The girl in blue

May 17th, 2017
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  1. >Dust wafts up from the unused floor as I put down the last cardboard box of the day. Tickling my nose the dust causes me to sneeze, sending said dust sparkling through the light flooding in from the curtain less window.
  2. >Now that I finally get a second to breathe I look around the disheveled room. Well illuminated from the window the plain room with gray walls and dusty parquet is filled up with boxes containing all my worldly belongings.
  3. >Wiping the sweat from my brow I turn around and go back out the door, heading downstairs.
  4. "Hey uncle! That was the last of it. Do you have a vacuum cleaner I can borrow? It's dusty as all hell up there."
  5. >Turning around from his coffee my uncle looks back at me from the kitchen table. His brown hair graced with grey at the temples tied comfortably into a tired ponytail.
  6. >"Yeah Kyle, right behind the basement door. It's up against the wall."
  7. >Pointing his hand behind him my uncle turns back to his coffee for a sip before continuing.
  8. >"I'm heading out in a couple minutes to get some groceries, there's an extra set of keys on the table for you"
  9. >I head over to the basement, waving casually over my head.
  10. "Okay uncle, I'll see you later. I'll probably head out after doing some preliminary cleaning upstairs. See if I can't learn my way around here."
  11. >As I drag the vacuum cleaner up the stairs I hear the front door slam shut behind me.
  13. >After grabbing my new set of keys from the table, I slip into my worn leather jacket and head out the front door.
  14. >Parked by the street is my slightly rusty Ford sedan, with it's once deep blue color starting to fade.
  15. >locking the front door behind me I walk down the driveway and get in my trusty old bucket of bolts.
  16. >People can say what they want about my car, but damn how I love it.
  17. >Now, don't get me wrong. It's got about a million little faults on it, but that's what makes it have personality in my eyes.
  18. >How the back left window doesn't open, or how the shotgun seat door is slightly stuck so you have to tear it open.
  19. >And all kinds of other small details is what makes this car so unique. And mine. There's no car just like it, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.
  20. >After sputtering it's indignation for a few seconds the engine roars to life, and I pull out onto the road.
  21. >It's not like I have much of a destination in mind, but you won't see much from this small suburban neighborhood.
  22. >Driving out on to the highway I set off towards the city proper.
  24. >It's a little strange, moving to such a big place. Sure, uncle's neighborhood isn't large, but it's barely ten minutes drive away from the city.
  25. >I personally grew up on the country side, where it would take us almost an hour to drive to the closest city proper.
  26. >Being honest, I've pretty much pissed my life away so far. It's not like I didn't try to do something with my life, it's more like nothing ever caught my fancy.
  27. >After graduation from the local high school, I tried going to college. Fuck, I tried it twice to be honest. It just wasn't for me.
  28. >No subject really spoke to me, and I never really got into the whole campus lifestyle.
  29. >So after dropping out two years in a row I sorta just...
  30. >Well, needless to say I was just sitting around at home, not really doing anything.
  31. >It's not like I grew up on a farm, where I could have helped my dad.
  32. >Just a cozy house in the middle of nowhere. With absolutely nothing to do.
  33. >Day after day, week after week I just sat in my room, playing some game or another.
  34. >Not really doing anything, just wasting away.
  35. >It went on like that for years. And honestly, hadn't my parents gotten fed up about it, it probably would have gone on for a lot longer.
  36. >Glory be to my dear parents though, they got fed up. And so they decided to kick me out. Now mind you, they didn't just dump me on the streets or anything.
  37. >They love me to death, so they wouldn't do that. They did however, give me a proper kick in the back.
  38. >So my dad has this brother who lives the neighboring state. So after a call and some discussing back and forth it was decided that I was going to go live with my uncle for a little while.
  39. >At least until I could get myself a proper job, and could pay my own rent.
  40. >So, my uncle stepped up and got in contact with an old friend of his who owns an auto repair shop.
  41. >And that's basically how I got set up as an apprentice under a mechanic.
  42. >It's probably important to note, that I have no prior experience with such work, but I do have an interest.
  43. >My dad taught me the basics of vehicle maintenance, and I've been keeping my own wheels going since I got this car.
  44. >It's not a passion or anything, but it's enjoyable work and I honestly think I'll be happy working with cars an such for a living.
  45. >Funny how getting kicked out of your comfort zone put's life more in perspective.
  47. >Leaving the highway I take of at an intersection and drive towards the area of the city where my new place of work is located.
  48. >After driving through a couple of blocks I find the garage and park out front.
  49. >Turning the keys my old ford rumbles to a stop as I get out into the afternoon sun.
  50. >The weather is nice, now that spring has finally turned to summer. The skies are almost clear today, the temperature just shy of being uncomfortable when standing in direct sunlight.
  51. >Locking the car behind me I walk in the front door. The interior smell slightly of oil and old rubber.
  52. >On display are some tools and a couple different brands of oil and washer fluid.
  53. >The front desk was cluttered with various papers, and old cashier and a card terminal.
  54. >After a quick look around I can tell that my new boss isn't here, so I head back out and go around to the back where the garage doors are located.
  55. >As I round the corner I hear light banging echoing out of the open garage door.
  56. >I gaze about the backside of the garage, seeing two massive garage doors, capable of servicing cars up to the size of a small moving truck.
  57. >With one of the doors closed at the moment, I gaze inside the open garage door and see a semi new SUV with two feet sticking out from under it.
  58. >It's an easy guess to find out where the banging is coming from.
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