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  1. Reovox: The Palace of Fortune
  3. Level 1 Shops:
  5. The first user in a group to double their initial balance gets one item for free. Otherwise, these items are on sale as prizes for the first level for 2000gp
  7. [Mage's Magic Mantle x2]
  8. Potion, Uncommon
  9. This bottle is filled with bright blue liquid that constantly appears to be bubbling and boiling. When you drink this potion, potion, you become draped in a flowing ethereal blue robe. You gain 15 temporary hit points that last for 1 hour. While any of these hit-points remain, creatures with 5 feet of you that hit you with a melee attack take 1d4 force damage and must succeed a DC10 Strength saving throw or be pushed away from you by 10 feet.
  11. [Faerie's Spyglass]
  12. Wonderous Item, Rare (requires attunement)
  13. If this spyglass is used to view a creature within 100ft for 30 seconds, the user can cast Faerie Fire (using DEX as a Spellcasting Modifier). The 30 seconds is reset if the target is lost from sight for longer than 5 seconds. The target can see Faerie Fire's aura on them during the entire duration they are viewed.
  15. [Bitter Boots]
  16. Wonderous Item, Uncommon
  17. If you are swallowed by a creature, that creature must make a DC15 Constitution saving throw at the end of each of its turns or else regurgitate you. Additionally, creatures must roll a DC15 Constitution saving throw in order to track you using smell.
  19. [Grenade of Glue x3]
  20. Wonderous Item, Rare
  21. This fist sized ball is a pale opaque gray and is slightly rubbery, feeling as if it would bounce when thrown. As an action you can throw this orb at a point within 60 feet at which point it splatters a sticky gray substance across all creatures and surfaces within a 20 foot radius of the impact point and quickly hardens. Creatures that are within this radius at time of impact must make a DC15 Dexterity saving throw or have their speed reduced to zero. Once glued in place by the substance, a creature can use an action to make a DC15 Strength (athletics) check to escape. After the impact, the area is not sticky enough to restrain creatures, but it is still considered difficult terrain until the glue hardens completely in an hour. After hardening, a DC 20 Strength (athletics) check is required to move or dislodge any cemented creatures or objects. If the cemented object would have already required a Stength check to open or move, like a locked door, the hardened glue increaes this DC by 5.
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