Final Glitchless Rules

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  1. Clarification:
  2. Since there is such a gray area in defining what is or is not a "glitch" in this game, a group of OoT players voted to define a set of rules that they would all abide by. It is important that all players use the same rules, since it allows them to compare times with each other. These rules are not perfect, but they are the current standard. This category aims to ban things solely based on the techniques used, not the results of those techniques. To the extent that common sense allows, we may explain this as: "If the means are not a glitch, neither are the ends." So if you do not perform a glitch, you may skip any part of the game, regardless of how important. This category allows a stricter set of techniques than Bug Limit, which allows some of the techniques that fall into the grey area between glitches and non-glitches.
  4. Allowed Techniques:
  5. -Power Crouch Stabbing
  6. -Roll invincibility
  7. -Using post-damage invincibility to avoid further damage, unless you skip a puzzle
  8. -Jumpslashing while mid-air for more distance
  9. -Shield-dropping held objects
  10. -Using broken deku stick
  11. -Hookshot Extension
  12. -Rolling from the blue switch in Jabu Jabu's Belly to open the door without holding down the switch
  13. -Damage Buffering
  14. -Damaging Volvagia's second hitbox with an explosion while it is underground
  15. -Passing through the back side of a one-sided collision (e.g. bridge clip, darunia's door, forest's falling ceiling)
  16. -Attacking to collect or hit an object on the other side of a collision
  17. -Twisted sidehops or backflips via siderolls or standing ESS shuffle
  18. -Backflipping over Mido in the Lost Woods as adult
  19. -Holding target to swim while sinking with iron boots
  21. Banned Techniques:
  22. -Infinite Sword Glitch
  23. -Megaflip and megasidehop
  24. -Extended Antigravity (e.g. unloading lower gerudo fortress)
  25. -Momentary Antigravity (e.g. b1 skip)
  26. -Ground jump
  27. -Hoverboost
  28. -All forms of superslide
  29. -Hovering
  30. -Going Out of Bounds (any area which is beyond the boundary walls of the map such as an outer seam, or any area which is exposed to the lowest void plane in the map.)
  31. -Entrance point glitch (or other respawn point manipulation)
  32. -Passing through collision from the front (i.e. clipping). Note that this includes passing through the falling spikes in shadow temple since they have been shown to be solid)
  33. -Cutscene diving to sink into water
  34. -Flame storage
  35. -Item Manipulation (BA, RBA, GIM)
  36. -Using collection delay to your advantage (e.g. early eyeball frog or gold scale. Delay happens naturally in many shops if you buy quickly, this is ok)
  37. -Something except for a sword on B (excluding normal circumstances like riding Epona)
  38. -Bottle Duplication
  39. -Wrong warp
  40. -Void warp
  41. -Walking While Talking
  42. -Causing a switch to remain pressed longer than it should
  43. -Ocarina Items
  44. -Z-slide
  45. -A-slide
  46. -Using restricted items (such as farore's wind in the overworld or ocarina in boss rooms)
  47. -Being in an unloaded area
  48. -Unloading an actor which clearly should be loaded (e.g. actor glitch, unloading KZ's ice, overloading the graveyard or trials to remove graves or Gold Gauntlet monoliths)
  49. -Dying to achieve anything other than a deathwarp
  50. -Shielding damage midair to take Link out of a backflip or sidehop and into a normal airborne state. A.K.A. "Recoil Jump"
  51. -Skipping text triggers via weapon swapping (e.g. owl skips and vine text skips in deku tree)
  52. -Opening underwater chests while wearing the Iron Boots
  53. -Damage boosting
  54. -Touching misplaced or accidentally exposed loading zones (e.g. Early Jabu or Trials Skip)
  55. -Skipping puzzles via damage invincibility
  56. -Opening flaming treasure chests
  57. -Skipping cutscenes by any means (e.g. voiding while the shadow bridge falls, exiting DC while exploding the wall, pulling ocarina to stop the tunic Goron from speaking)
  59. Emulator-specific rules:
  60. -You must use Project64 1.6 or 1.7. All other emulators and versions (such as Mupen64 and Project64 2.0+) are banned.
  61. -You must use the default settings for emulation. (eg. Changing the graphics plugin to do GIM is not allowed)
  62. -Tricks and glitches exclusive to 1.0/1.1 cannot be used on emulator to save time.
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