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  1. “Absolutely not.”
  3. Calliach raised an eyebrow.
  5. She was surprised that the demon had turned down her request. It wasn’t so much as his answer, but rather his curt response.
  7. The bunny witch rested her head in her interlocked fingers with a bemused grin.
  9. “But why not?”
  11. “Because whenever you ask for a favor, it gets…personal.”
  13. Calliach smiled.
  15. She couldn’t help but be delighted at the sight of the demon trying to avert his gaze from the mashmellowy depths of her cleavage.
  17. “Well this is the first I’ve ever heard you complain about it.”
  19. Akai frowned.
  21. “Usually you initiate before I have a chance to respond.”
  23. Calliach chuckled to herself, slowly swaying her hips from from to side, as if trying to lure the demon to grab her hips and take his rightful place behind her.
  25. Her tail twitched subtly.
  27. “I promise that if you help me, it will purely be for business reasons.”
  29. Akai closed his eyes and mulled over her offer. The tip of his tail slapped softly against the ground, mirroring the ticking of a clock as he weighed his options.  A part of him wanted to help her. She was a friend after all. A wiser man would have refused. He took several deep breaths, coming up with a variety of explanations and excuses.
  31. “This is just for your business right?” He inquired.
  33. “Of course.”
  35. “Nothing weird?”
  37. “Nothing at all.”
  39. “…Can I say no?”
  41. The bunny witch smiled and licked her lips.
  43. As if by magic, where her tongue trailed, dark purple lipstick appeared.
  45. “Only if you want to,” Calliach smiled innocently.
  47. Akai looked at her for a moment before sighing heavily, already regretting his decision.
  49. “Alright fine, I’ll help,” Akai said. “But only if it’s strictly business and nothing else.”
  51. “Of course!” Calliach happily said, bouncing up. “I would never use you for my own selfish personal reasons.”
  53. Akai watched as Calliach suddenly disappeared beneath her bar. Only her pointed witch hat was visible, jiggling around furiously as she rummaged around underneath before reappearing with a silicon cooking brush and glass bowl in hand.
  55. In it was a heaping pile of melted chocolate.
  57. She smiled mischievously.
  59. “Now take off your pants.”
  61. Akai frowned.
  63. “But of course, you know what kind of business I conduct here,” Calliach said noticing his trepidation.
  65. As the owner of the Witch’s Cauldron, Calliach was forever in search for exciting new ingredients, recipes, and entertainment that would thrill her customers. And that meant a lot of experimentation; nothing unusual for the master apothecary. And of course,
  66. Calliach’s bar famously and exclusively catered to one specific clientele.
  68. Monster girls.
  70. Calliach dipped her finger into the bowl, eyeing the creamy chocolaty liquid with a judging eye before inserting the digit into her mouth and licking it clean.
  72. A satisfied smile crept on her lips.
  74. Seeing the demon still wearing clothes however, caused her to raise an eyebrow.
  76. “Are you going to stand there gawking all day?”
  78. Akai stared plainly at her before shaking his head and finally relenting underneath her gaze.
  80. Like a repentant school child, he fumbled with his belt buckle. With little fanfare he unbuckled his trousers and pulled them downwards, leaving himself exposed. He found it awkward to be wearing just a shirt and so with equally little fanfare he pulled that off as well, leaving him completely naked.
  82. Calliach remained silent watching the demon strip. He could feel her eyes roaming across his body, taking in his naked form.
  84. “What?” Akai asked.
  86. Calliach shrugged innocently.
  88. “I didn’t say anything,” she said, finally peeling her eyes away from him, though he could tell that she wanted to say something.
  90. “Alright, on to business then,” Calliach proclaimed, stepping from behind her bar.
  92. She stood before Akai, holding the bowl and brush with one hand, while resting her free hand on her hip.
  94. “You will need to be hard for this to work you know.”
  96. Akai scoffed and crossed his arms.
  98. “You can’t just expect me to get hard.”
  100. Calliach simply rolled her eyes and placed the bowl aside before suddenly reaching down and grabbing the demon’s cock. He jerked back in response, surprised at the sudden initiative.
  102. “Don’t fight it,” Calliach calmly said.
  104. With a warm hand wrapped around his cock, it quickly grew and hardened in her firm but tender grip until it was nearly impossible to keep her fingers wrapped around it. Akai was left helpless as his cock pulsed in her hand.
  105. Pleased with the results, she released him.
  107. “There we go,” Calliach smiled. “And such a fine specimen too.”
  109. “Alright, enough, my cock isn’t a toy,” Akai said annoyed.
  111. Calliach tilted her head.
  113. “Oh, don’t be like that. Here.”
  115. With just a few tugs, Calliach’s breasts came free from her outfit, the sizable mammaries drawing Akai’s full undivided attention.  
  117. They were perfectly rounded and perky to such a degree that every subtle movement that the sultry witch made caused them to sway and bounce with life. Creamy white breasts blended perfectly to the pink of her areolas until they peaked to her slowly stiffening nipples.
  118. There was no doubt that Calliach heard him gulp at the sight.  
  120. “Now were even,” she said retrieving the bowl.
  122. Akai looked away though his eyes never left her breasts.
  124. “I thought this was supposed to be just business.”
  126. “It’s all just business,” Calliach laughed before suddenly stepping forward to press her breasts against him.
  128. His breath caught in his throat as the soft flesh came into contact with his. To make matters worse, she slowly began to descend down him, dragging her pillow-like tits down his chiseled abs and chest.
  130. “Yep…just business.”
  132. He couldn’t help but shiver as his cock felt the full sensation of her body as she descended downwards. He felt her smooth toned stomach, the luxuriousness softness of her underboob, and finally the rigidness of her chin as she got down to her knees.
  134. “Whoops, sorry.”
  136. She tilted her hat back, allowing the demon the full view of her tits and cleavage as she smiled coyly and winked at him. She nestled herself in closer, his cock hovering just before her.
  138. “Didn’t want to block the view for you.”
  140. Akai sighed but said nothing. It was probably best, he reasoned, not to engage her and just let her have her fun.
  142. He was simply here to help a friend.
  144. Nothing more.
  146. “Now, just a word of caution, this is still experimental,” Calliach warned, readying her brush. “Also it…may be hot.”
  148. “Understood. Wait- how hot?”
  150. He got his answer as the hot creamy liquid came into contact with his cock, sending an instinctive shock of panic through his body. He uncontrollably jerked at the sensation, sending a smattering of chocolate towards Calliach’s face.
  152. “Hey! This stuff is expensive!” Calliach said annoyed, wiping off her face with a finger.
  154. “And here I thought demons had a higher tolerance than that.”
  156. “Easy for you to say.” He said through gritted teeth as the witch continued to apply more of the melted chocolate to his cock. It was hot to be sure, but not unbearable. He did his best to stay still as Calliach coated his dick in warm chocolate.
  158. “I still don’t see how this is supposed to help you.” He said through gritted teeth.
  160. “I need something to draw in customers.” Calliach explained, all the while concentrating on her work. “I actually got this idea after
  161. Valentine’s Day.”
  163. With his cock fully coated, Akai looked down to find his reflection staring back at him in the creamy chocolate. It was a comical sight to be sure, but it was offset by the serious look Calliach wore; a rare expression from her.
  165. “No bubbles, no breakage, minimal drippage; not bad, not bad.” Calliach said, taking notes.
  167. “Great. Are we done now?” Akai asked, unsure of how to feel with his cock coated in confectionary.
  169. The knowing smile Calliach wore said otherwise.
  171. “Ah, but we haven’t even got to the best part.”
  173. With her finger, she gingerly tapped against Akai’s chocolate dick.
  175. To his surprise, there was a clear distinct tapping noise.
  177. Akai stared in disbelief.
  179. “Wait…did you-”
  181. “I got the chocolate to harden on warm surfaces!” Callaich interrupted happily.
  183. “The same thing can be done on cold surfaces but getting it to work on warm surfaces took forever.”
  185. She seemed to be quite proud of herself.
  187. Akai simply sighed in relief. For a brief moment, he thought she had turned his cock into chocolate.
  189. “I didn’t even feel it harden,” he said, making his dick bounce before her.
  191. The two couldn’t help but laugh and giggle at the comical sight.
  193. “How does it feel?” Calliach finally asked, containing her laughter.
  195. Akai titled his head, finding it hard to describe.
  197. “A little weird. It doesn’t hurt. And it just feels like there’s some extra weight on my dick. But okay, I guess.”
  199. Calliach nodded.
  201. “Interesting. Now comes the fun part.”
  203. “Fun part?”
  205. Before he could receive an answer, Calliach’s mouth enveloped him. Warmth once gain blossomed from his nethers.
  207. Akai gripped the table behind him as Calliach’s lips wrapped around his chocolate dipped cock. The confectionary cocoon proved to be of little protection as the pleasurable warmth of her mouth quickly melted the chocolate exterior and soon he could plainly feel the velvety texture of her tongue upon him. He could feel the bunny witch suckle upon the melted chocolate, her tongue caressing every inch and crevice of his cock.
  209. He gasped loudly and bucked backwards.
  211. Coming off of his dick, Calliach licked her lips clean.
  213. “Stop moving around so much, you’re making a mess,” she said teasingly chastising him.
  215. Akai shot her an exasperated look but she didn’t seem to mind in the slightest as she once again turned her attention back to his cock. She took her time, focusing on areas that had more chocolate. She wrapped her lips around him, licking, sucking, or even nibbling at the chocolate.
  217. “Watch the teeth,” he said reflexively.
  219. The witch giggled at his reaction and carefully refocused his attention on him, taking the upmost care to clean his dick of the chocolate residue. Akai groaned as her tongue rubbed along the sensitive underside of his shaft. With cock still in her mouth, she smiled and giggled at his reaction before relaxing her throat and taking him down to the base, the chocolate acting as a lewd lubricant. Akai could only watch in amazement as she took the entirety of his cock.
  221. He could feel the silky texture of the back of her throat and a cry of pleasure inadvertently escaped his lips.
  222. He grasped her head, trying to gain some semblance of control. His fingers tangled into her hair and upon looking down, he found bright purple hued eyes watching him. She was enjoying his reaction. Akai would be lying if he said he wasn’t enjoying himself now. Something about having a woman sucking on his cock, staring up at him, stirred a deep primal feeling from within.
  224. “God damn, you’re a lewd rabbit.”
  226. Calliach could only respond with a gurgled yelp as she closed around him, causing him to wince.
  228. “Sorry. Bunny. You’re a cock hungry bunny, aren’t you?”
  230. At the mention of the word ‘bunny’, she softened at his touch, a moan emanating from her lips to agree with him. She pulled back until only his tip remained in her mouth before sliding all the back down, earning a strangled moan from him.
  232. She mumbled-hummed with him in her mouth in a questioning tone.
  234. Akai chuckled.
  236. “I think if I did bring you home, a certain someone would be angry with me. But…”
  238. He looked deep into her eyes and rubbed her cheek, wiping away errant smears of spittle and chocolate away.
  240. “…I wouldn’t mind taking you home as a pet.”
  242. He could easily see the glint in her eyes as she was rewarded with a satisfying hum that resonated throughout his entire core.
  244. He barely managed to catch himself on the table behind him before his knees threatened to buckle.
  246. “Holy shit,” he breathed, grinning wryly at the witch sucking on his cock.
  248. Pleased at his reaction, she began to slowly twist her head with every bob. With cautious fingers, Akai took one of her floppy ears between his thumb and index finger and massaged it gently, marveling at the suppleness of the flesh.
  250. Catching him off guard, Calliach descended down to his base, taking him fully down her throat once again. Another shaky breath escaped his lips as her tongue reached out, grazing his balls and cleaning the last bit of chocolate and spittle that had accumulated there.
  251. The effect was too much for him and with his climax quickly approaching, he grasped her head with his hands. Calliach mewled at his touch and relinquished control over to him, letting the demon have his way with her head.
  253. Hunched over, Akai bucked faster and faster into her sopping mouth until finally with a single guttural groan, he slammed her head down upon his shaft and held it there, releasing his seed directly into her waiting throat. Several waves of pleasure coursed through his body, and with each pulse of euphoria, his balls emptied their contents, quickly filling her mouth as well.
  255. The dutiful witch didn’t waste a drop as she swallowed the contents down hungrily.
  257. His grip weekend, Akai’s arms once again found the table behind him for support. Calliach kept her lips wrapped around his shaft as she finally came off of him, earning herself a last hurrah as Akai’s climax finally finished and sent a few ropey strands of cum across her face as a reward.
  259. He took several deep breaths while his vision refocused. When it did, he was greeted by the lewd sight of Calliach, her chin dribbling with a mixture of chocolate, cum, and spittle that dripped down to her breasts. To his chagrin, she seemed unfazed by the entire ordeal; the only sign of exertion on her part was the thin sheen of sweat on her forehead.
  261. She wiped her chin with a finger and then casually licked it up, but kept the cum streak across her face, wearing it like a badge of honor.
  263. “So how was that?” hhe asked innocently, looking up at him with a knowing expression.
  265. Akai huffed and ran his fingers through his hair.
  267. “Well…I’m not complaining now.”
  269. Calliach laughed and readjusted her hat.
  271. “I knew you wouldn’t. But seriously, elaborate. I need to know if I need to make adjustments or not.”
  273. For the next few minutes Akai described in detail how the chocolate felt and how it felt with Calliach’s blowjob. There was some improvement to be made to be sure, he noted. The thin layer of chocolate easily melted in her mouth though it did act as an effective lubricant. And of course there was the issue of how to approach a solidified chocolate dick; whether one should let it melt in their mouth or nibble and bite away at it.
  275. As Akai explained his findings, Calliach took the opportunity to clean him up, licking his cock and base of any residual fluids. His cock immaculate and with a final kiss upon his tip, Calliach rose to feet and went back towards the bar countertop.
  277. “That’s good to know. I’ll be sure to keep that all in mind,” she said, reaching over the bar counter to fetch something.
  278. Her feet dangled as she hoisted herself over, leaving her butt sticking out wiggling to and fro, her leotard already riding high. Akai took the full opportunity to watch, not looking away as he began to retrieve his own clothes.
  280. “Well, that wasn’t too bad,” he said, fumbling with his shirt, trying to figure out which way his shirt was. “To be honest, I thought I was going to regret this.”
  282. “What are you doing?”
  284. Akai looked over to find the still topless Calliach watching him.
  286. “Well, we’re done,” he said in a confident manner. “Aren’t we?”
  288. Calliach smirked and stepped to the side, revealing a series of glass bowls behind her. Each was filled with a different substance.
  290. “We haven’t even started yet,” she coyly. “That was just milk chocolate. We still have dark chocolate, white chocolate, strawberry, caramel…”
  292. Akai let out a heavy sigh at the sight of the bowls and sucked in his cheek, mulling over the number of bowls.
  294. “….can I say no?”
  296. Calliach shrugged and leaned back against the bar, letting her tits sway.
  298. “Only if you want to…”
  300. Some time later, Akai was sprawled out on the floor with Calliach nestled between his legs and cradling his erect cock in her hand. In the entire ordeal, she had also lost her own clothes, and now the nude witch was enthusiastically licking his cock from sack to tip, stroking him all the while.
  302. He covered his eyes with his arm.
  304. “I should have just said no,” he mused to himself as Calliach breathed raggedly on his dick, laughing.
  306. “You do seem to have a problem saying no to me,” she said breaking away for only a moment before once again turning her attention back his cock.
  308. She took his orbs into her mouth, suckling on the sack while she stroked his shaft with ever increasing speed. It wasn’t long before
  310. Akai once again came, his chiseled abdominal muscles contracting powerfully as pleasure racked his body and his seed erupted across his own abs and torso.
  312. Calliach pumped him several more times, ensuring that his climax was finished, leaving plastered with his own cum.
  314. He didn’t mind if the slightest however.
  316. As if on que, Calliach moved forward and licked clean his tip before lapping up the semen on his belly. She slowly worked her way forward, crawling atop him, letting her tits drag across his body as she carefully collected Akai’s seed with her tongue, making sure to not miss a drop. With his body spotless, she nestled herself atop of him, pressing her tits against him.
  318. He wrapped an arm around her, pulling her in while his other hand roamed down her back and grabbed her ass, clutching it tightly. He looked down at the witch in his arms.
  320. Her face was covered with a stunning array of overlapping ropey strands of cum, and yet she still looked somehow regal.
  322. “What even was that last flavor?” Akai asked exhausted.
  324. “Vanilla Cream,” Calliach replied, taking the opportunity to wipe her face clean with a finger and lick it.
  326. “I can’t believe I came ten times,” Akai said in awe.
  328. “Eleven, actually,” she corrected. “You came before I even finished applying the mint one.”
  330. Akai nodded
  332. “Yeah, that one was weird.”
  334. He helped Calliach, wiping away the last bit of cum from her chin with his thumb. To his surprise, she lurched forward and took in his thumb. She nibbled on it before licking it and opening her mouth wide to show the demon she had indeed swallowed.
  336. The pink tongue was inviting. He wondered how much cum and confectionaries she had actually swallowed.
  338. His hand reached down to her breasts, where he began to fondle and squeeze the soft flesh before moving down to nipple. Lubricated by her own spittle, he slowly tweaked it while his other hand pulled her apart her butt cheek.
  340. His cock pressed against her pelvis, throbbing as Akai gave Calliach an inviting look.
  342. Her own eyes widened in surprise at his sudden invitation.
  344. “My, you really are eager today,” she said squirming her body atop of him and his still hard cock. “It’s why I like demons. Their refractory period is just so short that you can just keep going, and going, and going…”
  346. “But…” she said, suddenly stopping. “Today was just business. Remember?”
  348. Akai started at her for a moment before remembering the conversation from earlier.
  350. With a sigh, his arms fell away from her.
  352. “Right. Just business.”
  354. “Aww, don’t be sad. There is always next time you know,” Calliach giggled and she rose from him sensually, swinging her hips slowly in front of him.
  356. She was too slow to dodge the open hand that Akai brought across her ass, resulting in a resounding slap and a sudden gasp from the witch.
  358. “Oooh. Such a cheeky demon too,” she said teasingly before making her way behind her bar.
  360. Once again, Akai’s eyes never left her bunny-tailed butt. He slowly rose, rubbing his stiff neck from the hours of constantly looking down at the witch between his legs.
  362. “Oh great,” he suddenly remembered while gathering his clothes. “Now I gotta go home and please another certain woman in my life.”
  364. It wasn’t that he was tired, but after having his balls nearly drained, even he was starting to doubt himself. And there was not mistaking it; his wife was jus as sexually ravenous as Calliach.
  366. “That’s a problem I can solve!” Calliach chirped from behind her bar.
  368. Still naked, she began grabbing an assortment of strange vials and bottles while Akai watched and dressed himself. It wasn’t long before she corked a vial containing a strange bubbling brown liquid.
  370. “There we go,” she said, pleased with herself. “This stuff will work wonders.”
  372. She tossed the vial to him and before he knew it, without even a hug or a goodbye, he was pushed out the door of Calliach’s bar.
  374. “Think of me when you’re having the best sex of your life!”
  376. And then the door slammed shut.
  378. Akai was left standing in the street holding onto the vial. With nary a shrug and nothing to lose, he uncorked the bottle and downed
  379. the contents. Besides the strange aftertaste, the thought of nothing of the potion and wondered if it did have any effect on him.
  381. It wasn’t long before it did however.
  383. He didn’t remember rushing home.
  385. He didn’t remember busting down the front door and storming up the stairs.
  387. He didn’t even remember his wife last words of ‘What’s gotten into you?’ before hours of continuous non-stop sex erupted in their room.
  389. By the end of it all, the mattress was ruined, the bedframe destroyed, several holes needed to be patched, and it would be the only time Haohi would have ever bitten clean through a pillow.
  391. But perhaps the greatest casualty of it all was their daughter, who was just in the next room over.
  393. She clutched her bedsheets tightly up to her chin and stared unblinkingly into the ceiling, wondering, what the fuck just happened
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