Dadonequus Discord Part 182

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  1. >He probably could. but of course he won't. You just agree with Twilight anyway however, because it's still right.
  2. >After that whole thing, Spike steps back into the room, newspaper under his arm. He seemed weirded out. "What just happened? One minute I was reading the paper, the next I was in some kind of creepy hallway with doors and lockers....lockers..EVERYWHERE!"
  3. >Twilight greeted and giggled at Spike "It's nothing to worry about, Anon and I have been teaching eachother some subjects we both had very little knowledge about. He used his horn to generate a classroom...or I think he may have made the entire castle into a university"
  4. > seems you did overdo it.
  5. >You chuckle nervously
  6. "Yeah, like I said. sometimes it goes a little too far. I didn't think I'd have to be too careful with that spell. But, it's not like it was gonna hurt anypony...right?"
  7. >Twilight nods "Right, I trust you have good control of your magic. It was probably just a slip up"
  8. >Awww...she was defending your screw up....that felt nice....and weird...
  9. >"So Spike, how are you feeling? Are you ok?" Twilight asks, concerned about his earlier state.
  10. >"Oh..erm..I'd rather not talk about that. But hey, check this out. I was reading the newspaper and found this article. I wanted to ask Anon if it was true" Spike holds up the newspaper.
  11. >The fuuuuuuck? You were on the newspaper?
  12. >Twilight seemed to have the same reaction. Why would you be on the newspaper? "Let me see that Spike"
  13. >Spike passes it over as Twilight looks upon it, her magic holding it up "Sure! I mean, just read it. If it's true, then that means Anon really is a hero colt. Like, near super hero levels. That's awesome!"
  14. >....Wuuuuuuut?!
  15. "U-uh...I..what? I...don't know what you're talking about"
  16. >"Ohhh come on, how could you not? Are you telling me you don't go around saving other ponies with's chaos magic right?"
  17. >.....oh god.....wait...
  19. >Twilight finishes reading the newspaper and gently lays it on the table. She too, seemed rather surprised. "Anon, according to this. The owners of the gem shop at the crystal empire name you as the hero that stopped the bandit griffon "Sharpclaw". Apparently the two owners...who seem to want to remain you as their hero who managed to stop their own workers from robbing them and taking everything they own. Is this true? Really?"
  20. >Twilight asks the question in a calm, yet curious way.
  21. > forgot the news existed, you barely even remembered that happened...goddamn Flim and Flam. You could only imagine what was going through Twilight's mind.
  22. >And, wait...hold on. What was going through YOUR mind right now is how Twilight has acted towards you before this morning. as of right now, you both were actually having a good time....maybe...hopefully?....mnnn
  23. "It's...true. It happened during Nightmare Night."
  24. >"OH GEEZ! IT'S TRUE! THAT'S SO COOL!" Spike started to sperg...why was he sperging?
  25. >Even Twilight was confused "Er...Spike, you do realize we've all done heroic things. Right? Including you?"
  26. >"Yeah but now we have like..a whole set of heroes on both the side of Harmony and Chaos. We could form our own super hero squad like the power ponies! I'd of course be the leader, heheh. We could go around saving ponies and solving friendship problems and even get a super cool theme song!" Spike was pretty excited about all this.
  27. >" Spike....just no. It's a nice thought though" Twilight found his reaction a little funny, but overall not something she'd ever do.
  28. >"Awww..." Spike hangs low now, disappointed, but not devastated
  30. >you gulp as Twilight turns to it comes. "So it happened during Nightmare Night? after your challenge with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna?"
  31. >..oh god..she guessed everyone knew something, Discord did have that outburst.
  32. "Yeah, so you were told about that one?"
  33. >Twilight nodded "mhmm, though they never gave me the full details. It made me so curious...but..I'm not going to go against the words of the sisters. I don't even know what happened. I was just told that it did happen."
  34. >Ok, so she was also kept in the dark..good.
  35. "Well, things just happened. I don't want to get too deep into that. I'd rather stay on topic. Anyway, My Dad let me have the horn pretty much at full power and unlimited use that day. I didn't use it for anything bad...instead, I just used it to help my friends out. And then, I took on the case for those store owners. I didn't know who Sharpclaw was nor did I think I was going into a fight."
  36. >"And you used your magic to subdue him." Twilight says, as a statement. She was already figuring out the rest on her own.
  37. >You nod
  38. "Yeah, but come on. You're not going to berate me for that right? I only wanted to help."
  39. >Damn them, you were almost sweating. They probably let the story out just so they could get some publicity...fucking shit.
  41. >Twilight looked upon you, then slowly, she donned a more regal and respectable look. Almost...motherly. "I understand. As much as I think it was reckless and dangerous to let you have that kind of power at all. It's also clear to me that you understand how to use it safely. And instead of using it for your father. You instead used it to help others in need." Twilight, internally, was holding back...something was rubbing her the wrong way. As if it wasn't the whole story. But so far, she figured you had no reason to lie. And she did promise Princess Celestia to not be suspicious of such things. And she felt, who was she to denounce such a good deed? Especially when you put yourself in danger, magic or not. Especially since it's irresponsible on Discord's part.
  42. >But she'd hold it in. one more reason holding her back was the way she connected with you. She didn't want to throw that away. "No Anon, I think you deserve an official commendation. Would you stand straight please?"
  43. > hope she never finds out what you did to her that day.
  44. >You swallow your fears, now that there didn't seem to be a threat, and reluctantly stand reasoned with yourself that a simple prank or two is easily outclassed by all the good you did. Yeah, that sounds right.
  45. >"Anon, I, Princess Twilight Sparkle, commend you for your valiant heroism...and..erm..." Twilight sheepishly smiles and gets a little nervous "Actually, I've never done this before. Spike, do we even have any medals for this sort of thing?"
  46. >Spike shook his head "nuh uh, we're usually the ones who do everything so we never really needed them."
  47. >"Oh.....well" Twilight chuckles "Anon, how about we do this later when we get a medal for you?"
  48. >Aww...she was trying to be all princessy...cute.
  49. "Ahh it's ok, I don't need a medal or any commendation. It was just a know...a thing"
  51. >"Are you sure? It'd be a pretty big honor...I...think" Twilight wasn't sure actually. She had never done this before. And kind of wanted to now, for the practice.
  52. >You just didn't want it at all. The news already made it a big deal. and you didn't want to make it into an even bigger one....though...awww...the thought of Fluttershy being proud of you enters your mind....those hugs.
  53. "A-actually, do you think we can have like a ceremony for this? You doesn't have to be big. Just...erm..."
  54. > thought of Diamond Tiara too...which was weird. And kind of wanted her to see you get a medal.
  55. "Erm...just invite a few ponies is all. Does that sound ok?"
  56. >Twilight nods, she found your 180 pretty cute. She figured nobody that young would refuse that kind of thing anyway. And she felt you deserved it. "Of course, we can do it when we get that medal. Spike can you..."
  57. >"Already got it marked down" Spike smirks, feeling rather smug that he already thought to put a reminder for it. Only a number one assistant could be so quick, he thought.
  58. > Anon,de-stress. There was nothing wrong with a medal. It would be a nice thing. Twilight was being pretty cool. Nothing could go wrong. In fact..things were going to finally go perfectly your way. And ironically enough, it'd be through someone you initially didn't like.
  59. >And as this thought went through your head. there was a knock at the front door.
  60. >"hmm? Visitors?" Twilight looked towards the door, then called out "Just a moment!"
  61. >that made you smile a little, that wasn't something a princess would do. You were actually glad Twilight was still...well..Twilight.
  63. >Twilight went over to the doors to open them for whoever it was. Actually..
  64. >Now that you thought about it. You thought it was a little odd that they'd be knocking on the doors to the cutie map room rather than the actual front doors. Twilight might have thought it was one of her friends being polite.
  65. >But as you think back into cartoon basics....only one thing follows after finding out there's a news article of yourself.
  66. >.........oh no
  68. >Twilight was already at the doors, she looks back at you confused. "Huh? What's the-OOMPH!"
  69. >The doors burst open, as a huge stallion followed by a swirly maned, glasses wearing, peach coated mare steps into the room. Slamming the door into Twilight and into her own wall. The mare was of earth pony variety, while the stallion was a rather buff unicorn.
  70. >The mare looked to her huge assistant with a disinterested look. "see? why would we have to knock on these doors if we didn't on the front doors? I told you, the princess here doesn't keep them doors locked. Now, keep a lookout for that Anon. That yellow pegasus said he was her....ahh, there he is."
  71. > knew EXACTLY what this was.
  72. >Spike, already angered at their intrusion, steps up close to them, pointing at them "Hey! Who said you can come in here!? Do you even realize what you just did? You just smashed Princess Twilight! I don't know who you both are, but if you came for a fight. You're gonna have to get through me!" Spike then put up his dukes.
  73. >"Smash? smahs...oh...hmm.." The mare looked to her side and slightly moved the door, to reveal a very dizzy Twilight. Who let's out a "I like books" before falling unconscious.
  74. >"Hrnn, that can make us look bad. Quick Press, make sure to blame the "Stables News" for this disrespect on our Princess. Can't have any bad publicity."
  76. >The silent stallion nods. And pulls out a notepad using his magic out of the mare's swirly mane. The moment he does. Her hair unswirls and goes straight. coupled with her purple eyes...she...was kind of cute.
  77. >"Helllllooo! did you hear what I just said? Or am I gonna have to throw you out myself. I'm a dragon you know! I blow fire and stuff!"
  78. >You could already see the stallion looking at him menacingly for looking at the mare with the same kind of look. This..could be bad.....time to put those cartoon knowledge skills to the test.
  79. >You walk up beside Spike, and put your hoof on his shoulder
  80. "Woah woah, hold on Spike. I think there's a better way..."
  81. >You look at the duo, you hoped this work
  82. "You're a news reporter right?"
  83. >"Reporter? No, I can't think of any pony able to actually report the news. Is that a thing? Whatever...Look kid, I'm Good News. Not the best name I know, but perfect for the job. And I'm here to get the scoop on you, Anon. Son of Discord, Hero Colt extraordinaire, the colt who can surpass the princesses, got a nice ring to it I think. Your Aunt told us you were here."
  84. >You resisted asking why Fluttershy would tell them where you were. No doubt they fooled her in some way. You'd have to ask her directly when you got the chance.
  85. "Well err...sorry to say. But there's no Anon here. I'm uh....Lotsa Arrows. Yup, and I was just visiting Princess Twilight because she said she could help me with my schoolwork. She's very nice...right Mr.Spike?"
  86. >"Mr.Spike? wha are y-OMPH" You give Spike a swift kick while smiling at Good News.
  87. >"Ohhhh riiiiiiiight. Yeah yeah, that's what he's here for. Sorry, that Anon you're looking for is long gone."
  88. >Good News just looked at the both of you, unamused. "Yeah, sure. that's why your cutie mark is the symbol of chaos..right?"
  91. "I....don't know what you're talking about"
  92. >Good News rolled her eyes at you, she didn't want to be taken on the run around. "Look kid, I ain't here to hurt you. I just want to do an interview with Equestria's rising super hero. I'm here to give you an oppurtunity of a lifetime, because I swear, after this. You're gonna be swimming in Bits,Fillies, and fame. Ya want the fillies and fame don't ya?"
  93. >Oh noooo, you knew how this worked. this would probably lead into one of those "rise high, fall hard" type of situations. Besides, you didn't need the bits or fillies. Hell you didn't need the fame either. You sorta had all that already.
  94. "I would, but I'm telling you. I'm not Anon, I'm Lotsa Arrows. My cutie mark just sorta means.....I'm going places"
  95. >"Yeah....uhuh.." Good news wasn't buying it "Come on kid" She tries to sound sincere as she draws slowly closer "Just one interview and I'm out of your mane, think about what this could mean for the both of us. Everypony loves a hero....specially the type of hero that comes from a broken home...probably literally now that I think about it"
  96. > didn't like that particular comment. But, what could you say to get her to leave. If you just had a moment to think.
  97. >"Woah woah, hold on there Miss News. My pal lotsa is a Earth Pony, the newspaper here says that the Anon you're looking for is a unicorn. So uhhh..." Spike does a "shooing" motion with his claws. "get out, you're sorta trespassing"
  98. >"In a minute kid, in a minute, yeesh. Hey, Quick Press. What does the notes say about that Anon kid?"
  99. >Quick Press quickly started looking through a book he made appear using his magic. His voice was deep and heavy. But not thuggish as you thought it'd be. "Says here it's a unicorn's horn. As in, he can take it off and on. It's pretty powerful too. Some sources says he was the one who shifted the sun and moon recently. That's all there is though. So that's probably him"
  101. >Good news Smiled, a near evil, greasy smile "Realllllyyy? Well then" She looks at you, arrogantly "Looks like you're running out of plays kid. Now come on, just do the interview, it's not gonna hurt. We're just trying to help you is all."
  102. >Spike looked like he wanted to punch the both of them. But that Quick Press was keeping a close eye on him. Probably a unicorn that's best not handled physically. You had to think.
  103. "Look, I'm telling you. I'm not Anon. What do I have to do to convince you?"
  104. >Good News eyes slowly shift to your saddle bag " us the goods. I know that "Anon" always carries that horn around with him. If you ain't got the horn, then you ain't Anon. So how about that, sound fair?"
  105. > took one more moment to think about it, your hesitance only visually making Good News believe you less and less. You do realize though they said Unicorn horn, they didn't say WHAT KIND of horn though. Sombra's horn changes into a normal horn whenever you put it long as you have a charge. Did they even know about the limited charges?....this might work...yeah.
  106. "Yeah, just give me a moment."
  107. >You reach into your bag and pull out the horn. And hold it up to them.
  108. "This is the kind of horn I have."
  109. >Good News takes a close look at it and groans "Come on kid, that ain't the right horn. Stop holding out on us. Quick Press, you know what to do"
  110. >"Right, boss" Quick Press's horn glows as your bag gets tugged off and slipped upside down infront of Good News, she starts sifting through your stuff. looking for the "horn"
  111. "Hey! What in the hay are you doing?!"
  112. >"Relax, just doing what we do. Investigate and......hrnn...nothen" She seemed pretty disappointed. "Any suggestions Quick Press?"
  113. >He nodded "Put on the horn" He looks directly at you "If I'm right, it'll become the unicorn horn when he puts it on. Heard a rumor that that's probably how it works."
  114. >"Yeeeeaahhh, good thinking. Ya heard em, you wanna prove it, put on the horn."
  116. >Spike looked at you, he was visibly starting to panic. He didn't know what was going to happen now. He thought you might throw some sort of chaotic fit at this point.
  117. >But you held fast. You now realized you had them. The Sombra horn was going to remain...a Sombra horn.
  118. >You put it on. Your eyes release a greenish flame as your eyes turn red. Like Sombra's. Your mane becoming a flowing black evil.
  119. >Good news grumbled as she put her hoof to her face "Darn it! This really ain't him. That's not the horn. It's just some Nightmare Night prop. Ugh, of all the luck. How did we end up screwin' up this badly?"
  120. >Even Quick Press looked baffled, he started sifting through more of the notes as quick as possible "H-hold on, there might be something else in here about this"
  121. >"Hey! You just said you'd leave if he proved it! What gives?!"
  122. "Yeah, didn't I just prove I'm not him? You said you'd leave"
  123. >"just be patient kid, we ain't done here yet."
  124. >At that moment, a purple aura began to envelope the both of them. making them both hover a few inches off the ground. Then then get turned around. Face to face with a angry yet patient looking Twilight.
  125. >"I think the both of you are done here. I don't remember inviting you two inside. You didn't even wait for me to open the door!" Twilight was actually really angry about that. among other things.
  126. >Good News immediately tried to pull up an innocent act in front of the angry princess "Woah woah, hold on. Hey, we didn't come here to cause no trouble your highness. Just a simple interview. We didn't know you were behind that door."
  127. >"Even if you didn't. You don't go barging into other ponies homes! It's rude and it's wrong. And you especially don't go drilling into a colt like that. I want you both to"
  129. >"Hold on there Princess. Are you threatening us? I don't know who you think you are, but we're ponies of the press. You could be Princess Celestia yourself and we could just make you look like Nightmare Moon. So uh..I suggest you put us down and let us do our job. We'll be out of your mane when we're done"
  130. >Twilight shook her head. "I'm not threatening anypony. And I don't plan to hurt you either. I don't support violence. But if you don't want to leave, then at least let me give you my official royal permission before you do your work."
  131. >Good News almost let out a cruel snicker. "Well now, that's how you do things. Proper respect for the press is more like it" She says as Twilight lets them down.
  132. >"Twilight, what are you doing?!" Spike calls out, confused as fuck.
  133. >Hell, even you were confused. Did that bump in the head ruin her judgement? She should have just thrown them the fuck out.
  134. >"I'm doing my duty as a" She looks to the sleazy duo and nods "If you both can come a little closer, so I may say my royal decree"
  135. >They both listen. Ready to get the permission to drill you.
  136. >But the moment they step close. All three of them vanish. Twilight reappears a moment later. Looking quite pleased with herself "There we are, that should take care of them for awhile. Spike, could you write a letter to the Equestrian Word about the treatment we've received from their investigators?"
  137. >What the hell....what did she do to them?
  138. >Spike nodded, grinning, he knew immediately what she did "Right, do you want me to word it?"
  139. >Twilight smirked at him, and then shook her head with a smile "Sorry Spike, nothing rude. Keep it nice and formal, just describe the treatment they showed to me,you, and Anon. Keep it concise and honest. Alright?"
  140. >Spike was pretty disappointed with that. "awwww...alrrrighht. Still, that was a pretty neat trick Twilight. I didn't think you could get them that close for a teleportation spell"
  141. >ohhh, thats what it was.
  143. "Teleportation spell? how come you didn't just bring them close and teleport them out?"
  144. >"Oh, that's easy Anon. I had to make sure they weren't a threat. Spike's safety, and your safety, was the most important thing. I didn't want to underestimate either of them. So...I tricked them. I used my brain. Sometimes you can't win a confrontation with just brawn you know"
  145. >ahhhh, yeah. that made sense.
  146. "Nice, you almost had me and Spike worried"
  147. >"Worried? pfft, come on Anon. I wasn't worried" Spike tried to seem pretty cool about it. But Twilight eyes him with an eyebrow raise.
  148. >"Really Spike?"
  149. >"....well...maybe I was a little worried. But, hey Twilight. Where'd you put them?"
  150. >"Just outside the front door. I couldn't really put them anywhere else. I also gave them a warning about bothering anypony else about it."
  151. >...woah, Twilight actually laying down royal authority?
  152. "What'd you threaten them with? Prison, public humiliation, community hours?"
  153. >Twilight shook her head, it seemed she had a better idea "A twenty four hour lecture, given by myself of course, on the ways of proper journalist ethics and morals. I've never actually been a journalist, but I've read many a book on it. Enough to know that what they we're doing was wrong"
  154. >"That's our Twilight, teaching everypony a valuable lesson, even if she doesn't have any expirience herself. Alright, I'll go get started on that letter. But let me guess, nothing that'd get them fired, right?"
  155. >Twilight nodded "Right, just something that will get them to change their attitude."
  156. >Spike nods, and go off to write the letter. Then Twilight turns to you, and takes a breath. That was over.
  158. >"Anon, are you alright?"
  159. >You nod
  160. "Yeah, thanks for the save Twilight. Those two we're pretty much as-...ermm.dumbys"
  161. >She nods "Agreed, though I'd say just rude and mean."
  162. "Yeah..hey, how's your head. You ok?"
  163. >"Mhmm, just got a little surprised. That's all. But I'll be ok. Let's just try to forget about it. We still have a whole day left to do things together and learn more about eachother."
  164. >But something still worried you
  165. "What about Aunt Fluttershy? What if they go annoy her again? They didn't look like they'd actually listen to you"
  166. >They definitely probably wouldn't. Those fucking assholes.
  167. >Twilight thought on it for just a moment. Then nodded. "You have a point Anon. I want to trust those two. But they won't listen. Come close to me."
  168. >You do so, you knew what she was going to do. Dammit, you didn't want those two fucks going anywhere near her. Not with how things just went down. They'd be a lot more aggressive now.
  169. >"We're going to make a few hops to get to the cottage. You're used to teleporting around, right Anon?"
  170. >You nod
  171. "Yep, I gotta be. I never know when Dad is going to warp me around.So let's do it already, I don't want to waste a second."
  172. >And with that, Twilight warps you and her to the cottage. Not all in one jump. But enough to get you both there while leaving her a little fatigued. But nothing major.
  174. >The moment you orient yourself, like a dog ready to sniff out it's target. You look around for the two journalists.
  175. "ergh...."
  176. >If only your horn had a charge, you'd show those two some real chaos.
  177. "I don't see them."
  178. >"Hold on, I'll take a look"
  179. >Twilight flew upwards and looked around the vicinity. She managed to spot them in the horizon. Actually heading towards the cottage. "...oh..darn it. Why don't they ever actually listen! Don't they understand how terrible it is to be so snoopy?"
  180. > keep your words to yourself on that one.
  181. "So...what do we do? Just stop them? Do we tell Aunt Fluttershy? What's the plan?"
  182. >You seriously didn't know what the plan was. You were powerless. Goddamn did you hate being powerless in this kind of situation. You we're almost sure you could pull a Discord and toss them in a wormhole or something and nobody would give a shit.
  183. >"Thinking..Thinking. Obviously just putting them somewhere else and telling them what they are doing is wrong isn't enough.....We got to think together Anon. if not, the best we can do is just confront them again, and hope they listen to reason."
  184. "Yeah, but they won't get the hint. Hrnnnmmm. And I don't want to worry Aunt Fluttershy with this either. Can't we know...threaten them?"
  185. >Twilight wans't having any of that "No Anon, we shouldn't act like them. We have to show them that there's a better way"
  186. >Dammit Twilight, they we're obviously not going to listen.
  187. "What better way? Look, I know you're the princess of friendship and all that. But I don't want those two anywhere near Aunt Fluttershy. If not threaten them, at least lay down some authority. Or else they'll just wait until you're gone and try to come back at another time. These journalists, they think like piranhas do."
  189. >Twilight seemed to silently acknowledge that as she began to frown during her pondering. She didn't want to do anything to brash or harmful. But she also wanted to do SOMETHING that'd make them listen. And with each moment, they drew closer.
  190. >You couldn't think of anything more advanced, all you could think was to just tell them off and threaten them with something like death.
  191. "Can't we just be really aggressive at least? Like threaten to report them to Princess Celestia herself?"
  192. >"No Anon, we have to do this diplomatically."
  193. >God fucking dammit. Come on brain, think....think.....WAIT!
  194. "Hold on, wait. I got an idea."
  195. >"What is it?"
  196. "Their after a story right? Why not just give them something bigger to sink their teeth in? They'll get what they want and will leave Aunt Fluttershy alone"
  197. >"Anon, that's genius. So, what story are we going to give them?"
  198. >...........shit
  199. "Errrr....I hadn't thought of that part yet. But, come on Twilight. You know like...everything. Isn't their something juicy and big that you could tell them so they just f-....ergh..just leave?"
  200. >Twilight rubbed her hoof under her muzzle as she gently lands on the ground. "As a matter of fact....I think I do have something. I remember way back, my friends and I had a bit of a run in with a plant called "Poison Joke". There's not too much known about how it works. Maybe we could convince them to do a investigative article on it? That might get their interest"
  201. >...goddfucking dammit. That's a terrible idea.
  202. "Twilight....I think we're going to need something more interesting than that"
  203. >"What? What could be more interesting than figuring out the exact nature of Poison Joke? Especially if somepony can figure out exactly how it works."
  204. "Doesn't Zecora know how it works?"
  205. >".....oh right...wait, you know Zecora?"
  206. >Dammit, that wasn't important right now. They we're almost here!
  207. "No, only by name. Please, Twilight, can you think of something else?"
  209. >"....Anon, the only other thing I can think of is...Ahh! I got it!"
  210. >come on, don't let it be a dud.
  211. "what is it?!"
  212. >"An investigation and documentation report on the rise and fall of King Sombra. Very little is known about him, and I'm sure they'd be distracted for awhile trying to scour any library on the subject. We wouldn't have to worry about them then"
  213. >Not exactly what'd you'd call a good idea, but..King Sombra huh? That gave you an idea of your own if Twilight's plan failed.
  214. >You look up at Twilight. She looked as determined as you were to make sure Fluttershy wasn't alerted or bothered by these two assholes. But dammit, she was incapable of putting any true deviousness or umph into her plan. If you had Rainbow Dash here, or even Applejack. You'd probably have a much better means of getting rid of them. Hell, even Rarity probably has a way to get them to lay off. She's probably dealt with shit like this before.
  215. >".....huh, what are you two doing here?" Good News says as she crosses the bridge, visibly annoyed "You do know you can't stop me from interviewing other ponies. You gotta let me do my job. And my job is trying to get this story. Tell em Quick Press"
  216. >He nods "She's right. Even as a Princess, it's unlawful to keep anypony from doing their job."
  217. >Good News nods to that "Yeah, so step aside. She's free game. She can decide if she wants to have an interview or not."
  218. >You nearly growl, underhanded, piece of shit cunts.
  219. >"I know, so what if I gave you something more interesting to investigate. Something bigger?"
  220. >"....go on" It caught Good News's interest.
  221. >"You know the evil King Sombra, right? Well. Very little information is known about him. How amazing would it be to your career if you could be the first to chronicle his past? Pretty great right?" Twilight does her best, even smiling at them to try to get their interest in Fluttershy to wane.
  222. >"Stupid" Quick Press says
  224. >"And pointless, nopony cares about that guy anymore. He's old news. Now step aside Princess" Good News steps side to side, trying to get past Twilight, who was trying to physically halt her progress "Come on already! this is getting ridiculous!"
  225. >Fuck it, your turn. Twilight fucking failed.
  226. "Princess Cadence is having a baby!"
  227. >That stops everything. as if frozen in time. Twilight couldn't believe you let that out. did catch Good News's interest. " serious?"
  228. >You nod
  229. "Super serious, she's pregnant and everything!"
  230. >"Anon! That's not public information yet!" Twilight was astonished that'd you'd even make mention of that
  231. "Yeah, but it eventually was going to be, right? It's the only thing I had"
  232. >"hrn" Both of the journalists noted Twilight's reaction and nodded to eachother. "well, you convinced us Lotsa. Come on Quick Press, we gotta get tickets to the Crystal Empire"
  233. >"But you can't just do that! Don't you have any integrity at all!?!" Twilight tries to stop them
  234. >Good News rolls her eyes at that as she turns around "Integrity? I don't even know the meaning of the word. Who cares about stuff like that whentheir's a big story to be found. Now, we gotta go before the train arrives. So uh, seeya. And have a goooooood day" She chuckles as her and Quick Press walk off. To hunt down their next big story.
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