Short Dokitexts Vol. 1

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  2. Snowball Fight with Natsuki!
  3. >you're on a walk through the woods when you're shoulder is suddenly pelted by a ball of powder
  4. >you turn around to find it's Natsuki, her body in post-throw position
  5. >she threw a snowball at you!
  6. >she settles back into her former prideful glory and laughs at your stunned reaction
  7. >there's only one thing to do now!
  8. >you start scooping up a thick ball of snow to pelt at her
  9. >she realizes the snowbeast you're slowly conjuring and runs away in fright!
  10. >you chase after her and she runs until she reaches a dead end!
  11. >you pelt her with the snowball and she makes a dramatic tumble to the floor, swooning!
  12. >you laugh about it and walk home together
  13. >you part ways, get into some comfier clothes, then meet back up at your house
  14. >you spend the rest of the day drinking hot chocolate and watching TV with Natsuki!
  16. Sushi Restaurant With Sayori!
  17. >you and Sayori spiral through the city on your bikes to get to the sushi restaurant!
  18. >you're excited for the sushi but the bike trip itself is fun
  19. >you guys go up hills, through some rough gravelly paths in the woods, and through neighborhoods
  20. >you take a break at a barely-populated park, which looks very comfy
  21. >the sun is shining bright, which is a welcome change!
  22. >you drink your water bottles and talk until you're ready to charge off once more
  23. >you continue your bike ride until you reach the Sushi restaurant
  24. >you lock your bikes up and enter
  25. >Sayori eats a lot but you don't mind paying for it
  26. >You would never tell her this, but it's a worthy price to pay for her company and happiness!
  27. >You enjoy your time together and talk about all sorts of topics--- school drama, the things you saw along the way, pleasant memories both old and recent, and general catching up
  28. >Sayori keeps giving the waiter interested looks
  29. >Sayori notices the bother in your face and finds it humorous and endearing
  30. >You don't admit, but you both know you're jelly, and you both know that Sayori knows!
  31. >Once you leave you take the initiative!
  32. >It's a stupid idea but you do it anyways
  33. >You kiss her right on the lips!
  34. >She's so stunned that you both go silent and your face is a hot red
  35. >That was a stupid idea!
  36. >Her hands quickly rub against your 5 O'Clock shadow and she gives you an even more passionate kiss
  37. >You're stunned but not at all unhappy about it!
  38. >You and Sayori notice the Waiter staring from the door window with a shit-eating grin!
  39. >You and Sayori both laugh and get back on your bikes to trudge off, blushing all the way!
  40. >You get home and kiss all over again!
  41. >You spend the rest of the day side by side playing video games
  43. 3AM with Yuri
  44. >You're sitting in your room whittling away the hours doing nothing productive and clicking from website to website
  45. >Night time is drawing closer, and you think "well, looks like another useless wasted day."
  46. >But then, as if on cue, Yuri texts you!
  47. >"It's a bit late notice, but would you mind if I came over?"
  48. >You give her a confident and excited yes and she sends back a simple smile face and says she'll be there soon
  49. >You open your window to air the room out and rush to clean the leftover TV dinners and coffee cans
  50. >It takes her about 20 minutes and she comes in through your window!
  51. >You feel so happy to see her in this lonely hour you feel like you could cry!
  52. >You almost tell her, but decide not to
  53. >Her hands are sunken in her sleeves like turtles in their shells!
  54. >She's just as happy to see you, but probably just as nervous as well
  55. >Your room is dark other than the corny disco ball that gives your room a light blue hue, among other speckled floating colored circles
  56. >The lighting is strangely surreal, but fitting for a romantic night with Yuri
  57. >But is it a romantic night? What is Yuri's motive?
  58. >As if on cue again, Yuri cuddles up closer to you, sitting on your bed
  59. >Noticing your surprise she says, "I'm j-just cold."
  60. >You reach an arm around and grab her by her shoulder, gently so as to not spook her!
  61. >She smiles and nests herself into your body warmth further
  62. >You two are mostly silent, but say something occasionally
  63. >By the end of the night you have fallen asleep in each other's arms, laying above the sheets because each other's body heat has warmed you up enough
  64. >!
  66. Playing Records With Monika!
  67. >You tell Monika you got a new record player
  68. >She seems very excited by this and even asks if she can come over to play some of her records to test it out, for fun!
  69. >You understand the unspoken incentive, she enjoys spending time with you just as much as you do her!
  70. >She comes over and brings a few records
  71. >Madvillainy by Madvillain, Funeral by Arcade Fire, and Hunky Dory by David Bowie!
  72. >You're surprised but pleased with her taste!
  73. >You sit side by side on your floor playing the records and talking, getting up only for the occasional snack or to flip the record or change the record
  74. >Sometimes you talk about the things in your lives, but other times the conversation comes back to the music, and why she enjoys it or why you enjoy it!
  75. >You show her some of your records as well and she seems pleased with your taste as well, and glad to broaden her music tastes to the few records you played that she doesn't know
  76. >The last record you listen to is In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
  77. >You both agree it's a classic!
  78. >Funny enough that the last line is "When she gets up toooo leaaaaaave"
  79. >Monika says she should probably go now, as the sun has long since set and its getting pretty late
  80. >She thanks you for the company and the good tunes, and you thank her for mostly the same things
  81. >she gives you a kiss on the cheek and heads back home
  82. >The last thing you see of her that day is her giddy semi-skip down the sidewalk before she turns a street corner and vanishes from your field of vision
  83. >Monika!
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