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Dec 15th, 2013
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  1. Rikka! Rikka Night Fever!
  3. Adorned in a red cap, Rikka Takanashi is proud of her explosive popularity since her debut last year. January starts a new stage in their lives…
  4. HOWEVER! There is a however! Peace and harmony are never present for inhabitants of this chuunibyou romantic comedy. For Rikka and Yuuta, who have pinky-touched as much as they can, developing their romance is an unseen area even more obscure than the Ethereal Horizon. One example of this strange development is the extra episode broadcast on Christmas Day. Definitely watch it so you can get a glimpse of their emotions in January.
  5. And furthermore, the hurdle of love has been raised even higher. Yes, we mean the twin curled pink haired girl who appeared at the end of the movie, Satone Shichimiya. Will the arrival of Yuuta’s middle school partner invite disruption into their relationship?! A new stage begins in the chuuni souls adorned with a Black Raison d’être!
  7. Shinka Nibutani:
  8. Once upon a time when she was infected with chuunibyou, she was known as the mage Mori-Summer. What does she plan to do in order to return to a normal high school life upon moving up to 2nd year?
  10. Sanae Dekomori:
  11. Rikka’s prized servant, the user of the Mjölnir Hammer, has finally moved up to her first year in high school. While she and Nibutani only quarrel, are they actually really close?!
  13. Kumin Tsuyuri:
  14. This easy-going young miss helped construct Rikka’s circle so she could nap. As she’s moved up to third year, she hasn’t changed at all as she pours all her love into napping.
  16. Rikka Takanashi:
  17. At one point she had been rehabilitated from her chuunibyou, but, thanks to Yuuta, she’s made a great relapse!
  19. Satone Shichimiya:
  20. This chuunibyou girl calls herself a dark lord magical girl. During her time as Yuuta’s friend in middle school, she called him “Hero.” Bright with an affable personality, she has a habit of clinging to people.
  22. About this girl, Satone Shichimiya:
  23. During her second year of middle school, she disappeared in front of Yuuta, changing schools. She was also influential to Nibutani at her new school. Will Mori-Summer have a new enemy?
  24. Words from the board!
  26. Imaginary Affair!
  27. Speaking of one of the highlights, plans are for Shichimiya to participate in the chuuni battle action scenes. You can’t miss seeing how the self-styled dark lord magical girl and the Wicked Eye fight! Also, pay attention as the number of appearances of the Dark Flame Master will also increase.
  29. Black Raison d’être!
  30. ZAQ continues to sing the opening song like the first season; this time titled “VOICE”. With the visuals being a delusional battle, what will the final result be?! The ED will be sung by the four girls’ unit, Black Raison d’être. Conversely, this song gives a cute feeling to it. Looks like the footage as well as songs will be a point to talk about this season too.
  32. Forget me not!
  33. You can’t forget about the supporting character who got his head shaved in episode 6 of season 1, Isshiki Makoto. His tragedies, like having no one recognize him after his haircut, are further accelerated in the second season. The audience will be tempted to cry when they see them like how his first meeting with his unrequited love, Kumin, doesn’t go as he expects.
  35. Director Tatsuya Ishihara Interview:
  36. The story’s world becomes wider and brighter than before.
  38. -With the new character Satone Shichimiya appearing in S2, we’re curious what developments will occur.
  39. Ishihara: While we were certain that Shichimiya would appear, I had many many conversations with composer (Jukki) Hanada-san regarding how Riika and Yuuta would change and where she would appear at in the story. I want all three to be happy at the end of the tale.
  41. -Will Rikka also become worried with Shichimiya appearing?
  42. Ishihara: But Shichimiya would say that Yuuta is going out with Rikka in the first place. I don’t know how she would feel in her middle school days, but she wouldn’t want to insert herself between two people. She’s just not that kind of character. She’d say “Good for you,” “I’m cheering you on,” to Yuuta. Though Shichimiya being around does have Rikka feeling depressed… and then in the second half of the story… that kind of thing. (laughs) Though things may get serious, there’s still a lot of comedic moments. Be sure to see how Shichimiya’s presence causes a chemical reaction.
  44. -What do you think her charm is?
  45. Ishihara: It’s hard to put into words, but she’s the kind of girl who decided “that’s how I want to live” in her second year of middle school. Personally, I can emphasize with her easily. Perhaps her chuunibyou may not be chuunibyou after all. She’s a cheerful girl who’s able to take a large view of the world around her and who feels somewhat heartrendering. I’d be pleased if we were able to show that type of subulty in her character through visuals.
  47. -Shichimiya’s a self-called dark lord magical girl. How did you come up with her outfit?
  48. Ishihara: A chuunibyou patient typically feel a school uniform would be very cool to wear as a battle costume. This time we wrapped it together with a magical girl feeling. (laughs) We made something like that for when she has a delusional battle.
  50. -Has Rikka and Yuuta’s relationship more-or-less advanced?
  51. Ishihara: It hasn’t advanced much; it’s become more or less non-complicit. (laughs) Yuuta will chop Rikka like usual and she’ll speak to him familiarly. It’s more like “Grandpa and granddaughter” than lovers. But that’s how Nibutani would describe it in episode 2. (laughs)
  53. -Will Nibutani, Dekomori, and Kumin have their own unique tales?
  54. Ishihara: When making this season, we also wanted to add new components. We brought up these characters in the first season, so we wanted to capitalize on their development in the second season. Nibutani makes her debut as a second year, Kumin starts to love puns and starts to battle in her naps. Their main episodes are quite entertaining if I can say so myself. (laughs) Among all of them, I really think the episode where Dekomori becomes emotionally attached to Nibutani is a must-see. It’s so cute, so cute. Dekomori wanting to become an ally is so cute, but she’s still a nuisance to Nibutani. (laughs)
  56. -On a side-note, you guys were a bit too harsh on Isshiki last season. (laughs)
  57. Ishihara: Season 2 is more oriented towards gags, and Isshiki is handled like a gag in this one too. (laughs) Well, be sure to check out his disastrous relationship troubles in the main story.
  59. -It seems you wanted this story to become even more bright and fun in the second season.
  60. Ishihara: While certainly fans of Rikka will enjoy it, I think fans of Nibutani, Dekomori, and Kumin will also enjoy this season. We’ve prepared separate episodes for each of the girls in a series that’s become downright foolish, but still very entertaining as well. The number of classmates for Rikka also grows in number, so the world is bigger than before. Please enjoy it until your shoulders pop.
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