TQ Session 14 final post

Dec 6th, 2014
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  1. >>20913404
  2. Sterling's jaw practically drops to the floor as one of the knights accompanying Nero draws his blade. Even the alicorn looks rather shocked.
  4. The knight with the sword drawn shouts, "THAT is how you address her Royal Majesty?!"
  6. "Sir Demon, you cannot address the Princess of Equestria in such a way! It is terribly rude and dishonorable!"
  8. Celestia holds up a hoof, giving a slight chuckle. "Sir Sterling, Sir Code, it is quite okay. I must admit, I've not been greeted like this in quite some time. It's rather interesting." The knights turn at each other, confused, before lowering their heads. "I-If you say, Princess."
  10. She turns with a warm smile towards Crumple. "I am Princess Celestia, ruler of Equestria. And I suppose when I say 'good'... that is a fair question, there are many types of good. But given you helped defeat an enemy of my ponies and a threat to their well-being, that itself is rather good. Do you have a name, or is 'Sir Demon' to you liking?" Sterling blushes even redder than her red coat at the comment.
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  13. The Knight is about to interject about that fact, but Celestia silences him yet again. "That is a very serious claim, Revelation... but of course, I've a place to speak. Do you wish to include your companions?"
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  17. "Oh... well, all the best then." Celestia nods as she whistles down a chariot from the pegasi above, asking behind Ug, "It is a rather long walk up the mountain to Canterlot... Ug, was it?"
  19. As they discuss the time machine (in secret presumably), she asks as they dilly dally, "Is everything alright?"
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  22. "Aye, you were indeed!" One of the knight bows closely, "And they seemed strong, judging by the armor of the one that rolled down here. They..." he perks up, noticing the twin demonic horns coming out of your hood visible from the shade. "Oh. Are you a goat, m'lady? I did not notice before, we've not many seen goat warriors..."
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  25. "So I am gathering..." another knight mutters as he coughs awkwardly, still trying to be gentlecoltly. "But, all the same, we're impressed with your skill! Those seemed a higher caliber than your average griffon, as well, so especially well done."
  27. "You also hail from Castle Cave Village? You must join us for a feast, we've on prepared for our victory in Canterlot this evening! We could also procure you some, ahem, a dress of sorts if you wish, m'lady?" The other knights nod simultaneously, still looking away with a slight red to their cheeks.
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  30. Duke barks, chasing after the jerky and lapping it up greedily before running back to Luke for more, whining quite loudly as he follows him.
  32. "He really has taking a shining to you... I no not what 'booze' is but he seems to enjoy it most heartily!"
  34. As you make your second comment, they reply, "And why shouldn't we be happy?" As you describe Castle Cave Village, they look somewhere between perturbed and interested. "It sounds most un-dignified, if you don't mind my saying... lewdness and poor manners are hardly virtues we'd find worshipable. And what is that term, 'nerds'?"
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