Green's Death (THE FULL STORY)

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  1. (10:16:15 PM) TheRaven: Taggart heads out, swinging by the armory to pick up a couple things, before dropping them off in his room and going down to the rec room again.
  2. (10:17:38 PM) Wombat: Katrin heads down to her room.
  3. (10:17:43 PM) Soulless: 6df+8 Stoat hides in the rec room.
  4. (10:17:44 PM) Glacon: Soulless: Stoat hides in the rec room.: 6 (6df+8=-, 0, 0, 0, 0, -)
  5. (10:19:22 PM) VAE: 6df+3 Perception. Sandor lifts his head from the magazine he was reading
  6. (10:19:22 PM) Glacon: VAE: Perception. Sandor lifts his head from the magazine he was reading: 1 (6df+3=0, -, 0, +, -, -)
  7. (10:19:30 PM) VAE: He sees nothing at all.
  8. (10:19:37 PM) VAE: Eye refocus
  9. (10:19:53 PM) Wombat: Katrin walks past the rec room on her way down.
  10. (10:20:03 PM) Pemander: Gallus gets up from bed, rock steady despite the heavy drinking he just endured.
  11. (10:20:18 PM) Scantron [] entered the room.
  12. (10:20:20 PM) Pemander: He looks at Nolan. "If anyone asks, tell them I'm fine."
  13. (10:20:24 PM) Soulless: Silly Sandor, blind to the lady in the room that obviously needs some of his magic lady-working.
  14. (10:20:24 PM) Wombat is now known as Wombat_zzZZzz
  15. (10:20:25 PM) Pemander: He walks out.
  16. (10:20:50 PM) Tara_Unknown: Rosalind is sitting on one of the couches in the rec room
  17. (10:21:08 PM) Pemander: Gallus heads up to the roof.
  18. (10:21:32 PM) Pemander: He sits down next to Heart, just staring at the sky for a bit.
  19. (10:22:41 PM) NullAshton left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
  20. (10:37:02 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan pulls a bed up next to Eva's, and lies down beside her.
  21. (10:37:18 PM) Sequence: Eva turns onto her back.
  22. (10:39:24 PM) Pemander left the room (quit: Quit: We will break the world like sweet, sweet eggs before the hen, the mother. Television voice, speak!).
  23. (10:43:58 PM) Sequence: Her eyes open and she stares at the ceiling for a bit.
  24. (10:46:06 PM) Scantron: Green emerges from a closet on the second floor. He feels like such a fucking tool.
  25. (10:46:39 PM) Scantron: Fuck it, there's work to do. He rolls down towards medical, after first making sure the pistol is still loaded and ready to shoot.
  26. (10:48:01 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan brushes his hand along Eva's face.
  27. (10:48:24 PM) Scantron: Green stops outside the door and takes a deep breath. He enters.
  29. (10:49:02 PM) Scantron: "THEY NEED ALL THE MEDICS THEY CAN GET!"
  30. (10:49:13 PM) Sequence: Eva had been turning to face Nolan, but jerks around to stare at Green.
  31. (10:49:38 PM) TheRaven: Taggart heads to medical to ask Nolan about something. He doesn't arrive quite yet, though, he's checking with the armory about some blank ammo.
  32. (10:49:42 PM) Daedalize: Medics go running.
  33. (10:49:53 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan looks up.
  34. (10:49:58 PM) Sequence: "What's happened, Green?"
  35. (10:50:03 PM) Scantron: Green checks to make sure all the medics are gone. "Hello, Nolan."
  36. (10:50:15 PM) Sequence: Eva is woozy and confused.
  37. (10:50:16 PM) Scantron: Green rolls over across Eva's bed from Nolan.
  38. (10:50:17 PM) Daedalize: Everyone in Medical, roll Perception.
  39. (10:50:22 PM) Scantron: 6df+7
  40. (10:50:22 PM) Glacon: Scantron: 7 (6df+7=0, -, 0, +, 0, 0)
  41. (10:50:24 PM) Sequence: 6df+4
  42. (10:50:24 PM) Glacon: Sequence: 3 (6df+4=0, 0, -, +, 0, -)
  43. (10:50:25 PM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+4 NO GOD NO STOP
  44. (10:50:25 PM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: NO GOD NO STOP: 2 (6df+4=0, +, -, -, 0, -)
  45. (10:50:40 PM) Lurker: David is in the cafeteria, eating a cookie and drinking his coffee. He's surprised when medics show up.
  46. (10:51:10 PM) Daedalize: Green notices a slight blur out of the corner of his eye.
  47. (10:51:17 PM) Scantron: Green turns to look.
  48. (10:51:24 PM) Daedalize: Nothing there.
  49. (10:51:29 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Uh, hey, Green. What's up in the cafeteria?"
  50. (10:51:35 PM) Scantron: Green turns back to Nolan.
  51. (10:51:49 PM) Scantron: He pulls out his gun and points it at Nolan.
  52. (10:51:57 PM) Scantron: His finger is on the trigger.
  53. (10:51:58 PM) TheRaven: The doors to medical quietly swing open. Taggart thinks Eva is still asleep.
  54. (10:52:11 PM) TheRaven: He immediately notices Green, and closes the distance.
  55. (10:52:20 PM) Scantron: Green pulls the trigger.
  56. (10:52:26 PM) Sequence: "No!"
  57. (10:52:30 PM) Scantron: 6df+3 right in the face
  58. (10:52:30 PM) Glacon: Scantron: right in the face: 0 (6df+3=0, -, 0, -, 0, -)
  59. (10:52:35 PM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+6 Nope.jpg
  60. (10:52:35 PM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: Nope.jpg: 6 (6df+6=0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0)
  61. (10:52:40 PM) Sequence: Eva struggles to stop this.
  62. (10:52:42 PM) TheRaven: Green may suddenly notice the barrel of a Jungle Carbine pressing into the back of his neck.
  63. (10:52:53 PM) Lurker: Boot on tiles.
  64. (10:52:56 PM) Daedalize: The bullet hits nothing but wall.
  65. (10:53:15 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan snaps up, and purely by instinct, fires at Green.
  66. (10:53:17 PM) Scantron: Green pauses. He pulls the trigger again.
  67. (10:53:22 PM) Scantron: 6df+3 my only friend, the end
  68. (10:53:22 PM) Glacon: Scantron: my only friend, the end: 0 (6df+3=0, +, -, -, -, -)
  69. (10:53:24 PM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+8 GREEN IT DIDN'T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY.
  70. (10:53:24 PM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: GREEN IT DIDN'T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY.: 11 (6df+8=+, +, -, +, +, 0)
  71. (10:53:27 PM) TheRaven: "Put it down, and you get to keep your head."
  72. (10:53:42 PM) Tox: Green, your Defense roll
  73. (10:53:51 PM) Tox: then Nolan's
  74. (10:53:53 PM) Scantron: 6df+4 die plox
  75. (10:53:54 PM) Glacon: Scantron: die plox: 5 (6df+4=0, 0, +, +, -, 0)
  76. (10:54:06 PM) Daedalize: The shot takes Green right in the chest.
  77. (10:54:06 PM) Lurker: Hold.
  78. (10:54:11 PM) Lurker: Nevermind.
  79. (10:54:16 PM) Lurker: Daed covered it.
  80. (10:54:29 PM) Scantron: how much damage does he take?
  81. (10:54:40 PM) Daedalize: 3 Body.
  82. (10:54:43 PM) Daedalize: No, 4.
  83. (10:54:44 PM) Tox: Security and Medical both respond to the gunshots in Medical.
  84. (10:54:55 PM) Scantron: Green falls out of his chair, incapacitated
  85. (10:54:55 PM) thedeadlymoose left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
  86. (10:55:00 PM) TheRaven: Taggart is already on the scene, with Green in custody.
  87. (10:55:02 PM) Tox: A three-man Security team and a two-man Medical team.
  88. (10:55:08 PM) Sequence: Eva is crying again, helpless and confused.
  89. (10:55:16 PM) Lurker: And a suited man in a gasmask.
  90. (10:55:19 PM) Sequence: "Why the fuck did you do that, Green, why the fuck!"
  91. (10:55:37 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan runs over to Green. He feels worse that he shot him than the fact that Green tried to /kill/ him.
  92. (10:55:40 PM) Tox: The Medical team sizes up the situation and begins emergency first-aid on Green, the two working in perfect concert.
  93. (10:55:40 PM) TheRaven: "Get this sonofabitch out of here. I suggest demoting him to D-Class."
  94. (10:55:44 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Green! Fuck! Why the fuck?!"
  95. (10:56:04 PM) Mr_Wilt: "You were going to take Stoat outside! You were going to date her!"
  96. (10:56:06 PM) Tox: The Security team sees that they're not /really/ needed, but stand around and look pretty.
  97. (10:56:15 PM) Lurker: "You don't get to make that decision," comes the radio-distorted, stoic voice from the gasmask wearing man as he speaks to Taggart.
  98. (10:56:42 PM) TheRaven: "Just a suggestion. I feel that I should probably be calling you sir."
  99. (10:56:46 PM) Lurker: The gasmask wearing man steps over, and gestures for Nolan to back up, as he observes the medical team at work.
  100. (10:57:10 PM) Sequence: Eva is struggling to sit up, and failing.
  101. (10:57:37 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan grips Green by the shoulders, ignoring the man.
  102. (10:57:43 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Why, Green! Why the *fuck*?!"
  103. (10:57:54 PM) Tox: The team stabilizes the gunshot wound, controlling the bleeding and treating for shock. "One, two..." the team lifts Green onto an empty bed and begin extracting the bullet and hooking him to IVs.
  104. (10:57:54 PM) TheRaven: "Lie down, Eva." He steps over to the side of her bed.
  105. (10:58:34 PM) Lurker: "When he's done recieving treatment, I want him in lockup. I'll be forwarding the security footage to Director Gears," the man states, speaking to the med-team now.
  106. (10:58:42 PM) Sequence: "No, no, what the hell is going on here, no, no, fuck, no." Eva's hands are scrabbling over the sheets. Occasionally she manages to raise herself an inch, and then she flops down again, crying desperately.
  107. (10:58:58 PM) Tox: The senior medical member stiffens and snaps a salute. "Yes, sir."
  108. (10:59:07 PM) Tox: He quickly gets back to work.
  109. (10:59:19 PM) TheRaven: He offers a hand to help her sit up. "I don't know. But it's over."
  110. (10:59:23 PM) Tox: Security salutes as well, and prepares to transport Green.
  111. (10:59:48 PM) Lurker: The man returns the salutes, before looking to the others, giving a single nod, and heading out. Situation's under control. He has footage to prepare.
  112. (11:00:09 PM) Sequence: Eva takes it, starting to hyperventilate. "No, no, it's not over, because Ryan died and Franklin died and Green just tried to kill Nolan in front of me and this place fucks us all over, all of us, one at a time."
  113. (11:00:19 PM) Sequence: She's hysteric, now.
  114. (11:01:28 PM) Tox: Green is stabilized and treated. He's out of danger, and out of consciousness. Security transports him to lockup, per orders.
  115. (11:01:35 PM) TheRaven: "Breathe. It's alright. Nolan is fine, and the bastards that took Franklin aren't going to show their faces around here for a long time if they're not stupid."
  116. (11:01:57 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan is on his knees, staring at the doorway. He cannot believe what just happened.
  117. (11:03:23 PM) Sequence: Eva's still hyperventilating, causing beeps of distress from the machinery hooked up to her. "No, no, no, no, it's not alright, no, no, no, no."
  118. (11:04:38 PM) TheRaven: "Can we get a medic over here?"
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  120. (11:05:20 PM) Tox: There is the two-man medic team there. They head over.
  121. (11:05:31 PM) Daedalize: Eva is sedated.
  122. (11:05:43 PM) Sequence: "Green has lost his shit, there are /things/ coming from the pool to kill some poor man whose only /crime/ was immortality, a teammate is dead, how is thi..."
  123. (11:05:45 PM) Sequence: She passes out.
  124. (11:05:51 PM) Tox: .y I wanna be sedated
  125. (11:05:52 PM) Glacon: Tox: The Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated - length 2m 30s - rated 4.97/5.0 (4050) - 1185985 views - classicrockhead1969 on 2009.12.20 -
  126. (11:05:55 PM) TheRaven: "Nolan, come on. Let's get a drink."
  127. (11:06:32 PM) Sequence: *coming from the pool that killed some poor man
  128. (11:07:06 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan takes a deep breath. "I don't know if I can do this anymore, Taggart."
  129. (11:08:10 PM) TheRaven: "Don't bottle it up. I've seen too many people crack from that."
  130. (11:09:56 PM) Salmander [] entered the room.
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  132. (11:13:45 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan stands up. "Alright, man. Alright."
  133. (11:16:34 PM) Salmander: Green hears a door slam. "WAKE UP YOU PIECE OF SHIT."
  134. (11:16:50 PM) Scantron: Green wakes up.
  135. (11:16:59 PM) TheRaven: He proceeds down to the rec room.
  136. (11:17:09 PM) Salmander: A fist slams down on the table next to his head. "ARE YOU FUCKED IN THE HEAD?"
  137. (11:17:26 PM) Scantron: Green laughs. "What was your first fucking clue?"
  138. (11:18:07 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan lethargically follows after Taggart.
  139. (11:18:29 PM) Salmander: Green finds himself chokeslammed to the wall.
  140. (11:18:50 PM) Scantron: "Gkkk-"
  142. (11:20:07 PM) Scantron: Green says nothing, as he is in a chokeslam.
  144. (11:21:23 PM) Salmander: "YOU THINK I ASKED FOR THIS?"
  145. (11:21:38 PM) Salmander: "YOU THINK I WANT TO CHOKESLAM A PARAPLEGIC?"
  146. (11:21:51 PM) Scantron: Green doesn't move his head to indicate anything.
  147. (11:21:52 PM) Salmander: "FUCK YOU!" Green finds a wad of saliva in his left eye
  148. (11:22:42 PM) Salmander: The man lets go and allows Green to slump to the floor.
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  150. (11:23:27 PM) Scantron: 6df+7 anything Green could kill himself with?
  151. (11:23:27 PM) Glacon: Scantron: anything Green could kill himself with?: 4 (6df+7=-, -, 0, +, -, -)
  152. (11:23:35 PM) Lurker: He's in lockup.
  153. (11:23:51 PM) Scantron: so, no then
  154. (11:23:52 PM) Lurker: He could try to strangle himself, or bash his head into the wall, but with Jason there, he likely wouldn't be able to.
  155. (11:23:55 PM) Salmander: Nope
  156. (11:24:09 PM) Salmander: The man kicks Green in the balls.
  157. (11:24:16 PM) Salmander: "You're getting therapy."
  158. (11:24:43 PM) Scantron: "The only therapy I'm interested in is bullet therapy."
  159. (11:25:52 PM) Lurker: There's two thumps on the door.
  160. (11:26:38 PM) Salmander: The man grabs ahold of Green's hand and twist the thumb until Green is in tears.
  161. (11:26:54 PM) Scantron: "RRRGHHH-" he grunts in pain.
  162. (11:27:16 PM) Lurker: The door opens slowly, and Adrian steps into the room, closing the door behind himself, and simply waits.
  163. (11:28:32 PM) Salmander: The man slams Green's face into the floor, bashing his chin against the hard concrete
  164. (11:28:50 PM) Scantron: Good, good, now just a bit more...
  165. (11:30:18 PM) Salmander: Green feels a foot on his back. "So what's your problem anyways?"
  166. (11:30:44 PM) Scantron: "You read my file. You should know by now what I did."
  167. (11:31:06 PM) Scantron: Green is surprisingly articulate when he has a purpose.
  168. (11:31:31 PM) Lurker: Adrian calmly slides the clipboard that was under his arm into his hands and begins making marks.
  169. (11:32:05 PM) Salmander: The man lifts up Green's arms and pulls them behind his back. Green feels like his arms are about to be pulled off.
  170. (11:32:19 PM) Scantron: "OWWSHITFUCK"
  171. (11:33:30 PM) Salmander: "WHY DID YOU DO IT, YOU GREASY PIECE OF SHIT?"
  172. (11:33:44 PM) Scantron: "Fuck you."
  173. (11:34:18 PM) Salmander: "I highly doubt you did it to fuck me. Otherwise we'd be in a different position." He kicks Green in the head.
  174. (11:35:06 PM) Scantron: Green reels from the blow. "You read the report from when I went into the door in the pool?"
  175. (11:35:53 PM) Salmander: The man kciks Green again. "You attacked him because you think he crippled you, right?"
  176. (11:36:07 PM) Scantron: "Bingo."
  177. (11:36:26 PM) TheRaven: Taggart sits in the rec room.
  178. (11:36:48 PM) Salmander: "Must suck to be crippled, eh?" The man tugs on his arms.
  179. (11:37:24 PM) Dexanote [] entered the room.
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  181. (11:37:33 PM) Scantron: "You know why I stook around as long as I did? Why I didn't just shoot myself right after my transfer here?"
  182. (11:37:46 PM) Salmander: Green feels a ziptie wrap around his hands. "Whyzzat?"
  183. (11:38:26 PM) Scantron: "Because I could be useful. I ain't smart, I ain't strong, and I'm a piece of shit to everyone I fucking know and I don't know why."
  184. (11:38:37 PM) Lurker: Adrian is silently writing this entire time.
  185. (11:38:45 PM) Scantron: "But I was fucking useful. I could survive situations no-one else could."
  186. (11:39:02 PM) Scantron: "Now? Fuck that. I can't even use the fucking stairs."
  187. (11:39:13 PM) Salmander: "Well, friend, I'll give you a chance to kill yourself right now."
  188. (11:39:23 PM) Lurker: "No."
  189. (11:39:28 PM) Lurker: Adrian spoke!
  190. (11:39:31 PM) Scantron: "Let the man talk."
  191. (11:39:45 PM) Salmander: The man gets off of Green and stands in front of him. he takes out his gun and loads it, turning off the safety. He walks over to the other side of the room and places it in the corner.
  192. (11:39:51 PM) Salmander: Then he stands aside
  193. (11:40:05 PM) Salmander: "Go get it."
  194. (11:40:06 PM) Scantron: Green drags himself over to the gun.
  195. (11:40:14 PM) Salmander: He can't, his arms are tied
  196. (11:40:27 PM) Scantron: Green attempts to wriggle his way over.
  197. (11:40:45 PM) Salmander: "You can do it. Just ptu your legs into it. No.. wait..."
  198. (11:40:58 PM) Lurker: Adrian shifts himself to stand infront of the gun.
  199. (11:41:12 PM) Scantron: Green is unamused. "If you could step aside, that would be great."
  200. (11:41:31 PM) Salmander: The man places his foot on Green's back and leans on it. " I guess you can't get there."
  201. (11:41:47 PM) Scantron: Green does nothing.
  202. (11:41:48 PM) Lurker: "Mister Green is required for questioning. His demise is unacceptable at the current moment."
  203. (11:42:31 PM) Salmander: "Hush up." The man kicks Green in the ribs. "I wanted to kick her but I can't so I kicked you instead. Nothing personal."
  204. (11:42:54 PM) Scantron: "None taken."
  205. (11:43:24 PM) Salmander: "Good." The man takes his foot off of Green. "Now go get the gun."
  206. (11:43:44 PM) Scantron: Green continues to wriggle his way over to the gun.
  207. (11:44:03 PM) Daedalize left the room (quit: Connection reset by peer).
  208. (11:44:04 PM) Lurker: Adrian bends down and picks up the gun, then casually unloads the magazine, chambered round, field strips it, and drops the pieces.
  209. (11:44:16 PM) Scantron: Green looks at the pieces.
  210. (11:44:28 PM) Lurker: "You are required for questioning."
  211. (11:44:36 PM) Daedalize [] entered the room.
  212. (11:44:36 PM) mode (+ao Daedalize Daedalize) by ChanServ
  213. (11:44:48 PM) Scantron: "I ain't answerin' no questions."
  214. (11:44:59 PM) Lurker: "You don't have a choice."
  215. (11:45:14 PM) Scantron: "Try me."
  216. (11:45:16 PM) Salmander: "Adrian, you need to break a man before you can toy with him."
  217. (11:46:15 PM) Daedalize: Were anyone around in the hall outside, they'd hear giggling.
  218. (11:46:52 PM) Lurker: The gasmask wearing man turns his head to watch Jason, before glancing to the pieces.
  219. (11:47:00 PM) Salmander: "It's a pity, though. He can't even feel this." The man reaches down and snaps Green's foot. It makes a sickening crunching sound.
  220. (11:47:24 PM) Salmander: The man leans over Green's head, bending close to his ear. "And you know why you can't feel that?"
  221. (11:47:24 PM) Scantron: "That was my foot, wasn't it."
  222. (11:47:36 PM) Scantron: "Tell me."
  223. (11:48:36 PM) Salmander: "Because you're a broken man. "
  224. (11:48:37 PM) Lurker: "As long as he is alive. The more information the Foundation has on potential connections to recent events, the better."
  225. (11:49:12 PM) Scantron: Green looks up at the man. "No shit, sherlock."
  226. (11:49:17 PM) Salmander: The man looks up at Adrian. "Yes, thank you Adrian." He rolls his eyes.
  227. (11:50:05 PM) Salmander: The man hoists Green up by his collar. "That's Mr. Dodridge to you." Throat punch.
  228. (11:52:42 PM) Scantron: Green coughs profusely. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Dickridge."
  229. (11:53:40 PM) Salmander: "Haha, good one." Throat punch. "Say it again Sam."
  230. (11:54:06 PM) Scantron: Green laughs. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Dickridge."
  231. (11:55:02 PM) Salmander: "This guy's a great joker." Jason punches him in the throat a third time. Green falls unconscious. He gently places the man in the chair and exits the room.
  232. (11:56:01 PM) Lurker: Adrian moves over and sits down across from Green. He waits.
  233. (11:58:12 PM) Scantron: Green opens his eyes. "Send in the guy who wanted to kill me. I like him." His voice is understandably raspy.
  234. (11:59:12 PM) Salmander left the room (quit: Broken pipe).
  235. (12:00:14 AM) Salmander [] entered the room.
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  237. (12:00:59 AM) Lurker: Adrian glances down at the clipboard.
  238. (12:01:28 AM) Lurker: "Have you heard of Shiva?" The question is simple, toneless, emotionless.
  239. (12:01:48 AM) Scantron: "Nope."
  240. (12:03:30 AM) Lurker: Adrian taps the pen against the clipboard. "Denial will not result in a clean slate, or easy way out. Time is not of extreme importance, and if you have ties to Shiva or any of the events that have been happening, you will be found out, and you will be brought down."
  241. (12:03:48 AM) Scantron: "The fuck?"
  242. (12:05:17 AM) Scantron: He pauses. "Wasn't he one'a those buddhist fuckers?"
  243. (12:05:56 AM) Lurker: Adrian clicks the pen against the clipboard again. "In the past several weeks, there have been attacks on the Foundation by a group calling themselves Shiva. Incidents such as attempted assassinations on personnel members are being investigated carefully," Adrian says, before raising the pen again. "None of this sounds familiar?"
  244. (12:06:21 AM) Scantron: "Nope. Sounds fucked up, though."
  245. (12:08:09 AM) Lurker: He's silent for a few seconds. "November 17th 2011. 1900 hours. Where were you?"
  246. (12:08:38 AM) Brothulhu [] entered the room.
  247. (12:09:10 AM) Scantron: "That was... a week ago, right?" He thinks. "Odds are the cafeteria. I usually eat dinner around then."
  248. (12:09:34 AM) Lurker: "Odds? Odds are not good enough, Mister Green."
  249. (12:10:03 AM) Scantron: "Well, I don't fucking know. What else was going on that day?"
  250. (12:11:22 AM) Lurker: "An attempted break in to a high security section."
  251. (12:11:26 AM) Lurker: sector*
  252. (12:12:01 AM) Scantron: Green shrugs. "Yeah, there's been a bunch'a shit. I don't really know."
  253. (12:12:16 AM) Lurker: "Elaborate."
  254. (12:12:55 AM) Scantron: "Every fucking day, something happens. It blurs. I never had good memory. Ain't that in my file?"
  255. (12:14:44 AM) Lurker: Adrian doesn't respond. "You are stating that you have no knowledge of Shiva, Marcus Harding, or the attempted break-in?"
  256. (12:15:07 AM) Scantron: "Damn straight."
  257. (12:15:57 AM) Lurker: Adrian makes a few more marks on the clipboard, then stands. "You'll be moved to another room to prevent injury to yourself while you await psychiatric sessions."
  258. (12:16:10 AM) Scantron: "Fuck you."
  259. (12:16:47 AM) Lurker: Without another word, Adrian heads back to the door, opening it for security team members to step in and grab Green.
  260. (12:19:38 AM) Lurker: Adrian and the security team escort Green to a padded room, and ease him in, before locking the door. Adrian goes to file a formal report.
  261. (12:22:56 AM) Scantron: Green holds his breath.
  262. (12:23:28 AM) Salmander: ~So, you fucked up.~
  263. (12:23:44 AM) Scantron: ~You might say that.~
  264. (12:24:05 AM) Salmander: ~They're going to use you for experimentation now.~
  265. (12:24:33 AM) Scantron: ~Good. Maybe I'll be fucking useful for once. Or I'll die.~
  266. (12:25:34 AM) Salmander: ~Man, you're so depressing to be around. I'm disconnecting.~
  267. (12:25:43 AM) Scantron: ~Kill me first?~
  268. (12:25:46 AM) Salmander: Green suddenly feels like something's gone from his mind.
  269. (12:26:54 AM) Scantron: How so?
  270. (12:27:07 AM) Scantron: There wasn't a whole lot there to begin with.
  271. (12:27:51 AM) Salmander: Just a warm presence. Nothing to fuss about.
  272. (12:31:53 AM) Scantron left the room.
  273. (12:32:21 AM) Scantron [] entered the room.
  274. (12:32:35 AM) Salmander: Reggie walks into Eva's room. He begins replacing her IV drip with an orange coloured bag.
  275. (12:32:56 AM) Daedalize: The door to the padded room clicks open.
  276. (12:33:13 AM) Sequence: Eva rolls her head towards him, waking up a bit. "Wha're you doing..."
  277. (12:33:36 AM) Salmander: "I'm replacing your bag with amnesiacs because people are dumbshits."
  278. (12:34:05 AM) Sequence: She tries to frown. "Why do I need t' forget?"
  279. (12:34:53 AM) Salmander: "Because you're sensitive and take everything personally."
  280. (12:34:58 AM) Daedalize: A stretcher wheels itself into Green's padded room, apparently self-propelled.
  281. (12:35:23 AM) Daedalize: There is something blurry in the air behind it, though.
  282. (12:35:27 AM) Sequence: Eva blinks lazily. "Never heard that before."
  283. (12:35:52 AM) Scantron: 6df+7 what is it
  284. (12:35:53 AM) Glacon: Scantron: what is it: 7 (6df+7=-, 0, +, 0, 0, 0)
  285. (12:36:16 AM) Salmander: "And soon you will never have again." Reggie leaves the room, the new bag in.
  286. (12:36:27 AM) Daedalize: It's vaguely humanoid. The stretcher wheels over next to Green and stops.
  287. (12:36:39 AM) Sequence: She watches him leave before succumbing to sleep again.
  288. (12:36:48 AM) Scantron: "What're you?"
  289. (12:37:06 AM) Daedalize: "Hm? I believe we've met, haven't- oh, right."
  290. (12:37:30 AM) Daedalize: There's a soft click and a woman fades into view. A woman in a black labcoat.
  291. (12:37:44 AM) Scantron: "Ah."
  292. (12:38:26 AM) Daedalize: "I keep forgetting to turn that off when I'm not hiding. Anyway, nice to see you again, Mr. Sherman."
  293. (12:39:22 AM) Scantron: Green smiles. "That ain't my real name. Hell, Green ain't my real name either, but still." Green is kinda spaced out.
  294. (12:39:50 AM) Brothulhu is now known as Beethulhu
  295. (12:40:28 AM) Dae [] entered the room.
  296. (12:40:36 AM) Daedalize left the room (quit: NickServ (GHOST command used by Dae)).
  297. (12:40:43 AM) Dae is now known as Daedalize
  298. (12:40:47 AM) Daedalize: She walks over to Green and whips out a syringe, injecting it into his neck.
  299. (12:40:54 AM) mode (+ao Daedalize Daedalize) by ChanServ
  300. (12:40:59 AM) Scantron: "Rrrgh-"
  301. (12:41:22 AM) Daedalize: "Now, now. Can't have you reacting until /after/ we get you down to the labs."
  302. (12:41:46 AM) Scantron: "JUST KILL ME, YOU DUMB BITCH."
  303. (12:41:57 AM) Dexanote_ [] entered the room.
  304. (12:42:21 AM) Daedalize: She just smiles vacantly, then walks around behind him and lifts him onto the stretcher. She's surprisingly strong for her size.
  305. (12:43:24 AM) Dexanote left the room (quit: NickServ (GHOST command used by Dexanote_)).
  306. (12:43:25 AM) Salmander left the room (quit: Quit: How can a robot think with his elbows in the sink?).
  307. (12:43:26 AM) Daedalize: "Killing you wouldn't tell me anything I can't get from D-class. No, what I want from you is reactions. They just scream and yell and are generally boring, but you're somewhat tougher than that."
  308. (12:43:28 AM) Dexanote_ is now known as Dexanote
  309. (12:43:47 AM) Scantron: "Fucking wonderful."
  310. (12:44:27 AM) Daedalize: Green can feel his muscles relaxing as the drug takes effect. He couldn't resist at this point even if he wasn't bound.
  311. (12:45:33 AM) Daedalize: "It may be a while before we can get started; I've got so many things that need testing, and not all of them allow for reuse of the subject. But we've got time."
  312. (12:46:09 AM) Daedalize: She begins wheeling him off, whistling as she goes. The halls are empty as they pass through.
  313. (12:47:00 AM) Daedalize: There must have been a sedative of some sort in the syringe, because Green's vision is starting to waver. He can feel his eyes grow heavy.
  314. (12:47:15 AM) Scantron: "Wha..."
  315. (12:48:38 AM) Daedalize: He falls asleep. The last and only thing he hears is that whistling.
  316. (12:49:55 AM) Daedalize: Some time later, the woman exits one of the high-security labs deep in Research. She wanders off to find someone to toy with, whistling as she goes.
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