Apr 15th, 2019
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  1. >You are Anon.
  2. >The first semester of your junior year in college is almost halfway done.
  3. >And you’ve almost gotten used to your new dorm room.
  4. >There’s nothing too bad about it; after all, you can’t complain about not having a roommate.
  5. >But the room next to you is home to the noisiest people on planet Earth.
  6. >You can never get any sleep, and it’s starting to take its toll on you.
  7. >Tonight is especially bad.
  8. >There’s at least five people having some kind of party in there, and it’s awful.
  9. >You decided to give them until you went to bed before you had to be that guy.
  10. >And as you step out of the bathroom after brushing your teeth, you notice that they’ve quieted down a bit.
  11. >It’s just quiet enough that you can hear your door click shut.
  12. >You turn to face the unassuming wooden door, and it doesn’t look tampered with.
  13. >Nothing in your room is out of place, either.
  14. >You sigh and sit down at your desk to do one last bit of homework before you sleep.
  15. >But your hands refuse to pick up the pencil.
  16. >Your grip isn’t firm enough to keep it from falling out of your grasp.
  17. >You look down at your hand and watch it ball up, and as you watch in horror, your fingers fuse together.
  18. >The skin hardens slightly, and light blue fur grows all along your arm.
  19. >On your other arm, the same changes are taking place just as fast.
  20. >You kick off your pants and watch the same colored fur travel up your legs.
  21. >You stand up shakily, but as soon as you are upright you fall back down.
  22. >You look back and see that your legs have completely changed shape.
  23. >A tail covered in long teal hairs sprouts from your lower back, and your ass starts to plump up.
  24. >Your boxers tear as your rear keeps growing, and their tattered remains land at the base of your back hooves.
  26. >The bones in your arms shift like your legs did, and you quickly find that now you couldn’t stand on two legs if you wanted to.
  27. >So you have to settle with a stance better suited for your equine limbs.
  28. >Suddenly, though, a pain in your groin distracts you from your front legs.
  29. >You look behind you and get a view of your back end in the mirror.
  30. >Your dick and balls are pulling up into your body, and you let out a small cry.
  31. >A large slit forms where your dick receded, and you see the skin around it darken.
  32. >You can only yell again as you survey the reflection of the horse pussy between your legs.
  33. >You see two spots beneath your pussy puff out and form equine crotchtits.
  34. >But, in the mirror, you quickly notice your head is changing too.
  35. >As the fur spreads across your torso, your ears are also moving upwards, becoming more pointy and, once they make it to the top of your head, covered in fur.
  36. >Your hair grows out and takes on a teal color to match your tail.
  37. >The fur travels up your neck and you notice your nose pushing out within your field of vision.
  38. >Your grit your rapidly changing teeth as your face forms a muzzle.
  39. >You close your eyes as you feel them grow, and groan as your organs move around inside you.
  40. >And, just like that, it’s over.
  41. >You crack one eye and slowly turn your head around to look in the mirror again.
  42. >A light blue pony with distinctly feminine features stares back at you.
  43. >Your mouth opens a bit in shock, and you let out a gasp as you hear a knock on the door.
  44. >It opens without waiting for an answer.
  45. >Wasn’t your door locked?
  46. >A tall, imposing figure looks down on you, and you realize how small you are compared to him, at about eye level with his waist.
  47. >As he moves closer to you, you try to back away, but you trip over your clumsy new hooves and fall on your ass.
  48. >He scoops you up in one arm, and you can do little but flail your legs and squirm around as he carries you out of your room.
  50. >Much to your surprise, he approaches the door right next to yours.
  51. >He knocks twice quickly, then twice slowly, and after a few seconds, the door opens.
  52. >You can see inside the room fairly well.
  53. >It’s about the same size as your dorm room, but about a quarter of it is occupied by a small pen.
  54. >There’s someone sitting in the corner on his phone, and he only gives you a small glance when you walk in.
  55. >Someone else is writing down notes in front of a mad-sciency array of test tubes and beakers.
  56. >Another person is sitting at a desk with two monitors in front of him, both playing videos of a different empty room.
  57. >You recognize one of them as yours.
  58. >The man who’s carrying you drops you down into the pen, and the dividers are just tall enough to keep you from escaping.
  59. >”The mare is secure,” he says to the guy in front of the lab kit.
  60. >You somehow gather the courage to speak.
  61. “Wh-Who are you?”
  62. >”Shut up!”
  63. >The man at the desk, who is sitting right next to your pen, is glaring at you with anger in his eyes.
  64. > The presumptive scientist whips around.
  65. >”Matt, please calm down. She can talk if she wants to, as long as she isn’t too loud.”
  66. >”Alright, fine.”
  67. >He turns back to you
  68. >”I’m Chris. That’s Matt on the computers. Tyler is the one in the corner, and Ryan brought you here. I’m sure you have a lot of questions, but please save them for later.”
  69. >He picks up a small syringe filled with a clear liquid and walks over to you.
  70. >”This is to make sure there weren’t any problems with the change. I promise it won’t hurt a bit.”
  71. >Something about this terrifies you.
  72. “I-I feel fine, really.”
  73. >”This experiment has a lot of unknowns. You could be slowly dying through irreversible organ damage right now. It’s for your own good.”
  74. “I think I’ll take my chances.”
  75. >His expression darkens.
  76. >”You don’t have a choice. Ryan, hold her down.”
  78. >Ryan extends both arms to pin you down and you snap at one of his hands, your teeth hitting their mark.
  79. >”Ow! Stupid horse!”
  80. >He comes at you again, but this time you can’t react fast enough.
  81. >All the squirming in the world doesn’t make a difference as Ryan keeps a firm hold on you and Chris advances with the syringe.
  82. >”Please, hold still.”
  83. >He injects the liquid into your neck, and Ryan lets go of you after all the fluid is gone.
  84. >You slump to the floor, defeated. Chris runs a hand through your mane.
  85. >”Good pony.”
  86. >Two quick knocks and two slow knocks distract you from your defeat.
  87. >”And it looks like your new roommate is here too.”
  88. >He unlocks the door and another man comes in, this time carrying a cream-colored stallion with a short, light pink mane.
  89. >He is unceremoniously deposited right beside you, and Chris injects a similar fluid into him before he can react.
  90. >”Nice work, Mike. Everything should be good to go.”
  91. >Matt turns back to the computers and opens a pair of new windows.
  92. >Charts and numbers appear on both screens, and they are updated every few seconds.
  93. >”Nanomachines seem to be working.”
  94. “Nanomachines?”
  95. >”Yep, nanomachines. They’re to measure your vitals and do various things.” Chris says.
  96. “I thought you said they were for fixing damage?”
  97. >”That’s one of the things they’re doing.”
  98. >Everything about this operation makes you very uneasy.
  99. “Why did you turn me into a horse?”
  100. >”You’re a pony, not a horse. And it’s complicated. Suffice it to say that you are part of an experiment.”
  101. “So I’m a lab rat?”
  102. >He pauses.
  103. >”Not entirely.”
  104. >Oh, how reassuring.
  106. >You look back to the stallion who shares the pen with you, and he seems to have recovered from his daze.
  107. >”What’s your name?”
  108. >Behind you, you can hear someone tapping away at a keyboard.
  109. >And even though you were nanoseconds away from telling him, you can’t seem to remember it.
  110. >You frantically search your mind only to find that you don’t know your name.
  111. >Growing enraged, you turn back to your captors.
  112. “What the hell did you do?”
  113. >”I kept you from ruining the experiment.”
  114. “I’m not an experiment!”
  115. >Before Chris can say anything, Ryan stands up.
  116. >From his seat right by you, his form towers over yours.
  117. >”Yes hell you are! Your name means nothing. Your life means nothing anymore. We will do with you what we want, and right now, that is finishing an experiment. So be quiet.”
  118. >”Ryan, sit down. Don’t frighten them. But, sadly, whatever lives you had are effectively over. If you cooperate with me, however, I’ll try to ease some of the hardships.”
  119. >Chris’s words are somewhat reassuring, and you take a moment to look around your pen.
  120. >Aside from a small bowl of water and a fairly large bed, there’s not much.
  121. >You walk over to the bed and lie down.
  122. >From the desk, Matt resumes typing again.
  123. >”Yo, Chris, we’re ready.”
  124. >Chris looks over at you apologetically.
  125. >”I’m really sorry for what’s about to happen.”
  126. >He presses a key, and after a few seconds, you start to notice something bubbling up to the surface inside you.
  127. >You start to take in a few more of the stallion’s features.
  128. >He’s definitely bigger than you are, and his body is a bit more toned.
  129. >But most of all, he’s kinda cute.
  130. >Okay, pretty cute.
  131. >Gorgeous, even.
  132. >Maybe irresistible.
  133. >He looks up at you and you can see a hunger in his eyes.
  134. >The way his eyes pass over every inch of your body ignites a fire inside you.
  136. >You feel an alien sensation shoot through your body as your pussy winks at him.
  137. >You can see his stallion cock flop out of its sheath.
  138. >It’s all you can think about right now.
  139. >In a lust-fueled haze, you get up, turn around, and raise your tail.
  140. >Primal pleasure shoots through you as you feel him jump on top of you.
  141. >These feelings grow tenfold when his dick pokes at your waiting folds.
  142. >With a thrust, he slides into you, and a moan escapes your lips.
  143. >The feeling of being fucked is like nothing you’ve ever felt before.
  144. >Even the slight pain of your hymen breaking is offset by the waves of pleasure coursing through your veins.
  145. >He starts to thrust in and out, repeatedly and rhythmically.
  146. >Moan after moan escapes your lips as he plows you, hilting deep inside you and then pulling his thick length back out again.
  147. >The only thing you can focus on is the pleasure.
  148. >The only thing you /want/ to focus on is the pleasure.
  149. >Each thrust sends another tidal wave of it all through you and eats away at the part of you that thinks it isn’t natural and it shouldn’t be happening to you.
  150. >You don’t spend much time thinking about it.
  151. >In fact, there’s not much to think about at all.
  152. >As the stallion on top of you picks up his pace, thoughts begin to leave your mind.
  153. >Your courses and classwork become hazy, before slipping your mind entirely.
  154. >Why would you go to school? Ponies don’t need school.
  155. >Your friends’ faces and names begin to fade from your head, one after another.
  156. >After all, you don’t need friends. All you need is a nice, big stallion like this one.
  157. >Old childhood memories become harder and harder to remember with each quick, deep thrust into your dripping cunt.
  158. >They didn’t seem like the the pasture you grew up in anyways.
  159. >Still, that annoying voice inside your head remains.
  160. >It keeps talking about humans and someone named Anon.
  161. >Why would you have a name when all you need to do is breed?
  162. >Lucky for you, it’s going away.
  164. >But with one last burst of effort, your mind is flooded with its emotions.
  165. >Fear. Anger. Disgust.
  166. >You can’t give in!
  167. >Oh, god, why can’t you remember anything before you were a pony?
  168. >You turn to look over at the nice man whose name you can’t remember.
  169. “Wh-Why?”
  170. >He smiles.
  171. >”Oh, don’t worry, Anon. You’ll make an excellent broodmare.”
  172. >Your eyes widen as the stallion hilts inside you, and you feel the head of his dick flare up inside you.
  173. >With that final burst of all-consuming pleasure, your eyes roll back in your head and you let out a loud cry.
  174. >The voice is drowned out by waves of orgasmic pleasure that leave you convulsing.
  175. >After just a moment of this, you can’t even remember what that voice was saying.
  176. >Was there even a voice?
  177. >You don’t care about anything but your orgasm.
  178. >And as the first rope of stallion cum shoots into your womb, new memories fill up where the old ones left.
  179. >You can’t remember much other than smells at first.
  180. >You know what your mother smells like and what the pasture you spent your foalhood in smells like.
  181. >You know the somewhat odd smell of the nice stallion that feeds you and gives you head pats.
  182. >And, above all, you know the smell of stallion.
  183. >Stallions fill your mind even further with each spurt of seed and each wave of pleasure.
  184. >You don’t usually pay much attention to what the nice stallion says to you, but you don’t need to be told that you’re a broodmare.
  185. >Being fucked by a stallion and having his foals just seems right to you.
  186. >As the stallion pulls out of you, any sentience that was left quickly disappears.
  187. >You turn around and sniff the air around you.
  188. >The smell of your bestial sex is thick in the air.
  189. >The nice stallion smells like he wants to breed with you, too.
  190. >You turn around and raise your tail, and a dribble of cum moves down your leg.
  191. >”I think she turned out just fine.”
  193. >You hear strange noises before feeling the familiar sensation of a stallion pushing himself deep inside you.
  194. >It does seem a bit smaller than the last stallion, though.
  195. >You feel the nice stallion’s small hooves grab onto you as he thrusts into you.
  196. >You can barely hear the other humans around you.
  197. >There are a few quiet sounds like the ones you heard before the nice stallion started breeding with you.
  198. >Soon, his thrusting starts to quicken, and the pleasure from his breeding builds more and more until, with a loud whinny, your walls clench down on him.
  199. >You always want more of that feeling.
  200. >The nice stallion thrusts deep inside you and fills you up with his love.
  201. >You whinny again, relishing the pleasure that it gives you.
  202. >He pulls out of you slowly, but you still need to be bred more.
  203. >The nice stallion pats your mane.
  204. >”Soon we’ll get you some more stallions, once your foals start making money. Who wants the next turn with Anon?”
  205. >Another stallion pushes inside you and you exhale.
  206. >So many stallions want to breed with you and have your foals.
  207. >You love serving your herd like this.
  208. >You love being a broodmare.
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