Yeti Cuddle Therapy

Jun 27th, 2015
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  1. >Human girl
  2. >You watch your boyfriend become depressed
  3. >He spends weeks eating and sleeping, barely managing to get through work each day
  4. >He won’t open up to you and withdraws from your touch
  5. >You try everything you can before giving up
  6. >Eventually you become depressed as well
  7. >You finally go see a free counselor
  8. >A big yeti
  9. >She introduces herself as Diana before pulling up a chair as you lie back on the couch
  10. >Taking an occasional note, she patiently listens while you talk
  11. >Finally acknowledging everything hurts and you break down
  12. >She sits next to you before pulling you into a big hug, allowing you cry into her shoulder
  13. >The softest hug you’ve ever felt
  14. >She strokes your hair and rocks you, while gently murmuring soft words
  15. >It’s almost like you can feel the poison leaving your body
  16. >So warm
  17. >You wish you could hug your boyfriend like this
  18. >At some point you fall asleep in her embrace.
  21. >You wake up feeling better than you have in weeks
  22. >Diana is giving you a concerned look
  23. >You feel really warm
  24. >Look down before leaping off the couch
  25. >Your hands-paws are covered in soft, white fur
  26. >Diana catches you before you fall
  27. >She gently holds you until you can think rationally
  28. >You know Yetis are too gentle to even consider taking advantage of you
  29. >She’s never seen spontaneous transformation before but believes that you had an unusually strong reaction to the ambient energy
  30. >She continues holding you until you’re calm
  31. >Your session drags on far longer than you intended for obvious reasons, but she refuses money and asks that you check in again soon
  32. >You thank her for the counseling and go home
  33. >You had been thinking about going succubus or something anyway
  34. >Your boyfriend is still in bed
  35. >Hardly even responds when you try explaining things
  36. >He’s beginning to look sick and weak
  37. >You’re suddenly consumed by irrational, flaming rage
  38. >One look in your eyes would make a hellhound cry itself to sleep
  39. >Burning with fury you give into instinct and launch yourself at the bed
  40. >He has only enough time to yelp before you’re on top of him
  41. >The dust settles
  44. >You’re hugging your boyfriend to you like a large teddy bear
  45. >His shivering only prompts you to make soothing noises as your paws hold him close
  46. >You have no idea what you’re doing but it feels right for some reason
  47. >He’s so warm and you can feel his heart rate slowly return to normal as you hold him
  48. >He eventually asks why you’re here
  49. >You tell him you’re not letting go until he opens up
  50. >He tries to hold out
  51. >Yeti cuddles too strong, and after a few minutes he begins talking
  52. >You patiently listen as he talks only speaking to gently encourage him to continue
  53. >Soon you’re both in tears as you hold him tightly to your chest, both of you too emotional for words
  54. >You’re not sure how long you’ve held him but hell itself will freeze over before you let go
  55. >After the emotions run their course a gentle warmth envelopes you both and you fall asleep
  56. >Wake up
  57. >You’re still cuddling your boyfriend
  58. >You’re still not sure what prompted any of this, but that feeling of rightness still hasn’t left
  59. >In fact, seeing him sleep peacefully fills you with joy
  60. >You conclude that these instincts are responsible and decide to be grateful for seeing your love untroubled
  61. >No longer caring about these feelings you happily hold him as he sleeps
  62. >You eventually decide it’s time for a decent meal and wake him with a soft kiss
  63. >His muddled smile look melts you heart but it’s the thing poking your stomach that gets your attention
  64. >He gives you a sheepish look before attempting to get out of bed
  65. >You’re confused when you find him on top of you with a surprised look on his face
  66. >You can’t seem to let go and next thing you know your tongue has found its way into his mouth
  67. >He seems more that happy with the situation
  68. >Foreplay be damned, you want him NOW
  69. >Your arms and legs lock around him as he begins thrusting inside you
  70. >Your lips and tongue stay busy licking, nipping, and kissing
  71. >Time seems to slow to a crawl as you both drown in bliss
  72. >After several mind-numbing orgasms he collapses on top of you, absolutely spent
  73. >You once more cuddle him as you stare into each others eyes
  74. >You enjoy his warmth for a few moments before you break the silence and ask him how he knew it was you
  75. >He didn’t until you held him
  76. >Mushy words about sensing your love for him
  77. >You hug him tight with a smile that could cure cancer
  78. >Over the next three months, you both make regular counseling visits with Diana as a couple before finally getting married.
  79. -Fini
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