The Thing That Happened

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  1. <Golden_Egg> That was a thing that just happened to me.
  2. * Golden_Egg boops you
  3. <Nightgleam> What?
  4. <Golden_Egg> So
  5. <Golden_Egg> I was going out to get the mail when I notice a black cow calf trying to interact with the cow herd next to my house
  6. <Golden_Egg> The problem was the the calf was OUTSIDE the fence
  7. <Golden_Egg> We have some neighbors who also have a cow herd mostly comprised of black cattle, so you know what this means?
  8. <Golden_Egg> I have to try and chase the calf back to where it belongs.
  9. <Nightgleam> It means that cow got lost
  10. <Nightgleam> Presumably
  11. <Golden_Egg> Not only did it get lost
  12. <Golden_Egg> It somehow got out of its fence
  13. <Golden_Egg> So the first attempt started alright.  I stepped in mud while wearing sandals, but no problem, but then it starts going towards MY house, the exact wrong place to go
  14. <Golden_Egg> And we live on a narrow country road, so this thing really only has two ways it can go considering both sides are lined with barbwire fences
  15. <Golden_Egg> So then I try to get it away, except now it's going back where it was, where it WON'T be able to go back to its herd.
  16. <Nightgleam> Huh
  17. <Golden_Egg> Then some random lady in a pick-up truck with a chihuahua and some chickens offers to drive me back to where the calf is so I can give it another go and I think she's the cow's owner
  18. <Nightgleam> Have you called up your neighbor to let them know what's going on?
  19. <Nightgleam> Oh
  20. <Golden_Egg> I'm getting to that hold on
  21. <Golden_Egg> Except once I hop out the truck and thank her, she drives off so I'm on my own again and she's not the cow's owner
  22. <Golden_Egg> So this time I'm doing this again but run towards the calf to keep it from going over to my house and we get to where the entrance to the cow's proper pasture should be
  23. <Golden_Egg> But it disappears behind this giant mound that used to be an abandoned house before it was bulldozed into a 15 ft tall mound of wood, dirt and metal
  24. <Golden_Egg> So I can't see past this and I walk behind the mound only to find that somehow, the calf jumped over a weak point in the fence and got back into the pasture all on its own
  25. <Golden_Egg> The fence was technically still up, but because the metal pole was bent backwards, it was low enough for the calf to hop over.
  26. <Golden_Egg> So problem solved.
  27. <Golden_Egg> My grandparents know the calf's owners and they'll get back this afternoon, so I'll just tell them about this when they get back so they can talk to the neighbors
  28. <Nightgleam> Well that sounds like a fun adventure
  29. <Golden_Egg> A little.
  30. <Golden_Egg> Except it's 81 degrees outside and I'm a little out of shape, so it was more exhausting than fun.
  31. <Golden_Egg> At least it makes for a fun story to tell
  32. <Nightgleam> Totally
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