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  1. alias wads='clear && printf "DOOM WADs\n" && printf "Recommended Load Priority: Cosmetic (Graphics,Sound,HUD) < Maps < Gameplay < CompatPatches\n" && printf "\nIWADS\n" && l ~/Vidya/Native/Doom/IWADS/ && printf "\nPWADS/Expansions\n" && l ~/Vidya/Native/Doom/PWADS/Expansions && printf "\nPWADS/Maps\n" && l ~/Vidya/Native/Doom/PWADS/Maps && printf "\nPWADS/Cosmetic\n" && l ~/Vidya/Native/Doom/PWADS/Cosmetic && printf "\nPWADS/Gameplay\n" && l ~/Vidya/Native/Doom/PWADS/Gameplay && printf "\n" && ~/Vidya/Native/Doom'
  3. # Keep in mind, in my terminal, l is itself an alias for 'ls -xF --group-directories-first'
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