OVER NINE THOUSANDS (TwixAnon, lewd comedy) more?

Sep 13th, 2017
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  1. >swn tease me about the lack of details in my smut scenes
  2. >swn stand behind me and read as I type everything down, pointing out every little typos and grammatical errors and make her own suggestions
  4. >"Geez Anon, you know you can't focus on my 'love nub' so much right? It's much too sensitive for that, and what's wrong with 'clitoris' anyway--"
  5. "It's a story, Twilight. Realism isn't important if it's hot,"
  6. >"Well, I'm not sure what is it you find hot about me 'writhing and squirming on the bed' and 'losing my mind in pleasure', all of that sounds kind of extreme, don't you think?"
  7. "Nah, I've actually read quite a few comments telling me that I should focus some more on your pleasure,"
  8. "And the idea IS really hot,"
  9. >"And I didn't know you loved my teats so much,"
  10. "Really? I always play with them quite a lot before going down on you. Or at least, until you force me down~,"
  11. >"I-it's not my fault you're such a tease!"
  12. "You say that as if it's a bad thing,"
  13. >You can't make out the grumbling and mumbling coming out of her mouth
  15. >You keep on typing and she keeps on proof reading
  16. >Until, finally, you press the submit button
  17. "Whew, that was one hell of a chapter, thanks for helping out twiggy,"
  18. >The only response she gives you is a content hum as you roll your neck to give her a light kiss
  19. >And you proceed by going over the few comments you got on the last chapter
  20. >'Holy shit that was so hot!'
  21. >'Wait guys, who is this incognito guy? I thought he was a minotaur at first, but then he said he didn't have hooves, so, what is he?!'
  22. >'>tfw you'll never hug and cuddle Nightfall Gleam after having filled her little pony womb full of cum'
  23. >"You really should've picked a better name,"
  24. "What? Why? What's wrong with Nightfall--"
  25. >"Wait, what's that number there?"
  26. "Oh, that? That's the view count,"
  27. >"Wha... what?! Three hundred views?!"
  28. "Well, I only submitted it yesterday so..."
  29. >"No! That's not what I meant! How come there's three hundred views?!"
  31. "I'm... not following you there, bookbuttt,"
  32. >"I-I never thought there would be so many ponies reading your stories!"
  33. "Huh? Oh, OH! Oh, but that's just the view count for that chapter, look,"
  34. >You scroll up and point to her the 5k views
  35. "That's for this story, and that's not the biggest, not sure why because I believe this one's way better, but my first one got a whopping ten thousand views--"
  36. >"TEN THOUSANDS?!"
  37. "Are you okay?"
  38. >You bring your hand on her back to try and reassure her as he starts hyperventilating
  39. "Twilight?! Talk to me, are you okay? Do you want me to fetch you something to drink or--"
  40. >"Are you telling me there's more than ten thousand ponies out there that read your pornographic stories?!"
  41. "Wow rude, I don't write porn, I write erotica and romanc--"
  42. >"I can't believe there's ten thousand ponies that read about our... our special cuddles time!"
  43. "Dude what lmao"
  44. >"TEN THOUSANDS, Anon, do you realize how many ponies that is?!"
  45. "Eh, that's less than a million,"
  46. >"Not even Starswirl's 'Magic and it's mysteries, a journey through time and space' has had ten thousand copies! And he released that book eighteen hundred years ago!"
  47. "Come on Twilight, it's not that big of a deal,"
  48. >"NOT THAT BIG?! Anon! That's like 40% of ponykind!"
  49. >Oh
  50. "Oh,"
  51. >It takes her a moment to calm herself down and regain her composure
  52. >"I-I know it doesn't sounds like a lot for you since you come from a world with billions of humans, but there's not nearly as many ponies in Equestria! The last numbers coming from the Equestrian Agency Of Really Important Numbers said that we'll reach the twenty seven thousands mark in six months!"
  53. "Wait, are you telling me that--"
  54. >"YES! Nearly half of the Equestrian population have read your stories, Anon!"
  55. "Wow."
  56. >"Oh my gosh, what if the girls read it?! And what if they found out you're the one writing, and I'm the--"
  57. "That's kinda hot,"
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