MGE Side III Queen Diana Current

Oct 23rd, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Lady Asura Mythra informed the people of Diana that while they were imprisoned in the darkness, the Great War was ended by the Great Songstress.
  2. She informed them there were a number of cities in the sea, and that they also now had bodies that could live in the sea.
  3. She told them that if they wished to return to the surface, she would take them, but since it would take a while, she wanted them to wait.
  5. And so, the people of Diana lived in this deep sea for some time.
  6. It seems the people were able to live in The Queen Diana as it was because my lord carried it down to the seafloor without destroying it or overturning it.
  7. It was a quiet, calm life at the bottom of the sea, where time drifts by slowly.
  8. The people were puzzled about living at the bottom of the ocean for the first time, but, after hearing that a huge ship had sunk, it seems a number of worried mermaids and sea monsters came along to make a man their partner, and they helped them out.
  9. I hear that, despite their difficult situation, the people’s hearts were very calm at the time.
  11. A long time passed since they started to get accustomed to life in the deep sea, and began living together with the monsters of the sea.
  12. Our lord returned with many monsters.
  13. She also performed a magic ritual that created a stream of water here that is said to last forever, which allows free movement between The Queen Diana on the seafloor and the island of Diana.
  14. Yes, it’s the very place where we are now sinking together...
  16. Thus, the people of Diana were able to return to the surface, and to their country.
  17. Those of us living in the present have no way of knowing what the people thought afterwards.
  18. However, it is possible to imagine what can’t be seen.
  19. The people of Diana chose to live in this deep sea, rather than on the surface.
  21. A series of events had happened to the people of Diana that they had never seen before or even thought about.
  22. After a lot of thought, perhaps they began to feel they wanted to start over from the beginning... but perhaps the biggest reason was that many men had already been married to sea monsters, and many women had already become monsters...
  24. Diana moved the functions of the capital to the depths, and decided to build a new city with The Queen Diana as its core.
  25. And so, “Diana” was renamed to bear the name of the giant ship that had become the heart of the city, “Queen Diana”, and it became one of the seven islands of Court Alf.
  26. There were still many people left living on the surface, but they moved to other cities in the now united Court Alf, or were taken by family or friends living in the depths to visit, and as they began going back and forth between the depths and the surface, the people gradually began moving in to the depths, and now everyone has come to live in “Queen Diana”.
  27. This has taken quite some time, but I thank you for courteously listening to the story thus far...
  28. You can now see the city from this distance.
  29. As you can see, Queen Diana is a city made of numerous vessels linked together, centered around one huge ship.
  30. After it was decided to make a city in this place, my lord, along with the residents, carried ships that had previously sunk into the sea to this area, and made the city bigger...
  31. In this country, ships are both buildings and homes.
  32. Diana was originally a naval country, one with many superb shipbuilding engineers and craftsmen... This city continues to grow as they repair and improve sunken ships, as well as build new ones.
  34. This city was built by the hands of people that wish to spend their time peacefully, with calm hearts.
  35. The people and monsters that live here are all quiet, calm... gentle... And even though they have sunk to the bottom of the sea, this is still the land of Diana, and their diligent and reliable character remains as is.
  36. ...You say that the people can’t help but be calm or laugh because my lord is always being so aloof and outrageous?...
  38. Excuse me. We will soon be arriving at the city of Queen Diana.
  39. For now, while we are still sinking, I would like to talk to you about my lord and her song for a while...
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