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unfinished legacy of TAONU

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  1. Chapter 1: The Beggining
  2. Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was a user. This user loved Entei, and believed to the fullest extent that smogon should be a democracy(>not supporting smogon's dictatorship). For many months he was silent, just innocently posting as most forum members do. But one day, a moderator did something that would change the face of smogon forever, he dared to give this user, who we will now refer to as  the mighty Hunt, an infraction. Hunt was devastated at what this mod had done to him, he would not let him right the smogon analysis page of his favorite pok√©mon ever???????????? BS. He raged, he FUMED, he even sent angry PMs to auth. Eventually all his work paid off, and he had officially been infractibanned from the smogon forums. "Well well well" the mighty hunt said with a smirk, these mods dare to ban me for showing my opinion on how things should run? When im unbanned, they will pay....he he he!!!!!!
  5. Chapter 2: The Rebellion begins
  6. After about a month, Hunt was back in action, savagely working to end the reign of terror the demonic  moderators were causing. Eventually, he created this home base, a place known as The Alliance Of Normal Users. "Surely this collection of users who share my ideals will overthrow those demonic forum mods!", Hunt said. When the moderators noticed Hunt's base, they LOLed. lol, is this kid serious? the demonic Nixhex asked fellow moderators and admins Nails, Tobes, and Mingot. Noticing Hunt wasnt smart enough to make the group invite only, they invaded and made a discussion called "ru is the most democratic tier". "Good luck enforcing admins banned" Tobes scoffed. Nachos sarcastically replied "I agree, death to all mods!!!!!" Huntsabouter promptly realized and kicked the demons out of his sacred group, but little did he know that without the moderated setting, they could simply join again and continue their raid. This time, they threatened to ban Hunt's favorite pokemon, Entei. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE, hunt yelled, as he ordered devices on the internet to help him in his rebellion. These devices, known as idiot boxes, spread propaganda across the land far and wide to brainwash all nonmods to agree with his beliefs. Surprisingly, it worked, as all evil plots initially do. Regulars in social groups became instantly brainwashed, seeing smogon as a dictatorship where nobody had any say unless they were a moderator, the future looked bleak for smogon culture, until one day. The solution to all of smogon's problems stepped through TAONU's front door.
  8.  Chapter 3: The second coming of tennis
  9. Watching from afar in the forest, a mysterious figure noticed the chaos that was unfolding. "What is this bullshit" the figure said, and he walked back into his den. "Smogon needs you my son" the four legged figure said, now go on and defend them from the rebellion before its too late! With that, a bright light left the den and went traveling to the website. The bright light then revealed itself as a person, due to the magical tennis racket he carried, which gave him incredible powers that are impossible to imagine. We call him "tennisace". tennisace noticed that people were being brainwashed by the idiot boxes, so he called on the power of his magical tennis racket, and recited a spell. "one time i stubbed my toe and it hurt a lot" Tennisace whispered into the racket. Instantly a bright light flashed through the entirety of smogon, wiping the bad memories of all nonmods, erasing the brainwashing effect. 3 users that didnt give in to the idiot boxes watched from afar, one said to the others "the prophecy of common sense is true, there truely is hope that this nightmare shall end".
  12. Chapter 4: Reclaiming the land
  13. The trio decided it was time to leave their home on smogon PO ladder, and travel to the realm of social groups to fulfill the prophecy. After many hours of travel, the three users, now known as Molk, Trop, and Ebeast arrived at TAONU's front step to meet tennisace. the first thing they noticed is that the area around the building was surrounded with toxic smog. "We have gas masks, try harder kid" Trop responded, as the group put on the gas masks and walked through to see tennisace's racket sending a force field, containing the poison in the area. the trio greated tennis, and noticed that he was starting to gasp for air, EBeast quickly gave him a gas mask, remarking "Gas Masks are too strongth for hunt's idiocy". The door is so tightly locked! Molk said, how are we going to get through! tennisace told the trio about the abilities of his magical tennis racket, and then promptly said "oh for petes sake". All the toxic gas from around the area went into the racket, a few seconds later, a powerful beam fired at the door, blasting it to bits and allowing our heroes entry.
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