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  1. Sorcerer:
  3. Meta Slick [100]: For one such as you, whose magic come almost too easily, leaping at your beck and call, it is only natural that you should learn find flexibility in the arcane. Despite this, many sorcerers find that an innate ability bend their spells does not come so easily to them, requiring much greater concentration and increasing the time required to cast magic. For you, this is not the case. Any metamagic you apply to your spells, such as casting by eschewing parts of its components or increasing its power, can be called upon with no increase to the time required to cast it – though any additional cost or strain required will not decrease.
  5. Wide-Blooded [300]: Every sorcerer is naturally suffused with deep magics energy. For most, this is traced back to an supernatural ancestor that bred into their lineage at some point in the past, but for others it may be as simple as having been born of a line of talented wizards or even the air of a great destiny hanging about them. Whatever the case may be, every sorcerer owes their power to this strange magic that suffused their being, known as a Bloodline. Your bloodline can influence you in a number of ways, from simply having a greater proclivity to certain spells to greater or lesser innate magical abilities and a warped physical appearance.
  7. You yourself are even more saturated with not one source of magical blood, but two. While this is rare, it is not entirely unheard of, but you are different. Where the bloods would conflict and be diluted within others, in you they are willing to play nicely and you gain the full benefits of both Bloodlines. A strange one you are, but then such is the nature of a sorcerer regardless.
  9. Deep-Blooded [600]: All sorcerers draw their power from their potent magical natures, drawing on the traces of arcane in their blood and focusing it as their power increases. Some take this farther than others, Dragon Disciples are sorcerers who draw out their dragon blood, slowly transforming themselves and growing ever closer to their draconic ancestors. But this has its limits, as these disciples eventually reach a ceiling, an equilibrium in their nature between both races. However for you, as the trend seems to be, this is not the case.
  11. When you posses the blood of an ancestor that is potent enough for you to possess some trace or echo of their abilities, those abilities will grow over time and perhaps even branch into entirely new ones over time. In time, you can grow to become as if a member of this ancestor's race yourself. The time required for this will vary greatly depending on both the strength of the being in your lineage and how diluted the blood is, but the more you exercise the abilities, the faster it will be.
  13. Wizard:
  15. Magesight [100]: Some are born with an eye for magic – literally. You are capable of seeing magical auras with your naked eye, allowing you to detect spells or enchantments in the world around you as well as any aberrations in the flow of magic. But that's not all. Not only can you recognize that these spells are there, but you also intuitively understand what effects they have. With a glance, you can tell what enchantments that artifact holds… as well as if it’s booby-trapped with dangerous magics. Additionally, you are naturally capable of reading magical scripts that would normally require spells to decipher.
  17. Spell Savant [300]: Wizards are powerful, there is no doubt. Masters of the arcane arts, the world bends to your will. But you are also vulnerable in a number of ways. Your magic does not come easily to you in the way it does to sorcerers. For you, it is a science and an art. Your spells must be prepared each day via s h o r t rituals, and due to such length and complexity, these rituals are written down in a wizard's spellbook – one of their most valuable possessions - which is required to prepare the spells. Fortunately, you possess an almost eidetic memory in respect to spells, allowing you to remember even the lengthiest and most powerful spells or rituals with but a glance. This allows you to eschew the need for a spellbook, though you can certainly carry one if you wish – style points and what not.
  19. Spellmaker [600]: Some mages are masters of the art of creating new spells, weaving such magics in the same way a great composer controls an orchestra. You are counted among their number, being capable of creating new spells with an ease that is the envy of any other wizard. Any attempts to create new spells can be accomplished by you with a quarter of the time, effort, and cost required by an average wizard. And that is for entirely new spells; simply adapting spells you already know for new purposes can be managed even easier.
  21. But that's not all. Any two-bit wizard can make spells, even if it comes easier to you than it does to others, that alone hardly makes you particularly special. No, what makes you particularly special is your insight into the underlying nature of the arcane. Deep insight into the very underlying nature of magic has granted you a revelation: arcane magic, divine magic, nature magic… really it's all the same stuff on a fundamental level. This arcane epiphany has allowed you to go beyond limitations that bind lesser wizard. You can create arcane versions of any other spells, not only usable by you, but usable by anyone you can teach spells to.
  23. Cleric:
  25. Ear of the Divine [100 CP]: The gods are worshipped by many, and the most popular gods are always inundated with a caconophy of prayers. Desperate pleas for help, choirs singing their praises, someone hitting their finger with a hammer – that type of thing. But you are not some peasant praying for rain or something so mundane. You are a Cleric, a holy man, a living conduit of divine power. And when you pray to a deity, your voice is the sound of thunder amongst the rain of other prayers and it will never go unheard. This extends to any other beings that can hear prayers, not just your own god. Something about your inner voice is simply impossible to ignore, even if such a being were actively attempting to tune out prayers.
  27. Will of the Gods [300]: In a world where gods are an active presence in the land and their servants walk about healing the sick and smiting heathens, it is not hard to convince the common folk to venerate them. For you, this is particularly true. Just interacting with people in a positive light will cause most you meet to start adapting your ideals and beliefs. Something more extreme such as saving them from a grisly fate at the hands of a monster or raising their child from the grave would likely cause most to drop to their knees and convert to your religion on the spot.
  29. Holy Man [600]: No mere priest are you. You are a living avatar of the god or concept that you worship. All those who look upon you can instantly see that you are more than a man of flesh and blood, you are an icon, a living saint. Were you to worship a god of the sun, all who saw you could tell that you burned with a glorious incandescence and you could summon an aura of sunlight to literally burn with glorious incandescence.
  31. Furthermore, you overflow with divine energy. Without even channeling energy, your mere touch can heal minor wounds or repel the undead. And your domain spells can be cast at will as often and and many times as you wish without preparing them, so long as you are capable of casting spells of the level of the domain spell you wish to cast. Finally, you can create copies of your holy symbol and favored weapon at will which will remain in existence so long as you are in contact them but will slowly fade away otherwise.
  33. Druid:
  35. Shapechanger [100]: All druids eventually learn to wear the shapes of wild beasts, able to become as though majestic creatures they guard and shepherd as servants of nature. You have taken this ability and learned to apply it not only to yourself, but to others as well. After all, if it is possible for you to change your form, why shouldn't it be possible for you to change the forms of others? You can temporarily transform another person into any animal you can become, with a touch. Though it should be noted that it is possible for the person in question to attempt to resist such a transformation.
  37. The Hills Have Eyes [300]: To be a druid is to become one with nature – or at least as close as is possible. You have learned a unique skill, allowing you to meld your mind with that of the natural world around you. By taking a moment to focus, you can allow your consciousness to drift away from your body and attach to any plant or unintelligent wild beast within a 5 mile radius. Doing so allows you to perceive the world around the plant or animal for as long as you remain focused on doing so and they remain within the allotted range. If you deem it truly necessary, you can even fully leave your body behind, possessing and gaining full control the animal or plant you are attached to. If it is a plant, the nature magic you are in tune with suffuses it, animating it for so long as you remain.
  39. Lord of the Land [600 CP]: Druids are one and all the guardians and servants of nature and its balance. But you are not merely a servant of nature, you are nobility among the greatest beasts and spirits of the wild. In your soul courses the primal beat of the song of nature, marking you as its companion and guide. Where other druids may learn spells to call upon aspects of nature’s fury, you can simply ask it for help as a dear friend. Ask the ground to quake, the rivers to flood, the harvest to grow, or the beasts of the field forest to come to your aid and it shall be so. Of course, this does have its limits. The larger or more unnatural the the occurance you ask for, the more difficult it will be to rouse nature to your call. It is far easier to call a storm on a cloudy day or ask a predator to fight than a beast of burden to attack… and nature will be loathe to take actions that significantly harm itself, such as causing a forest fire, unless such an action is necessary.
  42. Ranger:
  44. Run, But Not Hide [100]: All rangers are master trackers, able to follow trails that most would never even be able to find. But you take this a step further than even the supernatural skills other rangers can attain. Simply by focusing on a specific creature that you have interacted with in the past, you can feel a pull in their general direction, no matter where they are. Once you are within a hundred feet of them, you feel a jolt alerting you of their immediate presence.
  46. Apex [300]: A ranger is a predator. But unlike the beasts of the wild who wield fury, fang, and claw, your favored weapon is one far more dangerous: knowledge. Knowledge of your prey. Their habits and their homes -- and more importantly, their weaknesses. When you set your sights upon a target, information about them, particularly any chinks in their armor or weaknesses to be exploited, quickly and easily become apparent. Even just a glance would glean much useful information and prolonged study would grant such understanding that you can practically predict any move they will make and see just the path needed to defeat them.
  48. Skinwalker [600 CP]: Some rangers have learned enough nature magic that they can mimic the druidic ability to wear the shapes of some beasts. But for you, such is not enough. You are a Ranger, a master hunter, a predator among predators. You can mimic the skin-changing of the nature priests already, but what good is that, really? Sure, it may be useful to take the form of a wolf or bear occasionally, but it hardly makes you invincible. No, you are much more dangerous than that. You have learned to take the shapes of any of your prey. Any being you personally slay, no matter their nature, you can transform into.
  51. Inquisitor:
  53. What Must Be Done [300]: Occasionally, unsavory or difficult tasks that conflict with the tenants of a religion become necessary. As an Inquisitor, the responsibility to make sure these tasks are completed falls on you. Other members of your religion may not like it… but they accept it. After all, sometimes hands need to be dirtied and as long as it's not theirs, then it's really none of their concern, you know? And besides, Inquisitors wield divine magic granted directly to them, so who are they to act in opposition to a man granted providence by their god?
  55. Similar understands seem to follow you to any other organizations you become a part of. So long as you are acting in their best interest or performing tasks deemed necessary, actions you take that would be unforgivable if undertaken by nearly anyone else can be… overlooked. Of course, there are limits to this, but you are unlikely to find them unless you clearly abuse your privileged position.
  58. Witch:
  60. Direct Line [100]: Witches require their familiar, granted to them by the same patron who supplies their magic, to prepare their spells. To do so, they must commune with the familiar, who then links them with the patron. You, however, have a much deeper connection to a patron, allowing you to prepare spells on your own and can even forego a familiar entirely if you so choose. Further, this deeper connection allows you to cast a limited number of spontaneous spells each day.
  62. Two-Timer [300]: As a witch, you rely on your pact with a magical being or force for your abilities. Such powers as you possess can reach truly astounding heights, but the nature of your benefactor can also limit the scope of your potential. You find this unacceptable and have managed something impressive even amongst your kind: the ability to form such pacts with multiple sources. In fact, there are no limits to the number of these bonds you may have… though it is likely many patrons will find the idea of “sharing” a witch rather distasteful and may require convincing.
  64. The Fine Print [600]: On every world where mortals dwell, they tell stories of men and women making pacts with beings of eldritch power. These men and women invariably think themselves more clever than their strange patrons. They themselves had heard the same tales, but of course fairy tales or the failings of others were no concern of theirs. They would succeed in their own schemes to overthrow the beings they made their Infernal deals with. But of course, just as inevitably, they are wrong.
  66. But you, you truly are different. Any pacts you make with other beings for powers will see the metaphysical bond slowly favor you over time. Each day, just a little bit of the power will slide through the connection, permanently merging with you to become truly yours. Any power gained this way cannot be stripped by your patron. And eventually, the power drained will surpass what was originally agreed upon, and you will begin to absorb the very essence of that being. By the time they realize this, it will be far too late for them to stop it by any means except to directly attack you and snuff the life from your body.
  68. Though if you wish, you may choose not to do this. To simply allow the contract that was agreed upon to remain as it was when formed.
  70. Paladin:
  72. Oathkeeper [100]: A paladin draws their strength from an Oath taken upon the true start of their journey. A covenant with a god to be a holy crusader, a force for good. And if a paladin breaks this oath, they lose much of their power. As such, it would take truly dire straits for a paladin to betray a such a dear promise, forged from their most closely-held beliefs. And in this, steadfast honor, you can place such restrictions on others. Whenever you are witness to a promise, oath, or contract, you may choose to sanctify it. If such a deal is broken, the offending party will face consequences for their actions based upon the severity of the betrayal and the scope of the contract. Someone betraying the trust of a friend may simply find themselves with a run of bad luck, but an emperor who defies a deal made in good faith and costs the lives of thousands would likely see their kingdom suffer greatly.
  74. Good Triumphs Over Evil [300]: As a paladin, it is your duty to stand as a paragon of good, lighting a flame of hope within the hearts of the innocent… and one of fear in those of the wicked. And when you fulfill this role, protecting the weak and the innocent, standing strong against the darkness of the world, you will find yourself bolstered. Lady luck will smile on you just a little more, you blade shall be ever so slightly sharper, your wits quickened the tiniest amount. When you seek to spread the light, you shall do so, those you stand for will find hope and inspiration, where the foul and dark-hearted will find themselves growing more terrified of you as you defy them.
  76. JUSTICE [600]: As a paladin, you are the sword of your god. Their instrument of justice upon this world. It is your duty seek out and smite heathens and sinners wherever they are to be found, protecting the weak and the innocent with honor and piety. To do this, you god has granted you a number of divine abilities. But you are particularly favored even amongst paladins. The divine power that suffuses you is without end, the stream never running dry. Where other paladins can only call on their god to heal others or smite the wicked a few times per day, you may do so as many times as is necessary.
  78. Finally, the power strengthens and protects your form, granting you greater resilience and strength and allowing you to heal rapidly as well as allowing you to resist magic -  particularly dark magics of the arcane or that of evil deities and infernal beings.
  80. Rogue:
  82. Perfect Roll [100]: There are fools who would knowingly attempt to withstand damage instead of simply avoiding it in the first place. Why anyone would do so, even for minor damage, is simply beyond you. Why take the risk? Well you don't. You will do what you can to dodge attacks every time. And for you, there is a lot you can do. In fact, your ability to avoid attacks through a mix of skill, agility, and no small amount of luck approaches the absurd. Attacks from a skilled swordsman, a volley of arrows, a fireball exploding feet from you, it can all be dodged. Of course, it's not easy and sometimes it simply isn't possible even for you. But what is possible for you encompasses a lot more for you than it does for others.
  84. A Devil's Own Luck [300]: In a world where luck is a real force governed by fickle beings all too easy to offend, it pays to be able to make your own. And boy do you. Your runs of fortune can at times border on the absurd. Perhaps an entire volley of arrows simply… miss altogether. Or one of them might hit in a superficial spot that leaves you with a ruggedly attractive scar when it heals. Maybe that key you found half-covered in dirt will unlock a chest found deep in a dungeon later in your journey. Though this is far from infallible and if you find yourself relying on it, may just be the end of your story. As well, it is still hardly wise to offend the Lady Luck; she may not be able to curse you with the misfortune others who earn her ire would face, but she could at least cancel out your serendipity.
  86. Thief of Legend [600]: All that exists can be taken. No matter the safeguards and precautions in place, nothing can be so perfectly protected that it is impossible to be stolen. From a few copper coins in the pocket of a merchant to the fire of the gods perched in heaven, the right thief is all it takes. And you are just that thief. It will certainly not always be easy – though easier for you than most any other – but given sufficient time, you can create and carry through a plan to pilfer any treasure which you can find. All traps can be bypassed or disarmed, all spells dispelled or prevented from activating. When your eyes are set upon a gleaming prize, nothing shall stand in your way forever.
  88. Barbarian:
  90. Chainmail Bikini [100]: What kind of idiot would walk into battle with their entire midriff exposed to the world? What's even the point? A stray arrow would be the end of you, no matter your skill. Are aesthetics that important to you? Well, luckily, you seem to make it work. And luckily is meant in the most literal way possible. Impractically small armor never proves a hindrance to you, despite what simple logic would dictate. Those arrows simply bounce off of the bracers you wear when they should have proved a fatal shot and the enemies blade catches on the small sheet of metal covering your breast instead of the expanse of flesh surrounding it. You simply confound common sense.
  92. Quelling Wrath [300]: Barbarians are feared wide and far. The reputation of their savagery and strength of arms proceeds them. And beyond that, they are often possessed of a fearsome visage even at a glance. The average barbarian is a grizzled, hulking mass of scars and muscle. So it is only natural that leveraging these facts is quite easy for you. With even the slightest effort, you can become almost supernaturally intimidating both in combat and in conversation. If you wish, you may appear as an unstoppable force of nature upon the battlefield or speak with a voice that tells of a barely restrained desire to rip the arm from someone's socket and beat them to death with it – and the full capacity to achieve this task. You might single-handedly rout entire groups of enemies or convince someone who could by all rights defeat you handily that you are not to be trifled with.
  94. Rage Unbound [600]: All barbarians can draw strength from their anger – it's what makes them what they are. The sheer strength of their wrath can allow them to overcome limits faced by others and even themselves. Yet even this rage has its own limits. But then, limits have always been things that happen to other people, haven't they?
  96. Your anger is without bounds. Your own berserk rage can continue forever, only ever burning more and more intensely as opposed to cooling down. You can trigger these bouts of uncontained rage simply by wishing to do so, feeling the white hot anger bubble up in your chest. During this, you find yourself enhanced in nearly every way. Your strength is bolstered, your endurance and tolerance for pain are pushed through the roof, and you can move faster than many can react. But it is not limited simply to your physical form – all aspects of your being, including any powers or magic you may posses are increased proportionately to their existing strength. Such a frenzy will continue either until you are knocked unconscious, somehow calmed by the words or enchantments of another, or you summon up the will to calm yourself. And the longer you sustain such a fury, the more powerful the benefits shall grow. Though of course, you will lose all of these benefits after the rage subsides… and fatigue will quickly move to take its place.
  98. Bard:
  100. Old Song And Dance [100]: The thing that separates a bard from a common minstrel is that some of their music is magical. The thrumming, deep powers that pervade all the universe, those of arcane magic, are intwined within every note of these deeply enchanting songs. This can allow the bard to have direct and visible effects on the world around them as they play these tunes. But you understand that all music is magical… some just not so much as others. You are capable of infusing minor magic within any music you personally create, allowing you to have subtle but profound effects on those listening as well as allowing you to make any music sound as if performed by a master of the art… even if you’re making it up as you go along on an instrument you’ve never played.
  102. Tall Tales Told [300]: Bards are keepers of lore and story. Not lore as the dusty tomes of monks and wizards, however. Myth and legend as well as history are spread far and wide by wandering bards, entertaining common folk and adventurers in many a tavern across the land. Of course, not every tale is preserved perfectly. And some of them are downright boring. So it’s only natural that stories suffer a little growth and embellishment in the retelling. But the weight of the performance given by a skilled bard makes you want to believe their tales as you hang on every word. And really, isn’t that enough? For you, this is particularly true. Tales of your deeds and accomplishments grow wildly out of proportion while still finding widespread belief from those who hear them. Those half a dozen bandits you slew become an entire legion of rebels you defeated singlehandedly. That imp you banished with a well-placed spell becomes a prince of hell outwitted by your clever mind. In the mind of most, you will stand eye-to-eye with figures of myth and legend.
  104. The Face [600]: Sometimes, nothing is quite so effective as the right words. And often, those words are not the incantation of a spell, but rather simple conversation. Nations are forged and broken by the power of words, heroes are made and laid low by just the right turn of phrase. History has shown time and time again the weight inherent in a tongue made of silver. How fortunate, then, that your tongue is made of gold. Be it in manipulation, diplomacy, or making a barmaid blush, there are few on this world who can match your silken words. Given time, there is almost nothing you cannot convince someone to do. Within reason, of course… or at least mostly -- with your honeyed words, a great many unreasonable things may begin to seem all too reasonable.
  106. Oracle:
  108. Blessed, Not Cursed [300]: You did not choose to become an Oracle. Through no permission of yours, forces beyond your knowing chose to empower you, granting you insight into some fundamental nature of reality. But such exaltation is never without a price. Every Oracle suffers a curse that mirrors the blessings granted to them… and many feel, greatly outweigh them. You may have been rendered blind or had you mind tainted with the madness of some primordial darkness.
  110. Whatever the case may be, there is always hope. As an Oracle grows in power, they often find their abilities begin to counteract their curse. A blind Oracle, for instance, may find herself able to inherently sense the world around her. But in your case, the curse will continue to atrophy, gradually fading as time passes and your power grows. They will never truly vanish, but it will come so close as to be irrelevant. And it is not only your abilities as an Oracle that are so affected, but any other powers or abilities you have, you will find that their downsides also continue to shrink into negligence over time.
  112. Exalted [600]: You were chosen by forces you do not know for reasons beyond your understanding to fulfill a purpose that has not been illuminated to you. Many Oracles never gain answers to these mysteries. Many more never seek them to begin with. Yet the fact remains that for some reason, they were chosen. In your case, there is simply something about you. The forces that empowered you likely did not fully understand the reason either, but you very essence is as a bright light in a vast darkness. You find yourself a lightningrod for blessings and boons granted by great or powerful beings.
  114. Be it unfathomable gods on high or the kings of men, those with power will find themselves looking to empower you. Oh most of them will not do so purely out of generosity -- if any do so at all. They will have their own agendas and schemes in which they seek to make you a valuable piece. But of course… many will learn that if they are not careful, their hand may be bitten even as it feeds you.
  116. Summoner
  118. WHAT?! [100]: What good is power without style? Why should one bother to be legendary without also being glorious? These are questions that nag at your soul, shaping your actions. For you will not appear so drab as the common men dressed in rags and flailing about. You move with a confidence and grace near unmatched, and any fashion you adopt appears more than suitable on your body. You also have the ability to strike poses that awe those who see them. Such poses will never interfere with your ability to perform in combat, and perhaps may even help as some enemies will undoubtedly be shocked by your bold moves. Most impressive of all, however, is your ability to call your Eidolon to your side in an instant, with none of the usual restrictions, simply by striking one of these poses.
  120. One And The Same [300]: As a summoner, you are intrinsically linked to your Eidolon in ways that most will never truly understand. You fight together, live together, and grow together. However, for you, more than any other summoner, the last one truly applies. Any strength you gain will be shared with your Eidolon. If you grow stronger, so does it. If your swiftness increases, so shall its. This will apply to both permanent growth and temporary buffs and will also apply in the opposite direction. Furthermore, this will affect any other beings or projections with which you are similarly linked.
  122. Legion [600]: As a summoner, you will learn to call on other beings for aid, even beyond your Eidolon. Beings of spirit and power, they will be. Monsters and guardians from other planes where man dare not tread. You can call upon their aid to lay waste to your enemies… but what of those enemies? Should they simply go to waste after the trouble they cause you? No, you will not settle for that.
  124. When you slay another being, snuffing out its life, you may attempt to capture its essence as it flees from the mortal coil. If you are successful, you contain the spirit within your own soul, where it will lie in wait for your call. When summoned, the essence will take on an ephemeral form reminiscent of its body, but obviously different in nature. Any beings such called can be mentally commanded by you with the slightest effort and will possess all abilities that they possessed while they yet lived, but will not grow beyond this strength unless you also possess One And The Same. For now you are only capable of calling upon one stored essence at a time… but that is sure to change as your power and skill grow.
  126. Fighter:
  128. Iron Will [100]: Those possessed of sift wills do not make good adventurers. Certainly, they do not make effective warriors. But that is not something that should concern you, for your will is most certainly not weak. No, you possess a steely will that is near unbreakable. Temptation and vice can be easily dismissed, while attempts to torture your flesh or wrest control of your mind and soul would be truly difficult tasks even for those well versed in such things.
  130. Steel And Flesh [300]: This is a world where the power of the arcane and the divine suffuse every inch of reality. Where wizards cast spells that shake the world and dragons breath fire that burns down legions of men. However, despite all of that, there remain men and women possessed only of will and blade who have accomplished deeds as great as any wielder of supernatural power. If you possess the drive and ambition to do so, you may yet count yourself among these figures spoken of in awe. For when you face down foes who wield supernaturally great powers or monsters infused with magic, you find yourself with luck smiling upon you to nearly absurd degrees.
  132. Mages will make mistakes in the casting of their spells that weaken them, or perhaps even cause them to fail outright or even backfire. The arrow enchanted to always strike true may be foiled as something crashes into it before it reaches your heart. The sword that can cut through anything perhaps makes only a glancing blow on your armor. The dragon’s breath is slightly off its mark, singing your hair instead of boiling your skin.
  134. This is far from enough to render you invincible when facing the supernatural… but it does go a long way to evening the playing field.
  136. Lord of War [600]: Any fool can pick up a sword and swing it at their enemies. Perhaps, with time, they may even prove competent at it. Of they survive long enough, they may even find they have become a renowned master. But the art of war involves so much more than the clash of steel; it is the clash of the brilliance found in the mind of tacticians. And such brilliance cannot be learned in the way that swinging a blade can – not really. Oh, a man might learn to bark orders troops, to stay in position or to advance. But he is simply parroting those who truly see the inner workings of the grand clock of warm. Such men and women born with innate brilliance, who can see the slightest opening in the enemy's forces and command their troops to take advantage of it. Who can see what moves the enemy will make before they even begin to make them. Who can decide the fate of a battle before a single blade is drawn. That is what true understanding of the art of war entails. And that is a brilliance that you possess.
  139. Deities:
  141. Abadar
  143. The Foundation of Civilization [200]: Abadar favors ordered civilization over the harsh wilds or lawless frontiers. After all, what good is a god of commerce and banks to beasts and barbarians. But all the world was once such places and had to be forged into the civilized places that are found today. This took millennia, hundreds of generations of trial and error to crawl as far as has been managed so far.
  145. But if there had been more men such as you upon the pages of history, who knows what how much faster things would have developed? You are adept at creating organizations and rules that are widely considered reasonable and fair, be this simply creating a guild or business or something as great as planting the seeds of what will grow to be a prosperous kingdom. Any time you have a large hand in organizing and creating rules for such groups, you will find that there is little unrest in such things, with most affected being content and very few attempting tpo buck the system.
  147. Flowing Vault [400]: Abadar is the lord of commerce and trade, as well as all wealth that flows from such things. From the coins a pauper scrounged cleaning pots to the river of gold controlled by the wealthiest merchants, all of these are the domain of the Master of the First Vault. Those who earn his displeasure often find their funds dwindling and their businesses crumbling to the ground around them.
  149. You belong to their opposites, those blessed directly by his hand. You shall find that your coin purses remain fat and your business opportunities plentiful. Luck will smile upon any such endeavors you undertake and any dealings will almost invariably seem to favor you. Even the riskiest investments will commonly pay off for you, or at least not result in significant losses. Your favor is such that should you start a business venture as a beggar and studiously work to attain success, it would only be a few scant years before you found yourself among the wealthiest merchant lords in the land.
  151. But beware, for Abadar is also the God of Law and his blessing will only apply to ventures that take place within the binding strictures of the law. Your god will not smile upon ill-gotten gains.
  153. Asmodeus
  155. The Devil You Know [200]: Asmodeus is widely disliked among the gods. It is only natural that they would reel away from him. After all, the Lord of Hell openly states that his ultimate goal is to destroy any concept of free will and bind all that exists to his absolute will. But Asmodeus is a patient god who takes a long view of things. He sees that there can sometimes be much to gain from working with even the bitterest enemy -- and that sometimes it is necessary for both parties. And what’s more, he is skilled at convincing his enemies of the obvious truth of this simple fact.
  157. You have taken heed of the wisdom found in the words of the dark master and studied his ways. You are particularly adept at getting those who would otherwise refuse to even so much as speak to you to ally themselves to you, convincing that what they gain is greater than what is lost or the risk imposed by doing so. They will see that betraying you is foolish and short sighted and will not often do so. But yet… there are beings with whom even Asmodeus refuses to work or who refuse to work with him, and you will assuredly find such beings yourself.
  159. On The Dotted Line [400]: Asmodeus is the god of contracts and bargains, the progenitor of written agreements. It is a putrid irony that it was the Prince of Darkness who penned the laws of the cosmos, to which all must adhere, at the dawning of time. Many of his worshippers and servants believe that it was within this first penning that Asmodeus hid the means with which his inevitable ascension to supremity will take place. Whether that is true remains to be seen, as it is unlikely the god himself will reveal such things until it is too late to be of any consequence…
  161. But you have gained an understand of this infernal art that is woven into the very fabric of creation. You may write magically binding contracts that will bind those who sign them to agreement with their terms. Of course -- as is the ultimate irony for an art created by one who so despises free choice -- these must be accepted and signed of the partcipants’ own free wills. Coercion and manipulation are acceptable -- and encouraged --, but dominating someone’s mind will nullify any terms agreed upon.
  163. Finally, as is only appropriate, these contracts chain the signees only to the word of the contract, not the spirit. This is your strength… but could also be your downfall. Do not think yourself more clever than you truly are.
  165. Cayden Cailean
  167. A Job Well Done [200]: Cayden Cailean was a sellsword in his mortal life -- albeit one with strong and unbroken principles -- and as such one of the few things he desires of his followers is fair payment for a completed job. Payment need not be in gold, for drinks and swapped tales or a tumble in the hay with an enthusiastic paramour could very well be valid currency. But attempts should be made to see that tasks are properly rewarded. And those who you have dealings with will almost always do so in regards to you. Even sleazy and deceitful characters simply feel compelled to make a fair bargain when bartering with you.
  169. Lucky Drunk [400]: Quite the odd title, isn’t it? Yet it is perhaps the most famous moniker of your god - and for good reason. For undoubtedly the greatest and most well-told of Cayden’s adventures is his passing the nigh-impossible Test Of The Starstone on such a drunken bender that even after his ascension to godhood, his memory of the event is still completely obscured. You seem to have been blessed with similar inebriated fortune as well, for the act of consuming alcohol will improve your luck proportionately to how drunk you are. J
  171. ust drinking enough to get a warm feeling in your stomach and loosen your limbs will see you with enough good fortune to smooth over minor inconveniences, while drinking enough to be stoned out of your mind may well allow you to succeed in what should be nearly impossible tasks… now if only you could remember what actually happened, you’d have quite the tale to tell over a few drinks.
  173. Calistria
  175. Sultry [200]: Calistria is a goddess of passion and of lust. She is the feeling of losing yourself to carnal desires. As a devout follower, you seem to truly embody these qualities, enticing others to indulge themselves. With a single, smoldering glance you can make most anyone weak in the knees. With an evening of conversation, you could perhaps loosen the judgement of even a monk until the dour fellow finds himself actually enjoying life for once. Your natural ability to entice people to give in and simply revel in pleasures, be it seducing someone into your bed or something less intimate, is nearly supernatural.
  177. Spurned and Spiteful [400 CP]: Calistria is the goddess of revenge and those who know of her do not doubt this fact. Any who provoke her ire, be they mortal, god, or anything between will come to know her wrath. And beyond her personal endeavors, Calistria expects her worshippers to similarly extract their own justice upon those who have slighted them. This is a command that you have taken to the heart with a fervor that no doubt delights your goddess.
  179. Against any you truly believe to have wronged you, you will find any efforts to extract revenge will be greatly enhanced. From the beginning to the end, Calistria will truly smile upon you. Wicked and delightful ideas for what their punishment should be will flow easily into your mind as soon as you decide that the deed should be done. Swiftly following this, a plan for executing the act will begin to form itself in your mind with only minimal effort on your part. Finally, actually putting it to practice will see the scheme go off with nary a hitch and sail smoothly to completion.
  181. Desna
  183. The Path [200]: Desna is the goddess of travellers and wanderers. Those who walk with purpose and those who stride aimlessly through the world equally follow in her footsteps. To travel and experience the world change around you at whatever pace you desire is a sacred and beloved act in the eyes of the Song of the Spheres. And as one who walks with her blessing, you find your journeys pass with ease and grace as you desire.
  185. Storms will rarely trouble you nor will the bandits of men or the beasts of the world often bar your progress. The smiling Lady happily ensures your journeys are as stress-free as possible. Unless, that is, you find yourself wistfully desiring some dash of excitement or adventure. Simply travelling can often become monotonous, after all. And so, if you wish it, you may find that your feet guide you to occasionally stumble upon some quest to be undertaken or innocents to be saved. May your travels never end until you so desire.
  187. Walk Your Way [400]: Desna is a goddess of prophecy and destiny. Of the roads yet taken that lead far into the future. Many of her followers are skilled fortune tellers or diviners, looking to interpret signs from the world and from their patron. But Desna decries the binding powers of fate. Among her core teachings is the belief that choice matters every ounce as much as any gloomy destiny or hide-bound prophecy. Those born with their feet upon the path of light may turn towards the dark before they reach the end… and those shrouded in the darkest night may yet strive forwards to the light.
  189. You are blessed with just such a free nature. Where others have the capacity to fight their fate… you simply have no fate. When those who can glimpse the future gaze upon you, your path is unrevealed to them. Even the gods themselves would find that it is impossible to stir your course for you and attempts to manipulate you will require much more direct intervention. Your journey is truly your own to decide. Make the best of it.
  191. Erastil
  193. Sow the Seeds [200]: Erastil is an counted among the oldest gods, with a faith as ancient as the ground it reveres. As the patron of farmers, Old Deadeye is the one who first taught the art of agriculture. All who tend to plants, be they farmers working the fields or alchemists growing reagents, revere him. And those who gain his favors will find themselves reaping an unusually plentiful bounty.
  195. You seem to have been touched by his green thumb, finding natural talent and fortune in your own attempts at growing plantlife. Any you grow will survive and thrive with even a token effort, and will always result in twice as much as even seems possible. Further, these plants will be unnaturally potent. Food grown will hold extremely high nutritional value and divine flavor, while reagents grown will be more potent than anything grown by the hand of another mortal.
  197.  ??? [400]: Erastil is the god of close-knit communities and peaceful societies. His worshippers are mostly simple folk who find happiness in a quiet life of hard work. And as such people often congregate together, they tend to find these things… at least so long as disaster does not befall them. But with the blessing of their god, such things are thankfully rare.
  199. This blessing seems to follow you wherever you go. Any societies you are part of tend to find themselves becoming peaceful and prosperous. The masses become healthy and happy, harvest is easy and bountiful, hostility from others is rare, and the weather itself stays agreeable, the sun shines when it is needed and rain falls only when necessary, it never becomes too hot or too cold. A simple, happy life shall follow you all your days.
  201. Gorum
  203. Will You Fight? [200]: There is a raw beauty found in battle that is not present anywhere else. To experience this beauty is the command of Gorum and it is one with which his worshippers follow with zealous glee, leaping headlong into combat. To a Gorumite, such a thing is not an act of bravery, but rather one of passionate need. The simple need to experience the rush that is born only of placing one’s life on the razor’s edge, testing one’s mettle against an opponent who meets your challenge with all of their might.
  205. You can inspire an understanding of passion in others, lighting an inner flame in even those timid of heart. They will come to understand the visceral draw of relishing in the fight. Their need will drive them to improve themselves and their skills and strength so that they may grow and experience even more of this heady rush. This will inevitably push them to excellence. Those who fight for or beside you shall do so with the zeal and ferocity of a dozen men.
  207. To Arms [400]: Some men fear and spurn battle. These men are looked on with only disdain the Lord In Iron and all his faithful. To turn away from battle is to blaspheme his name. All true Gorumites thirst for battle just as their god does. The clash of steel on steel is more beautiful than the greatest hymns sung by Shelyn’s priests. The spilt blood lying upon the ground is more appealing than the finest wines.
  209. In you heart, you truly understand this in a way that few save the god himself ever will. You will never shrink in the face of violence. The din of battle is addictive and it sustains you, strengthens you. You will never tire for so long as you actively participate in battle, feeling as fresh -- save any injuries sustain -- hours after the festivities commence, even as the strongest of mortal men find themselves growing weary and touched by fatigue. And what’s more, you will even find yourself growing slowly stronger, faster, tougher as you do so for so long as you continue to fight. This is not a particularly large growth, but when you grow stronger as your enemies only ever grow weaker, does it need to be?
  211. Irori
  213. Mastery Without Form [200]: Irori was once as mortal man, but he is not counted among the ranks of the Ascended -- a number of other former mortals who achieved divinity through passing the Test of the Starstone -- , for Irori achieved self-perfection and enlightenment through his own will and perseverance. In fact, he looks down upon the Ascended as he believes that each individual should find their own path and sees the Ascended copying Aroden’s method as cheapening their own success.
  215. This, the idea that each should find their unique path to perfection is foremost among Irori’s teachings. And this is a teaching from which you find great benefit. Any attempts you make to create or enhance something original comes several times faster than it otherwise would. Creating a new spell that would take a decade could be finished in just a few years. An entirely new martial art that would take a lifetime to perfect could instead be finished soon enough for you to still have the youth to use it.
  217. From Weakness, Strength [400]: The Master of Masters preaches that all things have weaknesses, but also that all of these weaknesses can be overcome. Through hard work, dedication, and persistence, all flaws can be rendered irrelevant. It is not an easy task, but it is one well worth the effort.
  219. With enough time and effort, you are capable of training away flaws in techniques, styles, abilities, your mind, or even your body. The weakness in a martial art could be compensated for or completely eliminated. The downsides of a spell could be erased with mastery. Your own temptations or vices can be overcome and permanently stripped away with force of will. Even inherent weaknesses in your body or species can be slowly eroded until they are of no concern, though this will likely take great time and effort.
  221. Nethys
  223. Part the Veil [200]: Legends tell that Nethys was once a mostly-mortal man. A wizardly god-king who was consumed by a desire to understand the truths behind magic and reality itself. In his fervor to learn, he found an eldritch secret that revealed to him the very nature of all that is, catapulting him to divinity… but also splitting his being into two warring souls.
  225. You find yourself with some spark of that same obsession. You desire deeply to learn. And so you shall. For so long as you seek to learn something, paths will always be made available to you to gain that which you yearn to know. Rarely will this knowledge simply be handed to you and often the journeys will be treacherous or ask of you prices you may not be so willing to pay.. But so long as you look deeply enough, there will always be a way to gain the knowledge. Just be cautious --  some knowledge is hidden so thoroughly for a reason.
  227. For Love of the Art [400]: The one thing Nethys asks of his followers, above all other things, is to exult in the use and study of the arcane. To delve into the magical secrets woven into every facet of reality and to draw upon the knowledge gained from these studies to change the world to their will. The All-Seeing Eye delights in seeing mortals take up the study of magic and spread the inspiration to do so to as many others as possible. This, you are particularly adept at.
  229. For when others see you work your will upon the fabric of existence, most will become enticed and find themselves wishing to know more, to hold that power in their own hands and souls. Many will then seek you out, asking you to teach them to walk such a path themselves and those that you accept will find themselves rising almost impossibly quickly in their mastery of the art, absorbing knowledge and skill in a fraction of the time that should be required. Oh, Nethys is likely to favor you indeed.
  231. Sarenrae
  233. The Morning Comes [200]: Sarenrae is a radiant, burning goddess. She is the sun, that burning orb that hangs in the sky. That singular source of life that will assuredly always rise again. In her is found confidence that a better tomorrow is always possible, that after the darkest parts of the night, the dawn will inexorably burst forth.
  235. Some amount of this inspirational force also rests within you. You have the ability to ignite a spark of hope in those around you when times seem the bleakest. To calm those panicked by the oncoming storm. When others see you standing strong, some part of them knows that things will get better if only they persevere the hardships.
  237. Fix Your Eye Upon The Rising Sun [400]: The Dawnflower is a source of boundless love and forgiveness. It is her belief that even the darkest of hearts can be redeemed with a bright enough light. That no one has ever fallen so far that they cannot rise again -- sometimes they just need a little help and encouragement. And she is more than happy to offer a hand to those who have stumbled.
  239. You have taken these teachings to heart and found a natural talent for helping the fallen, the evil and the wicked. Offering mercy and a chance for atonement to those dark souls you have defeated will see them accept much more often than they would for anyone else offering the same. If they truly wish to repent, you will be able to help them, guiding them to redeeming acts and offering wisdom so that they may overcome some of the guilt of their past.
  241. Yet Sarenrae is no victim, no helpless maiden. And neither are you. If someone offered such an opportunity is to refuse, your strength in facing them shall rise. Your blows will cut deeper, your will shall be emboldened, and their attacks will draw far less blood. Good is not soft.
  243. Shelyn
  245. Loving Crafter [200]: Shelyn loves little more than the endeavour to create art. The goddess revels in even the crudest attempts and finds pleasure in all forms of it. As a result, nearly all of her worshippers are some form of artist, be they one who forms worlds upon canvas , enchants listeners with haunting sound, or something stranger still. All who strive to make beautiful art are beloved by the Eternal Rose -- whether they possess talent or not.
  247. You most certainly do have talent, however. A burning flame of creativity smolders in your soul, granting passionate inspiration for creations. As you do, a voice -- perhaps that of the goddess herself or perhaps simply your own instincts -- will whisper to you the actions necessary to make your inspiration into reality. Anything you make can be so enhanced, be it traditional art or something else entirely;  a sword crafted by your hand would be worth many times a sword of similar effectiveness, based on the appearance alone. Go and make beauty… the world can always use more of it.
  249. Blooming Rose [400]: Shelyn is the goddess of all beautiful things, from those of nature to that shaped by mortal hands. Her own works are without peer, even her greatest failures convey the light of the world and fill the hearts of those who view it with worldless admiration for such beauty.
  251. And looking upon you, it would seem as though you were crafted by the loving hands of the Eternal Rose… and few could call you a failure. Every portion of your form is shaped in what can only be described as perfection. Someone could drown in your eyes, your smile could cause wars, your frown could shatter a heart. Many mortals who look upon your form may feel themselves moved nearly to tears and even a number of the divine would feel envy. So go forth and spread the joy of beauty through the world.
  253. Torag
  255. A Hammer Only [200]: Torag created the dwarves to be both stubborn and creative and expects all of his worshippers, from all races, to embody such traits. To fight as hard as they can with what they have for what is right. And so you do. You find that the more limited your options and resources, the more clever and resolved you will be. When you find yourself alone against impossible odds, the world seems rife with possibilities.
  257. Built To Last [400]: Torag values function and durability above all else in his craft. That is not to say that the items he forges are a blight upon the eyes or that he cannot focus on creating beautiful instruments if he so desires. He is the god of the forge, after all, and that is certainly within his power. But he prefers his creations, especially weapons and armor, be similar to his dwarves: sturdy, long-lasting, and fully functional.
  259. You have taken this doctrine to heart, learning to imbue such hardiness in your creations as well. When you personally create something, from weapons to food to living things, it will be much more durable and last far longer than otherwise. That food you cooked might remain edible, though not particularly fresh, weeks later. That sword might stay sharp and hard for far longer than the man you gave it to. Perhaps your breastplate won’t move someone to tears like a stanza from a great poet… but by Torag, it can do a better job stopping a wall of arrows than those frilly words could.
  261. Urgathoa
  263. Savor the Taste [200]:
  266. Godless
  268. Do As Thou Wilt [200]: Those who walk in the footsteps of a god can easily find meaning in their lives, find a path that feels right. Their morals and values already written in the creed of their patron. But what of those who walk a harder path without the guiding light of a higher being that looks down upon them and guides them? Those men and women who must decide for themselves what is good, what is evil, what is important, and what has meaning… if such a thing exists at all.
  270. But those who do so and resist the call of hedonism and despair, who prevent themselves from falling into and endless void of nihilism, those are the people whose will rings the clearest. They look upon an uncaring world of chaos and senseless existence. But they eventually find the truth: if nothing you do matters, then all that matters is what you do.
  272. This is an epiphany which you have also happened upon. You have the will to choose your own path, to forge your own morals, and to never fall into despair or nihilism. Your path is one forged by your own hands.
  274. No Gods Or Kings [400]: Most divine magics are drawn from the power of the gods or other semi-divine beings. But then the question is raised: from where do the gods draw their power? And why should they hold monopoly over such power? Why must mortals grovel at their feet to be healed or cured? There must be other ways to draw upon such forces without submitting yourself to another being.
  276. And there is, so you have found. You have gained the nearly unique ability to tap directly into the source of divine power from which flows the might of the gods. Through the strength of your convictions alone, you may draw upon any magic which would ordinarily require you be in service of a god or other higher being to access. And what’s more, those who follow your causes may also learn to draw out power in such a way as well, though their connection will not be as strong as yours.
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