Karin's Story

Oct 31st, 2017
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  1. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  2. Part One: Phantom Thief Karin
  3. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  4. Karin: My name is "Misono Karin"! I'm a 2nd year middle school student attending Sakae General School. [1]
  5. I love manga and I'm in the Manga Research Club. It's called a club but actually, ever since the third years left last year, I'm the only one in it. Right now, there isn't even a club room so the Arts Club outsider Alina-senpai and I use this one classroom together.
  7. Alina: What is that manga... Alina showed you the basics of sketching and yet, it doesn't look like it at all...
  9. Karin: This person's Alina-senpai. She's earned a lot of different awards for a 16 year old. She's an artistic genius. She's always silently drawing but, in exchange for using this classroom, once a day she teaches me how to draw, little by little.
  11. Karin: I might not be able to sketch at all, but, b, but, I'm giving it my all when I draw!
  12. Alina: You gave it your all? But your audience doesn't care about your effort or anything like that at all. The plot's no good either. Honestly, it's just trash. Trash.
  13. Karin: No wayy...but...
  14. Alina: It makes Alina angry just looking at it... You know what the punishment is for making Alina angry, right?
  15. Karin: Ahh...please, no!
  16. Alina: Chuu--, slurslurslurp
  17. Karin: Aaa---hn, my strawberry milk...
  18. Alina: ...Puhaa. If you don't want Alina to drink it, then satisfy Alina and you'll be fine. You're going to release a book at the cultural festival [2], right?
  19. Karin: But you said no matter what I draw, it won't be good...
  20. Alina: That's because your work is poor. Alina meant that there's no reason for her to say the word "good".
  21. Karin: Muu--u.
  22. Alina: But Alina thinks that if you're going to get mad, then you should work hard until you burn out. If you work hard and give up halfway through, then that's not really hard work after all.
  23. Karin: ...O--kay...
  25. Karin: Alina-senpai is very strict... And like this, she gets mad at me nearly every day. But one day, I'll make sure to draw a good manga and show her. It'll be so good that she won't drink my strawberry milk!
  27. Karin: I'm home--
  28. Karin's Grandma: Ohh, Karin-chan, you're home?
  30. Karin: This person's my grandma. She's energetic, open-hearted, and cheerful. Like me, she loves manga. That's why, Grandma and I are really good friends!
  32. Karin's Grandma: Karin-chan, the new issue's here!
  33. Karin: Of "Phantom Thief Girl Magical Kirin" !?
  34. Karin's Grandma: That's right, Grandma already read it all.
  35. Karin: Eehh---that's not fair---!
  36. Karin's Grandma: This time, they started off with last year's Halloween and you wouldn't believe...
  37. Karin: Ahh---n, nooo---! Tell me after I read it---!
  38. Karin's Grandma: Then after dinner, let's talk about MagiKiri, okay?
  39. Karin: Yeah, yeah, we definitely won't stop talking this time too!
  41. Karin: Just like this, I normally go to school and at the club I draw manga. When I get home, I spend time with Grandma.
  42. But there's something I keep hidden from everyone. And that is...
  44. The fact that I am the magical girl born from Halloween: "Phantom Thief Karin"!
  46. Karin: Oh weak and powerless magical girls, wait for me. For henceforth, I will come rescue you! Fuuhaahaahaaa!
  47. HaaHaaHaa...
  48. Now, the story begins. I need to think of who my target will be this time.
  50. Karin: H--m... today's target is...
  52. Kagami Masara... A magical girl who's not afraid of witches and is like ice.
  53. ...She looks strong, but she seems kind of lonely.
  54. To be more specific though, she's not pitiful.
  55. Those kinds of people are okay, so this person will not be my target.
  57. Tokiwa Nanaka...
  58. She looks really smart, but she's a magical girl who you can't tell what she's thinking.
  59. ...She looks strong, but she has friends and
  60. I heard they watch out for each other so it doesn't seem like she's a bad person.
  61. When she's worried about something, her friends might get worried too so...
  62. To be more specific, I'd prefer someone who's alone.
  63. That's why, this person also won't be my target today.
  65. Nanami Yachiyo.
  66. A huge veteran who's been fighting for 6 years.
  67. Right now, she's been gathering grief seeds as she continues to hunt witches by herself...
  68. It doesn't look like she has any friends either...
  69. So I have my eyes set on this person...!
  71. Once I determine my target, all that's left is to think of a magical girl I'll save afterward.
  72. But, today I've already made up my mind. It will be...
  74. Kamihama's incompetent magical girl! Akino Kaede.
  76. Karin: Wait for me, oh incompetent one! Tonight, the magical girl born from Halloween, Phantom Thief Karin, will save you!
  77. Haahaahaa!
  80. Yachiyo: Whew...Today, I got these two. (It's not like anything good will happen if I store up this much...this looks like it should be enough for now.) This reaction... It's not a witch... A magical girl...?
  82. ???: "Trick or Treat"
  84. Yachiyo: Who's there...?
  86. ???: "Trick or Treat"
  88. Yachiyo: Are you joking? Show yourself!
  90. ???: "Trick or Treat"
  92. Yachiyo: I guess there are some really hasty ghosts out there... Halloween's still far off in the future, you know? Whaa!? To think she'd come and sneak attack me from behind like that. ...Oh I see... .......You're "Phantom Thief Karin", right? Come out.
  93. ???: Fuufuufuuu. To think you would know who I am...
  94. Yachiyo: An attack done out of the cover of a dark night, an out-of-season Trick or Treat. There's no characteristics more recognizable than these. I don't feel like fighting you. Let's avoid a pointless battle.
  95. Karin: Not a chance...
  96. Yachiyo: Then what are you after? If it's the witch that was here, I just finished hunting it.
  97. Karin: That's why, the timing is perfect...I shall help myself to that grief seed!
  98. Yachiyo: Too slow!
  99. Karin: Fuu!
  100. Yachiyo: Her body's light...!
  101. Karin: You have already fallen prey to my Magical Scythe, Jack Death Scythe. And now I shall take my leave...
  102. Yachiyo: Jack Death Scythe...? What in the world was she after... ---!? The grief seeds are...gone...
  104. Karin: Magical Girl, Phantom Thief Karin is after one thing and one thing only. She plans on distributing grief seeds.
  105. To the magical girls who struggle trying to live on their own.
  106. I give them grief seeds I obtain from strong magical girls.
  107. If I do that, everyone can get grief seeds and magical girls can live in happiness.
  108. Because I, Misono Karin, believe in that, I run around as Phantom Thief Karin again tonight.
  110. Kaede: Fuyuu...Why am I always so incompetent... My soul gem's getting pretty tainted too...I need to contact Momoko-chan. But...
  112. Rena: You, are you not trying to do something about it yourself or something? If you think we'll come save you no matter what, then you're making a huge mistake. For one, you rely too much on Momoko. You can rely on Rena a bit mo...
  114. Kaede: Auau... Rena-chan will get mad at me... I guess I'll go try again, one more time...
  116. Karin: "Fufufuu, that won't be necessaaaa----ry!"
  118. Kaede: Fumyuu!? Eh, w, who's there!?
  120. Karin: "Trick or Treat..."
  122. Kaede: W, What, What is it...
  124. Karin: "Trick or Treat..."
  126. Kaede: Hawa, hawawa... It's not even Halloween yet, but...
  128. Karin: I am!
  129. Kaede: Fumyuumyauu!
  130. Karin: The magical girl born from Halloween!!
  131. Kaede: Don'tcomenearmedon'tcomenearmedon'tcomenearme!
  132. Karin: PHANTOM THIEF KARI----N!
  133. Kaede: HauuuuuUuuu...
  134. Karin: Don't worry. I am neither an enemy nor a ghost nor a fairy.
  135. Kaede: Fuyu...?
  136. Karin: I am Phantom Thief Karin. I am one who saves weak magical girls.
  137. Kaede: Eh,
  138. Karin: I am here to save you.
  139. Kaede: You're going to help me... defeat witches?
  140. Karin: That is not the case. I shall give you a grief seed. Trick or Treat.
  141. Kaede: Eh...?
  142. Karin: Oops, I messed up. In this case, it's Trick and Treat! If you give me candy, I'll cause mischief!
  143. Kaede: Ehhh!?
  144. Karin: It can be a pebble or anything, just hand it to me.
  145. Kaede: O...Okay...Here...
  146. Karin: If you give me candy, I'll cause mischief! Mischief where I give you a grief seed!! So anyway, I shall give you this.
  147. Kaede: Eh, no way, to just receive a grief seed is kinda...Um, uh...!
  148. Karin: No need to thank me! Incompetent magical girl, Akino Kaede! Farewell! Haahaahaa!
  149. Kaede: Incompe...h, how mean...
  151. Karin: Just like that, I end my day as Phantom Thief Karin, the virtuous magical girl.
  152. Today too, I'm glad a grief seed went from a strong magical girl to a weak magical girl.
  153. The struggles of Phantom Thief Karin will still continue...
  155. The End
  157. Karin: I did a really good deed again today! One that won't lose to even Magical Kirin!
  158. ???: Um, do you mind if I ask you something?
  159. Karin: Do you need something from me? (It's Nanami Yachiyo...)
  160. Yachiyo: I'm looking for someone but...
  161. Karin: Y, Yes...
  162. Yachiyo: She's about the same age as you. And about the same height. And has about the same face. And has the same colored hair but do you happen to know anything?
  163. Karin: ...Eh.
  164. Yachiyo: You do know, don't you? It's you I'm talking about after all, Phantom Thief Karin.
  165. Now, hand over the grief seed.
  166. Karin: T, That's impossible!
  167. Yachiyo: Just like I figured, you are Phantom Thief Karin.
  168. Karin: I don't have the grief seed...! I don't have it anymore...!
  169. Yachiyo: Don't tell used it?
  170. Karin: I gave it away...
  171. Yachiyo: Gave it...? Why?
  172. Karin: In order to save a magical girl...
  173. Yachiyo: ...Fu, is that so. You're very honest, aren't you? Looks like I won't have to go out of my way to teach you your lesson.
  174. Karin: Teach me my lesson...?
  175. Yachiyo: Yes, based on your answer, I really was planning on fighting you, but what came through from your words was more than enough.
  176. Karin: W, What are you talking about...
  177. Yachiyo: The truth is, I purposely let you steal that grief seed, you see. And then, I was watching to see how you would use it.
  178. Karin: So you knew everything...
  179. Yachiyo: Yes, I've heard about you through rumors. And I ended up witnessing you before my very own eyes today. So let me say this. Stop this nonsense today until the end of time.
  180. Karin: But, I need to save the weak girls. I need to split up the grief seeds for the kind of girls who can't fight witches.
  181. Yachiyo: In that case, hunt witches yourself and share those grief seeds.
  182. Karin: ---!?
  183. Yachiyo: You see, even strong magical girls lose magical energy and get into tight spots. If you happened to steal a grief seed when someone's magical energy is close to their limit, what will you do?
  184. Karin: Umm...
  185. Yachiyo: If you're not careful, someone might be killed by a witch because of you.
  186. Karin: N, No way... But, they're strong so...
  187. Yachiyo: That doesn't matter... stealing grief seeds and stealing money are two completely different things...Phantom Thief Karin...You're indirectly trying to kill magical girls.
  188. Karin: Eh... You're wrong, you're wrong!
  189. Yachiyo: If you're going to say I'm wrong, then stop relying on other people. You should work hard yourself and split it up with those around you. I think your intentions are wonderful, after all...
  190. Karin: .......
  191. Yachiyo: That's all I had to say.
  193. Karin: Phantom Thief Karin is an ally of weak magical girls...
  194. But in order to do so...I've killed strong magical girls.
  195. Is that true...?
  196. Am I a villain...?
  198. Magical Karin is in peril...
  199. What will happen next!...
  200. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  201. Part Two: Magical Girl Karin
  202. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  203. Karin: "Phantom Thief Magical Kirin". It's a manga that I've loved since a long time ago.
  204. The story goes like this: while Magical Kirin fights against devils and demons, she steals magical foci scattered across the world. Without relying on anyone else, Magical Kirin fights it out by herself and brings everyone joy.
  205. I admired her and I decided that I would become like Magical Kirin too.
  206. But, I didn't bring anything like joy to people...
  208. Karin: ........
  210. Yachiyo: You're indirectly trying to kill magical girls.
  211. Karin: Eh... You're wrong, you're wrong!
  212. Yachiyo: If you're going to say I'm wrong, then stop relying on other people. You should work hard yourself and split it up with those around you.
  214. Alina: So Alina thinks that this time, your manga's pretty decent.
  215. Karin: Eh?
  216. Alina: Art? [3] It's bad as always, but Alina personally liked the development of the plot. Alina's not an expert so she doesn't know for sure, but a protagonist that faces adversity is good. How should Alina say this... Alina thinks the story has put out a three-dimensional effect. ...Maybe it's a three-dimensional effect delivery?
  217. Karin: Alina-senpai, I don't get it. What was good about it?
  218. Alina: Alina's trying to say that the protagonist is about to grow but...
  219. Even pictures have struggled in trying to portray their three-dimensional counterparts, but within their anguish, there was realization, then technology advanced, opening the doors to a brand new stage. Likewise, this protagonist is trying to open their own doors, aren't they? [4]
  220. Karin: They're conflicted...are you saying that beyond this conflict, there's going to be growth?
  221. Alina: Alina thinks that plain old growth can always happen but in order to stir up a revolution, there needs to be a big trigger. Understand?
  222. Karin: Kind of...
  224. Karin: This manga I'm drawing right now...
  225. The protagonist is none other than myself...
  226. That's why, the conflicted protagonist is me...
  227. Am I trying to grow?
  229. I'm just regretting what I've done...
  231. Karin's Grandma: Welcome home, Karin-chan.
  232. Karin: I'm home, Grandma.
  233. Karin's Grandma: Have you already read the "newest issue of MagiKiri"?
  234. Karin: No...
  235. Karin's Grandma: But I want to hurry and discuss it with you, Karin-chan---
  237. Karin: I'm not growing or anything...
  238. I'm just regretting...
  240. Magical Kirin would save people with her own strength, without causing anyone trouble
  241. Phantom Thief Karin was saving everyone by killing someone else
  243. From now on, how should I keep going as a magical girl...?
  245. Karin's Grandma: Karin-chan, is something bothering you...? If it's okay with you, we could talk about it? I'm sure you know but despite how Grandma may look, she hasn't been alive for this long for nothing. I've wrangled with poverty and illness and worked nonstop trying to keep a dying business going! I've gone through a lot, so if you're comfortable, try asking me. This time, Grandma will save Karin-chan.
  246. Karin: Yeah...thank you. But, it's okay.
  248. Witch: ......!
  249. Karin: Yaa, aau! Uu... (I tried fighting a witch for the first time in a long time...but nothing's changed since then...I can't defeat a witch by myself...I'm incompetent...)
  250. Witch: ...!!!!
  251. Karin: NooooooooOoo! (I need to escape...I need to escape...!)
  253. Karin: Haa...haaa...haa... (My soul gem's pretty tainted...)
  254. At this rate, I'll run out of magical energy and I won't be able to fight anymore...
  255. (If I just use magic and steal a grief seed again...)
  257. Yachiyo: You're indirectly trying to kill magical girls.
  259. Karin: (...but I can't do that...)
  260. Kaede: Oh, there you are, there you are!
  261. Karin: You're...the incompetent Kaede...
  262. Kaede: Incompe...geez...whenever we meet you're so mean...Besides, today you're the one who's...
  263. Karin: ...That's right. I'm also incompetent... This tainted soul gem is the same as yours was yesterday...
  264. Kaede: Then I'm glad I found you.
  265. Karin: Eh...?
  266. Karin: Heree
  267. Karin: This is the grief seed I gave you yesterday.
  268. Kaede: Yeah, I thought that it wouldn't be right for me to use it after all. So I got help from my other friends.
  269. Karin: I'm sorry...
  270. Kaede: You kinda seem totally different today.
  271. Karin: It's because yesterday I was "Magical Girl, Phantom Thief Karin".
  272. Today, I'm "Incompetent Karin". Ah, I'm Misono Karin. Thanks for saving me...
  273. Kaede: I'm Akino Kaede. Nice to meet you, Kaede-chan. Wait, you already knew who I was, didn't you?
  274. Momoko: Oh, that girl's Karin-chan? Which means you were able to return the grief seed, right?
  275. Rena: So---mething about her makes her seem like a depressed girl. She's totally different from the impression Rena got from listening to you, but...
  276. Karin: Who are these people...?
  277. Kaede: My friends. We always fight as a trio.
  278. Momoko: I'm Togame Momoko. For now, I'm their leader, I guess.
  279. Rena: Minami Rena. You look worn out. Seems like you and Kaede are cut from the same branch, huh?
  280. Kaede: Geez, Rena-chan... It's rude to say that to Karin-chan, you know?
  281. Rena: But it's true, isn't it?
  282. Momoko: Ahh...I get it...From what I can tell, it means Karin-chan and Kaede are the same.
  283. Rena: Ah, Rena's got a bad feeling about this...
  284. Momoko: Karin-chan, if you're having a rough time by yourself, then you should team up with someone.
  285. Rena: Rena knew this was coming...Momoko sticking her neck out for other people...
  286. Momoko: Well it's not like we can just abandon her, right?
  287. Karin: Team up with someone...? I've never thought of doing something like that.
  288. Momoko: Then try thinking about it? The rewards will be halved but the struggles will be too and the joy will be multiplied, right?
  289. Karin: ...Though, but... I want to become a magical girl who's strong enough to fight on her own.
  290. Momoko: Then just try taking a step. In other words, wanna try fighting together with us as a team?
  291. Kaede: Ah, that's right, let's try fighting together once.
  292. Rena: Haaa!? Hey wait a second, don't decide that by yourselves!
  293. Momoko: Then we're just going to abandon her?
  294. Rena: No, that's uh...Rena didn't say anything like that!
  295. Momoko: Then the result's the same.
  296. Kaede: How about it, Karin-chan...are you coming with us?
  297. Karin: ...Okay.
  299. Karin: I can't do anything without stealing grief seeds from other people.
  300. But even Incompetent Karin who can't fight properly by herself might be able to change, just a little...
  302. Rena: Haaaaaaaaaaa!!
  303. Witch: ...!?!?!?
  304. Momoko: Alright, this one's gonna be a fatal wound!
  305. Rena: Kaede, get it to stop moving!
  306. Kaede: Hawaa, ah, yeah!! Yaaa!
  307. Witch: ...!?!?!?
  308. Momoko: Alright, we got it to stop moving... all that's left is for Karin-chan, I'm counting on you!
  309. Karin: G, Got it! Magical scythe... Jack Death Scythe!
  310. Witch: ...!?!?!?!?
  311. Karin: We did it...we did it...
  312. Momoko: High----five!
  313. Karin: Ah, high-five!
  314. Kaede: You did it, Karin-chan.
  315. Karin: Thank you.
  316. Momoko: Karin-chan, looks like a lot of weight's fallen off your shoulders.
  317. Rena: Are you sure it wasn't just the fear of losing that was holding you back?
  318. Karin: Recently, I've started to gain more confidence, though it's not a lot.
  319. Rena: It might only be a matter of time until you overtake Kaede.
  320. Kaede: I, I'm doing my best too.
  321. Karin: I'll keep this up, overtake Kaede-chan and become the main force of the team.
  323. Karin: "To fight together with other people" was something I'd never done until now.
  324. After fighting several witches together with Togame-senpai and Minami-senpai, it really makes me feel safe and secure.
  325. Besides, I learned that even a magical girl like me can get by just by helping each other.
  326. If I fight together with everyone...
  327. Why didn't I realize it...?
  328. If I'd only known from the beginning...
  329. If I'd thought of it...
  330. I wouldn't have had to become "Phantom Thief Karin".
  332. That's right, when I became Phantom Thief Karin, even back then, I was in a pinch.
  333. Familiar: !@)$*(!@$(!(@!!
  334. Karin: Y, Yaa! H, Huh, what did I just do...?
  335. Familiar: !)$&!#$*!!?
  336. Karin: The familiar's in trouble... ---!? This is...the lance that the familiar was holding...
  338. Karin: At that moment, I realized I had a special power. It was a special ability endemic to magical girls that matched with my wish. The power that I had was... the "power to steal"...
  340. Karin: Haa...Haa...Haa...
  341. ???: Waaait! Dammit, where'd you go!! Give it back! My grief seed!
  342. Karin: Haa...haaa...haa...
  344. After that, I was so scared of fighting witches that I started stealing grief seeds instead.
  345. At first, I thought that I was doing the wrong thing and I even knew it wasn't fair
  346. but...
  348. Karin: (That's right, I'm stealing in order to save weak magical girls... I fight alone and steal grief seeds...I distribute them to magical girls and give everyone happiness and make them smile...) I haven't changed since the beginning. I'm just like "Phantom Thief Magical Kirin"...
  350. Karin: I kept deceiving myself like that and I went from being "Magical Girl Karin", the one who would save people, to becoming "Phantom Thief Karin", who would save magical girls. I just thought that the only thing that changed was going from saving "everyday people" to "magical girls". But, now I know that's not right...
  352. I was... trying to protect myself...and in doing so, I tarnished the one I loved the most...
  354. Karin: Kirin-chan...snifff...
  355. Momoko: Whoa, whoa, what's with the crying all of a sudden...
  356. Kaede: Karin-chan, are you okay?
  357. Karin: Yeah...I'm okay...
  359. Karin: And so, Phantom Thief Karin became aware of her own sins and decided to undergo a change of heart. I might've caused trouble for a lot of magical girls. But, from now on, as Misono Karin, a normal magical girl, I decided to fight together with my friends.
  361. Alina: Alina's trying to say that the protagonist is about to grow but...
  363. What Alina-senpai said was right. I learned that I can team up with others and matured.
  364. That's why, from now on, I'll go save everyone together with my friends.
  366. Karin: Alina-senpai... what do you think!?
  367. Alina: Misono do you think you're making Alina read?
  368. Karin: Eh...!?
  369. Alina: It's not supposed to...BE LIKE THISSSSS! Ahh--damn, that pisses Alina off! It went from being not a manga, just a piece of paper, to complete and utter garbage but...
  370. Karin: Garbage, but I...I finally found my answer...
  371. Alina: Here, the manuscript... Tear it apart yourself...
  372. Karin: ----!? You might be my senpai, but that's going too far! As if I could do something like that!
  373. Alina: Alina's simply telling you to get rid of your own trash yourself.
  374. Karin: I can't...
  375. Alina: Then, Misono Karin... are you saying that you're satisfied with those contents?
  376. Karin: ...................yes.
  377. Alina: It was a lie, but...This isn't how they really feel! What exactly is this person trying to do!? Alina honestly wants them to become true to themselves but! This is actually about you, isn't it!?
  378. Karin: Senpai, you knew...!? Eh, but, this is... about magical girls, but uh... Senpai, are you a magical girl...too?
  379. Alina: Alina doesn't know but...simply thought this was lifelike. This female protagonist and you have way too many things in common but that's why it pisses Alina off! Makes Alina super angry, y'know!? What exactly does this person want to do!? What do YOU want to do!? Chuu---, slurslurslurp...
  380. Karin: strawberry milk...
  381. Alina: Thanks to you, the air in this classroom today has gone sour. ALINA'S LEAVING!
  382. Karin: ............. (How I really feel...)
  384. Karin: I was lying to myself and became useless...
  385. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  386. Part Three: Magical Karin
  387. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  388. Alina: This isn't how they really feel! What exactly is this person trying to do!? Alina honestly wants them to become true to themselves but!
  390. Karin: ........
  391. Momoko: Good work again today, everybody! Noww, guess I'll buy some yakitori or something at the shopping district and head home.
  392. Rena: Yet another choice that reeks of an old man.
  393. Momoko: And I was thinking of treating you, then you had to go and say something like that.
  394. Rena: N, No one was saying that they weren't going to go, duh...gulp
  395. Karin: I'm going to go home today.
  396. Kaede: Huh, Karin-chan...?
  397. Karin: Bye...
  398. Kaede: I wonder what happened...
  399. Momoko: Lately it doesn't feel like she's got her heart into it...
  401. Karin: The things Alina-senpai said to me have been rumbling inside of me for all this time.
  402. How I really feel..
  403. I want to become like Magical Kirin, a girl that can fight through it without relying on anyone else and bring everyone joy.
  404. That hasn't changed ever since my wish was granted...
  405. That's right, the trigger for my wish getting granted was my grandma.
  407. Karin's Grandma: Hello, Karin-chan.
  408. Karin: Dad... who's this...?
  409. Karin's Dad: She's Dad's Mom. She's your grandma, Karin.
  410. Karin: Until that day, I thought I didn't have a grandma. So at first, I didn't know how to talk to her but...
  412. Karin's Grandma: Do you know this manga?
  413. Karin: It's "Phantom Thief Magical Kirin"! You liked it too, Grandma!?
  414. Karin's Grandma: I heard that you love this Karin-chan so Grandma's started to like it too
  416. Karin: Grandma's energetic, fun, and I soon started to love her too.
  418. Karin: This time's MagiKiri Halloween was really touching--
  419. Kirin's Grandma: Trick and Treat.
  420. Karin: If you give me candy, I'll do mischief. Mischief where I will exorcise you!!
  422. Karin: We got hyped over the manga's story together so I loved it more.
  423. But...
  425. Karin's Mom: Why do I have to live together with a criminal mother-in-law like this!
  426. Karin's Dad: I told you, she came here for treatment!
  427. Karin's Mom: That doesn't change the fact that she's stolen things over and over again!?
  429. Karin: When she learned that Grandma was here to get cured of her illness, Mama started getting mad whenever I got close to Grandma.
  430. Regardless, the only Grandma I knew was the kind one was harder for me to see Grandma get sad compared to Mom getting mad.
  431. That's why I...
  433. Karin's Grandma: Karin-chan... If you get close to Grandma, your mama will get mad at you again?
  434. Karin: ..............I know.
  435. Karin's Grandma: Today's Halloween, isn't it...Just like Magical Kirin can exorcise the demons protecting the magical foci...if only someone could exorcise Grandma's illness...
  436. Karin: Then I'll exorcise it...I will...!
  437. Karin's Grandma: Karin-chan...
  438. Karin: Trick and Treat. If you give me candy, I'll do mischief. Mischief where I will exorcise the demons!!
  439. Karin's Grandma: .......
  440. Karin: ...Uuu...sniff...
  442. Karin: I knew I couldn't cure her or anything, but I pretended to be Magical Kirin and tried to save Grandma.
  443. And then...
  445. Kyuubey: Are you really okay with that wish?
  446. Karin: Yeah, I'm okay...cure my grandma...!
  448. Karin: I'll become a magical girl like Magical Kirin!
  450. Karin: And just like that, I made my wish to Kyuubey on Halloween night...
  452. Karin: (That's why, my feelings haven't changed since then... I want to become strong enough that I can fight on my own..)
  454. Karin: This is, the witch I couldn't defeat...
  456. Karin: I might be able to defeat it now. I might've improved since I fought together with Minami-senpai and Togame-senpai!
  458. Karin: Haa...haa...haa...
  459. Witch: ....!
  460. Karin: Witch...I've made it this far by myself... even if I'm by myself, I will defeat you!
  461. Witch: ........!!
  462. Karin: Fuaaaauu...! YaaaaaaAaaah! Not yet... Karin can't afford to lose here! Magical scythe... JACK DEATH SCYTHE!!
  463. Witch: ...!!!!
  465. Karin: Huh...what...happened to me...? ....
  466. ???: ...ri...chan... KARIN-CHAN!
  467. Kaede: Karin-chan!
  468. Karin: ...Kaede-chan.
  469. Kaede: I'm so're awake...!
  470. Karin: Why...are you here?
  471. Kaede: You were acting I went after you... C'mon, let's hurry and escape!
  472. Karin: Did I...lose...?
  473. Kaede: That's right, it's still too early for you to fight by yourself. That's why, we need to hurry and...
  474. Karin: Yeah... (Is this really okay...?)
  476. Karin: At this rate, I'll just become another magical girl that has to be saved by someone else...
  477. Even if I do try to fight on my own, I'll end up having to steal other peoples' grief seeds to keep living...
  479. Alina: If you work hard and give up halfway through, then that's not really hard work after all.
  481. Alina: Alina's trying to say that the protagonist is about to grow but...
  483. Alina: What exactly does this person want to do!? What do YOU want to do!?
  485. Karin: (I, want to be true to myself and fight... I want to become the kind of magical girl who can defeat a witch by herself...!)
  486. Kaede-chan, I'm...still going to fight...!
  487. Kaede: W, What are you saying!? No matter how stubborn you are...! C'mon, let's try again with Momoko-chan and Rena-chan!
  488. Karin: You don't get it! I want to win by myself! Like Magical Kirin, I want to save everyone by myself...I want to become a magical girl like her!
  489. Kaede: Karin-chan!
  491. Witch: .......!
  492. Karin: Take this! Magical Scythe...Jack Death Scythe--!! --!? It dodged it...!
  493. Witch: ...!!!
  494. Karin: UwaaaaaaaAAAAH!! (I, It's no good after all...!)
  495. Witch: ......!!
  496. Karin: N, No, don't come this way!
  497. Kaede: HURRY, COME OVER HERE! Even if you throw rocks at it, that's not going to do anything!
  498. Karin: Don't come this way-----!
  499. Witch: .........!?
  500. Karin: Huh...the witch is flinching...This...there's magical energy stored in this pebble...So magical energy...doesn't have to be used just to help me attack, I can also affect other things with it too...
  502. Witch: .....!?
  503. Karin: Huh...the witch is flinching...This...there's magical energy stored in this pebble...So magical energy...doesn't have to be used just to help me attack, I can also affect other things with it too...
  505. Alina: Even pictures have struggled in trying to portray their three-dimensional counterparts, but within their anguish, there was realization, then technology advanced, opening the doors to a brand new stage.
  507. Karin: (A way for me to fight by myself...My new which I pack my magical energy into things and use them...Is this my door to a brand new stage...?)
  509. Karin: With this, I feel like I can do this!
  511. Karin: Kaede-chan! I need you to help me!
  512. Kaede: You want me to lend you a hand... W, What should I do!?
  513. Karin: If there's anything near by, it doesn't matter what it is! I need you to collect a lot of stuff and wrap it all up!
  514. Witch: ......!!
  515. Karin: The witch is about to move! Hurry!
  516. Kaede: Y, Yeah, got it!! He--------re!!
  517. Karin: You wrapped up a lot of stuff...this is enough!! Here I go...
  519. Trick and Treat!!
  520. If you give me candy, I'll cause mischief!!
  521. Mischief that will defeat the witch!
  523. Witch: ...!?!?!?!?
  524. Kaede: A, Amazing, the stuff covered with magical energy is falling like rain...
  525. Karin: HA---HAHAHAHAHA!
  527. Karin: I am the one born from Halloween, Magical Girl Magical Karin!! Eat my hail of candies and return to the world of the dead!!
  529. Karin: Yay...I did it...
  530. Kaede: A, Amazing... You're amazing, Karin-chan! You defeated a witch all by yourself!!
  531. Karin: ........ Hmph...there's no witch that I, Magical Karin, cannot defeat! Ha--hahahaha!
  532. Kaede: Huh? Weren't you supposed to be Phantom Thief Karin?
  533. Karin: Fufuu. I can get by without becoming Phantom Thief Karin. Besides, I think I'm finally close to becoming the kind of magical girl who can defeat witches by herself and save everyone!
  534. Kaede: Yeah, you defeated the witch after all.
  535. Karin: It's thanks to you, Kaede-chan.
  536. Kaede: Even so, that was amazing. It was like a rain of magic!
  537. Karin: I'll think of a name for the move later. Kaede-chan.
  538. Kaede: Fuyu?
  539. Karin: I think I'll have to decline on becoming part of your group after all.
  540. Kaede: Eh.....eeh!? W, Why!?
  541. Karin: Because, Magical Karin is supposed to be an existence that fights on her own.
  542. Kaede: Just leave that as part of your setting and keep fighting together with us...
  543. Karin: That wouldn't be me.
  544. Kaede: No way... But, if you say so Karin-chan, I guess there's nothing I can do... Hauuu...and you were the same kind of girl as me too...
  545. Karin: I graduated from being incompetent first.
  546. Kaede: Muu...someday, I'll also...
  547. Karin: Fufuu.
  549. Karin: With that, I became able to fight as myself!
  551. Alina: And, the culture festival is coming up but what exactly happened to your manga's manuscript? Alina doesn't want to get mad because of you.
  552. Karin: It'!
  553. Alina: Show me.
  555. Alina: Hm...
  556. Karin: Alina-senpai...?
  557. Alina: .......
  558. Karin: Ah---n, she left... Was this bad too...? I won't make it in time~... (I should just ignore Senpai and go on ahead already... it's that perfect...!)
  559. Alina: Here, take it.
  560. Karin: Eh, whaa...strawberry milk...
  561. Alina: You're no longer lying to yourself, and Alina thinks you've improved. For the time being, it has a worth of 100 yen, doesn't it?
  562. Karin: .........E, Eh...Thank you very much, Alina-senpai! What about the art? I want to hear what you think about my art!
  563. Alina: ............
  564. Karin: (She went back to her work...)
  565. Alina: ........
  566. Karin: ........
  568. Scritch scritch...
  569. Scritch scritch...
  571. Alina: The art was garbage.
  572. Karin: So you were listening...
  574. Karin: There are people that shine this much among the magical girls...
  575. =================================================================
  576. [1]=Usual disclaimer applies here. As in, I'm not the best at reading names so it might be read/pronounced differently. Here's the original kanji if you want to take a shot at it: 栄総合学園
  578. [2]=This is really common in anime/manga/visual novels/etc. but for those unfamiliar, here you go:
  580. [3]=The Japanese pronunciation for the word that means art is "eh". Alina assumed she meant art, but Karin was actually saying eh?.
  582. [4]=If it's not very clear, she's basically comparing the evolution of art with the evolution that Karin's protag is about to undergo themselves.
  584. Things lost in translation:
  585. - Karin ends all of her sentences in "-nano"
  586. Except when she's Phantom Thief Karin.
  587. When she's Phantom Thief Karin, she uses "ware" instead of "watashi" as a first person pronoun.
  588. It's a dignified, pompous way to refer to herself.
  589. This changes over in chapter 2, where she starts using "nano" and "watashi" while she's Incompetent Karin.
  590. - Alina uses quite a few English words in her sentences. Poor work, angry, audience, no good...
  591. Her sentences also end in katakana like Meiyui, so it wouldn't surprise me if she's also a foreigner.
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