Skinmanager 5.18

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  1. 23.04.2016
  2. - Some correction in InstallSkinManager.mscr
  3. 16.04.2016
  4. - Firmware selection list in reverse order
  5. - Few changes in Resources.mscr in the messagess area
  6. 14.04.2016
  7. - An unskinned selection list corrected in InitSM.mscr
  8. 02.04.2016
  9. - Deleting the last installed skin, brings you out from the "uninstall skin" GUI, back to the main GUI
  10. - Bug killed in InstallSkinManager.mscr: Skin1 apps files not modded after SM installation
  11. 24.03.2016
  12. - BigMessage replaced by EacTxt.mscr - now the big text messages are skinned too
  13. - All related to messaging (Release Notes.txt included) are in the 'message' subfolder of the 'Software' folder
  14. - Few little bugs killed
  15. 16.03.2016
  16. - Settings panel is skinned now
  17. - Manny little corrections in manny scripts
  18. 15.03.2016
  19. - Bug killed in updating system (InitSM.txt management)
  20. - Some corrections in PopUp messaging system
  21. 08.03.2016
  22. - Various fixes in the messaging system
  23. - The controls/buttons that could be touched, behind the message panels, are inactive now. The message panels are modal.
  24. 04.03.2016
  25. - Selection panel is now multipage
  26. 02.03.2016
  27. - Increase the fontsize in release notes panel
  28. - Add a Close button to item selector panels which gets you back all the way to the main GUI directly, not step by step like the Back button.
  29. 01.03.2016
  30. - Splash screens everywhere! Well, not everywhere and not quite splashscreens, but more like status messages, now in graphical mode, not system windows.
  31. 28.02.2016
  32. - Using a SM1.exe aside to SM.exe to have a snapier switch for the icon states in the SM GUI and for snapier screen changes
  33. - The initialisation of the SysInfoSettings.ini file moved from Launch.mscr to SKmgr.mscr (from exit to startup)
  34. 27.02.2016
  35. - More little bugs
  36. 26.02.2016
  37. - Edited the GPRS AutoDial ini file to start with English as the default language.
  38. - Few small bugs killed here and there...or maybe not just few...
  39. 24.02.2016
  40. - All the selection lists reworked
  41. - The message panel model changed; it's bigger now to be easier to read
  42. - Bug killed in SM ForceUpdate theory...
  43. 21.02.2016
  44. - The logic of FakeID procedure adjusted
  45. 18.02.2016
  46. - Selection lists start to be replaced in the new messages system spirit
  47. 10.02.2016
  48. - More message windows renewed
  49. - AdFunc.xml: some CR replaced with CR+LF
  50. - Some bugs killed in ADfunc_eng.mscr (Cancel in selection didn't get you out)
  51. 08.02.2016
  52. - All the INFO, WARNING, ERROR messages, as well as the questions YES/NO type are replaced with graphical variant
  53. - Moved the FW test from InstallMyDean subroutine in Resources to MyDeanDefault_eng.mscr. It's better to test FW before asking for MyDean installation. If you don't want to change the FW, you don't need to answer to "Install MyDean?" question either.
  54. - Changed Run with RunWait in the same FW test piece of code.
  55. - Added some more fixes to GUIfix subroutine in Resources.mscr
  56. - Bug killed: Patch icon not properly restored when forced unpatch the system after a failed patch
  57. - A new touch to the SM screens title
  58. 05.02.2016
  59. - Small, just small aesthetic corrections and some harmless bugs killed
  60. 29.01.2016
  61. - Themer becomes xThemer, x for eXtended :) Now it let you chose between internal and external repository
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