Cookies and Rain - A Chilly Filly Short

Jan 4th, 2020
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  1. >>>Directory:
  2. >Be Anonymous.
  3. >The rain is different here than in most other places you've slept in.
  4. >Houses, shitty motels, and up until recently...
  5. >A castle.
  6. >Your new host's friendliness does have its drawbacks at times.
  7. >When you said that you were full, you weren't telling the complete truth.
  8. >But she took your word as law and let you go on to bed.
  9. >You're hungry right now, and while it isn't something she would approve of, you know she keeps some of those delicious cookies within your reach downstairs.
  10. >You just need to find a way to defeat your ensnarement...
  11. >Her chest and legs are soft, but you need a full belly before you can enjoy them to the best of your abilities.
  12. >After what feels like an eternity of careful pulling and biting your lip, you finally get the last part of you, your tail, free from her grasp.
  13. >The sounds of the rain pouring down outside are muffled by the soft oaken leaves of the tree you now call home.
  14. >Even so, you trust it to mask the sounds of your hooves lightly clipping across the hardwood floor.
  15. >Down the stairs, and into the kitchen.
  16. >With practiced motions, you dig in your teeth to a chair and use all of the strength your small form has to offer to pull yourself up onto it.
  17. >And there they are, set out on a plate.
  18. >Taking up one in your mouth, you sit on your rump and tilt your head back, letting gravity do the work of keeping the cookie in place while your mouth does the work of preparing it for digestion.
  19. >Lightning flashes, and for a second you see a form in the window.
  20. >Large, menacing, and most of all...
  21. >Animalistic.
  22. >You hop off of the table.
  23. >And then scooch the chair over to the sill, pressing your face up against the glass.
  24. >There's a part of you that's screaming at you to stop, asking you if you're trying to get yourself killed, and another part of you that calmly answers.
  25. >'Yes.'
  26. >You open up the window with a practiced motion utilizing the keratin of your hoof.
  27. >And come face to face with the large...
  28. >Menacing...
  29. >Animalistic...
  30. >Bush.
  31. >And then you start to cry.
  32. >'Why are you crying? You should be glad it was nothing.'
  33. >"Anonymous?"
  34. >Your hooves are gently lifted off of the sill before the window shuts.
  35. >"What's wrong? I'm guessing by the crying that this time your wriggling out was more than just a pee break..."
  36. >Your words come out as nothing more than gasps for air for a long time, so she carries you up to the bed and starts massaging your back.
  37. >Eventually, your tears end with a feeling of dehydration and a headache.
  38. "W-water please."
  39. >She nods and comes back within a minute with a full glass.
  40. >You grasp it with both forehooves and drink deeply, tilting it at a near forty-five degree angle.
  41. >"You don't have to tell me what's going on, but there's a good chance I can help you."
  42. "I-It-"
  43. >You hiccup.
  44. "It's not your fault. I wouldn't want you to have to take something on that isn't your business."
  45. >She kisses your forehead in that way that your mother used to.
  46. >"I'm taking care of you. Anything you want to make my business, I'll happily take it on for your sake."
  47. >You're not entirely convinced, but you need to get this off of your chest.
  48. "Have I told you about the time I was paralyzed?"
  49. >"You've mentioned it, yes."
  50. "Well, I wasn't exactly optimistic about the whole thing. Add that to the fact that I only ended up in Equestria because of... well, you know what I went up there to do that day."
  51. >"No, actually I don't think you've told me about [i]why[/i] you were up there."
  52. "I suppose that makes sense. I've had urges, felt the need to do unspeakable things."
  53. >"To whom?"
  54. "M-m..."
  55. >"Oh, to yourself."
  56. >You feel the urge to cry more, but there's not much left in you for it.
  57. >Twilight pulls you in close.
  58. >"You want me to brush your mane while we talk?"
  59. >You hesitate, but ultimately realize that's practically a rhetorical request and slowly nod.
  60. "You've been so good to me. I thought it would go away, but when I was getting up I saw a flash of something I thought was big enough to eat me... and I ran towards it with open arms. I didn't want it fully, but enough of me..."
  61. >You sniffle.
  62. "C-can I get a tissue?"
  63. >"I can't keep those stable through transmutation, I'm sorry... here, use my foreleg instead."
  64. "I couldn't, please."
  65. >She nods.
  66. >You suck the mucus back down your throat.
  67. >"You don't need to feel guilty about that, I'm not going to hold anything against you or resent you for how you feel. As somepony who's worked with the arcane for her entire life, there are times when I have longed for the release of emotions. To increase my productivity, to not need anypony else to live my life to satisfaction. But... the more ponies I met, the more I realized how necessary they are. Losing the ability to experience most emotions takes away something fundamental about equinity."
  68. "I don't mean to be rude, but... why tell me that?"
  69. >"Oh, sorry. Blathering on again. The point I was trying to make was that you shouldn't feel ashamed of your emotions because they're a unique part of your personality. The decisions we make based off of them aren't always good for us or others in the long run, but in a way they are the essence of our being."
  70. >She pats your back as the last of your mane is smoothed out, prompting a quiet burp.
  71. >"Realizing that something isn't right is half the battle, the other half is doing something about it. But for now, I'm exhausted. Would you like to continue this in the morning?"
  72. >You feel a small smile spread across your lips.
  73. "Yes, I think I would."
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