52. 01[20:13] <Staffen> The door opens without any problems.
  53. [20:14] <Horace> "This is kind of like my old apartment hab."
  54. 06[20:14] * Varian heads in and looks for some chairs or lounges to seat the assembled group.
  55. 06[20:15] * Horace blows some lho smoke into some rage-spider webs to scare them away, and sits on a dusty table ledge
  56. 01[20:15] <Staffen> In the common room you find some old seats draped with stained sheets. An octagonal game-table sits in the corner.
  57. 06[20:16] * Varian eyes the stains and prefers to stand but waves the rest in regardless.
  58. 06[20:17] * Petruswork walks in and looks around the room
  59. 02[20:21] * Petruswork ( Quit (Quit: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( ))
  60. [20:22] <Varian> "I thought more on the initial plan and I believe we can have this sorted in a day or two. Horace and I can head to the Administratum and Arbite Precinct to work on our cover ID's and do some research on the target. Petrus can arrange transport and spend a day tracking our target at his workplace. Ezekiah, you can... what can you do, what would you be good at?"
  61. [20:22] <Horace> "Sounds good.  I can also try and spread some false rumors.  I don't like how they knew we were coming before we even made planetfall...."
  62. 06[20:23] * Horace takes a deep drag on a hand-wrapped lho
  63. 06[20:23] * Varian nods "Fair enough."
  64. [20:23] <Ezekiah> "I'm good at burning sinners."
  65. [20:26] <Varian> "Well... Anything else?"
  66. [20:29] <Ezekiah> "... carving sinners?"
  67. [20:34] <Varian> "Well we will need you later but for now you can do, whatever you wish I suppose."
  68. [20:35] <Varian> "Ready to go Horace?"
  69. 06[20:36] * Horace straightens his tie, checks his pants for rage spiders and love-ticks, and satisfied, joins Varian
  70. 06[20:36] * Varian heads to the street, "Administratum or Arbite Precinct first?"
  71. [20:37] <Horace> "Whichever works for the plan best."
  72. 06[20:38] * Horace gives an answer, indicating he'll defer to Varian, the designer of the plan
  73. 06[20:39] * Varian runs his hands down the front of his suit, smoothing it. "The Administratum will do for now."
  74. 06[20:53] * Horace goes on a recaff binge working under Varian's objectives, and surprises himself at what they accomplish
  75. [20:53] <Horace> "L-l-l-l-oooks like the E-e-e-e-e-emperor is onnnn our s-s-side."
  76. 01[21:12] <Staffen> Horace and Varian are largely successful in their efforts with the Administratum while Ezekiah makes a small amount of money on the side.
  77. 01[21:13] <Staffen> After the Administratum they go for the Precinct, where they are not quite as well-off.
  78. 06[21:14] * Horace vomits in the street of recaff overdoes, and uncharacteristically stumbles after Varian, eyes wide open
  79. 06[21:16] * Varian heads back to the safehouse, brushing the dust off some coathangers and placing his flak cloak and suit up on them before assembling the cleanest bedding he can find and laying down to rest.
  80. 03[21:28] * Petrus ( has joined #eternalwar
  81. 01[21:35] <Staffen> The next day you wake up. Petrus does not appear to have come back during the night. You head out to make some last-minute purchases before the big night.
  82. 06[21:36] * Horace refuses to look at his paper recaff cup and remains from the day before, remembering its effects, but swigs down the chilled swill down to wake up
  83. 06[21:37] * Varian slowly arises, putting on his suit and flak cloak once more. "I don't think I can stand to look at another file or cogitator ever again Horace."
  84. [21:38] <Horace> "We have to go find those damnable photo-contacts, young master...  Drag the Redemptionist along...he wanted to go shopping...urgh"
  85. 06[21:39] * Horace leans on a wall and makes way to go ask about in the hive for night vision contacts against his body's will
  86. 06[21:45] * Horace slumps on the ground exhausted after nine hours of walking with Varian and Ezekiah, having found their equipment
  87. [21:46] <Horace> "Do we make ready for the next part of the plan?"
  88. 06[21:46] * Horace asks quietly under a well-deserved smoke break
  89. [21:46] <Varian> "We need to find Petrus and a vehicle."
  90. [21:48] <Ezekiah> "Is this the part where we burn the sinners?"
  91. [21:49] <Varian> "Indeed, soon. Mercenaries are particularly sinful, or so I have heard."
  92. 06[21:51] * Horace looks over his Armageddon, savoring some non-clerical work for once in his life
  93. [21:51] <Ezekiah> "Mmm... goooooood!"
  94. [21:52] <Horace> "While we wait for him, let's go wait in that Grox King until he calls."
  95. [21:57] <Petrus> ++Is anyone there?++
  96. 06[21:58] * Varian surreptitiously puts a hand to his ear and whispers, ++Petrus, where are you?++
  97. [21:59] <Petrus> ++The Doravi estate.++
  98. [22:00] <Varian> ++Doing what exactly++
  99. [22:00] <Varian> ?*
  100. [22:00] <Petrus> ++Observing things, I think I have found our escape.++
  101. [22:01] <Varian> ++Can you return to the Hab? We need to prepare and share what we have learnt.++
  102. [22:02] <Petrus> ++I'm not sure if I can sneak out. I might be stuck here for the night.++
  103. [22:02] <Horace> ++Should we meet with him, and just stake out the place and begin?++
  104. [22:04] <Varian> ++Alright, we will keep in contact. The Doravi estate is where he lives, correct Petrus?++
  105. [22:04] <Petrus> ++Aye, and a very VERY fat man.++
  106. [22:04] <Varian> ++Hold there and we will contact you soon.++
  107. 06[22:05] * Varian turns to the others, "Time to get us a vehicle."
  108. [22:07] <Ezekiah> "How would you suggest that?"
  109. [22:07] <Horace> "We...take it.  In the name of the Emperor.  From heretics.  And sinners."
  110. [22:07] <Horace> "That have fast cars."
  111. [22:07] <Ezekiah> "I LIKE THIS PLAN!"
  112. [22:07] <Horace> "...Can either one of you drive?"
  113. [22:08] <Varian> "I, well... Not exactly."
  114. 06[22:09] * Horace kicks the ground sheepishly...
  115. [22:10] <Horace> "I...never learned to drive...  I've been relying on my authority under the Lord Hax to get cabbies to drive me where I want to go..."
  116. [22:10] <Ezekiah> "I could try."
  117. 06[22:12] * Varian gets up from the plastic seating and leaves the last of his grox burger on the serving tray, "Nevermind then, we will take something there and Petrus can drive. Lets move out."
  118. 06[22:14] * Horace finishes attaching his grox king paper crown to the top of his gas mask and gently lowers on his photo-visors
  119. 06[22:15] * Varian heads to the Doravi estate as night falls, his gear safely in his backpack. Keeping to the shadows with Ezekiah and Horace.
  120. 06[22:15] * Horace tries to follow the stealthier Varian and Ezekiah, lumbering along
  121. 01[22:16] <Staffen> After a ten-minute lift-ride upwards, you arrive in the plaza which features both van Schoorl's penthouse and the Doravi Estate.
  122. [22:16] <Varian> ++Petrus, we are here. You have eyes on the target?++
  123. 06[22:18] * Horace points up towards a lone gun barrel poking out of a window
  124. [22:18] <Petrus> ++No I don't++
  125. [22:18] <Horace> ++Move your gun barrel up and down once to see if we correctly found you.++
  126. [22:19] <Petrus> ++Too risky I'll mark my position with a red sash++
  127. 06[22:19] * Petrus puts a sash near his hiding spot
  128. 01[22:20] <Staffen> It is indeed him.
  129. [22:21] <Horace> ++Shall we begin?++
  130. [22:21] <Varian> ++We will prepare to assault his Penthouse, I will try and cut the power while the others get ready.++
  131. 06[22:22] * Horace puts on his gas mask w/ paper crown and cocks his Armageddon and readies his shield
  132. [22:22] <Petrus> ++Tell me what to do.++
  133. [22:23] <Varian> ++Cover us, when we start the assault cover us and call out enemy positions so they don't get around us.++
  134. [22:24] <Petrus> ++Will do++
  135. 06[22:25] * Varian dashes out along the shadows, trying to get closer as he notices two guards by the front entrance.
  136. [22:27] <Varian> As a guard calls out towards Varian he calmly walks towards him, whispering to the group ++I am going to talk my way in, I will call out when to begin the attack++.
  137. [22:28] <Horace> ++Dangerous.  Good luck.++
  138. 06[22:32] * Varian heads inside with the guard.
  139. 01[22:37] <Staffen> A sharp, loud hiss fills the air. You see a soft flash of light pass through the air above you and then, suddenly a bright explosion bursts over the upper floors of van Schoorl's estate.
  140. [22:40] <Horace> ++...Was that ours?++
  141. [22:40] <Ezekiah> "... who else could it be?"
  142. [22:40] <Petrus> ++It wasn't me++
  143. [22:40] <Petrus> ++Well we lost one of our get away vehicles++
  144. [22:41] <Horace> ++...He's rich.  Does he have more?++
  145. [22:41] <Varian> ++The guards are alerted, I am going for their security station. Keep covering Petrus. Horace and Ezekiah use the distraction to sneak in closer.++
  146. 01[22:41] <Staffen> An aircraft's engines scream loud overhead. You see a menacing, angular craft with stab-lights lit come flying close.
  147. [22:41] <Petrus> ++van Schoorl's lander just got hit by a rocket++
  148. [22:43] <Ezekiah> "Wasn't us?"
  149. [22:43] <Horace> ++...Take advantage of the chaos!  Let's go!++
  150. [22:43] <Ezekiah> "Alright, then!"
  151. 06[22:44] * Horace runs for any window of the house, hammer in his right hand
  152. [22:45] <Petrus> ++We have company++
  153. [22:46] <Horace> ++Oh really?  I thought you had fancy friends, master!++
  154. [22:47] <Petrus> ++No, there is a new lander landing at the van Schoorl landing platform++
  155. [22:47] <Petrus> ++Shall I engage them?++
  156. [22:47] <Varian> ++Power is down, start shooting.++
  157. 03[22:49] * Retrieving #eternalwar modes...
  158. [22:49] <Horace> ++Let's get our grox-ass, and whatever we can carry and get out of here!++
  159. 03[22:49] * Staffen changes topic to 'Petrus, Badguy 1, Varian, Badguy 2, Horace, Badguy, Mercs, Zeke, Cutter, Badguy 4'
  160. [22:53] <Ezekiah> "Agreed! They are too sinful for their worldly materials!"
  161. 01[22:54] <Staffen> Outside, two guards are scrambling around shouting in confusion at one-another.
  162. 03[22:56] * Staffen changes topic to 'Petrus, Varian, Badguy 2, Horace, Badguy, Mercs, Zeke, Cutter, Badguy 4'
  163. [22:57] <Petrus> ++Got one++
  164. [22:58] <Horace> ++Nice work!  Be careful of their air support though!++
  165. 06[23:01] * Horace slams a window with his hammer, and rolls in awkwardly with his bulk and surveys his new room
  166. 01[23:01] <Staffen> Horace encounters Varian standing over a corpse in the pitch-dark hallway.
  167. 06[23:02] * Horace raises his hammer slightler
  168. [23:02] <Horace> *slightly
  169. [23:02] <Horace> ++Hi.++
  170. 06[23:02] * Varian turns as he hears the smash, ++Hello there.++
  171. [23:02] <Horace> ++Wreak havoc?++
  172. [23:02] <Varian> ++Find Schrool.++
  173. [23:03] <Horace> ++Find Schoorl, burn everything.  Got it.++
  174. [23:03] <Petrus> ++Uh oh++
  175. 06[23:07] * Ezekiah would charge into the building. "SINNERS! I HAVE COME FOR YOU!"
  176. [23:07] <Horace> ++First Schoorl.  Then purging.++
  177. [23:12] <Petrus> ++Well I'm leaving, see you at the safe house?++
  178. [23:14] <Horace> ++Find us a car, master!  We'll get our lardman!++
  179. [23:14] <Petrus> ++I will if this damn gunship leaves!++
  180. [23:15] <Horace> ++Gunship?  ...Get out.++
  181. [23:15] <Varian> ++Pull back Petrus, you kept them busy long enough for us to get inside.++
  182. [23:18] <Ezekiah> "So who else do you think is after the fatman?"
  183. [23:19] <Horace> "There's at least one more group which simultaneously attacked with us!  There could be five more for all know!"
  184. [23:20] <Horace> "Let's just make sure /we're/ the ones that get him!"
  185. [23:20] <Varian> "Rival company, rivals of our 'Lady' trying to mess with her plans, Mr M that the 'Lady' told us about. Who knows."
  186. [23:20] <Horace> "Oh Throne.  Why now of all times?"
  187. [23:21] <Varian> "Not my problem until they get in our way."
  188. 01[23:23] <Staffen> The guards from the entrance open fire on Ezekiah in retaliation.
  189. [23:23] <Ezekiah> AND THEY DO NOTHING!
  190. 06[23:24] * Ezekiah still enters the building, and turns around... letting one of the fuckers have it before he enters in. "SINNER!"
  191. 01[23:26] <Staffen> Varian finds a plate beside a door labelled "STAIRWELL".
  192. [23:27] <Varian> "I don't know if this leads to Van Schrool. Split up and call out when we find him."
  193. 01[23:28] <Staffen> The guards continue to fire on Ezekiah.
  194. [23:30] <Ezekiah> ++Where are you two!?++ He'd run as far from the door as possible, some where far from the bastards with their bastardly and sinful autoguns.
  195. 01[23:31] <Staffen> The guards shout and give chase. They are clearly dedicated.
  196. 06[23:31] * Varian makes to enter the stairwell, nodding for Horace to head another way. ++We are further inside the building.++
  197. [23:32] <Horace> ++Split?  ...Well, alright.++
  198. 06[23:34] * Ezekiah unleashes hell from his exterminator cartridge. "YES! THIS PLEASES THE EMPEROR! BUUUUUUUUUUUURN!"
  199. [23:40] <Varian> ++I think I have found Schrool. Go through the stairwell.++
  200. [23:41] <Ezekiah> ++I am currently occupied with the two guards at the front door. I thought we were to take care of them first?++
  201. [23:41] <Horace> ++I found a toilet.++
  202. 01[23:43] <Staffen> Ezekiah puts down the two guards with flame and gunfire
  203. 06[23:44] * Ezekiah would change to his flamer. The killing one. Now the other one. ++Where are you two?++
  204. [23:45] <Varian> ++Head further in, look for a stairwell sign. Further in than the genetorium sign.++
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