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  1. .+ban *!*@ED0186.F9DA8D.DF0515.291C81 floodbot.
  2. .+ban *!*@69D76E.5690B4.4574B1.E48DCE floodbot.
  3. .+ban *!*@178E25.895132.094B9E.A32A9C floodbot.
  4. .+ban *!*@178E25.A6C0E1.967EC4.68C6AD floodbot.
  5. .+ban *!*@69D76E.5690B4.4574B1.E48DCE floodbot.
  6. .+ban *!*@ED0186.F9DA8D.DF0515.291C81 floodbot.
  7. .+ban *!*@8AF02B.A40786.1DD03E.D4B35A floodbot.
  8. .+ban *!*@D51D7F.1CA592.BE485F.E29AE1 floodbot.
  9. .+ban *!*@8AF02B.414EEC.537290.382A8B floodbot.
  10. .+ban *!*@8AF02B.A40786.1DD03E.D4B35A floodbot.
  11. .+ban *!*@AAD8A2.3841A1.C1533B.602B87 floodbot.
  12. .+ban *!*@69D76E.E6A26C.C43D8B.18E85A floodbot.
  13. .+ban *!*@0E57D4.14D83B.F9F97B.270CC4 floodbot.
  14. .+ban *!*@AAD8A2.3841A1.C1533B.602B87 floodbot.
  15. .+ban *!*@0E57D4.14D83B.F9F97B.270CC4 floodbot.
  16. .+ban *!*@0E57D4.AEA96C.82254C.087B12 floodbot.
  17. .+ban *!*@D51D7F.1CA592.BE485F.E29AE1 floodbot.
  18. .+ban *!*@ED0186.11C8E6.227E50.9ACF61 floodbot.
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