Tongs - Baby Baby Job

Feb 23rd, 2014
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  1. Warning, this story contains a mothponi giving a blowjob to a foal
  3. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. >You are Virgo
  6. >you're a bit annoyed today, for but a single reason;
  7. >you have to babysit for Caramel
  8. >...that's not implying she did the nasty, of course (though you honestly wouldn't be surprised if she had)
  9. >she has an odd habit of finding shit in the forest that you shouldn't really be able to find
  10. >this time, it was a young mothpony
  11. >a REALLY young mothpony
  12. >of course, she couldn't leave the poor thing out in the forest, it'd probably starve
  13. >but seeing as she had other plans (being drunk and hitting on Hexferry probably one of them), Caramel had no time to care for the child
  14. >see that Acteus was probably getting sucked off by Anon again, the faggot
  15. >Sepia's, well... Sepia
  16. >and Meisa's working on her dresses, she came to you next
  17. >she could have asked some other ponies (Butterscotch comes to mind), but she came to you for help
  18. >being the kind gentlepony you are, you kindly replied:
  19. "Go fuck yourself, can't you see I'm busy playing Dorf Fort?"
  20. >needless to say, you relented your point after a rather painful display of authority from the light-brown mare aimed directly at your face
  21. >Now, you find yourself sitting in a room, devoid of anything interesting
  22. >the room in question contains a single baby crib, which in turn holds a small child
  23. >essentially a newborn, it's large, sparkly (and somewhat disturbing, you might add) purple eyes scan the room, taking in it's surroundings with wonder
  24. >it's short antennae twitch, most likely helping keep the baby's sense of smell in-tune
  25. >you realize you've never really seen a mothpony baby before
  26. >it's...
  27. >...strange
  28. >like you're looking in an age-diminishing mirror
  29. >...or, y'know, a childhood photo of yourself, with your tiny wings and nubby little feelers
  30. >but the baby is different, the proportions are smaller and more hyperbolic
  31. > still creeps you out how similar it looks compared to you
  32. >...
  33. >...wait, 'it?'
  34. >it's a bit strange you've never wondered what gender the child was
  35. >not that it really matters, of course
  36. >...
  37. >...but still...
  38. >...
  39. >Curiosity finally getting the best of you, you rise from your place on the floor with a sigh and trot over to the crib
  40. >the little creature sitting in the miniature prison rolls over to stare at you with it's big, fey eyes
  41. >that's still unsettling, but it's not going to stop you from having a look-see at it's undercarriage
  42. >'s not like that officer, honest
  43. >reaching the tiny bed-prison, you raise your forehooves up and balance yourself on the bar, getting a better look at the small thing within
  44. >...
  45. >well, it's not just gonna present itself, now is it?
  46. >is what you would have muttered to yourself, had a tiny little caramel-coloured penis arose from the ashen fur of the child's crotch
  47. >...
  48. >well, this is even more awkward than you thought it would be
  49. >the little bastard giggles at you, and moves his hoof in a come-hither motion
  50. >...or, you think he did, at any rate
  51. >you feel a bit of a jolt down below in your loins from the notion of sexual contact
  52. "Damn it, it had to be a baby..."
  53. >but ever since Anon had told you how good it felt to suck somebody's cock, it's been hard trying to focus with all those fantasies dancing about your head
  54. >'re not really one to take it from behind, but you can appreciate a nice, thick, juicy...
  55. >...
  56. >, you're not gay, you just like penises
  57. >(that isn't helping, is it?)
  58. >You mentally kick yourself out of the conflict you were having with your mind, and focus on the small caramel shaft between the foal's legs
  59. >he spreads his legs a bit more and oh Saturn, that's hot
  60. >just the thought of pleasuring this little stallion, defiling this tomb of innocence...
  61. >...well, it's mostly because you just like penises
  62. >and pleasuring small things (shut up, a size like that is normal)
  63. >there's a growing stiffness in your crotch, needless to say
  64. >your body's telling you yes, but your mind...
  65. >actually, it's alright with the whole situation as well
  66. >you've done worse than give a baby a BJ
  67. >now, let's just get this over with so you can jerk off to this memory later
  69. >Lowering the crib's bar that you were resting on, you lean into the wide-eyed little guy, nuzzling his chin with your antennae
  70. >you slowly extend your long tongue, letting it flick across the tiny tube
  71. >the baby mothpony squeals with what sounds like wonder, not helping the hardness of your own penis
  72. >you stroke his right side gently, and bury your head deep within his crotch, taking grip of the base of the miniscule shaft with your tongue as you wrap 'round it
  73. >he closes his eyes tight and bites his lip, letting the warm, wet embrace of your mouth take him
  74. >and he lets out small squeaks of what is clearly arousal, spurring you on
  75. >you clench and unclench your tongue, slowly sliding it upward, a damp ring of heat rising around the baby's tube
  76. >the tiny ashen mothpony thrusts his hips upward all he can, trying to experience more of your mouth
  77. >and for your final trick;
  78. >you grip tightly near the tip of the small penis with your proboscis, and force your tongue downward
  79. >the foal finally gives in and wails a sound that would erect the penises of straight stallions (such as yourself) everywhere
  80. >he shudders in pleasure, his body wracked with sexual pleasure, feelers twitching madly and legs jerking softly
  81. >You remove yourself from his shaft (disappointed that babies can't ejaculate), kindly patting the foal on the head for being complacent in all this
  82. >after the tiny stallion stops huffing from his very first orgasm, he rolls over to your forehoof and hugs it in an incredibly cute fashion
  83. >you return the affection, leaning in with your head and comforting him with your feelers
  84. >maybe he isn't so disturbing after all, with his creepy-as-fuck eyes
  85. >you try to ignore the fact he looks like a tiny replica of you as you pick him up and coddle him close (it'd kill the vibe with the whole self-cest thing)
  86. >he's cute
  87. >maybe it's the narcissism talking, but you'd totally bang a grown-up version of him
  89. ==================================
  91. >Hours of cuddling later, Caramel returns to the household surprisingly unintoxicated (but you do see a blushing tsundere mothpony behind her)
  92. >"Was it any trouble at all?"
  93. "Was 'he' any trouble at all, and no. He behaved... Well."
  94. >Caramel gives you an accusing stare, wondering how you know the baby's gender no doubt, but doesn't question it
  95. >you give one last caring hug to the little foal, and you set off toward your own home
  97. >As you settle down in your comfy chair, you just can't bring yourself to masturbate to the little guy
  98. >it's surprising the memories you kept from your short experience with him were mostly of his softness
  99. >he's...
  100. >...
  101. >...too cute to wank to
  102. >you never thought that would be a thing you'd ever think, but it's true
  103. >it may also be due to the fact it'd be like jerking it to yourself (it's not the same as fucking yourself, you see...), but you like to think he's just that cute
  104. >instead, feeling tired, you flop onto your soft, cushion-y bed, and embrace the cool sheets
  105. >you miss the warm touch of the baby's fur
  106. >...
  107. >'s probably time to get a more intimate friend, but for now your hooves will have to do
  108. "...I'm so fucking weird."
  109. >but you wouldn't have it any other way
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