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  1. <style="Title"><color="orange">Cobra<color="black">Network</style>
  2. <br>
  3. <color="white">Welcome to <color="orange">Cobra<color="black">Network <color="white">SCP:SL server. We are a fast growing community with a bunch of other servers such as Garry's Mod Half-Life 2 Roleplay, Garry's Mod Trouble in Terrorist Town, Minecraft. We are constantly expanding and bringing new gameservers.
  4. <br>
  5. <color=#C73636>Rules<color="white">:
  6. <color=#C73636>1.<color="white"> Racism and Discrimination of any form is strictly prohibited at all times and will be punished.
  7. <color=#C73636>2.<color="white"> Hacking/Cheating results in a permanent ban.
  8. <color=#C73636>3.<color="white"> Drama of any kind, when asked to stop, must stop, or action will be taken.
  9. <color=#C73636>4.<color="white"> Don't ask for ranks, it is punishable.
  10. <color=#C73636>5.<color="white"> No team killing.
  11. <color=#C73636>6.<color="white"> Swearing is allowed.
  12. <color=#C73636>7.<color="white"> Ghosting is not allowed.
  13. <br>
  14. <color=#C73636>Allowed teaming:
  15. <color="white">• CI —> SCP
  16. <color="white">• MTF —> D-class (must be disarmed at all times)
  17. <color="white">• CI —> Scientists (must be disarmed at all times)
  18. <color="white">• SCP-079 —> Anyone
  19. <br>
  20. <color=#C73636>Allowed team killing:
  21. <color="white">• D-class —> D-class
  22. <color="white">• SCP-079 —> SCP
  23. <br>
  24. <color="white">We also have a Discord server, where you can chat, talk and have fun with other players of the game! You can join our Discord by clicking this link, it will take you straight to the Discord server! <color="yellow">discord.gg/vWgpUkw</color><link="https://discord.gg/vWgpUkw">(<color=#53d2e2><u>Direct Link!</u></color>)</link>
  25. <color="white">You can also report people to our Discord server too!
  26. <color="white">If you need help in the server SCP:SL/Discord then contact one of the staff members.
  27. <color="white">In case you have to contact the Owner, his Discord is: <color=#C73636>@OstojλTheGλmer#3310
  28. <color="white">Or you can contact him via email at: <color=#C73636>contact@ostoja.tk
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