Alone Amongst the Wolves 2

Aug 24th, 2017
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  1. >"What the heck did I tell you, Anon? What did I say? The second you're by yourself someone's gonna jump you! Didn't I say that, guys? I know I told this dummy about a little times and--"
  2. >Be Anon
  3. >It was another day in Canterlot High
  4. >To be more specific, it was the day after your little incident in the library
  5. >You hadn't seen hide nor hare of Sunset
  6. >Every once in awhile you saw one of the girls that had been in the library eyeing you like a prime-cut steak, but for the most part those girls made sure to keep your distance
  7. >Caramel and your other buddies hadn't been out of your sight since that had all but carried you out of the school
  8. >All of them were freaked out
  9. >Each of them had asked if you were okay about a million times
  10. >They tried to hug you, pamper you, and if you hadn't locked the door to your bedroom that might have tried sleeping with you
  11. >Caramel seemed especially livid, yapping to you about safety and strength in numbers since yesterday
  12. >And how did you feel about this whole... thing?
  13. >Well, you got some tits in your face
  14. >That was pretty awesome
  15. >A girl also sat in your lap and gave you a kiss
  16. >Which was even more awesome
  17. >You also didn't pass out or started farting or cam in your pants
  18. >Which was a fucking relief
  19. >At that moment you were making your way to art class
  20. >Since none of the guys had wanted to deal with the usual traffic in the major hallways, you had all gone to one that was a bit more out of the way
  21. >Caramel was still talking your ear off, but you were had pretty much tuned him out by now
  22. >Not that you didn't appreciate his concern
  24. >In fact, in any other circumstance, you'd be really, truly touched that your friends were so concerned about you
  25. >But you had TITS in your face
  26. >Big, beautiful, perky tits
  27. >Tits that you maybe, hopefully could have gotten to play with or suck on
  28. >You HAD those beautiful mounds, they were right THERE, and they had been ripped away
  29. >A rush of dismay and anger welled up in your stomach, but you made sure to beat it down, shifting the stack of books in your hand into a more comfortable position
  30. >As you did that, you saw something out of the corner of your eye
  31. >It was a small, very shiny platic little box sitting right in the entrance of one of the unused classrooms
  32. >Narrowing your eyes, you saw that it had some kind of creature on it
  33. >A minotaur maybe?
  34. >Or was that some kind of skeleton dragon?
  35. "What the hell...?"
  36. >Breaking off from your friends, you made your way over to the box
  37. >Squatting down, you picked it up and examined it
  38. "Battleclub?" you murmured, turning the box over and . "What the hell is--"
  39. >There was a tug on your leg
  40. >Looking down, you saw that one of your feet now had a noose around it
  41. >Before you could fully process what the hell all of that was about, you heard something that sounded like a metallic click
  42. >"NOW!"
  43. >Your world became a blur as you found yourself being launched into the air and swung around
  44. >Your body jerked, and you dropped your books and covered your head so that it didn't smash against the cold, hard floor
  45. >Thankfully, when your head did connect with the ground, it felt oddly soft, like someone had just tossed pillows under you
  46. >"I-It worked! Quick, get that door closed! Turn off those lights!"
  47. >Now hanging upside down, you looked around as a flurry of movement happened all around you
  49. >As dazed as you were, you could barely make out tones legs and nice--if a bit pudgy backsides-- scrambling around you
  50. >You heard the door to the classroom close
  51. >The lights were then shut off, leaving you in the dark
  52. >"I can't fucking believe that worked," you heard someone whisper a few feet away from you."
  53. >"Of course it worked! What guy wouldn't want a Dread Lord?" someone else whispered
  54. >"...Literally every guy in the history of the world, Moony."
  55. >"Oh fuck you, Lyra."
  56. >Slowly, since you seemed to be hanging in the air by a rope, you spun around
  57. >In the partial darkness, you could see four girls standing huddled not that far away from you
  58. >Blinking, you looked down to see that you still had the little plastic box in your hand
  59. "Um... did someone drop this?" you asked, honestly not knowing what else to say in this situation
  60. >All of the girls stiffened
  61. >They looked over at you, revealing their faces
  62. >It was not-horse Twilight, that girl that always wore that giant, baggy sweater Moondancer, Lyra, and that one girl you always see eyeing you in halls
  63. >Twinkleshine or something like that...
  64. "Is this Battleclub thing some kind of war game, dice, battle thing?" you asked. "You know, I've always kind of wanted to get into this myself, but it's really expensive, and I think I'd be pretty awful at painting anything."
  65. >You looked up at your foot to see that you were, in fact, hanging in the air by a rope
  66. "...Also, I'd really appreciate it if you guys could put me down. Please."
  67. >The girls look at you stupified for several seconds
  68. >Slowly, a small came to Twinkleshine's face
  69. >The girl let out a squeal, bouncing in place, revealing that, like most girls in this school, Twinkleshine wasn't wearing a bra
  71. >It looked like she was a pretty big C-cup too, which was pretty great despite the awkward angle you had to view them
  72. >"Eeeeeeh! He just talked to us! A guy just talked to us!" she said
  73. >The other girls' eyes quickly let up
  74. >"...You always wanted to play Battleclub?" Moondancer whispered. "I've always wanted to play Battleclub, so I did... We're o-obviously made for e-each other."
  75. >"This first meeting is far exceeding my expectations," not-Twilight said, reaching into her lab coat and pulling out a small notebook. "There was supposed to be a ninety two point seven-one-five-three percent chance that he was going to start yelling."
  76. >"That's because this little slut was waiting for someone to jump him," Lyra said, licking her lips. I mean, look at what he's wearing. Obviously he's asking for it."
  77. >Frowning, you looked up at yourself
  78. "What's wrong with a t-shirt and jeans?" you asked
  79. >"What's wrong is that you're still wearing 'em, you little meat popicle," Lyra answered, taking a step toward you
  80. >Your nose scrunched up
  81. >Meat popicle?
  82. >"I'm gonna rip those pants off of you, then I'm going to play with your cock until you cum all over my face, and THEN I'm sitting on that cute little face of yours~"
  83. >Before Lyra could take another step, Twinkleshine frowned
  84. >"Lyra, will you stop with your gross face-sitting thing?"
  85. >"It's not gross, dyke. Girls do it to guys in pornos all the time and it's really hot."
  86. >"No it's not, you minty cunt."
  87. >Lyra froze, whipping around and staring at the other girl, her eyes narrowed
  88. >"It's better that your stupid thigh-fucking thing, you roasty snatch licker."
  89. >"There's absolutely nothing wrong with thigh-fucking. A lot of guys like it, especially when you keep your legs soft and smooth," Twinkleshine said, puffing up like a rooster
  90. >"And you say MY fetish is garbage."
  92. >Snorting, Twinkleshine threw up her hands
  93. >"Look, lets not fucking do this right now. We got Anon right where we want him. Let's just get undressed and get down to--"
  94. >"Wait!" Moondancer interrupted
  95. >Her eyes darted down to the box in your hand
  96. >You looked at it for a few seconds yourself before offering it to her
  97. >Relief filled the girl's face as she hurried over and grabbed it
  98. >"T-Thanks," she mumbled, looking into your eyes just for a second before scurrying away back toward her friends
  99. >Lyra snorted
  100. >"Come on Moonie."
  101. >"Come on nothing. This figure was two hundred dollars," Moondancer said, carefully placing it on a desk. "I haven't even put it together or painted it."
  102. >"Yeah, don't be mad because it counters your Ratmen lord, Lyra," Twinkleshine said with a smirk."
  103. >"I already told you that a Dread Lord isn't going to do jackshit against my Plague Rider," Lyra whisper-shouted. "Now can we please--"
  104. >"Actually, the Dread Lord's fear trait, high armor, and immunity to all disease make it the perfect counter to pretty much anything in your army," not-Twilight said, pushing her glasses up her nose. "Now if we were taking about a Stunty army--"
  105. >"Girls, we LITERARY have a guy hanging upside down right in front of us. Canwepleasetalkaboutthislater?!" Lyra asked
  106. >Turning away from her friends, Lyra closed her eyes and took a deep breath
  107. >For several seconds, she just stood there collecting herself
  108. >When her eyes did finally open, she drew herself up to her full height, raising her chin up high
  109. >"Alright girls, lets do this before someone talks in on us. Tops off."
  110. >You watched as Lyra pulled off her shirt, revealing a lacy bra
  111. >While her boobs were on the smaller side--no bigger than a b-cup--they still looked like they'd be fun to play with
  112. >She tossed her shirt onto the floor
  114. >"Come on girls! We don't got all day!"
  115. >Though you could tell she was trying her hardest to sound in charge, there was a blush on Lyra's face
  116. >You could also see that she was squirming in place nervously
  117. >Still though, her tough act got the other girls in gear
  118. >Without any further prompt, they started undressing
  119. >Twinkleshine unbuttoned her dress shirt and let it slip from her shoulders those nice, full c-cups
  120. >not-Twilight was next, the nerd quickly slipping off her labcoat
  121. >She was about to reach for her purple shirt but stopped
  122. >Her eyes darted toward you and she bit her lip
  123. >A blush quickly colored her cheeks, but even so she started to pull her shirt up, revealing a frilly bra and a high b, low c-cup
  124. >The only girl that didn't touch her sweater was Moondancer
  125. >The girl was just kind of standing there ramrod stiff
  126. >She had her arms against her sides, her hands clenched into fists
  127. >Lyra noticed this, leaning over and nudging her friend
  128. >"Come on, Moonie. We got a guy to fuck."
  129. >Moondancer jumped at the contact
  130. >Her head whipped around to look at Lyra
  131. >She then whipped her head back around toward you
  132. >Her fingers traced the edge of her big, baggy sweater
  133. >Moondancer's brow furrowed and with a shaky breath she started to pull her sweater over her head
  134. >You realized a couple of things the longer you watched the girl undress
  135. >One, she was pretty fucking pale
  136. >Like so pale she'd probably get sunburned standing outside for five seconds
  137. >Two, like most girls in the school she didn't seem to be wearing a bra at all
  138. >Which was nice
  139. >Pale or no, her skin was absolutely flawless and perfect
  140. >You'd look at it all day if you could, and it's be even better if you could touch it
  142. >Which brought you to finding number three
  143. >Moondancer had tits
  144. >Big ones
  145. >REALLY big ones
  146. >Bigger than double D's
  147. >Probably bigger than an e-cup
  148. >They were easily the biggest boobs that you had ever seen in your entire life
  149. >Since they were so huge, they were a bit lower on down her chest
  150. >Two big areloas with stiff nipples sat in the middle of the mountains of jiggly flesh
  151. >Your eyes nearly popped out of your head as the nerd bounced on her heels, sending both her tit flesh and surprisingly big bubble butt jiggling
  152. >You sucked in a breath through your teeth
  153. "Sweet mercyful Jesus..."
  154. >"Alright girls, now lets get to it!" Lyra said, rubbing her hands together. "Who wants to go first?"
  155. "Yeah, who wants to go first?" you asked. "Is it Moondancer? Can Moondancer go first? Because I'd really like for her to go first."
  156. >You wiggled
  157. "And can you let me down now? It's kinda hard to get a boner while you're upside down."
  158. >To your dismay, Moondancer looked down at the floor, mumbled something under her breath as she put her hands behind her back
  159. >That gave you a great view of her ta-tas, but brought you nowhere closer to touching them
  160. >Or kissing them
  161. >Or squeezing them
  162. >Or at the very please burying your face in them forever
  163. >Just like Moondancer, the other girl's didn't seem all to eager to go first
  164. >Lyra looked around at them all, a look of disgust coming to her face
  165. >"Come on ladies. Are you girls or are you fucking women?" she asked
  166. >"No one said anything, all of them looking everywhere but your direction
  167. >Lyra snorted
  169. >"FINE. I'll so you cuntless babies how it's done!"
  170. >She lifted a foot to take a step
  171. >Her eyes darted toward your eager face and she froze
  172. >"I'm... I-I'm going to go over there a-and break him w-with my pussy..."
  173. >You lifted both hands up, ready to embrace the girl, opening and closing your hands to beckon her forward
  174. >But she didn't move
  175. >None of them moved
  176. "...Um, ladies," you said. "I'm sure the first time rape thing is a little hard for someone but I'm sure you'll do fine. Now can someone come over here please?"
  177. >No one moved
  178. >You beat down a rising wave of frustration to give the nerds a smile
  179. "Come on, I won't bite. Just come on over here and rip my pants off. I'm sure you'll love raping fellas after you're don-"
  180. >There was a crash behind you as the door was all but kicked in, revealing Bulk
  181. >Behind him were the other guys, their weapons at the ready
  182. >"ANON!" they all screamed
  183. >Almost immediately, the nerds began running
  184. >Twinkleshine and Lyra sprinted toward the windows
  185. >Twilight dove behind the teacher's desk, using a few books to make a protective shield around herself
  186. >Moondancer, meanwhile, race over to the other end of the room, ripped the air vent out of wall and was trying to wiggle into the shaft
  187. >You let out a huff
  188. "God. Dammit."
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