6 GB of Data - U.S - CitiBank, companies all over the world

Jul 7th, 2012
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  1. : c0mrade
  2. :
  3. : #FreeTriCk, #FreeMLT, #FreePhantom, #FreeJosh, #FreeJoshua, #FreeAlert, #FreeDillon
  5. Hello, Salve, Salut, Hola, Assalam-o-laikum, Marhaba. Selam, Rik Ferguson. If you and I were to ever meet, drinks are on me, you’re a great guy. Sliding towards more recent events though Rik, you shouldn’t take my kindness for weakness. Believe me when I say this, if I wanted the livelihood of Trend Micro or Sykes completely destroyed, Dead, Guasto’d, Gone, or whatever you want to call it, I’d do it but I won’t for the sake of Trend Micro. I don’t want to liberate the fumes and unravel the lies, weaknesses and deceptiveness Trend Micro secretly portrays. I feel like I’m still alive, staring at my Dead Childrens’ birth remains (yes, I’m looking at you, Julia Juan, Jose Navarrete and Diane Pangilinan, all active employees of Trend Micro and Sykes.) – Civilian inflation is a no no. Multimillionaire Companies’ will always liberate themselves on choking fumes because they’re afraid of a massive hit. Rik Ferguson though, you’re different. Order it and I will burn what’s left of Trend Micro. Scribble Everything Out and Start Over, ‘Capn. We love you!
  7. Today, 6.38 GB of Mail Data for companies all over the world will be published. Amongst those affected include CitiBank (Banking, Credit Cards, Lending & Investing – Employee) – NHComputerLearning (IT, Desktop Application and Business Skills Training) – Serco (International Service Company) – & Marathon Technologies (Application Availability Experts, used by Loca, State, and Federal Government) – PFizer – (The World’s Largest Research-Based Pharmaceutical Company) – Take notes as every thread of the rope that burdens these recent ties finally tears apart as I have successfully landed myself a job in an Agency that wishes to remain anonymous. Phew! Bye, Selam, Ciaso, Sarjak, Vidimo se, Allah imanet, Good Bye, See You Later.
  9. sub ZAP
  10. Filesize (2.19 GB, Compressed: 580 MB)
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  18. Torrent it.
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