[Dadonequus Discord] Be Chaos: Improper Intro

Apr 12th, 2016
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  1. >You yawn, feeling the heat of your breath blowing over your arms. You must have curled up at some point during the in your sleep, and took all the sheets with you too because not only do you feel extra warm, but it's also extra cramped.
  2. >You try to slip a limb through the fabric, but it feels as if it was wrapped pretty damn tight about you. You can hardly move, the sheets feel like they've been pulled together so tightly that it's practically a shell.
  3. >You hear some muffled voices drawing near, getting louder as they approach.
  4. >You recognized those voices. It's a relief you don't live alone, you don't know how long you would be stuck like this if you tried undoing it yourself.
  5. >They stop near you and continue talking. You still can't really make out their words, but it seems like they haven't noticed that there is a blanket cocoon on your bed.
  6. >It's getting more uncomfortable and you feel like you're getting even stiffer. You wiggle about some more to try and get their attention. You hear a gasp and more murmurs that sound aimed in your direction. Good, now you'll just wait for them to help you out.
  7. >...
  8. >...
  9. >...Why is it so silent now.
  10. >You wiggle about some more, maybe you just caught them by surprise. That or they figured what's up and playing with you. Sometimes you wonder why you even bother, you bet they did this to you.
  11. >Frustrated by helplessness you concede to forcing your way out on your own, wiggling harder and trying to push your limbs to the sides. You could hardly grumble with your mouth being forced shut by an arm pressing against your chin.
  12. >You need to give your nails a little clipping sometime, you can feel them snagging a bit.
  13. >After a moment you hear a little crackling. Wait what?
  14. >There is a cracked line of light shining through. You reach for it and dig a nail through. The crack spreads, forming a small network until there is an open breach, a piece of your covering falling off under you finger.
  16. >You wonder what in the world is going on as you push your hand further through.
  17. >You bet this is a prank. Someone Is pranking you, and they put you into some kind of cramped up thing and left you somewhere for someone to find you. When you think back a second and realized that someone gasped when you moved, so you don't think that anyone here is in on it. At least you got that going for you. Whatever trouble you're in for though, you're sure you're getting the short end of it. As you attempt again to maneuver yourself a bit, you don't feel like you're wearing your usual bed-wear. Does feel like you might be in need of a full body shave and a deep scrub down, you feel a little gritty.
  18. >Just what the hell is about to go down?
  19. >Your shifting in the cramped up space causes the- whatever you're stuck in to crack and crumble some more about you little by little.
  20. >You'll commend whoever did this to for the effort they put to get you in this with it being so tight and falling apart like so, after they get out of the hospital from the beat down you'd give em.
  21. >You're not a violent person, you're just miffed you woke up in this fashion. For all you know they probably somehow fitted you in some kind of body work or stuck some things to you.
  22. >You prepare your alibis as your temporary little housing falls before your face and shut your eyes tight as the light of the outside becomes too much to bear, you even cover them. You didn't notice how dark it was in this thing before, even with the tiny beams of light that started poking through.
  23. >You whine and rub them as they adjust, it was far brighter in this place than you would have thought. Just where the fu-
  24. >You suddenly feel yourself lift from the ground gently as something warm slips itself around and under you and press you against something just as warm, and also soft.
  25. >"There there, it's okay. Hush now, qui-"
  26. >Hold up.
  28. >That voice. Okay you knew you recognized it, but you assumed it was someone from campus. But the way it sounds hearing it from the other side, and so close...
  29. >Furthermore, how are they holding you off the ground, assuming they are. Soft chords for anyone strong enough to lift you so easily. Sounds too girlish and too much like a... rather weak character you're more or less familiar with as well. In fact, as you to listen to her as she whispers to you a reciting of one of said character's famous verses...
  30. >It makes you cringe to imagine what's happening right now, but at least she sounds enough like who you think that you have hopes she's just might be nice, if maybe a little loony for- how is she holding you again? Why do you feel like you're being cradled?
  31. >You get an odd feeling as you slowly open your eyes. Its not as bright anymore, or as dark as before, and you can make out that you are looking upon a furry coat of... yellow.
  32. >You hear quiet humming as you feel something rubbing against the top of your head. You look up to see it really was... Oh my god. She was nuzzling you.
  33. >Fluttershy, noticing you've gone quiet, draws her head back to get a better look at you. She gives you a gentle heartwarming smile. You feel yourself begin to rock about seconds later.
  34. >You just stare back at her in utter shock and disbelief as your brain starts to gauge on how much you should be freaking out. You keep this up until the sound of someone chuckling to themselves in the background breaks through. Wait, if this is Fluttershy, then- Then... Who was the other- "Well, now isn't this quite a pleasant surprise."
  35. >...
  36. >Please at least let that be Q. "Never in a all my years, All of them, would I have ever expected something like 'that' to come out of an egg. And I don't think I'll be running out of years any time soon, either." You hear the buzzing of some kind of alarm, followed by the sound of something being smashed. "Or maybe I just need a new watch."
  38. >That last bit of randomness might just confirm your thoughts there.
  39. >Fluttershy's expresses confusion and turns her head to face them as she speaks. "So you really didn't know what would come out of the egg?"
  40. >Your eyes pan to follow the direction she looks in and-
  41. >This- you look upon the graphically detailed amalgamation that vaguely recognize to be the god of chaos, if only because of his voice. 3D does not do good for his complexion.- This can't be real. You're dreaming or something, you must be. It's the only possibility for you to be seeing what you are seeing right now. That, or maybe, you had some kinds of accident and are hallucinating. Or maybe you're on drugs. Some real shit, yeah. That good shit. You know you'd never touch the stuff, but maybe you ate something you shouldn't have. You think you remember ordering a mushroom pizza. Maybe the of the pizza boys put their own shit on and mixed up your order. It's the only logical explanation! You can actually feel this warmth and sway you're getting while rocking in Fluttershy's Arms. The softness of her coat. You can even sme- wait. Did he say egg? Did they say egg?
  42. >...Why are you being cradled by Fluttershy in the first place?
  43. >You start to chuckle nervously to yourself as possibilities float about your mind, leaving you to stare blankly in the direction of the draconequus.
  44. >Discord and Fluttershy pause their chat momentarily when they notice you, to them you sound like you're giggling. What's more it looks like you're giggling at Discord. At least to Fluttershy.
  45. >"D'aw, isn't she just the cutest. I think she likes you Discord." Fluttershy rocks you some more as you "cutely" babble to yourself.
  47. >The disharmonious being himself scrutinizes you with curiosity "She? My dear, Fluttershy. As far as I know, a draconequus doesn't really have a sign for such things. Then again they don't really come from eggs either... Hm." He strokes his chin with his talon and carefully reaches for your legs with his paw.
  48. >"What do you mean?" Fluttershy asks, "Can you tell me again? I'm still a little confused..."
  49. >"Hm? Oh, yes. Right. Well you see, Fluttershy, as long as yours truly has frolicked happily across the Equestrian plains, bringing about innocent mayhem here and there, turning kingdoms on their heads and all that." He manifests a model of the old Equestrian castle town and flips it, balancing it on a the head of a Celestia doll he also conjures, "I've been the only one of my kind I'd ever see. Closer beings being that of a manticore, chimera, and others. Though, none come close to the magnificence of yours truly. You see, my birth was unique. I was born of the chaos that stretched beautifully across the world, coming together in the most wonderfully destructive way, unlike windigos, who are simply drawn to the disharmony among the hearts of ponies! This was all post Hearthswarning to be sure, however, just because the ponies had stopped their infighting doesn't mean they weren’t open to transgressions with neighbouring nations.” Fluttershy’s brow furrows at the mention of another war.
  50. >He continues, “Why, when I first open my own eyes upon the landscape that birth me, and the faces of those responsible for my formation, I couldn't help but show them all my appreciation for generations!" Discord sits in a stage that gives the atmosphere of longing as he stares out a lone window and sighs.
  52. >Fluttershy clears her throat and he springs out of his reverie. "Er, yes, well. That's in the past of course. I now know the true value of friendship, I won't simply go gallivanting, throwing houses into the air anymore. All of that's behind me." He says, waving, the old model floats up to make a literal representation of such a scene.
  53. >Fluttershy just shakes her head and smiles, reaching over and hugging Discords tail with one arm "I believe you."
  54. >She turns her attention back to you, who is still in a daze. You even missed that bit of trivia you're so out of it.
  55. >You're starting to feel a little dizzy actually. Probably some after effects. Whatever's in your system is probably starting to wear off.
  56. >From what you can out together so far, you just hatched from an egg or something, and considering Fluttershy's cradling you like some kind of baby, then... wooh...
  57. >You look up at Discord again and then back to her. Horses... don't lay eggs right?
  58. >And what were they talking about? Maybe you should have actually been listening to what they were saying. Before losing yourself to your own thoughts. Not that it matters, this'll all be over soon anyway, might as well enjoy it while it lasts. You relax yourself in Fluttershy's hold, a wing of hers wrapped partially around you. Her Feathers at just as soft even softer than her fur.
  59. >You hope whatever hobo you're snuggling with is this nice in the morning. You let out a soft yawn and your eyes close slowly.
  60. >As you drift off into slumber again so soon, you begin to wonder what if all this was real.
  61. >Fluttershy looks over you, watching as your chest begins to move in rhythm. Taking this to mean you'd fallen asleep, she looks back up at Discord. "Do you think you would have been this adorable as a baby?" She carefully nuzzles you in your sleep.
  62. >Discord folds his arms "I am not adorable."
  64. >Fluttershy giggles at his response, "Still. Now that we know that the hatchling wasn't a rare bird specie like I was expecting, Oh... I'm not sure what to do. I stocked up on all that extra feed..."
  65. >A lightbulb pops up over Discord's head and he snaps his fingers. Suddenly he's dressed up in a suit coat, dress shirt and tie, a fedora adorning his head and holding a suitcase. He holds you cradled on his talon arm as he stands facing the front door of Fluttershy's cottage. Fluttershy double takes between you and her empty arms.
  66. >"How about we ask our purple friend the Princess of Friendship about it? I'm sure she'd have something wonderful to say about this!" Discord steps forward, but Fluttershy suddenly shouts "Wait!"
  67. >She looks at Discord with worry and panic. She figured out what he had in mind instantly, and her thoughts had made out an entire scenario of how it would go. Well, maybe Twilight wouldn't believe it at first. Until she comes over that is. She's already seen the egg and said it looked kind of like a phoenix's, even with its sudden growth... But if she does! Fluttershy doesn't even want to think about it. The baby could be put in danger, and it’s only just hatched! Fluttershy trusts that her friend wouldn't intentionally cause any harm, but she also doesn't want to risk anything so soon considering what it actually is. She doesn't want to have to lie either, though. She slumps, feeling conflicted.
  68. >Discord takes note of her distress, and takes another look at you. He rests down his suitcase and carefully brings you back over to her. She sniffs as she gently takes you back into her arms. He realizes his mistake and tries to apologise.
  69. >She shakes her head and looks you over some more. "I’m okay.” Discord can see that she was not feeling fine. He noticed that the happiness she felt when the egg finally hatched was gone. "I'm just not sure what to do about this now..." She says, calmly stroking the soft ball of white between your horns.
  71. >Then he got another idea, and snaps his talons, bringing the suitcase back to paw. "How about this then? Since I'm already dressed the part, allow take care of the child myself while we figure something out." That catches Fluttershy off guard. " After all, who better suited for the job than I? I may not have come from an egg, but I've lived long enough to understand just how I work." He pulls a chart out of thin air showing some diagrams of his anatomy. “And judging just from appearances, this yougling may be no different.”
  72. >Fluttershy mulls over the thought, he does raise a good point. No one actually knows how something like him works on the inside... But still. "Do you really think you can take care of a baby?"
  73. >Discord switches out of the get up and into that of a cheerleader with a blonde pigtail wig and large braces. He speaks with a lisp "But of corsh." She chuckles at his silliness. "Trusht ne, Flutterthhhy, you'll haf nothing t'ho worry abouth."
  74. >She just shakes her head. "Alright, but I will still have to check everyday." She looks over to the remains of your egg that was sitting in a next of cloth and hay. "Hm..." She still doesn't want to have to lie to her friends this.
  75. >Discord picks this up quickly enough. "How about we tell them about it a bit later, hm? She won't be here for another checkup in three days. That's a lot of time to prepare, and our little bookworm wouldn't break her own schedule so suddenly."
  76. >Fluttershy ponders over some more. Not that she doesn't think Discord could handle it. Oh who was she kidding, she knows how irresponsible he can be, even if he's different from how he was before. This is a newborn after all. A newborn probably second spirit of chaos, but the way he handled you just moments ago...
  77. >She sighs, watching your chest slowly rise and fall. She's definitely going to keep an eye on you for sure. But first...
  78. >Discord is dancing around and shaking some pompoms in the air when Fluttershy decides to speak again. "We should give her a name."
  80. >He stops where he is, then poofs away, appearing right beside her with a finger to his chin. "A name you say?". She nods.
  81. >"Well then, how about..." Discord pulls out a book and adorns some reading glasses. The pages flip themselves about until he sticks a finger to it. "Loki."
  82. >Fluttershy scrunches at the name. She's never heard of a pony with a name like that before.
  83. >"What? It's a real name. At least according to this book." He says at it poofs away.
  84. >"Accordingly, it is a name supposedly given to notable masters of illusions tricks in villages long ago. A lesser known nickname. I think it would be quite fitting don't you?"
  85. >Fluttershy wasn't too sure. A name out of a random book? Not that it wasn't a... unique name, but it just didn't roll very well. Yeah, that's it. And for all she knew, it could actually be a pretty bad meaning name, not that she thinks Discord give one like that.
  86. >"Do you have something in mind?" He asks, drawing her from her thoughts.
  87. >Fluttershy had something in mind yes, but considering what Discord had said about pony names, it made her rethink on it. Looking up at him, then down again at you and your cute little bundle of a mane, she comes up with what she thinks might be the perfect name. "Eris."
  88. >Discord crosses his eyes when he hears it, as if trying to zero in on something. "Eris?" he questions, rising up a bit.
  89. >"What's wrong?" She asks "I-it's not too strange either is it? I mean, I was thinking, you know h-how she kind looks like. A-and…”
  90. >"No, no, it's fine." He says, waving his paw at her. "I was just thinking Loki actually sounds a little better. Eris? That name does have a chaotic ring to it.” He takes another look at you. He gets a silly grin on his face, the idea of having another he might be able to short the beauty of chaos. “Very well then, Fluttershy, Eris it is.”
  93. >He dawns his Dear-ol-dad uniform costume again and leans over toward Fluttershy, reaching his arms out. “Now, I shall be off. I believe I have a home that needs to be made “baby ready”.”
  94. >She hesitates a moment, “Where will you have the baby rest while you…”
  95. >Discord wiggles his fingers in a way “It’ll be alright Fluttershy. And if you're wondering about food as well, do not worry. If the need arises, I will be able to materialize whatever is necessary.” He takes in Fluttershy’s apprehension. After holding you so long in her arms, her maternal instincts were kicking in. That along with her awareness of the precariousness of Discord’s residence did not much for sense of worry.
  96. >Discord relaxes his posture as he speaks with more sincerity, “I promise, Fluttershy, I will be as careful as I must. Little Eris will be the same as she is now the next time you see her.”
  97. >Fluttershy’s lips curl up in indecision, but she sighs, carefully handing you off to Discord. He gently takes you into his arms and raises up to a more practical position as he releases his talon arm to snap his finger.
  98. >"I suppose I will see you again later today, Fluttershy. The tea might need to be re-heated. Though, if you wish, I could get a few fresh leaves to use. Tata, for now."
  99. >After Discord disappears, Fluttershy turns to face the large bag of phoenix food. The bag wilts comically. She rubs her chin. Maybe should donate it to a wildlife centre.
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