Anon - Colt Moon Dust

Apr 28th, 2014
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  1. >You are Moon Dust, currently a colt in his younger years
  2. >You're sitting in your room, trying on different clothing items; most of which were for mares.
  3. >Your mother walks in and stops in her tracks, looking at the clothes you had on.
  4. >Honestly, your sense of fashion wasn't terrible but your mother stared, with mouth agape, at you and your ... odd choice.
  5. "Hi mom! What do you think? Don't I look pretty?"
  6. >You stand up and trot in place, feeling very proud of your fashion. You were wearing some striped socks on each leg, a little blouse and more importantly panties.
  7. >Your mother couldn't help but turn red with embarrassment but she also couldn't help but laugh a little, coming over to you and stroking your mane.
  8. >"Moon, hon, you can't wear ... that stuff."
  9. >She smiles to you, reassuringly.
  10. >You can't help but be curious, after all, you did look quite good!
  11. "Why not?"
  12. >Your ears lowered a little to the sides as you look up to your mother.
  13. >"Because ... little colts like you don't wear clothes for mares."
  14. "But I like it! It's comfy and I look good in it!"
  15. >You couldn't help but pout a little with which your mother sighs and pats you on your head.
  16. >"Well no more playing in mare clothes, okay? But ... Just this once."
  17. >She kisses you on the forehead and smiles.
  18. >"Just don't let your father see you. Celestia knows he'll throw a fit."
  19. >After that, she gets up and closes the door behind her, letting out a sigh before heading off, leaving you to marvel at yourself in the mirror.
  20. >You were such a pretty pony ... it's too bad no one else can see it.
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