Horizon 7-A

Dec 22nd, 2014
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  1. Prologue:
  2. The Musashi group returns to the Musashi.
  3. Ujinao will not be joining Noriki until after the Kantou Liberation.
  5. Chapter 1:
  6. Ikeda Terumasa of M.H.R.R. is introduced as he prepares to repair the Shirasagi Castle.
  7. Konishi Yukinaga (daughter of Musashi's Konishi) is introduced on P.A. Oda's side.
  9. Chapter 2:
  10. Back on the Musashi, the Musashi group visits Suzu's family's bath.
  12. Chapter 3:
  13. They discuss the Thirty Years' War and the Habsburgs.
  15. Chapter 4:
  16. The Speers prepare to leave Paris.
  18. Chapter 5:
  19. The various groups gathered on the Musashi prepare for the post-Odawara and pre-Kantou Liberation discussions.
  21. Chapter 6:
  22. Terumoto gives Horizon their two Logismoi Oplo as promised.
  23. Masazumi announces to the world Musashi's inention to oppose Hashiba and P.A. Oda.
  25. Chapter 7:
  26. Narumi and Masazumi negotiate with Ootani and Katou Yoshiaki, which ends in Date and Houjou not being able to take part in the Kantou Liberation.
  28. Chapter 8:
  29. Hashiba announces their intention to begin the Battle of Nördlingen as a way of pulling Musashi away from the Kantou Liberation.
  31. Chapter 9:
  32. Terumoto announces that Hexagone Francaise will handle the Kantou Liberation on their own.
  33. The Battle of Nördlingen is revealed to have a connection to the suicide of Nagaoka Tadaoki's wife who has a double inherited name with Queen Christina of Sweden.
  35. Chapter 10:
  36. The Musashi group decides to go to Nördlingen to rescue Lady Nagaoka.
  38. Chapter 11:
  39. Terumoto gives Musashi the decoded version of Carlos I's memo they had gotten back in 3-C.
  40. It reveals that Carlos I asked William of Orange about something and they can find whatever that is with Lady Nagaoka because she is William of Orange's niece (in reality, not the history recreation).
  42. Chapter 12:
  43. Terumoto also leaves Nagaoka Tadaoki with them.
  45. Chapter 13:
  46. Tadaoki fights Shigenaga to get a future history recreation out of the way and he loses.
  48. Chapter 14:
  49. Masazumi tries to speak with Tadaoki, but it backfires because he isn't used to having an older girl that close.
  50. He reveals that he met Lady Nagaoka in Kyoto.
  52. Chapter 15:
  53. Tadaoki says he worked to earn his inherited name so he could meet Lady Nagaoka.
  54. He met her to convince her not to go through with her history recreaiton suicide, but he couldn't convince her.
  55. He came to Musashi to ask for their help in saving her.
  57. Chapter 16:
  58. Musashi announces their intention to help Tadaoki save Lady Nagaoka.
  59. A mechanical dragon lands on the Musashi.
  61. Chapter 17:
  62. The mechanical dragon is piloted by Nabeshima Naoshige and is carrying Asano Yoshinaga who are both from Hashiba.
  63. They request some fuel because they need to reach Edo for the history recreation.
  64. While they refuel, Asano notices Tadaoki, so Musashi pretends he was singlehandedly attacking the Musashi.
  65. Tadaoki has no choice but to leave with Nabeshima and Asano.
  67. Chapter 18:
  68. Musashi makes some simple plans for the Battle of Nördlingen.
  70. Chapter 19:
  71. Nabeshima realizes why Tadaoki had gone to the Musashi but decides it isn't worth making an issue out of.
  73. Chapter 20:
  74. Fukushima and Katagiri discuss their problems in the bath.
  75. The Musashi group discusses the Carlos I memo some more, but still doesn't reach an answer.
  77. Chapter 21:
  78. Fukushima is bothered by a dream she had and discusses their plans with Takenaka.
  79. Mouri and Satomi begin the Kantou Liberation.
  81. Chapter 22:
  82. The battle begins between Mouri ships and M.H.R.R. ships led by Kuki Yoshitaka.
  84. Chapter 23:
  85. As the battle continues, Murakami Motoyoshi is revealed to be in charge of the Mouri ships.
  87. Chapter 24:
  88. The Mouri automatons join the battle using specialized gods of war.
  90. Chapter 25:
  91. The Musashi de-stealths with all eight ships lined up front to back.
  92. They use the great length to accelerate transport ships as weapons and they plan to "abduct" Tadaoki while joining the Kantou Liberation for half an hour before leaving for Nördlingen.
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