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  1. Before Demonic Invasion was released, Autumn Love had always found Li Yi’s constant quest-running a bit odd. However, that all changed when Demonic Invasion was finally released along with the Holy equipment. After checking the World Channel and the forums and learning that plenty of people had gotten trash Holy equipment from quests, she instantly realized what Li Yi had been running all those quests for.
  2. He had to admit that though the Black-hearted Chick was cunning and stingy, her brains were the real deal. Upon realizing Li Yi’s intentions, she immediately sent Winter Dong Dong Dong to the Auction House to purchase Holy equipment in order to appease Li Yi.
  3. However, even she understood that this appeasement alone was not enough to boost her chances at borrowing money from Li Yi. As such, she continued to deny Li Yi’s allegations. Due to Li Yi’s persistent hounding, however, she was forced to spill the beans.
  4. “Noted, carry on.”
  5. In a joyful tone, Autumn Love replied, “So you’ve agreed? I’m not asking for much, I only need 10,000,000 Gold Coins. Transfer the money to Dong Dong as usual…”
  6. Li Yi interrupted her speech, “What’s the reason?”
  7. Autumn Love choked, “Due to the losses I suffered in the game, the welfare home I’ve invested in cannot run for much longer.”
  8. “Welfare home?” Li Yi was surprised.
  9. “I’m an orphan…”
  10. Autumn Love went on to describe her past. In actuality, half of the reason for the Black-hearted Chick’s stinginess could be attributed to the conditions she was raised in. She had lived in poverty since she was young, and in her own words, she split each allowance she received into two parts to be used. (TN: A Chinese saying that means spending sparingly.) As time went on, this nature had been ingrained into her, and she became the ultra-thrifty person she was today. To illustrate this point, she was even willing to eat half a mantou (TN: Chinese steamed buns) for her meals in order to save money…
  11. As she was an orphan, Autumn Love had vowed since young that she would go on to earn a fortune, open a welfare home, and take in all the homeless, pitiful orphans that she would find. Among these orphans, Winter Dong Dong Dong was one of them.
  12. Before playing King of Pantheon, Autumn Love was a renowned gold farmer (TN: players who amass a fortune in games and later selling it for real-world currency.) At that time, she could only afford to open one welfare home. However, that all changed after she received King of Pantheon’s closed beta invite. By the time the game was officially launched, she had capitalized on her closed beta experience to earn a killing, and once that happened, everything just continued to snowball. She made more and more money and built more welfare homes as well.
  13. The reason Autumn Love had always complained of being poor was due to the large sums of money that were needed to maintain the welfare homes. Though she might have earned a lot, she had also lost a lot as well…
  14. Autumn Love’s initial idea had been pretty good. Her original plan was for the orphans to accompany her in-game as well. They would then carry out activities such as mining and picking up herbs to earn their own money.
  15. Alas, reality was cruel and dreams had no place in it. Most of the orphans she had taken in had no identification. As such, they could not even enter King of Pantheon. After much digging, the only orphans that could play the game were Big Head Dong Dong and a dozen of other kids.
  16. Despite that, the continuous expansion of Autumn Love’s welfare homes was still possible prior to her branding of Shameless. Using her quick wits, she could continue to make a living each day.
  17. Alas, her path had finally reached its end once she was branded Shameless…
  18. Out of the dozen kids or so, only Big Head Dong Dong was smart enough to handle matters. However, due to the kid’s slow reaction, even with Autumn Love’s aid in carrying out business, making money was still an arduous task for them.
  19. Not long ago, Autumn Love had Dong Dong to sell the potions she had been hoarding. However, just as Dong Dong had put up the stock, the prices of the potions had changed. As such, she called for Dong Dong to take them off the shelves, but due to his slow reaction, there was a blunder and they lost a lot of money, causing Autumn Love to cry for the whole day in bed…
  20. Autumn Love had no reservations when it came to earning money, but when it came to losing money, she really could not accept it. With her supply of income broken, she desperately needed 10 million Gold Coins to bounce back. As such, she wanted to get on Li Yi’s good side so that she could borrow some money, but she never expected to be seen through.
  21. “Brother Dark Wing, I swear to the heavens that I’m not lying. I’m really telling the truth. If you don’t believe me, I can send you my photos now, including the documents to my welfare homes, and my ID. You really need to believe me…”
  22. The reason Autumn Love was willing to send her photos was due to her fear of Li Yi rejecting her. With the personality she had, there was not a single soul left in the game that she could claim to be her friend (even if there was, they had all shunned her due to her antics). Li Yi could only be considered as a half-friend and as of that moment, he was her final strand of hope…
  23. Li Yi had only paused for a moment, but Autumn Love had already sent over a photo of her Identification Card. From this action, Li Yi could tell that she was dead serious.
  24. “So how about it, Brother Dark Wing? Can you do it? Can you? If you help me out this time, I swear that I’m willing to do whatever you tell me to in the future!”
  25. After giving it some thought, Li Yi answered with a smile, “I can lend you the money, but…”
  26. “But what? Please answer quickly.” Autumn Love was really desperate now. From the urgent tone of her voice, Li Yi could tell that even if he asked her to give him her body now, she would not reject.
  27. “Tell Big Head to continue collecting Holy equipment. No matter what price you buy them for, I’ll return 500 Gold Coins for your efforts.”
  28. Autumn Love went silent, and then she warily asked, “Is that all?”
  29. “I’ve already sent the ten million Gold Coins.”
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